Season 8 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on The CW

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  • Clark's secret is revealed..…temporarily.

    I've never written a review for before, but I'm currently house-bound because of the flu and have nothing better to do. Besides, what better way to kill time than watch old episodes of Smallville and drool over the beauteous Tom Welling! I really liked this episode, but there was one thing that didn't seem too realistic (as much reality as a show about an alien from another planet with superpowers can possibly have!) – if Clark Kent is so in love with Lana Lang, why didn't he go back in time to prevent her from being soaked in kryptonite instead of merely preventing Linda Lake from outing him? In fact, why didn't he jump waaaay back in time and prevent Lana from ever having a romance with Jason Teague or marrying Lex Luther? Of course we know that Kristin Kreuk is no longer a series regular, so that storyline would not be possible. Perhaps KK's Lana arc in the preceding episodes could have been better spent showing Clark finally getting over her (instead them breaking the bed due to their unbridled passion!) Now it looks like Clark Kent only ends up with Lois Lane because he can't kiss Lana Lang without his face falling off! How's that supposed to show that Lois is Clark's true love? It also gives the impression that he's a fickle, fickle boy!

    As for Lois, having such a strong character, why would she still want a romantic relationship with Clark when he all but forgot about her as soon as Lana returned? As another reviewer has said (in 'If I were Lois I'd give Clark the finger and go hang with Ollie'. (LOL)

    Nonetheless, the episode was enjoyable to watch overall. I especially liked Lois' reaction when she found out about Clark's superpowers. Erica Durance has good comedic timing, and she makes Lois fun to watch. Her scenes with Tom Welling are usually the highlight of Smallville episodes. Furthermore, I didn't even mind Tori Spelling's non-existent acting skills!
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