Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2003 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • The officer who caught Clark ends up being the negotiator? Even if she was a captain, would she have been doing perimeter watch to catch Clark? A hostage negotiator has authority over the entire situation from a law enforcement standpoint. she is never seen communicating with the other departments, like SWAT or the local police. It doesn't seem like she would be the one talking to the hostage takers, with no other authority figures present, considering how big of a name the Luthors are.

    • When Clark's mom shoves the green kryptonite into the vault, Pine shoves his hand in the way of the closing door, which seems to bounce off his hand, which he then falls to the ground in pain. A vault door with that much weight would have sheared his hand without even slowing down, due to its mass.

    • Clark pulls a small conduit cable from a small breaker box, and it shuts down power to the entire building? Even the entire floor wouldn't be affected by one small conduit, and they show no evidence of him even being on the same floor.

    • In the aerial shot of Clark jumping, there was no forward movement at all.

    • Jonathan has a good idea of how far it is from the Daily Planet building to the LuthorCorp building, but he doesn't have any idea of Clark can make the jump. Shouldn't he? Clark spends a lot of time speeding and running around the farm - didn't they ever test how far he could jump?

    • The timing of Lionel being at Metropolis doesn't seem to be right. In the beginning of the episode Martha says she needs to leave because she is going to Metropolis with Lionel, but after that Lionel goes to see Lex at the mansion. Right after Lionel leaves the mansion, Lex's cell rings and tells the crew to go through with the project. When they are going through the project it appears that Lionel has been with Martha at LuthorCorp already a while.

    • When Clark and Lex are seen talking in Lex's office, right before Lex finds the camera in his stereo, a shadow of a sound recording mike can be seen above them, on the wall.

    • Why doesn't anyone wonder about how Clark got into the building? Or about the blown-in window? The Metropolis police seems as indifferent to Clark's shenanigans as the Smallville cops.

    • Pine doesn't seem to be the brightest tactician ever, but even he should know better than to show his face at the window when the building is surrounded by news cameras and police snipers.

    • If there are cameras and bug devices in Lionel's would think they would catch a few of Clark's powers in action. But they don't when they should.

    • When the girl Bishop is cutting the vault door open she grabs the piece she cut off with thin gloves. Now I've welded and used a plasma torch before and believe me when I say that even with very thick welding gloves you would not pickup and carry a piece of metal to the other side of the room like that.

    • Isn't Lex wondering how Clark got to Metropolis before he and Jonathan did? If the fastest way to go was Lex's helicopter and Clark didn't use it.

    • Pine doesn't wear gloves when he sprays the liquid nitrogen or freon or whatever into the vault lock and the white gas is all over his left hand - ouch!

    • Lex notes that he can't imagine how someone got into the mansion without his knowledge. How many people have wandered in and out of there in the last two seasons where he's lucky if the guy at the gate calls ahead? Even in this episode, Jonathan strolls in to ask Lex for a helicopter ride and Lex doesn't seem to have a clue he's coming.

    • Some folks felt that Jonathan saying, "Clark, this is between your mother and I." and Jennifer saying, "Henry, why don't you get it...give Lana and I a chance to get a word in." was incorrect grammar. Under current accepted usage, it should be "me" instead of "I", so Jonathan is incorrect.

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  • Notes

    • The visual effects team was recognized by the Visual Effects Society with a 2004 VES Award for Outstanding Matte Painting in a Televised Program, Music Video, or Commercial award for this episode.

    • Music: "Bittersweetheart" by Ed Harcourt, "Tomorrow" by SR-71, and "Invisible Man" by Theory Of A Deadman.

    • Samuel L. Jones and Allison Mack do not appear in this episode.

    • The female cop in Metropolis' name is Sawyer -- a likely reference to Maggie Sawyer of the comic book and Metropolis, head of the Special Crimes Unit (the unit which deals with super-powered stuff) and a friend of Superman's.

    • When Clark jumps he is wearing a blue shirt and red jacket. While he is flying (or falling) through the air the red jacket is flapping, somewhat like a cape.

    • This episode marks the first time the Daily Planet building has made a prominent appearance.

  • Allusions

    • Lana: What if she votes me off the island?
      Of course, a reference to that most famous of reality shows, Survivor.