Season 8 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2009 on The CW

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  • The episode was indeed very rushed. I'm having a hard time believing Clark really has feelings for Lois...

    I see clearly that Lois is in love with him. But I really feel that the writers were more in love with the Clark/Lana relationship. With the way this relationship is headed, I feel if Lois and Clark ended up together and Lana came back Kryptonite-free, Clark would drop everything and bow at Lana's feet. I'm a hopeless romantic, without a doubt, so the romance is a part of the show for me. I don't buy that Lois and Clark are meant to be together in the end. I wouldn't have left Lois sitting there outside the coffee shop; I felt so bad seeing that (though I don't think Lois likes girls...)And the way he couldn't have taken the second to let Lois finish her sentence left me feeling that Lois is pretty unimportant to him. He acts as though she's a burden. I enjoyed the episode but felt it was very rushed. So much happened in so little time. But unless this storyline spanned out to more than one episode, rushed was the way it had to be. Out of the blue, Clark decides to let the world know his secret. I pretty well yelled at this decision(though it was midnight and I had family who were trying to sleep). Anyone who's seen previous episodes know why his secret can't be out to the world. The reason is touched upon in most episodes. Everyone believing Linda Lake(directly after her return from years in prison?)was insanely unbelievable. She states an alien invasion was underway. There was no proof. And I have no doubt people would have eventually turned on him, it's what happens to good people, but this was to the extreme. I'll admit that I rejoiced in Davis' killing Linda Lake. She was an incredibly annoying character. That was it. I guess I only stated the things I disliked about this episode. It wasn't truly horrible. It just wasn't greatly memorable. With the dislikes, I rate it a 7
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