Season 8 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on The CW

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  • Awful. Just awful. Did I mention this was awful?

    This story felt out of sequence (a total one off). Extremely poorly paced. Some scenes were so painfully over-acted that I wanted to hurl. Other scenes saw characters sleep walking when normally they would have been flipping out or going off on someone.

    Bringing back Tori Spelling - oh hell no. Her character was a stupid, wasted villain in the first story. 2.0 was actually worse. She really does have over-acting (or just acting like herself) down to a fine art.

    So Lois is back like the whole affair with Lana never happened. In fact, this Lois seemed like a different person in places. Milquetoast when she should have been a raging tiger.

    The same with Chloe; her lack of fire when told the news about Jimmy in the hospital just played bizarrely and out of character.

    Clark was even more baffled by every aspect of life than he has been this entire season (with the exception of those moments driven by burning hate for Lex). Somehow the writers managed to make this character even more one dimensional than before.

    This entire episode felt like the worst kind of filler. Like they hired C students to toss something together over a beer fueled weekend. No, I take that back, that may have resulted in a better episode than this. The few salient points (like what Doomsday has up to these days) felt like an after thought. Also, gee, I thought he was on ice to complete his transformation once and for all, yet guess who is back? The wishy washy heart sick semi-Doomsday. Complete drivel.

    This truly was painful to watch. I won't be doing this again. Justin Hartley's hotness (that was sorely, but thankfully missing from this poop pile of an ep) is just not worth it.
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