Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2001 on The CW

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  • Meanwhile,after a crap episode...

    This is a pretty awesome episode IMO. This episode still has a FOTW in it, but it also has a hostage situation with the mysterous level 3 that plays a pivitol part in season 6. This is one of the episodes where you think back on Smallvile and say "I miss those times".

    Clark- Throwing the party was awesome! It showed how much he really used to have fun back in high school. At the beginning where hes listening to music while eating cold pizza is one of my favorite Clark moments. But when it turns serious, I love how Clark knows hes the only one that can save all of his friends lives. He was just so awesome in this episode. Very Superman-like.

    Lex- At the beginning when he shows up at Clarks house party, it was awesome, just because you really saw their friendship shine. But then when his plant gets taken over, and his father comes, you see his confidence go down. It was very un-Lex Luther like when he put his life in danger for a couple of high school kids...but man was it awesome.

    Earl Jenkins- Very cool FOTW, as for the first time you dont see a psyco. Well, not really. I mean you just see a poor man who just wants to get better and see his child again. I really like Earl and while his condition was pretty stupid, I think he was a great addition to the show.

    So ya, this episode was great. Not only was it suspensful, there was no side-plots, as everybody was toghther. The first 15 minutes, its hilarous and funny while the last 45 was serious and edge-of-your-seat stuff. So I highly advise watching this episode.