Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2001 on The CW

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  • Tony Todd "Shakes" Things Up!

    Jitters-An experiment at the Luthor fertilizer plant makes an old friend of the Kents literally shake and jitter, and he seeks vengeance against the Luthors, who hide the secret of his transformation behind "Level Three" at the local plant.

    Smallville has been on a very brisk pace so far it's first season, with only a few moments of excellence along the way. Well, "Jitters" is Smallville's strongest episode so far and ironically, doesn't seem to have any first season "jitters" anymore. Earl Jenkins could have come off as just another freak of the week waiting to be defeated by Clark, but the writers write the character very well and the fact that his played by the brilliant Tony Todd was a perfect touch. Tony Todd is one of the most underrated actors in the last 10 years. His role as the Candyman and his guest staring roles in TV and movies throughout those 10 years have shown his incredible acting talents. Todd automatically brings such a strong presence to Smallville and he steals the show throughout, even from the great John Glover who returns in this episode as Lionel Luther. You feel genuine sympathy for Earl and his uncontrollable kryptonite induced seizers look very disturbing.

    The hostage situation is a highlight of the episode and it brings some tense moments. I loved how Clark played hero as both he and Lex become trapped inside the Luthcorp facility. The concept of Level 3 and its cover-up is played out very well and Lionel Luthor already seems cruel in retrospect. But the most powerful moment of the episode is the end where Clark is consoled by his parents while Lionel hugs Lex, just to show off to the press. It's one of Smallville's saddest moments as you can see the undying jealousy even yearning Lex has toward Clark. While Clark is adopted, his parents love him like their own while Lex's biological father will never love him like he wants. A solid moment that will drive Lex toward his ultimate destiny. All and All, "Jitters" is a superbly developed episode with wonderful acting, tense scenes, strong development and a terrific guest spot from Tony Todd.