Season 10 Episode 5


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 2010 on The CW



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    • Oliver: Take it from me, living without love is not really living. It's just sort of... existing.

    • Tess: What are you up to, Oliver?
      Oliver: This city has embraced me. I'm trying to give something back.
      Tess: Groupie love isn't real love, Oliver. You used to know that.
      Oliver: You even know what real love looks like anymore?

    • Oliver: That stern look. Stoic silence. What are you wearing, anyway?
      Clark: I'm telling Lois my secret.
      Oliver: Okay, that's officially the biggest news I've heard all day. Why now?
      Clark: I saw the future recently.
      Oliver: Okay, now that's officially the biggest news I've heard all day. You know, you sound crazy when you talk like that, right?

    • Cat: Wow. You Metropolis girls do have your own sense of... style, don't you?
      Lois: You should see what's on beneath the jacket.

    • Cat: Won't this be the greatest? Working together again? Our names look terrific side-by-side on that byline. It's like we were meant to be partners, Clark. You're the Popeye to my Olive. The Mickey to my Minnie.
      Lois: The sick to my stomach.

    • Tess: Are you here to pitch the follow-up to your last piece about the problematic squirrel population?
      Cat: They're rodents, and probably rabid. Whatever.

    • Tess: So let me get this straight. Lois finds a necklace, gets possessed by an Egyptian goddess, and now is flying around Metropolis like Amelia Earhart minus the plane.
      Oliver: Just another Friday night in Metropolis. Who's ready for the weekend?

    • Clark: Even if his body was there, you can't risk hell on Earth. Not just for love.
      Isis: Then you do not know love.
      Clark: I do. The woman I love is the vessel you took over, and I want her back.
      Isis: You would not risk the world for her?
      Clark: Not for such a selfish reason.
      Isis: Then do not pretend what you feel is love. For thousands of years, my heart beat only for one. What you know of these things is but the wisdom of a child.

    • Isis: As once you lived, Osiris, so shall you live again. Through the Ritual of Life, I shall restore your heart and claim your body for your soul.
      Cat: (overhearing) I will never understand liberals.

    • Oliver: There's got to be an easier way for a girl to get a date in this town.
      Isis: Your heart is brave. But I can see it belongs to a lonely soul. A warrior with a vacant heart. You try to fill it, but the harder you try, the emptier it becomes.
      Oliver: Yeah, well, I may be lonely, but I'm still going to kick your Egyptian ass.

    • Tess: You seem far away.
      Oliver: Sometimes you have to watch things from a distance to see them more clearly.

    • Oliver: (about Chloe) God, I miss her. I miss her laugh, and, uh, her strength. The way her eyes lit up when I entered the room. She really loved me. I gave her a secret that was too hard to hold on to. She paid the price for keeping it.
      Tess: Oliver, when it comes to you, no price was too high for Chloe.
      Oliver: I guess you can still spot real love. I'm sorry for what I said.
      Tess: Don't be. It's the truth. And there hasn't been a lot of that in my life. Just like there hasn't been a lot of love.

    • Tess: Alexander's staying with me.
      Psychologist: With all due respect, you flew me here to observe the boy.
      Tess: He doesn't need to be watched, doctor. He needs to be loved.
      Psychologist: And you think you can do that? The boy's stability is in question. Ultimately he may prove dangerous. Why would you risk your safety? What do you see that I don't?
      Tess: His heart.

    • Lois: What I'm really trying to say to you is that I know you.
      Clark: But you don't know the Blur. He's probably keeping it a secret for a reason.
      Lois: He's never going to tell me, is he?
      Clark: Not if it means putting your life at risk.
      Lois: I wish he knew that I was willing to take that risk.

    • Clark: All my life I've been afraid, Lois. Afraid of people knowing the truth about me. Afraid of them rejecting me. And even if they didn't, still losing them. I've been afraid of everything I can't control. But when I was faced with the idea of losing you forever, it made me realize there's something I would regret more than anything else. And that's not telling you the truth about me. I guess that's the only way we could share a life together. I know the odds are stacked against us, and we'd be risking everything. But if you're ready to take that leap, there's no one else that I want to take that leap with. Lois, you've had a lot of questions about the Blur. It's me. I'm the Blur.
      Lois: What took you so long?

  • Notes

    • Isis
      Isis first appeared in the live-action TV series Isis, where she was Andrea Thomas, a high school science teacher who gained the powers of the Egyptian gods from an amulet she found on a dig. She teamed up with Captain Marvel on several occasions, and had her own spinoff comic. She was later introduced into the comics as a Goddess of the Egyptian pantheon, and then an Egyptian women named Adrianna Tomaz who sought refuge in Kahndaq. She and Black Adam (see below) eventually fell in love, and he arranged for her to receive powers granted by the Amulet of Isis.

    • Injoke: The dagger that Isis uses belongs to Teth-Adam of Kahndaq. In the comics, Teth-Adam is Black Adam, a villain who battles Captain Marvel. In the modern day he becomes the ruler of Khandaq and takes the heroine Isis as his lover and queen.

    • International Airdates:
      Sweden: April 1, 2011 on TV6
      UK: July 5, 2011 on E4/E4 HD
      Norway: September 10, 2011 on Max
      Turkey: October 16, 2011 on CNBC-e

  • Allusions

    • Cat: You're the Popeye to my Olive.
      Referencing Popeye the Sailor Man, the cartoon sailor who gains strength by eating spinach. His girlfriend and sometimes wife is Olive Oyl, who spends much of her time arguing with Popeye until eventually coming around. Both characters have appeared in cartoon, newspaper strips, theatrical shorts, television shows, and a feature live-action movie.

    • Cat: The Mickey to my Minnie.
      Referencing Disney icon Mickey Mouse, created by Walt Disney in 1928 for the animated short, Steamboat Willie. Minerva "Minnie" Mouse first appeared in Steamboat Willie as well, although her first appearance in production order was Plane Crazy. Throughout the years she has been Mickey's girlfriend.

    • Cat: You're on America's Unfunniest Home Videos.
      Referencing ,America's Funniest Home Videos (1989), a reality show of sorts that primarily features viewers filming humorous scenes (sometimes authentic, sometimes not) and sending them in. During the course of the episode, the host shows them and ultimately the winner gets a prize.

    • Tess: It's the story of Peter Pan and his friend Wendy.
      Referencing the characters that first appeared in author J.M. Barrie's Peter and Wendy (1911), and subsequently rose to prominence in the 1953 animated Disney film. Peter comes from Neverland to bring Wendy Darling into his world, where she has a number of adventures.