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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on The CW

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  • Awful. Just awful. Did I mention this was awful?

    This story felt out of sequence (a total one off). Extremely poorly paced. Some scenes were so painfully over-acted that I wanted to hurl. Other scenes saw characters sleep walking when normally they would have been flipping out or going off on someone.

    Bringing back Tori Spelling - oh hell no. Her character was a stupid, wasted villain in the first story. 2.0 was actually worse. She really does have over-acting (or just acting like herself) down to a fine art.

    So Lois is back like the whole affair with Lana never happened. In fact, this Lois seemed like a different person in places. Milquetoast when she should have been a raging tiger.

    The same with Chloe; her lack of fire when told the news about Jimmy in the hospital just played bizarrely and out of character.

    Clark was even more baffled by every aspect of life than he has been this entire season (with the exception of those moments driven by burning hate for Lex). Somehow the writers managed to make this character even more one dimensional than before.

    This entire episode felt like the worst kind of filler. Like they hired C students to toss something together over a beer fueled weekend. No, I take that back, that may have resulted in a better episode than this. The few salient points (like what Doomsday has up to these days) felt like an after thought. Also, gee, I thought he was on ice to complete his transformation once and for all, yet guess who is back? The wishy washy heart sick semi-Doomsday. Complete drivel.

    This truly was painful to watch. I won't be doing this again. Justin Hartley's hotness (that was sorely, but thankfully missing from this poop pile of an ep) is just not worth it.
  • The episode was indeed very rushed. I'm having a hard time believing Clark really has feelings for Lois...

    I see clearly that Lois is in love with him. But I really feel that the writers were more in love with the Clark/Lana relationship. With the way this relationship is headed, I feel if Lois and Clark ended up together and Lana came back Kryptonite-free, Clark would drop everything and bow at Lana's feet. I'm a hopeless romantic, without a doubt, so the romance is a part of the show for me. I don't buy that Lois and Clark are meant to be together in the end. I wouldn't have left Lois sitting there outside the coffee shop; I felt so bad seeing that (though I don't think Lois likes girls...)And the way he couldn't have taken the second to let Lois finish her sentence left me feeling that Lois is pretty unimportant to him. He acts as though she's a burden. I enjoyed the episode but felt it was very rushed. So much happened in so little time. But unless this storyline spanned out to more than one episode, rushed was the way it had to be. Out of the blue, Clark decides to let the world know his secret. I pretty well yelled at this decision(though it was midnight and I had family who were trying to sleep). Anyone who's seen previous episodes know why his secret can't be out to the world. The reason is touched upon in most episodes. Everyone believing Linda Lake(directly after her return from years in prison?)was insanely unbelievable. She states an alien invasion was underway. There was no proof. And I have no doubt people would have eventually turned on him, it's what happens to good people, but this was to the extreme. I'll admit that I rejoiced in Davis' killing Linda Lake. She was an incredibly annoying character. That was it. I guess I only stated the things I disliked about this episode. It wasn't truly horrible. It just wasn't greatly memorable. With the dislikes, I rate it a 7
  • Smallville is back with vengeance

    After a long break and after so much Lana being jammed down our throats, I'm glad to see that there's some Clois interaction. The ending was very touching. Clark obviously has feelings for Lois, but is afraid to act upon them because he has a fear to get too close to her because of what happened between him and Lana. I really wanted a Clois kiss, but I guess I have to wait until maybe the season finale. Davis was amazing, he was my favorite character. Because of Clark going back in time to stop Linda from printing a story about him, Davis no longer is taking those pills to help him control Doomsday from coming out. This was an excellent episode and the last seven episodes will be pivotal.
  • It had a lot of merits, but Clarks irrational behavior is really starting to bug me.

    It seems stupid that Clark would reveal his identity in such a short amount of time , but I do like what if episodes every now in then. I say what if episode based on the fact that it either has to be dream sequence, or clark will whip out a legion ring, or superspeed around the earth. I like that fact that this episode explores the Louis and Clark relationship, and I also like her reaction when he reveals his identity to her. The big reason I decided to submit a review is the ending, Clark sees that Louis will accept him, but still decides he can't tell her because the government will invade smallville, but heres an idea:tell her your secret, but don't tell her to publish it in one of the nations top newspapers.Ok another idea go on a date with the woman you secretley love, and don't tell her your an alien. PS. I love that Davis killed Linda Lake. If only they done that in her first appearence.
  • Clark's secret is revealed..…temporarily.

    I've never written a review for before, but I'm currently house-bound because of the flu and have nothing better to do. Besides, what better way to kill time than watch old episodes of Smallville and drool over the beauteous Tom Welling! I really liked this episode, but there was one thing that didn't seem too realistic (as much reality as a show about an alien from another planet with superpowers can possibly have!) – if Clark Kent is so in love with Lana Lang, why didn't he go back in time to prevent her from being soaked in kryptonite instead of merely preventing Linda Lake from outing him? In fact, why didn't he jump waaaay back in time and prevent Lana from ever having a romance with Jason Teague or marrying Lex Luther? Of course we know that Kristin Kreuk is no longer a series regular, so that storyline would not be possible. Perhaps KK's Lana arc in the preceding episodes could have been better spent showing Clark finally getting over her (instead them breaking the bed due to their unbridled passion!) Now it looks like Clark Kent only ends up with Lois Lane because he can't kiss Lana Lang without his face falling off! How's that supposed to show that Lois is Clark's true love? It also gives the impression that he's a fickle, fickle boy!

    As for Lois, having such a strong character, why would she still want a romantic relationship with Clark when he all but forgot about her as soon as Lana returned? As another reviewer has said (in 'If I were Lois I'd give Clark the finger and go hang with Ollie'. (LOL)

    Nonetheless, the episode was enjoyable to watch overall. I especially liked Lois' reaction when she found out about Clark's superpowers. Erica Durance has good comedic timing, and she makes Lois fun to watch. Her scenes with Tom Welling are usually the highlight of Smallville episodes. Furthermore, I didn't even mind Tori Spelling's non-existent acting skills!
  • im' really confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so linda lake comes back. she blackmales clark into giving her the job of writing his life story. he doesnt listen then he tells lois. she argrees to write his story. she is sort of flusterd. things go wrong though when linda reveals that clark is just one of the first of an alien invasion. she also says that he murder lex (lie) and that he was the real hero. he then decides that he must go back in time. that makes lois sad.

    what i really dont get is why clark doesnt have coffe with lois. i mean she understands his secret and she really likes him for that. but he doesnt come. which i SO DONT GET!!!!
  • Linda Lake the great blue water blur blackmails the blue red blur Clark Kent about his secret so he tells Lois to turn the tables on her and things don't turn out to good so he has to undo everything back to the way things were.

    I have this continuing love hate relationship with this show. It's like even a good episode like this one. The writers always do things to mess it up. And I have to compliment them this time. I mean they still messed up a few nitpicky things, but they did a much better job than usual.

    They sort of filmed this like it was a dream sequence. You had a feeling especially as too many people were photographing Clark that this show could not sustain this so they would have to go back to the way they were somehow.

    I thought the action was quick and this was a very well directed episode. There were no slow parts. It was kind of a blur so to speak. I got a little bit of the vibe of a previous episode when Clark revealed his secret to Lana and than had his father undo it. And of course you can see how the writers pegged the Legion episode as their out when they got to this episode. Not too bad as far as planning goes. And as we've seen with the show Heroes turning back time too much is no good and even though the writers rushed it without explaining it if you think about it a major villain almost stole the time travel ring so destroying it might have been a good idea but sometimes rushing things in an episode isn't always a good idea.

    The Doomsday stuff was amazing and they were dead on perfect in what they did with him.

    I kind of get a vibe that the writers thought this was the last season and they have big time rushed the Clark/Lois relationship. Now, that they've been renewed we may be seeing some of the breaks being pressed down. But with Lana out of the way it's still a go just maybe a little bit slower.

    I guess my biggest complaints are the following. Even at the speed of water she is not beating Clark to his barn and finding his time-travel ring that fast. I am tired of all of the Kryptonite. They have got to do something else. I am starting to use Kryptonite as a bathroom break moment because of how overused it is as a device on this show.

    I alluded to it earlier that they really haven't set up the Clark/Lois relationship to be really believable at the moment. Taking her off the show temporarily didn't exactly add momentum either. I was perfectly fine with the empty coffee ending. They need to write them to a point where they are closer and they haven't done that yet.

    And lastly I felt that Clark would never have simply given up his secret that fast. It is kind of a betrayal of his character who for years had avoided it too just make up his mind like that with no reservations even. But I overlooked it as it helped this episode along, but it was not perfectly executed. But I must say for a show that never ever even in their best episodes executes everything perfectly they came pretty close in this one.
  • Too much, too shallow

    The previous episode was controversial within the "Smallville" fandom, to say the least. While many felt that brining back Lana was the right move, the resolution of their relationship, to many, undermined the past, present, and future of the series as a whole. In particular, by introducing an external reason for their final separation, rather than sticking with the internal reasons held at the end of the seventh season by both Clark and Lana.

    Inevitably, there was anticipation that this episode would address the fallout of Lana's final exit, especially once it was clear that Lois was coming back into the spotlight. So it was initially quite disappointing to see that almost nothing was mentioned. In fact, this episode could have aired after "Legion", excising the subsequent Lana/Lex subplot entirely, and there would have been no sign of missing time. That really shouldn't be the case.

    This is especially true given that the episode addresses the growing attraction between Clark and Lois, and provides a reason for Clark to take a deliberate step back. Given his emotional state at the end of "Requiem", did he need more of a reason to reconsider his feelings? If anything, he seems just a little too well-adjusted given his sense of loss, and his displayed emotions for Lois don't quite fit. But this episode dismisses all of those implications, hinging his decision to put a relationship with Lois on hold on his experiences in the alternate timeline. It just doesn't quite add up.

    Two other things didn't quite work, either. The consequences of Clark's decision to tell the world about his true identity feel less like a thoughtful exploration of the rise and fall of such a public figure than the simplified Cliff Notes version. The public embraces him too completely and too quickly, and the adulation turns to distrust and anger just as abruptly. Like so many plot concepts on "Smallville", this is something that could have worked far better over the course of a few episodes (perhaps in place of the recent Lana arc).

    The other problem is Tori Spelling. Who thought it was a bright idea to bring her back? While "Smallville" is always a little over the top, Spelling takes it to a completely different level. Every time she appears on screen, the quality of the episode drops through the floor. While the character makes sense for the story, it almost would have been better to come up with someone new.

    With so many issues with the story itself, between the details of the story and its place in the larger season arc, it's surprising that I was relatively pleased when all was said and done. The reason is simply this: Clark finally came to the conclusion that he needs to develop a secret identity, despite his previous refutations. One would think Oliver might have gotten this concept across at some point, but it's satisfying to see Clark come the conclusion on his own. (And it's also nice to see "Legion" have a point.)

    I still don't think the problems created by the shift to the Lana mini-arc have been addressed, and the writers are going to have to work overtime to correct the course and get the season back on track. The presence of Doomsday is a step in the right direction.
  • Bottom of the Barrel I jsut want to see where all this is going because these episodes aren't getting any better.

    Half way like an Half way do not like, this Clark, Lana and Louis thing is just dumb and I don't want any more episodes dedicated to their love triangle. I am kind of waiting for the Doomsday showdown because thats where the action is at and I know the episodes now are to build up to that point but it's getting predictable and not fun to watch. They can atleast have Clark save someone or create some extra action but to turn this show into a Drama filled One Tree Hill is not what I want. This episode was great to finish but not great to watch. So come on Smallville get creative or cut the show off.
  • Typical of what could kill this otherwise enjoyable show. Need to fix the skipping record.

    What could have been a landmark episode became a combination of "been there, done that" and "oh, come on!".

    For the former, enough with the "I can't ever tell the girl I love my deep, dark secret." It was already old with Lana, and we don't need to retread it with Lois. Frankly, in the alternate timeline, she accepted it fine. And no one killed her. So why the dumping her at the coffee shop? It made no sense.

    As for the latter, it was freakin' ridiculous that the city loved Clark for 10 minutes, until that loser reporter pops up, claims she has the "truth" on Clark, and just like that, they hunt him and try to kill him (not knowing the bullets would bounce) all in the space of 5 minutes. I was praying that this was a dream, because that at least would have made sense.

    And, the Legion ring will take you whereever you want, immediately? I'm pretty sure that's NOT what the Legion told him the ring would do. So, in summary, retread plot device, totally ridiculous story development, and unbelievable resolution, topped off by unsatisfying relationship development. I want my Smallville back. The well-written, enjoyable episodes.
  • There must be a way to ask the writers of this show to don't make Clark so stupid. Here are several aspect of the dumb Clark on this episodes.

    - He destroy the ring. Come on. Ok I get that he has a super noble heart and realize that going back in time is bad. I will pass this one.
    - He put the ring just before Louis is about to tell him about Doomsday. Are you kidding me? Don't you think he is a little impulsive having a super brain?
    - He don't go to the meeting with Louis.
    Why he has to put himself always like a victim. He's worst that a drama queen sometimes.

    I really hope they start portraying Clark like an intelligent guy and specially smart because I would really prefer a hero to think more than a hero with super powers.
  • Alternate reality episode to show what could happen

    As a standalone episode I liked it. For someone who doesnt watch Smallville or has never watched I think episode is a good exciting and interesting episode to watch. For die hard fans its a mixed bag of feelings. I personally enjoyed it. Not too much Tori Spelling. Just inserting her mugshot here and there when they needed the heinous witch scenes. For that I give thanks. Had alot of action. Fast paced as everything hit the fan in a hurry. Then they bring on the deux es machina as soon as Lois or Chloe was gonna tell Clark a very important piece of info about Doomsday which I thought was ri-freakin-diculous.All in all an enjoyable episode. Not great , but not bad.
  • Not too bad other than the continuity error with the storyline!!!

    There was a lot of good from this episode, but unfortunately a lot of bad too!

    The saddest part was probably the return of Tori Spelling as Linda Lake - a really poorly acted character that never should have been created at all, let alone have her make a come back!

    But the continuity error was what got me the most! If you look back to season 8, episode 11 "Legion", you will realise the error in this episode!

    The three superheroes who came from the 31st Century to help Clark gave him a ring which he used in "Infamous". However, when Cosmic Boy hands the ring to Clark, he clearly states that it has been re-programmed so that it can be used only to travel to the 31st century to visit the Legion!

    So, how is it that Clark was able to use that ring to travel BACKWARDS in time 2 days? Very poor mistake on the continuity I feel, therefore I have to give a 7 rating!

    Apart from that, the episode did show some very good promise, but there should have been another way to reverse the timeline other than the ring!!!
  • great episode, nice ending song

    i liked this episode alot, had me fooled for a minute there and still waiting for the Clash of the Titans *if you know what i mean that is*

    as always, Erica Durance is as charming as eevr *i wonder where they found such a babe, fantasy land?!* but i think that they should stop giving guest stars roles to Tori spelling in any other show after this episode, she absolutely got nothing, neither the looks or Talent, so why bother with her in the beginning? but in overall, the episode script was well written and it was full of intense from start to end *which is something rarely we see in smallville due to the fact that almost all the episodes works on a similar pattern

    ps: ending song is Dreamer by Uh Huh Her
  • Finally, a return to the main characters and story. Thank heavens Lana left because now I'm interested again. It's just a shame that you knew right from the start that time had to be rewound, it sort of defeats the point.

    As soon as Clark tells Lois that he's the red blue blur and it's published then this episode was always going to involve a reset, or as Chloe puts it a 'page one rewrite'. It's nice to see the what-if scenario's like this happen but it is literally a filler episode for that reason.

    So what was really good about this episode then? Certainly not the return of Tori Spelling as Linda Lake who was very annoying, certainly not the dubious decision in the first place to come out of the closet as the Red Blue Blur (why didn't he electrocute Lake in the first place), but more the small character moments - in particular after the fact. I loved Lois's reaction to Clark having x-ray vision and her unrequited love for him, as shown in the last scene, was very touching. You've got to feel sorry for her, it makes Clark look like the bad guy as well as he chicken's out of meeting her even though he's watching her from across the street (not everyone can always be good though can they). Erica Durance has been brilliant this season and you really get her vulnerability. Further to that Clark does not get Chloe's insinuation that turning back time suits him for his own reasons. This is a comment on the series in general, as well as the character, who has turned the clock back on various occasions all for his own problems. Yeah he destroyed the ring but who says in the future they won't be another way to hit reset. I just don't think Clark quite gets it.

    Davis Bloome in this episode continues to stop Doomsday overpowering him by stealing Anti-psychotic pills. This is useless but obviously he is a desperate man. Really liked the moment when he released Linda Lake by smothering her with a Pillow though, and not just because I hate the character and the bad acting, but because it re-affirms Davis's almost total lack of control over Doomsday.

    So a good return after the dismal Lana shenanigans that were clearly pulled from a different season altogether. I wonder how long it's going to take Clark to realise that Lois has feelings for him cos that has been just one of the major successes of this season. Bring on next episode, I look forward to it.
  • it was one of the best episodes

    This episode explore possible way of Clark telling the true to Lois but also show that She is more than a friend to him also show that world knowing he is a alien could be bad because it can put the people he like in danger.
    I also loved the scene where he lift table with lois and then cather it was then she noticed he was the one who saved her when she was in danger.

    The only thing that put me sad was the ending he observed her from the other side of the road.
    In the way he is afray of be with her because
    he doesn't want yo put her in danger which mean he is falling for her.
  • Outstanding episode except...

    the sorry excuse for covering up what actually happened. However, that did not spoil the fast-paced nature of this episode. I didnt expect Clark's secret to become revealed so quickly but the way it was handled was even more impressive. A very swiftly moved storyline saw Chloe and Lois discover Davis' secret, Tori Spelling getting zapped and asphyxiated, the world accepting Clark and Metrpolis turning into a media circus. Really impressed with this one but hate the writers for making Clark sound stubborn and stupid. His decision to blow Lois off was a bad one. I mean he didnt have to tell her the WHOLE truth but then again I didnt see the problem with telling her. Like Lana the first time, both women accepted him - warts and all. Then he really could have had his cake...
  • Would have been GREAT as an expanded mini-series.

    This episodes would have been GREAT as a expanded mini-series. If they had expanded the Wanted: Clark Kent theme (ala Frank Miller's Dark Knight), it would have been cool. You knew from the beginning that things couldn't remain the way they started. The way they solved the problem was a bit of the standard "way-out" in comics. Neat, but cliche. I'm starting to love the Doomsday storyline. At least the Lana/Lex story is done and they're getting back to the Superman mythos stories. On the downside, Tori Spelling really has no role on this show. She's truly a terrible actress on this show.
  • great episode!!!!! :)

    i think this was a great episode because it really showed all the personality's of the characters the way the characters were portrayed in the situation such as Chloe the way she was so so soooo worried about Clark and Clark was so so worried about her and finally we saw the light go on in Lois's head i thought it could of been more... well exciting action filled to me there should have been more action but it was worth siting wayyyy more than an hour for. ;) this episode was everything nice romantic, funny, exciting, overwhelming, breathtaking, and more so plz if you didn't see this episode this is the one to watch
  • Que porqueria

    The worst! el peor capitulo que he visto de los smallville.

    Que la paso a los escritores? Se les acabo la imaginacion. Este capitulo se parece a un vulgar UNDO. Buscaron detalles de cosas malas y un simple resumen de las cosas buenas. No fue nada creible y hasta me dormi un rato. Tuve q echar la perlicula para atras.

    The worst ever. Que la paso a los escritores? Se les acabo la imaginacion. Este capitulo se parece a un vulgar UNDO. Buscaron detalles de cosas malas y un simple resumen de las cosas buenas. No fue nada creible y hasta me dormi un rato. Tuve q echar la perlicula para atras.
  • The story of the episode is well written

    Some people don't like Tori Spelling but I don't care. I felt she acted really well as a blackmailing manipulative person. She is a character I love to hate so I was enjoyed at the punishment she got. This episode shows the negative sides of a superhero's identity. This episode of Smallville, "Infamous" is well written because it show how people are to some extent. Everyone wants to be "saved" but he can save some but not all. This episode shows the dark side of media where it bias. The media can portray the most nice person into an evil person.
  • Now that Lana's gone the show returns to form.

    To be fair the Lana episodes weren't bad, just not at the standard most of season 8 has been at. But now she's gone and presumably a similar amount of time has passed in Smallville as has in real life between this episode and the last one as despite a few mentions of her Clark seems to be completely over it. This is actually a good thing as it allows for the episode to get straight into it with this week's story.

    Tori Spelling returns as Linda Lake and as far as stunt guest stars go she wasn't too bad. There wasn't much to her character which is fine as her main purpose was to drive forward the story. And what a story! Clark's decision to tell everyone the truth about him worked and was justified well. He's always hated having to lie about his secret, so a part of me thinks that he was just using Lake as an excuse to tell the world about him.

    The episode dealt with the reaction to Clark perfectly. The initial response being everyone loved him and while some moments seemed a little bit cheesy it still all worked. Of course it started to go downhill very quickly which was necessary to move the episode along at a good pace. The girl jumping so he'd catch her and mainly the paparazzi showed how being honest about himself was a bad thing even before Lake's claims of him being the first in an invasion. It was all handled well and realistically for a situation like that.

    Things really started to pick up after Lake's announcement and the resulting action sequence was pretty cool. We've seen Clark throw folk a million times, but all the bullets bouncing off him was great, even if it wasn't as visually impressive as in the movie. Clark's decision to use the Legion ring to go back in time was great and worked really well. Unlike in "Reckoning" the time travel crystal didn't feel like a shoddy plot device and fortunately it didn't go the "it was all a dream" way. After a nice little fight scene between Lois and Linda (although I'm not sure why she didn't use her hydro-woman ability) we got a heart-warming conversation between Lois and Clark. Although some of the dialogue was a bit heavy handed ("no Lois it's because you are special") most of it was well written. Although not Buffy and Angel's goodbye scene when he travelled back in time, it was very similar and worked well. Erica Durance really brought her A-game in that scene, which leads me nicely into her relationship with Clark.

    I'm now pretty much fully on board with those two acknowledging their feelings for each other, especially if Clark won't act on it. While the nods to their future were getting a bit annoying, having them already get to that point in their relationship works for the show. Especially as it's now pretty much just "Superman".

    Of course that wasn't all the episode had to offer. Davis' storyline was also very strong. Having missed a few episodes he's now back and trying to control Doomsday. He's been one of the many great surprises this season as a good character and Sam Witwer is a very good actor. We saw a little bit more of the transformation sequence this week and again it looked awesome. As an aside they better show the full effect from Davis to Doomsday at some point this season. He finally did appear to find a way to control "the beast" by killing Linda Lake. A fitting end for the character and a great moment for Davis.

    In fact that scene meant that the action kept going right up until the end of the episode (pretty much) therefore not having the usual 10 minute pointless epilogue which was great. The episode moved at a brisk pace throughout and not a moment seemed wasted. There were several good action scenes and a great story and resolution. Even without Oliver in it this episode was another great one for this very strong season.
  • They could have, should have, but didn't.

    The setup for this episode is amazing. A reporter trying to reveal the secrets behind Clark Kent as an alien, and CK retorts by revealing himself as 'Superman' to the world.

    This would have been a huge leap for the series, and would have actually made sense (in an alternate universe sort-of-way albeit exposing his secrets through Lois [Yeah, I can live with Lois knowing Clark as Superman from the start, but meeeh]). But they didn't.

    Like the previous 'fail' season of number Seven, they tease you with everything you know would happen (since we're all pretty much fangeeks) and slap you in the face right after. By the time CK's 5 minutes of fame went up by the dumbest rebuddle by the reporter in which the world so gladly soaks up like morons, I was basically facepalming for the rest of the episode, hoping they don't resort to lame antics (which they did, doh spoiler) to wrap the whole story up.

    By the end, it hurts so much, just so much, how stupid the episode was. Just think, they could've made a 'Meet the Legion' episode instead which would've definitely wet the fans' appetites!

    'GG', says the writers as they subliminally hinted that Superman will never be Superman in our show and promptly laid out 'and here are the consequences'.

    I just hope that they learn from the actions and results of the previous forerunners and not do another Lana/Clark on-and-off thing with Clark/Lois.

    All in all, it's not bad, but it's not good also. Doesn't move the plotline along, but it's okay, it's okay ...
  • In all good episode! There were a few things that were a annoying.

    I thought this episode was well done. However, I did feel that the episode was rushed a bit. This episode showed us what would happen if Clark told the world his secret. It ended up being another one of those go back in time episodes, but I thought that was obvious before I watched it. Even though the go back in time thing has been used before, I felt it was good idea for the writers to show this what if.

    So what did this whole what if thing show the audience. It showed for one that Clark has finally fully embraced his destiny. However, his identity must be kept secret, which lead to chloe suggesting that he needs to accept a duel identity if he wants to continue being a hero.

    It also, shows that Lois is ready to accept Clark's secret, however i don't understand why he told chloe at the end that he could never tell Lois his secret. She accepted it, that doesn't make any sense. It would make more sense if he said he just wasn't ready to tell her. Its almost like he didn't learn anything from his relationship with Lana. Hopefully, the writers have Clark open up to Lois fairly soon.

    Sam Witwer has been doing a great job with Davis Bloom aka Doomsday. With Lex gone, Davis has given us a great replacement. Davis is actually a lot like Lex. He was at first a good person, but as time goes on he starts to have trouble concealing his dark side. And as time goes on, he has more and more trouble controling it. So I look forward to what happens with Davis.

    Well thankfully, Davis killed Linda Lake, cause now we don't have to worry about seeing Tori Spelling's ugly face and bad acting on smallville again. Also, this episode pretty much ignored the last few episodes. Its like Requiem and Power never happened, and Bulletproof maybe half of it didn't happen. So that stupid loophole of bringing back Lana was pointless and just threw off the momentum of season 8. I'd also like to quick add that I think they should bring back Kara for at least a few more episodes. Doesn't have to be this season but next season. If I'm remembering this correctly, Doomsday kills Clark in the comics. So maybe when he kills Clark in Smallville, they could have Kara come back and save him, and maybe stick around for a few episodes. Just a suggestion.
  • Alright, but sort of lacking in a lot of places

    I have enjoyed this season more than I probably have most of the series so far because they have finally started making him more of the Superman than the Smallville high school whining baby That being said they have stuttered in this step. I agree he shouldn't have told Lois his secret yet after this whole deal but he should have gone to the coffee meet-up with her, this little adventure shouldn't have completely ruined everything they've built up so far.

    I do have a problem with the time travel thing, as always, but for a different reason. If I recall, when the Legion gave him the ring they said it was set SPECIFICALLY for their time period and nothing else and I don't think Clark has the 31st century intelligence of Brainiac 5 to reprogram it.

    Yes Tori Spellings character is annoying and dumb, but that's her. And they covered the issues of what probably would happen if he revealed himself like that. But in true CK style he took away the wrong lessons from the experience. But like I am hopeful it will all work out in the end, whenever that is.

    All in all, decent for a time travel story line, which is always hard to do, but did kind of feel dream sequency because you know that in the end it had to all be taken back somehow. I'm just waiting to see what they do with Doomsday from here on and hopefully see a more Lois & Clark like feel to the show in the future; because for all of the lacking ability of Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher they had one of the best representations of those characters that I have seen in Superman history.
  • Another step towards becoming Superman.

    I really enjoyed this episode, not only because it was very close to the setup of the Superman era, but because I was constantly wondering whether they would stick with the story or whether it was going to be one of those episodes that gets rewritten through memory loss, time travel etc... Were the producers going to change the Superman myth to the degree where everyone knows who Superman is, or were they going to whitewash it? It was intriguing.

    I'm glad they decided to do a whitewash - the first time I have ever been able to say that in Smallville. Usually they represent a lack of imagination from the writers, but considering how long this series is going on, I found it to be a nice taster of the future without rushing into the end sequence.

    The only concern I had was a potential plot hole. I wondered how Clark solved the situation the first time round (ie in the first history the Legion didn't interfere in the past and Clark never got a time ring) but then I decided that maybe the Legion telling him about his future was what gave him the confidence to come out in the open - maybe he wouldn't have done that the first time round, and instead would have waited for Chloe to come up with the plan that she eventually did in this episode.

    The end was very sad. I feel so sorry for poor Lois. She has one of the biggest hearts but also one of the biggest defence mechanisms. I also feel for Davis. I hope he can learn to master his transformation, as it was looking like he might be starting to do. I would like to see him master the Jekyl and Hyde issue, but somehow I doubt it as this season is darkness and carnage, and then a little more carnage thrown in for good measure. Perhaps Clark will embrace the tights and flights for season 9 and then we'll get an uplifting tv series again. Go on Smallville, you know you want to!
  • Clark once again finds himself faced with a choice, save people in the spotlight, or come swooping in from the shadows. It seems that just like with every other season the choice is always the shadows. But did he or we really need a refresher course?

    Though I'm quite excited about another season,I must admit I've said harsh things about the series in the past, and the prospect of another season is as much scary as it is promising. This episode alone should remind all of the fan boys out there that this show has the potential to go down the tubes (RIP G.C.) very fast. It seems that every time Clark has a moment of vanity and dare I say humanity, his world goes to hell. I'm sure that in the writers room it seemed to make sense that just as the "Clark is leading the Invasion" story broke on the news the metropolis police would be barreling up the drive way, or that Clark wouldn't realize that taking the two seconds to listen to Lois wouldn't affect his time travel, and that once again after a positive reaction from a woman (ie: Lana, Lois) in an alternate future you don't swear never to tell her. These are all plot points that serve to draw out the story, but make us fans want to rip out our hair, or even worst change the channel. I can't help but wait for the day where Doomsday finally kills him at this pace. It took forever for Clark to open up to Lana and all that ended up with that was a woman willing to put on a life altering suit simply to be closer to him, so now why are we starting again from scratch. I've seen Spiderman, Batman, and EVERY episode of Smallville, So I know its going to be hard for them to be together. But I can't possibly say it loud enough, AT LEAST TRY. The fear of the unknown is innate in humanity. Why is our Kryptonian hero so affaid to just be human? If only for one entire episode.
  • Clark Kent: Super Star!!

    Well, that was pretty much what I had expected going in. Lots of crazy stuff happens, and then it all gets erased. The only consolation I take from that is that unlike some of the other, similar episodes, this world left very little to be missed, aside from its Lois.

    This episode seemed pretty rushed. It felt like everything was happening too fast, print the story, people love him, one person says boo, everyone hates him, govt wants to kill him. But they did only have one episode to work with and none of it "mattered" anyway.

    And I wish they had spent a little more time on Clark and Lois. We'll never see them together like in the comics, where she knows everything about him. That could have been really cool. But again, it wouldn't have counted either, so why tease us? I just hope we aren't in for another Clana beast. The one thing I liked about Lois and Clark was that they were breezy and seemed to have a good time around each other. I really believed that they could get married one day. But if they pump a ton of angst into this relationship, I'm out. I didn't like how Clark was stupid enough to reveal himself in the first place. The Linda Lake plot was pretty weak. And then he puts on the ring right as Lois is telling him something important? The once useful thing that could have come from this whole mess and Clark drops the ball? Sigh. And then he destroys the ring? Way to ruin the ending of another, much better, episode!

    However, I do like that, once again, Clark has learned something from one of his alternate universe adventures. This should cement the idea in Clark's mind that a dual identity is needed. And I especially liked the scene where the girl jumps off a building just so Clark can catch her. A very chilling concept that played out beautifully. As did the news report where the woman blames Clark for not saving her husband. These are classic moments of reflection for Superman, and I wish the episode had focused more on this type of thing. Clark being on-call 24/7. Instead they fall back on the cliché "People love to tear down a hero" angle. Oh well. An okay episode that could have been better had it focused more on Clark, and less on the media circus and Lake's character. Her death scene was probably the best one. Next week looks pretty solid. So fingers crossed.
  • When former gossip columnist Linda Lake returns to expose Clark's secret unless he helps her, Clark decides to reveal his secret on his own terms

    Smallville post Lana-Arc return was a much improved welcomed one. This episode tackled a long running question that had been brough up many times over the course of the series: What would happen if Clark revealed his powers and alien origins to the world? In spite of a few cliches (the town gawking over Clark, the government wanting to do tests on him, and the method to rectify the situation) this episode handled the story very well. There are several surprising twists and turns that keep the pace of the story strong and engaging. Tom Welling and Erica Durance are really beginning to sizzle on screen together. Thier growth as actors is truly showing and thier chemistry is really strong, providing great moments for both characters. Allison Mack continues to impress and Sam Witwer is proving to be a fine actor himself. The doomsday subplot is become one of Smallville's most interesting stories and Witwer delivers the conflicted and tortured Davis performace superbly. The ending was surprising not only for what occured, but also for the intensity the series is taking the Doomsday storyline in and Witwer's almost haunting performance. Tori Spelling was, as expected, campy and annoying, but that suited the character perfectly. The speciall effects seemed really strong as well. Over the past few episodes, the budget cuts have been showing more and more, however this week provided some pretty impressive visuals. Overall, this episode keeps a fast pace, provides some of the best perfomances of the season, and manages to keep viewers glued to the screen with the level of energy the story has. One of Smallville's best.
  • Great episode to comeback too

    i thought the story-line was good, i like the way they incorporated the "Legion" back in. And of course Clark starting to figure out that he might need a secret identity. All this on top of elaborating on the development of doomsday. It is getting a little annoying though on how lois and clarks relationship just seems to go in circles. But i do like how they give you just enough to keep you in suspense. i hope that clark will eventually open up to lois and reveal his secret to her as then their relationship will really be able to take off.
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