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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2011 on The CW
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The Earth-2 Clark Luthor sends Clark Kent to that world, where he meets the alternate Jonathan Kent. While Lois turns to Emil for help to recover her husband-to-be, Clark Luthor seeks out Tess and demands her obedience.

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  • Ultraman pops over from Earth-Two for a chat.

    Taking a leaf out of Fringe's book, Smallville decides to capitalise on the storytelling potential of a second universe (introduced earlier this season with ''Luthor'') and revisits the woebegone, dimly lit world of Earth-Two. As with last time, the alternate universe looks superior, carrying an intensely watchable tone of unease. Unlike last time, however, ''Kent'' rightfully focuses in on Ultraman's visit to Metropolis, with our Clark's trip to the Dark(Blue) Side relegated to a decent, if somewhat clunky, and infinitely less interesting B-plot.

    Light on action, as well as plot, ''Kent'' is very much ''Luthor''s equal in terms of storytelling. Simply put, the hour never truly feels worthwhile, catering to John Schneider 's return as Jonathan Kent instead of a deserving reason to visit Earth-two again. Nevertheless, this is a considerably more refined and character-driven episode where Ultraman is concerned, and with an exceptional performance from Tom Welling, ''Kent'' is undoubtedly the most enjoyable of the two, even taking into account its fillerish nature.

    There are, of course, two notable plot developments that will, no doubt, carry over to the remaining episodes of the series. Smallville continues to celebrate the fact that it is coming to a massive close by allowing time for a brief subplot involving Clark and Lois' decision to sell the Kent farm. The other pertains to Gold Kryptonite; although it doesn't feature during this hour, it's mentioned by several characters throughout, leading me to believe it'll become something of significance in the finale.

    It was certainly the right move (and the right time) to bring up the very real issue Lois and Clark face commuting from Smallville to Metropolis on a daily basis. Even though the series would have us believe they're only a spit away from each other, late nights working at the Daily Planet for Lois and late nights saving the planet for Clark, put a dampener on the amount of alone time they can share at the farm. With the Luthor mansion nothing more than charcoal remnants of its former glory, and Clark prepping to throw the farm on the market any day now, the series is making sure to wrap everything up before the end.

    Unequivocally the highlight of the episode, Tom Welling manages to carry a hefty portion of the hour, in part due to some strong writing, but mostly because of the amount of unadulterated sleaze Tom brings to the performance. There's an air of danger in every single scene he's in as Ultraman. On a scale of 1 to ickyness, Tom knocks every single moment he shares with Cassidy (also on fine form, and as beautiful as ever) out of the park, that when he finally decides to throw her out of a window, it almost comes as a relief.

    A brief, but striking moment, where Ultraman wraps his gargantuan hands (seriously, Tom's hands are *huge) around Tess' swan-like neck, as she frantically tries to search for Lionel via her GPS tracking device, encapsulates Tom's performance to a tee; perversely sensual, unnerving and extremely dangerous. I haven't been this impressed by his performance in a long time.

    It's just a pity, then, that such a colourful character highlights just how dull our Clark can be as a main character. (But at least we now know that Tom can act given the proper material and motivation.)

    I enjoyed watching John Schneider play a slightly different Kent than we're used to. Still a total fox, I would have liked to see more aggression from Jonathan-Two, since there's very little in the difference, aside from the odd swear word and physical abuse towards his son (old hat, really). It may be down to the fact that I watch far too much Vampire Diaries for my own good, and therefor just anticipate that every character will eventually take a butcher knife and gut someone, but a little more brutality would have added more gravitas to Clark's rousing speech that persuades Jonathan-Two to release him.

    Despite my grievances with some of the plot-threads, ''Kent'' produces a lot of memorable character bits, most of which stem from Clark-Two's icky persistence in attempting to woo his own sister (in Earth-Two), Tess Mercer. And yet, even though I seem to be showering this one mostly with praise, having another filler episode so close to the series finale feels very underwhelming, very predictably mute of Smallville.

    Where's the build up? Where's Darkseid?

    And why isn't anyone taking a butcher knife to someones gut?moreless
  • WOW now this is an amazing smallville episode bringing Clark Luthor back was so great and there is some1 else coming back

    The Earth-2 Clark Luthor sends Clark Kent to that world, where he meets the alternate Jonathan Kent. While Lois turns to Emil for help to recover her husband-to-be, Clark Luthor seeks out Tess and demands her obedience.

    Seeing Jonathan Kent again was so great even when he wasn't his usual self and Clark making Jonathan as we know him in the Earth 2 universe Oliver dieing was kinda what i expected from Clark Luthor since he killed Lex in that universe he could kill anyone and Oliver was his enemy there so he should have killed him and he had a reason 2 he told every1 that he can be killed by using kryptonite on him and turned all the city to hunters for Clark Luthor. Tess was so amazing in this episode and she was so hot 2 i didnt like Tess in season 8 but season 9 changed my whole openion and in season 10 i love Tess she is so interesting, we can expect anything from her i thought that she would tern back evil in this episode but it turned out that she tricked Clark Luthor and does not want to kill Linoel Luthor because he is her father that showed me a new side of Tess and i would be so surprised if she turned evil again, i think that she will sadly die this season i the finale and that Lex will be the one to kill her. Lois and Clark romance was great in this episode and they are moving to metropils at last i think this brings us so much closer to the finale with them leaveing smallville and Clark being more of a superman when he turned Clark Luthor from a evil to good and never stop believing in a person it gave me a memory of Clark and Lex in the earlier seasons and Clark believing that Lex is good but turns out to be so evil that Clark cant even fix.

    Cant wait for the Epic Series Finale in May 13th Smallville will be missed by fansmoreless
  • An unnecessary retread of old themes

    With only a handful of episodes remaining, fans are eager to see some major resolution take place. Not just in terms of the season arc, which needs plenty of resolution on its own, but also in terms of the series as a whole. Some elements are directly addressed in this episode, but it also feels like a lot of time is spent on relatively minor points that could (and should) have been covered ages ago.

    Was there a compelling reason to return to the parallel universe previously seen in "Luthor"? It felt like a way to give Clark one final moment with Jonathan, but I'm convinced there could have been a better way. Clark has been chasing after the life lessons that Jonathan tried to teach him since that pivotal fifth season moment when Jonathan died. Pairing this last bit of connection between father and son with the other big development makes sense, but it really feels like this is late in the game for this plot point. The series could have ended without revisiting this directly.

    The decision to sell the farm and move on is perhaps the best element of the episode. Clark hangs a lampshade on the gaping plot hole that has been staring everyone in the face for years: if Clark (and Lois) spend most of their time in Metropolis, living at the farmhouse doesn't make sense. It's a symbol of Clark's attachment to his past, and with Clark finally gaining the perspective to become Superman, leaving the farm behind is a good metaphor. It also helps to explain why the show is still "Smallville"; up to this point, some part of Clark was still remaining there, even if his life was in Metropolis. (It's a bit of a stretch, I know, but I'm a sucker for symbolism!)

    All that said, the flip side of the episode with Ultraman felt unnecessary. His torment of Tess reaffirmed her loyalties, it seems, but other than providing an excuse to let someone other than Erica Durance supply ample fan service, what was the point? At this point, if Tess were to turn on Clark and his allies, it would all but destroy much of her character development since her introduction. Surely the writers know better than to do that?

    I'm also confused by the point of the episode's resolution. Clark swoops in, saves Tess, takes Ultraman to the Fortress…and then it's lecture time? Sure, it makes sense in the context of Clark's side of the episode, but since when would Clark think it was a good idea to find moral guidance from Jor-El? From what we've seen so far, the Jor-El construct in the Fortress is flawed, to say the least, and would be all too likely to drive Clark Luthor to take control of his Earth!

    In the end, this episode has something of a point: one last moment of resolution between Clark and his moral compass and setting up the symbolic end of the series. But the execution seems awkward, and I can't help but think that this would have been better as a minor subplot of an episode devoted to more pressing plot resolutions still left on the table.moreless
  • Fantastc sequel to "Luthor" and great message about the importance of home and family!

    I honestly wasn't expecting too much from "Kent" when I first heard the initial premise of the episode. I didn't understand why the writers would want to spend another episode in Earth-2 after they did it so well just 7 episodes ago. But after seeing "Kent", I take it back!

    "Kent" is a heartwarming story about redemption, family, and what a home really is. Having John Schnieder appear in this episode as the Earth-2 Jonathan only just enhanced how much I loved this episode. After Clark Luthor returns and traps Clark in Earth-2, Clark finds himself in a world where everybody lives in constant fear of his mirror world counterpart, packing green kryptonite with them to protect themselves. It's heartbreaking to see a world without any beacons of hope and Tom did a great job portraying the anguish of our Clark and the sheer evil of Ultraman. Nobody likes to see a hopeless world (even if it's not ours), so the fact that the writers were able to successfully find a way to redeem Earth-2 (and the citizens of it) is very impressive. I liked how Clark was the one able to get through Ultraman, helping him see the error of his ways. It's fitting for the character and it sets up nicely for the things he does in "Finale" (I seriously can't wait to review that one). The ending with Earth-2 Jonathan finding the courage to visit Earth-2 Martha was extremely satisfying and it left me with a good feeling that there could still be hope for that world.

    My other favorite aspect of the episode was the idea of selling the Kent Farm. Clark (and many of the fans) have grown up there, but Clark made a very adult decision when he chose to sell it. Not only did he apply the lessons he learned in "Homecoming" by letting go of the past, he also come to the realization that it doesn't matter where he lives. His home is wherever his loved ones are. Yes, it may seem very corny but I'd be a damn liar if I said I didn't love every bit of it.moreless
  • Kent

    Kent was a really great episode of Smallville and I enjoyed watching this episode very much because there was a lot of character and plot development. Martha gives Clark and Lois a huge surprise wedding gift which makes them consider their options. Clark Luthor sends Clark Kent to Earth 2 where he learns how bad things are over there and has a heart to heart with Jonathan Kent. Tess had some great scenes and it was fun to watch the story unfold. This episode definitely gives the sense of growing up and moving on from their old lives for Clark and Lois. I look forward to watching the next episode of Smallville!!!!!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Clark doesn't notice the kryptonite that the alternate Jonathan is using, even though he's only a few feet away and it strips him of his powers so that Jonathan can knock him out.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Lois: You want to help me out here?
      Clark-2: You're kinda cute when you squirm.
      Lois: Okay, bonus.

    • Tess: Don't worry, the weeds will grow up and take the place over. They are Luthor weeds, after all.
      Clark-2: There's a life here, a family.
      Tess: They lived here, but this was never a home.

    • Clark-2: Listen, Tess, I know better than anyone what it's like to walk around with a--a mark on you. It's lonely.
      Tess: Being the world's greatest hero is just a little bit different than being Satan's child.
      Clark-2: Angel or devil is in the eye of he who beholds it.
      Tess: "He who beholds it"? What, have you been watching a little too much BBC lately?

    • Clark: Look, this may be hard for you to understand considering everything that's happened to you in this world. You taught me so much. You taught me to be fair and honest. You taught me the only person in control of your destiny...
      Jonathan-2: Is you.
      Clark: You were the man that I tried to live up to. You didn't have powers, and you didn't have a destiny to save the world, but you were my hero. And I lost you.

    • Jonathan-2: You don't even know me. I'm just an obsessed man hanging onto a place as if memories could make up a lifetime.
      Clark: This place isn't your home. Martha is. It's not the place, it's the people in it. And Martha's still here. You still have a chance. It's better to risk everything than hold onto nothing.
      Jonathan-2: Who told you that?
      Clark: You did.

    • Clark: You made yourself the most hated man in your world. But there's still a chance of redemption for you.
      Clark-2: Redemption? It's like the two of us have different preoccupations.
      Clark: I'm sorry that you weren't found by Jonathan and Martha Kent. The thing is, you could have killed Tess in an instant. But something was holding you back. You can go to your world and show people what you can give them, change their minds.
      Clark-2: Why would you ever believe in me?
      Clark: Because I know you. And Lionel's not there anymore. You don't need to be defined by your past, you can choose a different future. So trust me.

    • Emil: You looked tempted to me, by him. By his offer to make your father disappear for good. That's not the Tess I know.
      Tess: Maybe I'm not the person you think I am.
      Emil: Maybe you are. Maybe you just don't believe it yet.

    • Lois: Admittedly I'm no Martha Kent, so instead of lemonade, you get the finest micro-brew in Kansas.

    • Clark: Lois, I've been trying to hold onto things that used to protect me. This farm, my parents. I've known we should be moving to Metropolis for a while now. I guess I was afraid that I'd lose myself if I let it all go.
      Lois: Clark, I would never let that happen.
      Clark: I've been worried that if we didn't have this place to come home to, that we'd lose each other. This place grounds us. Maybe that was just an excuse for me not to, not to move on. It's not the place that makes the home.
      Lois: Smallville is my home, Clark. Not this one, this Smallville, right here. You're all I'll ever need. And if you need to move to Metropolis because that's who the world needs you to be, then a studio apartment with rusty pipes is just fine for me. In fact, I think they invented an apple-pie air freshener.

  • NOTES (3)