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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2007 on The CW
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Clark and Lois meet Smallville's newest arrival face-to-face, and she has some surprising news. Clark decides to leave Smallville and continue with his superhero training but Jor-El informs him that a new Kryptonian menace has arisen.

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  • Went from Bizarro to Kara!

    The season premiere was good and then the writers came out with the stupidness. The whole episode was confusing and what's up with this Lana clone? They couldn't have thought of anything better than a clone? Come on you people. I can put this scripted episode in my mouth and vomit it out and come up with a better episode. How come Lex always conveniently finds everything by stupid ways. He could have at least have a little trouble finding where Lana is instead of poof, magically he finds her. The only good thing about this episode was that Lois finally got a job at the Daily Planet.moreless
  • Even with last week's resolutions of several Season 6 crises, there's plenty of story material left - Lex is in jail, his mysterious rescuer is scaring Air Traffic, Lionel is missing, what is Lana up to in Shanghai?moreless

    Out near Reeve dam, Clark and Lois come across a small spacecraft - Clark can't approach so it must be kryptonian. He tries to downplay it, but Lois barges right in and gets shocked when she touches it, and is thrown aside. The mysterious blonde (Laura Vandervoort) is suddenly there and warns them to leave, crushing Lois's cell phone first and whacking Clark.

    Back in town, Clark tries to get Lois off the spaceship story, but her reporter instinct is in full swing, and she's off to do the story of the century for the Inquisitor.

    When Lex hears from his attorney that another man has confessed to Lana's murder, he doesn't believe it, shocking even us with the statement that Lana may be alive. How did he come to this belief?

    When Clark returns to the spaceship locale, it's gone - and it's now a crime scene with two dead park rangers. I have to wonder why he didn't pick up the remains of the cell phone. Won't Lois have a hard time explaining to the police why it was there? Even crushed, it could be traced to her.

    Lex uses his get-out-of-jail-free card, suspecting that Lionel set up the confessor to Lana's murder, as he tells Chloe. He also tells her of his belief that Lana may be alive; Chloe describes DNA evidence that confirmed her death. But we know better, since we watched "Bizarro" and saw Lana strolling around in Shanghai. Tough dialog here - Lex says to Chloe, "Tell me everything you know." Her stinging reply: "Here's everything I know, Lex. You need some serious psychiatry."

    At the DP, Chloe tells Clark that "your little Kryptonian gal-pal has been showing up all over Lowell County." Reports of a blonde woman visiting child care centers gets Clark going, and it is indeed Kara questioning little kids about their names. Clark zips her down the road for some serious interrogation, and after a nifty scene of her attempted flight stopped by Clark, he spots her El family bracelet. She's surprised at his power, and reveals the name of the person she's seeking - "Kal-El." You're looking at him!

    Chloe tries to talk Lois out of doing a story on a spaceship - but she's insistent. Now we meet the new editor of the DP, Grant Gabriel (Michael Cassidy), personable, charming, driven, and even wears suspenders, so we know he's an editor. He'll take the story from Lois if it's printable, and offers a job with it.

    Kara doesn't believe Clark is Kal-El; I can't believe her Earth wardrobe is a tank top and hip hugging shorts - but she's an attractive young lady and the youth market awaits. Kara left Krypton immediately after Clark, past 23 galaxies enroute to Earth, but she now hears that her home planet has been destroyed, and she was in stasis for 18 years, finally freed when the dam broke. Her meta-learning programs weren't up to all this. Her father was Zor-El, brother of Jor-El. They're cousins! From a dysfunctional family. And her ship is missing, but an attempt to open it, well, that's a self-destruct sequence and a Big Bang.

    Who has her ship? For once, it's not Lex. It's the Government, which has the ship in a warehouse, with rock-concert lighting, an array of steaming vapor-pipes, floor-mounted lighting to cast dark shadows on the actors' faces - the whole over-done set decoration scheme. The Guy in Tie says, "Open it." "It" looks just like the ship Lex once had (Brainiac's module) but this one is red. Same prop, somewhat F-117-shaped. The dialog gets silly here too, the Guy intoning "Prepare extraction protocol and prepare to evacuate." This stuff was good back in the 1951 era of "Day the Earth Stood Still," but we've moved on. They manage to get something going on the ship's surface, but they don't know what they're doing. Back at the DP, Mr. Gabriel gets a quick visit by Lois, who pushes for Chloe to do the spaceship story, but he's pretty critical of her. He accuses her of using high moral ground to bail out of a sinking ship...spaceship that is. Lois may have met her match! He challenges her - to become Lois Lane, star reporter.

    Lex has his forces trying to locate Lana through any communications device she may be using. They find her. Lex better put extra fuel on that business jet, because she's in Shanghai.

    Meanwhile, Kara is challenging Clark's slow pace - now why is it that he can't fly? Is this the season for this to start? The fans have been waiting. She's still calling him Kal-El, no dialog yet about the importance of his secret identity, and even she's not sure of her purpose now that Krypton is gone. Chloe has located radio interference in Granville - it could be Kara's ship. Of course it is. But now it's time for Clark to coach Kara - on super-hearing. She attunes herself - and hears her ship alarm.

    Lois has now found Kara's ship - how? Can't think of a single clue she may have had, but there she is, brash and careless. And the Government Guys have conveniently departed, but left on all the superfluous strobes, rotating beacons, and warning horns. I am weighed down by the sheer force of all these production gee-gaws. Clark and Kara arrive about two seconds later, just after Lois touches the ship and gets zapped, surely enough for a temporary memory loss. Kara stops the destruct sequence with her own self, but vaporizes the ship in the process. Welcome to Earth.

    Enroute to Shanghai, Lex obsessively listens to his recorded last conversation with Lana - "what are you going to do, kill me?" Amazing GPS - he walks right in on her, but she has a gun. She laid out the bread crumbs for him to find her, she says. He claims to seek her forgiveness, even inviting her to do away with him. Wow! He cloned her, she was Model 503! It was never alive, but he realized that Lana placed the clone in the Jeep before the car bomb was set off. He invites her to shoot. It's easier for him - he knows she's too good to do it. He's apologizes, offering her a chance to return to Smallville. Is he sincere? Or does he just know everyone well enough to continue his manipulations? So this clarifies his early belief about her survival - he had the crew looking for Model 503 - when it did not turn up, he could suspect she used it as her personal dummy. Nice thought, but geez, wouldn't the lab crew do an occasional inventory of all the clones?

    Lois tells Chloe about her near-earth-shattering story on the spaceship - and Gabriel loves her prose, but it's not substantiated with photos. But she still gets the job. Welcome to the Daily Planet, Lois!

    Kara is coming to grips with her new life, still wondering about Krypton, as she and Clark watch the setting sun straight out the loft door - so that's generally west, but it's inconsistent with numerous scenes of the farm with the sun high in the sky and that barn side apparently facing south. This sunset was merely another production value. Kara misses home, and her memory is hazy - all those years in the ship. But she does remember Lara, Clark's mother, and it pleases him to hear her name and of her love for him as a baby. Clark invites Kara to stay at the farm - he's now her family.

    But Kara still feels she has failed her mission, losing a crystal in the ship which her father Zor-El told her to guard with her life. It contained all of her directives and the power to help her along the way, and it wasn't destroyed, it survived somewhere, but it's power can be lethal on Earth. This sets up the next mystery and dilemma.

    The crystal is revealed immediately - at a Government lab in D.C., our mysterious agent has a cylinder with a blue crystal, at the "US Dept. of Domestic Security," a stand-in for the DHS.

    Clark returns to the Fortress to talk to Jor-El about Kara - Jor-El knows nothing of her arrival. Jor-El's voice says the daughter of Zor-El cannot be trusted, and poses a greater threat than Clark believes. This plot twist immediately deters us from believing that Clark and Kara will form a crime-busting partnership.

    Finally Lex continues gazing at a sketch of his blonde saviour - and sends his staff on a search for her. In "Kara," several more story lines are established, and they sound intriguing. One question is unanswered - will Lex reveal to anyone that Lana lives? Her secret revealed, will she return to the US of A? Well, they have us guessing, and the development of Lois into a full-time reporter for the DP is a significant event in the Smallville universe. Other than the excessive lighting and set decoration, and some silly portrayals of government activity, this is a good production and essential viewing if one intends to keep up with a major new character and Clark's celestial history. Re-run rating B.moreless
  • Clark's cousin comes

    This episode was okay, wasn't great, still not getting over the fact that Kara is a regular cast member out of nowhere but still an okay plot, decent points, my favorite & most chilling part would have to be when Lex confronts Lana in Shanghai, after this episode I felt like watching Season 1, because really what has Smallville become? Man, I wish they were still in high school, anyways, Lois gets her ass kicked by Kara. I love the part when Clark steps back when Kara said that they were cousins. What was he thinking? Anyways I like the end, save the day as usual. Okay but not great.moreless
  • Not great... but not bad.

    I wasn't as in love with this episode as other people have been. I felt it was very good but not as good the previous installment mostly because it's just not as memorable. There's some good plot development though, and the formal introduction of Kara is nicely done and entertaining enough.

    Laura Vandervoot sure is easy on the eyes, but that's about all there is to her. I never really liked Kara all that much, I don't know if it was because of the performance or because the way the writers wrote the character but either way something never clicked with me. This was probably the best Kara-centric episode but it lacked anything completely memorable despite some very important plot developments for the season.moreless
  • Weird....

    Very weird episode Smallville 7.02 provides the real introduction of a key character in the Superman mythos, Supergirl, played by the gorgeous Laura Vandervoort.

    Lois and Clark discover an angular crimson ship downstream from the dam, exciting Lois for a new story before she gets knocked out by a mysterious flying figure. Reports surface that preschools are getting spooked by a blonde woman. As it turns out, this 19 year-old woman is Kara Zor-El from the planet Krypton, who is searching for the young boy Kal-El. Clark finally finds Kara, assures her that he is indeed the toddler that she is searching for to take care of on Earth, and convinces her that she has been in suspended animation after crash-landing in Reeves Dam 18 years earlier. Clark then works to convince Lois that she couldn't have possibly seen a spaceship. Meanwhile, humans take control of the ship. In addition, Lex, after getting released from prison, travels to China to visit a very familiar figure in his life, and the truth behind a shocking discovery is revealed.

    This show was a fantastic follow-up to the great premiere, Bizarro. The audience learns about Supergirl, and sees that the relationship between Clark and Kara will be mutually beneficial as they both seek truth concerning different planets. In addition, the audience is kept wondering who seized the ship before its self-destruction. Laura Vandervoort is beautiful, if not a decent actor. Unfortunately, Michael Cassidy, as the Daily Planet's new editor, isn't so decent. Season 7 has been nothing but wonderful through the first two episodes. I did not enjoy very much so rtherefore 6/10.moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

Laura Vandervoort

Laura Vandervoort


Kim Coates

Kim Coates

Government Agent

Guest Star

Tom McBeath

Tom McBeath

Lex's Lawyer

Guest Star

Peter Bryant

Peter Bryant

Lex's Assistant

Guest Star

Michael Cassidy (VI)

Michael Cassidy (VI)

Grant Gabriel

Recurring Role

Terence Stamp

Terence Stamp

Voice of Jor-El

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • When Chloe is looking through the pages of the Belle Reve sanitarium patients, the second one mentions a girl's "new found powers." "Newfound" is one word, not two.

    • Although Chloe's line establishes that Kara is searching pre-schools for baby Kal-El, when she interrogates Cody at the pre-school there are no adults present. The law in the U.S. is that adults must be providing supervision for pre-schoolers on a playground at all times.

    • Neither Chloe in this episode, or anyone else in future episodes, makes reference to the fact that they've already met Clark's cousin "Kara" from California (in "Covenant"), and they don't look very much alike.

    • The Daily Planet newspaper has the headlines "Lionel Luthor CEO search efforts stepped up" and "Lex Luthor posed to take LuthorCorp over at the helm." However Lex took control of LuthorCorp in season 4 after his father was convicted and therefore the headlines make no sense.

    • In the scene where Lex finds Lana in China, she pulls out a gun on him and you hear a "click" sound as if she cocked it, but her thumb never moves and when the camera closes up on the gun, you see that the hammer is in its resting position, and that the gun is not even loaded.

    • In the opening sequence Kara superspeed charges at Clark and it's clear he's superspeed charging back at her. But later when they meet he displays his superspeed and she acts as if she hadn't seen the earlier display, acting surprised and saying "You're not a human!"

    • At the beginning, Clark tells Lois he's leaving Smallville (to begin his training). But later he offers to let Kara stay with him at the farm. It's clear he didn't change his mind about staying, since later he goes up to the Arctic and tells Jor-El he's still ready to begin his training.

    • The sequence of the ship's discovery/loss is confusing. Lois finds the ship and Kara knocks her away, then stands right next to it. Later at the Kent farm, Kara asks Clark to help her find it, as if she doesn't know where it is. Then a minute or so later Clark tells her it's missing, and she acts surprised as if she hadn't just told him that earlier.

    • Clark can't get near Kara's ship because of the Kryptonite at Lois' feet. Yet after Kara knocks Lois out, she stands right in front of the ship, right next to where the Kryptonite is supposed to be.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Kara: The House of El has a lot of family secrets that nobody ever discussed. As humans would say, we were... dysfunctional.

    • Lex: I'm impressed.
      Lana: I did learn from the master. As soon as I heard you'd freed yourself, I laid out the breadcrumbs and waited for the wolf to come knocking. Tell me, Lex. How were you planning on getting your revenge?

    • Chloe: (to Lex) Once again a Luthor snake manages to slither away from the grip of justice.

    • Lex: Tell me, Chloe. Tell me everything you know.
      Chloe: Here's everything I know, Lex. You need some serious psychiatry.

    • Grant: (to Lois) Your prose leaps off the page like a Bengal tiger.

    • Lois: You can't break up with me, Clark, we're not even a couple.

    • Clark: What's wrong, Lois? I thought you'd be happy to get rid of me?
      Lois: Are you kidding? Who am I gonna pick on?
      Clark: I'm sure you'll find someone.

    • Chloe: (to Kara) I should have known you were Clark's cousin from all the primary colors.

    • Lex: I always knew you were smart, Lana, I didn't know you were brilliant.

    • Clark: Kara, Krypton is gone.
      Kara: What do you mean, gone?
      Clark: It exploded. You and I are the only survivors.
      Kara: No. Planets don't just explode, Kal-El.
      Clark: Ours did. I'm sorry.
      Kara: No. This yellow sun has fried your brain cells.

    • Grant: You like water, Lane?
      Lois: As much as the next girl.
      Grant: 'Cause I'm giving you a waterfront view. This is your new desk, right here, right across from cousin Chloe.
      Chloe: Excuse me?
      Grant Gabriel: If you're lucky, Sullivan, some of her passion may rub off on you, maybe put a little fire on that torch you let burn out after high school.
      Lois: Am I hearing things, or did you just offer me a job?
      Grant: Welcome to the Daily Planet, Lois Lane. You play your cards right, you'll be out of this basement quicker than your cousin. Nothing like a little family rivalry to keep the bullpen hopping.

    • Clark: Chloe, not only is she strong as I am... she can fly.
      Chloe: Whoa. It sounds like we got ourselves a true-blue Supergirl.
      Clark: Well, define "super." Nearly every Kryptonian I've come across has turned into a cold-blooded killer.
      Chloe: Yeah. What is it with you people? Are you the only half-decent member of your Kryptonian race?

    • Kara: (to Clark) You can't be Kal-El. He's a sweet chubby baby who laughed when you tickled his feet.

    • Grant Gabriel: Tell me about your close encounter.
      Lois: Can't share a trade secret. I work for your rival, the Inquisitor.
      Grant Gabriel: Our rival? This is the Daily Planet, read in virtually every country across the globe. We have no rival.

    • Clark: Those doors would have opened if you'd have just waited.
      Kara: We don't have time to wait for ancient technology. Between the two of us, we can cover more ground. Of course, it would help if you could defy gravity. Explain to me again why you can't fly.
      Clark: I'm not sure.
      Kara: I guess the humans are right, Kal-El. Girls do mature faster than boys.
      Clark: It's Clark, remember?

    • Grant Gabriel: This is the fork in your road, Lane. In a dozen years, you'll either be Lois Lane, star reporter whose name is synonymous with the Daily Planet, or Lois Fill-in-the-Blank, married to an insurance adjuster in the sticks with four kids and forty extra pounds. You won't be able to look at a newspaper because it will always remind you of what could've been. Which road sounds better to you?

  • NOTES (6)

    • John Glover and Aaron Ashmore are credited but don't appear.

    • Terrence Stamp is billed as Special Guest Star.

    • Deleted Scene: Kara looks around for Kal-El among the babies at the medical center.

    • Kara mentions the city of Kandor. Kandor first appeared in Action Comics #242, July 1958. It was originally the capital city of the Planet Krypton before it was shrunken down and put into a bottle by the villain Brainiac, only to be rescued years later by Superman, and eventually restored to full size. But in the comics, neither Jor-El nor Zor-El lived there. Zor-El and his family lived in Argo City, while Jor-El's lived in Kryptonopolis, the new capital city.

    • In-joke: Lois notices the algae on Kara's ship, determining how long it had been underwater, similar to the way Batman did in Batman/Superman #8.

    • International Airdates:
      Latin America: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 on Warner Channel.
      Norway: Monday, January 14, 2008 10.50 pm on TVNorge
      Australia: Thursday, April 3, 2008 8.30 pm on TEN HD
      Denmark: Monday, April 21, 2008 on TV3
      UK: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 10.00 pm on E4
      Sweden: Friday, June 6, 2008 9.00 pm on TV6
      Czech Republic: February 16, 2010 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: August 4, 2010 on Markiza