Season 10 Episode 5


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2010 on The CW

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  • What does Isis with Smallville?

    This episode marks the fall of the tenth season of Smallville. It is absurd to insert Greek mythology in Smallville and treat it as if it is normal that there is. Ridiculous! For the rest of the episode is not bad.
  • Finally!

    I'm so glad that Clark finally told Lois that he's the blur. I was counting down for that moment. I'm also happy than Lois didn't reveal that she knew first. Clark willingly told her first. That's the Superman that we all love and know. At first, I thought that he wasn't going to tell her. I would have been pissed off since Clark did tell her, but she was Iris and we all know that when people are possessed, they forget everything. I'm happy that he told Lois again. They make such a better couple than Clana. It's a more mature relationship.
  • 1005

    Another superb episode for Smallville, already things are looking better this season than season 9. I never really liked the interactions between Lois & Clark when they started to "fall in love" but I could actually say I liked them here. There's those little moments that make this couple likable, and the end of this episode was definitely one of them. Definitely a feel good ending, and in a way, it sets things in motion.

    We've got Tess officially taking Chloe's place at Watchtower, her looking after Alexander, Clark revealing his secret to Lois, and Oliver still trying to find out who he is. 4 main characters, and so far, it's proved good to this show. Smallville has always had a big cast, so when I heard there was only going to be four main characters this season, I was a bit disappointed, but so far this season has been just fine with only these four. Although I would be lying if I said I didn't miss Chloe.

    At first, this felt like a filler, but it shaped up to be a pivotal episode in the series, and I'm looking forward to see how things go from here. Is Clark's secret really a secret anymore? Everyone knows! Superb episode.
  • Clark spills the beans to Lois...

    Just when I had this episode pegged as just another typical, sloppy, ill-conceived, shallow possession episode of Smallville, it pulls the rug from under me and offers up one of the show's best endings. Ever. Now, don't get me wrong, this is still a sloppy, ill-conceived, shallow episode (it may go on and on about love and heart, but it's all too greeting-card for my tastes); but that was just perfect. It played out to my expectations of the will he/won't he ordeal as usual; I certainly expected for Lois to get on that elevator and for the doors to close and for Clark to release a sigh of regret once again, but when he actually spills the beans to Lois, and she pounces on him, then slaps one on him, and then asks what we've all been asking for so many years now: ''What took you so long?'' It was just perfect.

    It's a shame that my praise pretty much ends here. This wasn't a horrific episode by any means, there are snippets to enjoy, the odd one-liner that may have elicited a laugh or two, but the script is just too on-the-nose. Every single character tells us in the blandest way possible exactly how they're feeling (''you seem far away'' wins the ticket in this instance as Tess stumbles upon Oliver looking mournfully out a window); there's no pizazz, or subtlety, and the imagery and metaphors are thrown at us like boulders. I shouldn't be shocked by any of this, I have been watching the show for 10 years. But this season has been really rather good (especially so early into the year), so to see the show take such a U-turn, fan-pleasing finish withstanding, and fall back on such familiar plotting is a little worrying.

    Too many old Smallville habits pop up in this hour. This is a very big episode for Tess. Within one episode, despite her countless villainous actions in the past, her inherent duplicitous nature, and the many, many times she has tried to kill, frame, manipulate and sabotage Clark and his friends, she's accepted into his little league and is now replacing Chloe Sullivan as Watchtower. Uhm, no.

    On the one hand, I think it's a solid idea. It'll hopefully give Tess a steady arc for the season and allow for her character to develop in a way that feels natural (a hopeful first for the show and of the character). But on the other hand, this is Smallville we're watching, and her transition is all done and dusted within the space of one hour, so who are we kidding here? She'll either somehow use Watchtower for personal gain and stab Clark and Co. firmly in the back or else she will fall victim to Darkseid's possession and unwillingly stab Clark and Co. in the back. I also wish that the writers showed us little by little throughout the season how Tess can benefit the team instead of simply helping out in just one episode and, wehey, promotion! I'm still not quite sure whether I like her sub-plot with the mini-Lex clone or not...unless he grows into Michael Rosenbaum, I'm not all that interested.

    The necklace that Lois accidentally took home with her from her excursion to Egypt a couple of episodes back brings trouble to Metropolis. It belongs to Isis, whose soul is trapped within it, and I'm not entirely sure why at that particular moment on the rooftop it unleashed Isis' soul, but it certainly put a wedge in Clark's plans to tell Lois that he's the Blur. First off, did she have to fly off like that? I think every single character on this show has had the power of flight at this stage. Whereas poor, impotent Clark is forced to watch as his girlfriend jet-sets across the skies. One step at a time this season, I suppose.

    All of this talk about love left me nauseous. The hour revolves around the idea of what one is willing to do to be with the person that they love. In this instance, Isis is willing to unleash hell on earth. The hour also explores Ollie's loneliness (get out there and find Chloe, you idiot!), Tess' loneliness (bored now), and Isis harping on and on about passion and a bond that has lasted lifetimes blah blah blah. The whole ordeal is wrapped up within 15 minutes, Isis wasn't really necessary at all. Either was Cat Grant, for that matter. I just wanted Clark to tell Lois. It all felt like one giant, filler-y distraction. We were being teased with Clark being proactive about his relationship with Lois only for it to back-fire with this Isis chick and I hate being teased.

    Still, I gotta admit that it was worth it all for those final few moments. I think I started to like the episode the second Lois tried to clock Cat in the face. I really have no idea where the show will take this version of Lois and Clark but I'm remaining hopeful that it's somewhere exciting. I really can't wait for next week now!
  • After a minor delay, a major step forward

    This entire episode felt like a way to delay the inevitable, so when the diversion turned out to be relatively short and mildly entertaining, I was quite pleased. It was a good way to follow up on the lessons that Clark had supposedly learned in "Homecoming", and it significantly alters the trajectory of the series for the rest of the season. (Assuming, of course, they don't end up wiping Lois' memory in some way.)

    Lois as Isis was, as I said, entertaining enough. It was a good way to follow up on everything that came up during her conversation with Carter, after all, and it gave Clark and Oliver a chance to work together. As I've said before, I've always liked the purpose of Oliver's character in context to Clark's journey, and it's good to see how that is finally playing out in the final season.

    The final scene between Clark and Lois was a long time coming, and even so, I had to appreciate how it would change the series on a fundamental level. If the writers adhere to what was given in the previous episode, there will be some tension, but Lois will stand by Clark in the end. And the writers have given her the right kind of characterization to make it believable. As much as the writers use Erica Durance as easy eye-candy, she really has owned the role of Lois Lane over the past few years.

    But that wasn't the only advancement of note in this episode. This also marked the moment when Clark and Oliver chose to trust Tess enough to bring her into the fold. That's good for two reasons. First, Tess has often stated that her primary goal is to protect the interests of the Traveler, as per the Veritas agenda, so this serves that purpose for her character.

    More importantly, however, it positions her to be the weak link if (or, more likely, when) the Lex clone grows up enough to start acting a lot more like the classic Lex Luthor. Tess will inevitably be conflicted, and this will force her to reveal her motivations plainly and make a choice. This can only be a benefit, and would certainly provide maximum drama should the Lex clone grow into the more familiar version we all know and love. (And wouldn't that be the perfect setup for a return by Michael Rosenbaum. Make it happen, folks!)

    If there is one weak link to this episode, it has to be Cat Grant. Her anti-superhero ranting is becoming more and more shrill, and while it serves a purpose within the story, I think we've all gotten the point. It's obvious that she is there to maintain the tension of secrecy that is now lessened with Clark's admission to Lois. But after she begged for Green Arrow to save her, I wonder if her demagoguery is going to change.

    In the end, while the episode represented a minor delaying tactic, it ended with a huge step forward and the promise that this is not going to be reversed. It's not the standard "Superman" myth, but it does continue the process of paying off the patience of the long-suffering "Smallville" fans.
  • =]

    P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!! At first, I thought they were dreaming or something like that but WOW!! I cannot believe it!! Awesome... LOVE that the writer changed the perspective of the comics. Why cant heroes be happy and loved and have a family?? Its like "the Incredibles"!! Rooting for a happy end!!! Rooting for a happy end!!!
    **************************************************** Rooting for a happy end!!! Rooting for a happy end!!! Rooting for a happy end!!! Rooting for a happy end!!! Rooting for a happy end!!! Rooting for a happy end!!! Rooting for a happy end!!! Rooting for a happy end!!! Rooting for a happy end!!! Rooting for a happy end!!!
  • Great episode and Erica look gorgeous and very very beautiful

    Erica looks so beautiful in this episode and Clark is always my super hero.
    And Oliver is a good friend to .
    Thanks again Clark(Tom welling) and Lois(Erica)they both are perfect.and specially Lois looks great in this episode and again and again boost the show well. After seeing the future Clark (Tom Welling) decides it's time to finally tell Lois (Erica Durance) his secret. Just before the two are able to talk about everything, Lois unwittingly uses an ancient artifact to turn herself into the powerful Egyptian Goddess Isis. When Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt) sees Lois as Isis, she tries to link her to The Blur. and LOIS (ISIS) show her identity as BLUER. (Erica) Lois will still in show the show always rising up. i love Clark (tom)and Lois (Erica)
    excellent couple they are ...... i gave this episode 10/10
  • Fantastic!!!!

    I don't know how they're able to capture that magic but the end of this episode was amazing. Lois and Clark definitely have great chemistry. The emotion seems to be so visceral and jumps off the screen and grabs you. You kind of wish you could translate that same sort of feeling in real life. Not sure if that sort of thing exists anymore. This season is really impressing me after the little bit of a let down from last season. Interesting to see how Tess is bringing along baby Lex. Curious to see how that will all turn out. But again that ending was just ....... WOW!

    Friday evenings are good times for me.
  • To be honest, what seemed like another typical episode turned out to be a smash with that ending!

    How does one give an episode two ratings?

    It seemed like just another regular episode. We had to put up with what is starting to be an annoying character, Kat and her lunatic ravings. But, there was Lois looking simply ravishing in that white dress for most of the episode. And kudos to Erica for her performance tonight. Just simply amazing.

    But yes, for despite the lovely, or even annoying, scenery, it appeared to be another typical episode for Smallville.

    But that ending. It is basically what moved me from a 5 or a 6, to at least a 9. If it weren't for the scenes of antic ravings of Kat (though it just made Lois shine that much more), this would've easily been a 10.

    Here I thought that Clark would not tell Lois his secret, but then he just came out with it. She grins from ear to ear, tackles him in one heck of a love embrace, kisses him passionately, then says "Took ya long enough Smallville," only to shush him when he tried to question her. Wow, eat your hearts out Teri & Dean!

    And was it me, or did Tess seem to have a small evil grin or smirk when she found out she would be in charge of Watchtower?
  • Thanks to an Egyptian relic, Lois gains superpowers and goes on a crime-fighting spree... bringing her to the attention of Cat Grant, who assumes Lois is Blur. Oliver and Clark have no choice but to turn to Tess for help when dealing with Lois.

    oh my god! I love Smallville again after the last two episodes! So this episode was nice but the story in itself wasn't extraordinary. what I like the most was what was behind the stories, the development of the characters.
    This episode looks like the old ones from the beginning of the show.
    I'm not happy with the Oliver story because I want more Chloe and Oliver story... But maybe in the next episodes she will come back!
    Cat Grant brings a lot of fun and her fight with Lois was really funny!
    The ending was crazy! It was what I was not expecting but I know that it would happen soon especially after the previous episode! That was a cute and sweet scene and like an other reviewer said it was way better than the one between Dean Cain and Terry Hatcher in Lois & Clark : The New Adventures of Superman. In a way this scene make me be a little bit sad because we can feel that the ending is really close and that Clark will accomplish his destiny!
    I've read in some reliable websites that it could be an 11th season? I'm not sure that is a good idea and you?
  • Good follow up to Homecoming.

    I have to say that until the 30 minute mark I didn't find a lot interesting about this episode. It was your standard Smallville episode featuring a character getting possessed. Usually those are categorized as fillers. But everything was building up for a fantastic final 10 minutes. Tess is one of my favourite characters. That has less to do with the storylines she has and more with Cassidy Freeman's brilliant acting. I loved her in Isis. She went all through all kinds of emotions and was magnificent in all of them. One of my favourite episodes with her in it and one of her best acting jobs. Not too fond of her being WT or protecting young Lex, but I'll wait and see how that plays out.

    Oliver was hillarious with some of his stuff this week. But in the end, it was nice to see him open up about Chloe and how her absence has affeected him. As for Clark and Lois, it was all about the final scene that was well done in my opinion. Great to have the secret out in the open at last. Interesting to see where we go from here.

    All in all, it was a good episode with an explosive ending that sets up some interesting next few episodes. Bring on Harvest.
  • Great Episode!

    I really liked this episode.

    I found the Isis possession stuff a bit boring but at least it meant we got to see Clark tell Lois that he is the Blur - twice!!

    Loved the reveal scene at the end - especially as it looked for a moment that Clark wasn't going to tell Lois.

    And for the almost the first time ever - I really loved Tess. The scene where Alexander said he loved her, as a mother myself, this really tugged at my heartstrings. And the scene where she laughed at Cat - I was laughing with her.

    And Cat. She was wonderfully annoying in this episode. I Loved her and hope we see more of her soon. She has totally grown on me.

    But why oh why do we have to have more and more of Oliver pining for Chloe. Enough is enough.
  • Clark tells Oliver that he has finally decided to tell Lois his big secret. Lois, who already know, but wants Clark to tell her, becomes possessed by the spirit of Isis and gains super powers. Cat spots Lois and mistakenly thinks she's the Blur.

    After last week's great ending, I didn't think they could top themselves, but they did. I thought for sure that Clark was going to chicken out again about whether or not to tell Lois his secret. The buildup was great. I really loved Lois running to him, knocking him over, and then Clark realizing that she'd known all along. They just looked so happy together. Great jobs by both Tom and Erica. I had wondered after the way they wrote Lana out in season eight, if when they finally get Lois and Clark together, it would come across as him just choosing her by default. However, they definitely set my worries aside. The subplot with Cat is just a minor annoyance. I also was intrigued by Clark and Oliver bringing Tess into the fold. It makes for interesting discussion is she turning over a new leaf, or is she suckering them in? I also liked Oliver as Green Arrow helping Clark stop Isis. That was some great teamwork. I can't wait for next week. Looks like a Halloween theme.
  • Not a bad episode for being 201.

    I'll be honest and say I was worried after last week's great episode that this one would be terrible. But I have to admit that it was pretty good.

    Cat Grant actually proved that she isn't just some bumpkin and has the nosiness to be a reporter. Lois was again dressed up..nothing wrong with that. There was a nice friendship quality between Oliver and Clark.

    My only subtle complaint is that they got the myth of Osirus wrong. He was put all back together and his kingdom is the underworld, but it's not the "hell" they made it out to be.

    Other than that, a fun episode that finally got Lois and Clark on the same page.
  • Praise Isis!

    Isis-Thanks to an Egyptian relic, Lois is possessed by an Egyptian goddess. Her activities bring her to the attention of Cat Grant, who assumes Lois is Blur. Meanwhile, Oliver and Clark have no choice but to turn to Tess for help when dealing with Lois when she gets in over her head.

    Genevieve Sparling is a weird writer for Smallville. When it comes to writing action or anything epic, she completely fails, yet when it comes to comedy and romance, she hits it out of the park! Like "Escape", the main plot of "Isis" is pretty weak and barely demands interest, yet everything else about this episode was surprisingly hilarious. I love it when Smallville takes me by surprise and delievers fun slap stick episodes that while aren't necessary to the main arcs or stories of the season, they certainly end of being satisfying. After the tremendously stellar 200th episode "Homecoming", the series has gained a sense of lighthereatedness and hope that I haven't seen since the first half of Season 8. Kelly and Brian weren't lying when they said things would go up from here.

    It was great watching Clark and Oliver actually acting like friends for once. I'm glad that "Homecoming" was actually a game changing episode and the developments from last episode are being flowed through. Clark and Oliver's interactions were great, some nice friendly banter mixed in with some badass superhero team work against Isis, what's not to love? Then you add Tess into the mix and things were even better. Cassidy Freedman makes a well awaited return as Tess after being absent for two episodes and finally the character is feeling more at home among the characters since she's been in a long time. Finally the writers are throwing away the whole "is she bad of is she good?" none sense and are giving Tess a place among the characters, not to mention a side to be on. Tess' banter with Clark and especially Oliver was funny and man, did I burst out laughing when Tess laughed in Cat's face when Cat made the dumbest assumption that Lois was the Blur. Cassidy has a great laugh and made that moment priceless! lol But the best moments for Tess where when Clark and Oliver invited her to take over Watchtower. Cassidy played Tess' overwhelming emotional state perfectly. You can tell Tess has never been trusted like that and accepted in such a positive light before. Then comes that moment between her and Alexander, which I got to say, got me a little choked up. Of all the storylines the writers have given Tess, this has surprisingly been the most natural and enjoyable character development for her. Cassidy is hitting all the right notes in her performance and this transistion from shaddy villainess to a redeemed ally/mother figure feels like good closer to Tess' storyline for the final season. Let's just hope the writers keep it up and don't have Tess going back to playing it "gray", if you know what I mean.

    I got to say, Cat was less annoying in this episode than in "Shield" and as much as that episode was trying to give her character depth, it's just more fun watching everyone use Cat as a punchline! Lois' remarks to Cat, Clark secretly breaking her phone etc. were comedy gold and the funniest moment of the episode, maybe in the last few years of the series is without a doubt when Oliver stuffed Cat into the coffin. I damn near coughed on my spit from laughing so hard! I so need to watch that scene daily to raise my spirits on even the most stressful days! Lastly, we have Clark and Lois just doing what they do best: making us fall more in love with this relationship. After one of the most romantic and beautiful moments from these two at the end of "Homecoming", the ending of "Isis" nearly tops that! We knew Clark and Lois wanted to tell each other the truth but this si Smallville and the writers like to drag out things just for soap opera elements and melodrama. Sure Clark and Lois were having some fun banter at the beginning, showing the urgency of both wanting to tell each other the truth. The last scene began to play out the same old song, Clark won't tell Lois because he's afraid of her safty and I was damn near about to break my TV from Clark punking out..AGAIN!! But then the scene continued on and when Clark started delivering that beautiful speech my jaw began to hit the floor, was he really telling Lois the truth!? Yes he was and what a remarkable scene it was. Clark's determination to tell her the truth and Lois' overwhelming joy from Clark telling her what she had wanted to hear that she jumped into his arms, knocking him down and them both sharing the most honest kiss they've ever had! What a moment! I think almost everyone watching that moment squeeled and cheered after years of waiting! Even better was Clark's boyish looking face when he realized Lois knew all along! I had a big smile on my face just from that little facial expression that spoke volumes. It's just such a refreshing and powerful moment as Lois and Clark have nothing between them now and I've never seen the show feel this optimistic in years, if ever! Oh yeah, Isis almost destoryed the world, but who cares about that! lol "Isis" is a fantastic filler if that makes sense. Sure it didn't top "Homecoming" in the slighest, but it maintained the positive outlook that the 200th set up and the last season rightfully needs which is more than enough for me.
  • Isis

    Isis was a great episode of Smallville. I thought it was cool Michael Shanks playing Hawkman, and being in Egypt, given his role on SG1. This episode was very interesting and exciting to watch. The story was great. I thought it was interesting that this story was about Isis, given Lana's former organization, and also Isis is from the family of Ra, the Sun God, and Clark gets his power from the Sun, so he is basically a Sun God too, but he bested Isis in the end which was fascinating! I thought that the ending was suspensful, and surprising! This episode leads to a whole new world now!
  • The episode title refers to a mere side-story, as things change for Lois and Clark forever, and Tess gets a job offer. Lois learns a bit more about Clark's background.

    I did not see this coming. Episode summaries and previews had Lois planning to tell Clark she knew he was the Blur, but the descriptions then continued with "but..." At the same time, Clark heard Oliver's regrets that secrecy cost him the love of his life, and Clark takes it to heart. But during the final scene with Lois and Clark, I almost groaned again as Clark seemed to be backing off his intent to reveal his identity to Lois. We enjoyed her reaction - even a human can flatten Clark is he's trying not to exert his powers. This time, I believe, we won't see a rewind, or a memory wipe, or reversal of the Earth's rotation.

    It's the final season - and the producers are pushing ahead with wrapping up the Smallville legends. Yes, Lois knows Clark has super-powers, but does she know he's from another planet? Scenes I'd like to see - Clark and Lois at a quiet outdoor cafe, as he tells her everything - why he kept his secret, his origins, and how he sees his mission. That would be an interesting conversation, and a chance for Clark to express his deep feelings for her, and how they must act in public and continue to collaborate at the DP.

    Where do they go from here? Will she move to the Kent farm? No - too much travel time to the DP and her career. Will she leave the Talon? Who owns that place, anyway? Will they get a place in Metropolis? I think Clark will continue to put her safety first, and maintain some degree of separation from her. We know the external threats to him and his destiny will continue, and he will try to keep her clear of the crossfire.

    I liked the turn of events for Tess - the invitation by Oliver and Clark to join their team, and run Watchtower. Of late, she has been working in their interest, yet Clark's caution about whether they can trust her is valid. I can't picture Tess leaving the DP editor's desk (although that could work out well in bringing back Perry White) and hangin' with the Heroes. Once again, Cassidy Freeman's acting impresses, as she shows vulnerability breaking through her usual steely demeanor. She has the remarkable skill of conveying so much with so little change in expression. But Tess has an unhealthy relationship with the Alexander clone, and her purpose is not yet clear. Does she think the rapidly-growing boy will become Lex himself? Sorry, you can't clone a soul. So it's a dangerous game she plays, and if another major character is to be killed off in this final season, it's likely to be Tess.

    The Isis transformation is hardly worth mentioning - a trivial threat, the usual chance for Clark to display some powers, and we're back to normal. It did show another side of Ms. Durance, and her considerable acting skill as a more serious and deadly being. I hope she is given more of these opportunities, and that the next episode has more substance than "Lois gets a flat tire and gets stranded." Re-run rating for Isis - B+.
  • Lois is posessed by the godess Isis.

    Once again it started out as a filler episode but had very important informantion at the end. For starters though Lois being posessed by Isis, pretty awesome. Erica did a good job of potraying someone else. Tess taking care of little Alexander was nice, just wonder where they are going to take that. Everyone is still trying to interview Oliver and see him as Green Arrow, which he seems to be taking fine so far. Cat Grant is just Cat Grant thats all I have to say about her. Important stuff that happened in the episode: Tess decides to keep Alexander, I just hope it doesn't backfire on her. Clark and Oliver give Tess watchtower, I guess we will see if we can trust her. Last but the most important, CLark told Lois his secret. That was awesome and I was anxiously awaiting that. I really want to know what's going to happen with that. It should be interesting. I am glad that he actually told one of his girlfriends his secret finally. Good episode, interesting information, great show. See you next week.
  • LOVED this episode. *spoiler*

    Secrets become revealed, Clark admits to Lois that he is the blur in the end. I hope it stays that way. When it comes to the fate of the world, Tess is willing to help Clark and oliver, and when the team invites her to join, she bursts into tears, signs of great character relations as Clark and Oliver work as a team to defeat Isis and return Lois. Meanwhile, Alexander is growing very quickly and Tess has decided to love him rather than turn him into a scientific experiment. If I had to make a prediction, I think Lex will end up killing Tess, but that could be a long way from now.
    I don't care about the comics, Smallville is a great show and I prefer writers to make their own plot.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Redeeming writing, overwhelming love story, almighty character development, irresistible female acting, inspiring dialogs, hilarious moments

    When it comes to Smallville some fans expectation is high and the airing of a questionable installment is always a harsh tempest to endure. Surviving the deception that follows is even harder and only time can heal the wounds of the ones who feel betrayed. My last major crisis with the show happened with Upgrade because it was just a terrible sequel to the astonishing Metallo, one of my favorite season 9 episode. Homecoming nearly had the same destructive impact on my mind because I just couldn't accept the fact that Clark Kent's destiny was dependent of the future. So in my opinion it's still rotten but now that I've seen Isis I think the few casualties have found an episode to make their bitter sorrow feel better.

    I hesitated nearly a week before giving Smallville an other chance. A story written by Genevieve Sparling just didn't seem worthwhile enough. She's responsible of the controversial Roulette after all and even if I enjoyed Escape I still had doubts about her capacity to make me forget about the 200th episode of the death. Only idiots don't change their mind. Well it's a good thing I'm probably both ! Indeed the story wasn't spectacular, because the characters have already been possessed a dozen of times, but it was just overwhelmed by love. Your session should feel like a fresh and fantastic vacation in Ancient Egypt. Otherwise it was more than a sequel to Shield. Isis can be considered as one of the most pivotal episodes ever. It should also remind you of epic adventures like The Mummy. From the visual effects to the intensity of the scenes it's not an odyssey you'll forget before a long time. Of course it had a few minor flaws but they seem so anecdotic compared to the rest that I don't see the point of mentionning them. There's a time to rant and an other to celebrate.

    Beside its exciting story Isis was also heavy on character development. Season 8 and 9 were a journey between heaven and hell for psychology hobbyists and so far the 10th had only left a few breadcrumbs for us. The real 200th episode of Smallville has finally put an end to our misery. For some of us the void left by Chloe's evaporation is just impossible to stand. I thought the only solution would be to give more importance to other characters and it's exactly what the writers have decided to do. Tess ? Oliver ? Sexy Cassidy Freeman and Justin Hartley finally had an installment respectful of their talent. Of course they let them express it from time to time but it never sparkled as much as in this episode. Some key scenes featured Tess and Freeman's acting was both skilled and touching. A reluctant Oliver was the perfect match to our favorite wicked pawn. Black or white ? She's Lex, on heels. An other element I found interesting was the teamwork. The last time I was so inspired by it was probably after watching Absolute Justice and learning from its mature superguests. Last but not least a guest was also part of the ride and at first I worried but that little surprise quickly turned into a pleasant experience. The character greatly contributed to the overall entertainment appeal of the episode. From hilarity to annoyance the palette of emotions it should make you feel is quite promising. Yes because it would be a shame if it didn't become a recurring guilty pleasure !

    Lois and Clark ! Clark and Lois ? I still remember Erica Durance toying with these names in an episode. However I had to admit that their neverending teasing in Supergirl frustrated me. That's why a step forward of their timeless love story always feel like breathing fresh air in the morning. We already tasted these sweet moments in Crossfire and Charade for example. Each time the writers developed their relationship further and further, leaving us speechless and starving for more. That heartbreaking quest will never end but Isis managed to move me even more. It wasn't just an other jaw dropping cliffhanger or random two minutes scene. Even if the final round should knocked you out for good, at least until Harvest, the episode was filled with Lois & Clark dual moments. Durance made you laugh out loud in Persuasion, well you better consider checking your fun factor because her performance was just hilarious. What a brilliant way to introduce this memorable installment ! Her lines were just irresistible and I instantly wanted to hug Lois. Girls are crazy and that's why I love them ! Let's also not forget to mention how sexy she was in her outfit. Remember Warrior and its Amazon ? Well the actress and her fashion designer gave birth to an angelic and terrible creature. Goddess may have mercy on our mere mortal souls ! And the best part is that Durance doesn't need to lose her top like Justin Hartley. Did I hear one of the Green Arrow groupies screaming ? On both sides, we're hopeless !

    What happened, happened. We can't change the past. Homecoming aired, some people were devastated when others were thrilled. It's not a question of right or wrong. It's about embracing Smallville for what it is, the matter how flawed it can be at times. Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders decided to develop Clark Kent in a way that didn't appeal to some of us, well they're the executive producers and I'm just a lonesome reviewer. That's why I found it so relieving that they questioned their own decision in Isis. Of course they had planned it right from the start but how were we supposed to know it ? So in a way I was right to compare the episode to Lost's Across the Sea. I still believe that Clark learning to become Superman from the future was insulting but Isis proved that a cause doesn't necessarily have only one effect. His friendly scenes with Oliver were also enlightening, even if it awkwardly reminded me of Ghost Whisperer for some reason. Was it just a dream ? Maybe but obviously not one you'll ever want to wake up from !
  • A pleasant surprise! *Beware of a few spoilers if you haven't seen "Isis" yet*

    Thanks to an Egyptian relic, Lois is possessed by an Egyptian goddess. Her activities bring her to the attention of Cat Grant, who assumes Lois is Blur. Meanwhile, Oliver and Clark have no choice but to turn to Tess for help when dealing with Lois when she gets in over her head. After reading that official description, I wasn't looking forward to this episode much at all. But this is a good example of taking a tired concept like Lois being possessed and turning it into a great episode. I've never really been a "shipper", but I love where the writers are going with the Clark/Lois relationship. They were the glue that held this story together. When the spoilers came out that Lois wouldn't tell Clark that she knew, I rolled my eyes. They've done it with Chloe and Lana before. But to my surprise, they didn't drag it out any longer. I leapt for joy when Clark turned around and said "I'm the Blur." Probably one of the happiest endings ever!

    As for the supporting characters, Oliver and Tess were fun to watch! No more self-loathing alcoholic Ollie and no more bipolar good girl/bad girl Tess! Both characters had great lines and great development. I like how everyone's stepping out of that Season 9 darkness. It's very refreshing.

    Overall, a fun episode. The Isis/Osiris stuff was ok, but it's the character interactions and the plot development that made the episode for me. Good job :)
  • I'm not sure how I felt about this episode. I hate that Oliver was all "I miss Chole"

    I'm not sure how I felt about this episode. I hate that Oliver was all "I miss Chole" but they were only together for like, what-3 months? It was just sex at the beginning anyways. In season 9 when they were all at the villa at a bed & breakfast thing you could tell he missed Lois. Twice before this season he'd asked for Lois back!!

    (Remember when Oliver was going to 'kill himself'? "Lois I love you!")
    Then NOW he's all " Lois didn't mean that much to me!" BULL S***! Chloe was a replacement for Lois, and SHE made him the man he is today. I do not agree with this whole situation with Chole & Oliver. They only just added it into the last 3ish episodes and now we are supposed to believe they were die-hard in love! NO!
    Lois may as well bring up her relationship with Aquaman and talk about how it was hard when he had to leave.

    Besides all that it was a good episode. I love little boy Lex! They always pick the cutest little red-heads!

    Also the whole 'making Tess Watchtower' in the building that Jimmy bought for Chloe, who let Oliver use it who now has given it to Tess… is LAME!!!!