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  • Ultraman pops over from Earth-Two for a chat.

    Taking a leaf out of Fringe's book, Smallville decides to capitalise on the storytelling potential of a second universe (introduced earlier this season with ''Luthor'') and revisits the woebegone, dimly lit world of Earth-Two. As with last time, the alternate universe looks superior, carrying an intensely watchable tone of unease. Unlike last time, however, ''Kent'' rightfully focuses in on Ultraman's visit to Metropolis, with our Clark's trip to the Dark(Blue) Side relegated to a decent, if somewhat clunky, and infinitely less interesting B-plot.

    Light on action, as well as plot, ''Kent'' is very much ''Luthor''s equal in terms of storytelling. Simply put, the hour never truly feels worthwhile, catering to John Schneider 's return as Jonathan Kent instead of a deserving reason to visit Earth-two again. Nevertheless, this is a considerably more refined and character-driven episode where Ultraman is concerned, and with an exceptional performance from Tom Welling, ''Kent'' is undoubtedly the most enjoyable of the two, even taking into account its fillerish nature.

    There are, of course, two notable plot developments that will, no doubt, carry over to the remaining episodes of the series. Smallville continues to celebrate the fact that it is coming to a massive close by allowing time for a brief subplot involving Clark and Lois' decision to sell the Kent farm. The other pertains to Gold Kryptonite; although it doesn't feature during this hour, it's mentioned by several characters throughout, leading me to believe it'll become something of significance in the finale.

    It was certainly the right move (and the right time) to bring up the very real issue Lois and Clark face commuting from Smallville to Metropolis on a daily basis. Even though the series would have us believe they're only a spit away from each other, late nights working at the Daily Planet for Lois and late nights saving the planet for Clark, put a dampener on the amount of alone time they can share at the farm. With the Luthor mansion nothing more than charcoal remnants of its former glory, and Clark prepping to throw the farm on the market any day now, the series is making sure to wrap everything up before the end.

    Unequivocally the highlight of the episode, Tom Welling manages to carry a hefty portion of the hour, in part due to some strong writing, but mostly because of the amount of unadulterated sleaze Tom brings to the performance. There's an air of danger in every single scene he's in as Ultraman. On a scale of 1 to ickyness, Tom knocks every single moment he shares with Cassidy (also on fine form, and as beautiful as ever) out of the park, that when he finally decides to throw her out of a window, it almost comes as a relief.

    A brief, but striking moment, where Ultraman wraps his gargantuan hands (seriously, Tom's hands are *huge) around Tess' swan-like neck, as she frantically tries to search for Lionel via her GPS tracking device, encapsulates Tom's performance to a tee; perversely sensual, unnerving and extremely dangerous. I haven't been this impressed by his performance in a long time.

    It's just a pity, then, that such a colourful character highlights just how dull our Clark can be as a main character. (But at least we now know that Tom can act given the proper material and motivation.)

    I enjoyed watching John Schneider play a slightly different Kent than we're used to. Still a total fox, I would have liked to see more aggression from Jonathan-Two, since there's very little in the difference, aside from the odd swear word and physical abuse towards his son (old hat, really). It may be down to the fact that I watch far too much Vampire Diaries for my own good, and therefor just anticipate that every character will eventually take a butcher knife and gut someone, but a little more brutality would have added more gravitas to Clark's rousing speech that persuades Jonathan-Two to release him.

    Despite my grievances with some of the plot-threads, ''Kent'' produces a lot of memorable character bits, most of which stem from Clark-Two's icky persistence in attempting to woo his own sister (in Earth-Two), Tess Mercer. And yet, even though I seem to be showering this one mostly with praise, having another filler episode so close to the series finale feels very underwhelming, very predictably mute of Smallville.

    Where's the build up? Where's Darkseid?

    And why isn't anyone taking a butcher knife to someones gut?
  • WOW now this is an amazing smallville episode bringing Clark Luthor back was so great and there is some1 else coming back

    The Earth-2 Clark Luthor sends Clark Kent to that world, where he meets the alternate Jonathan Kent. While Lois turns to Emil for help to recover her husband-to-be, Clark Luthor seeks out Tess and demands her obedience.
    Seeing Jonathan Kent again was so great even when he wasn't his usual self and Clark making Jonathan as we know him in the Earth 2 universe Oliver dieing was kinda what i expected from Clark Luthor since he killed Lex in that universe he could kill anyone and Oliver was his enemy there so he should have killed him and he had a reason 2 he told every1 that he can be killed by using kryptonite on him and turned all the city to hunters for Clark Luthor. Tess was so amazing in this episode and she was so hot 2 i didnt like Tess in season 8 but season 9 changed my whole openion and in season 10 i love Tess she is so interesting, we can expect anything from her i thought that she would tern back evil in this episode but it turned out that she tricked Clark Luthor and does not want to kill Linoel Luthor because he is her father that showed me a new side of Tess and i would be so surprised if she turned evil again, i think that she will sadly die this season i the finale and that Lex will be the one to kill her. Lois and Clark romance was great in this episode and they are moving to metropils at last i think this brings us so much closer to the finale with them leaveing smallville and Clark being more of a superman when he turned Clark Luthor from a evil to good and never stop believing in a person it gave me a memory of Clark and Lex in the earlier seasons and Clark believing that Lex is good but turns out to be so evil that Clark cant even fix.

    Cant wait for the Epic Series Finale in May 13th Smallville will be missed by fans
  • An unnecessary retread of old themes

    With only a handful of episodes remaining, fans are eager to see some major resolution take place. Not just in terms of the season arc, which needs plenty of resolution on its own, but also in terms of the series as a whole. Some elements are directly addressed in this episode, but it also feels like a lot of time is spent on relatively minor points that could (and should) have been covered ages ago.

    Was there a compelling reason to return to the parallel universe previously seen in "Luthor"? It felt like a way to give Clark one final moment with Jonathan, but I'm convinced there could have been a better way. Clark has been chasing after the life lessons that Jonathan tried to teach him since that pivotal fifth season moment when Jonathan died. Pairing this last bit of connection between father and son with the other big development makes sense, but it really feels like this is late in the game for this plot point. The series could have ended without revisiting this directly.

    The decision to sell the farm and move on is perhaps the best element of the episode. Clark hangs a lampshade on the gaping plot hole that has been staring everyone in the face for years: if Clark (and Lois) spend most of their time in Metropolis, living at the farmhouse doesn't make sense. It's a symbol of Clark's attachment to his past, and with Clark finally gaining the perspective to become Superman, leaving the farm behind is a good metaphor. It also helps to explain why the show is still "Smallville"; up to this point, some part of Clark was still remaining there, even if his life was in Metropolis. (It's a bit of a stretch, I know, but I'm a sucker for symbolism!)

    All that said, the flip side of the episode with Ultraman felt unnecessary. His torment of Tess reaffirmed her loyalties, it seems, but other than providing an excuse to let someone other than Erica Durance supply ample fan service, what was the point? At this point, if Tess were to turn on Clark and his allies, it would all but destroy much of her character development since her introduction. Surely the writers know better than to do that?

    I'm also confused by the point of the episode's resolution. Clark swoops in, saves Tess, takes Ultraman to the Fortress…and then it's lecture time? Sure, it makes sense in the context of Clark's side of the episode, but since when would Clark think it was a good idea to find moral guidance from Jor-El? From what we've seen so far, the Jor-El construct in the Fortress is flawed, to say the least, and would be all too likely to drive Clark Luthor to take control of his Earth!

    In the end, this episode has something of a point: one last moment of resolution between Clark and his moral compass and setting up the symbolic end of the series. But the execution seems awkward, and I can't help but think that this would have been better as a minor subplot of an episode devoted to more pressing plot resolutions still left on the table.
  • Fantastc sequel to "Luthor" and great message about the importance of home and family!

    I honestly wasn't expecting too much from "Kent" when I first heard the initial premise of the episode. I didn't understand why the writers would want to spend another episode in Earth-2 after they did it so well just 7 episodes ago. But after seeing "Kent", I take it back!

    "Kent" is a heartwarming story about redemption, family, and what a home really is. Having John Schnieder appear in this episode as the Earth-2 Jonathan only just enhanced how much I loved this episode. After Clark Luthor returns and traps Clark in Earth-2, Clark finds himself in a world where everybody lives in constant fear of his mirror world counterpart, packing green kryptonite with them to protect themselves. It's heartbreaking to see a world without any beacons of hope and Tom did a great job portraying the anguish of our Clark and the sheer evil of Ultraman. Nobody likes to see a hopeless world (even if it's not ours), so the fact that the writers were able to successfully find a way to redeem Earth-2 (and the citizens of it) is very impressive. I liked how Clark was the one able to get through Ultraman, helping him see the error of his ways. It's fitting for the character and it sets up nicely for the things he does in "Finale" (I seriously can't wait to review that one). The ending with Earth-2 Jonathan finding the courage to visit Earth-2 Martha was extremely satisfying and it left me with a good feeling that there could still be hope for that world.

    My other favorite aspect of the episode was the idea of selling the Kent Farm. Clark (and many of the fans) have grown up there, but Clark made a very adult decision when he chose to sell it. Not only did he apply the lessons he learned in "Homecoming" by letting go of the past, he also come to the realization that it doesn't matter where he lives. His home is wherever his loved ones are. Yes, it may seem very corny but I'd be a damn liar if I said I didn't love every bit of it.
  • Kent

    Kent was a really great episode of Smallville and I enjoyed watching this episode very much because there was a lot of character and plot development. Martha gives Clark and Lois a huge surprise wedding gift which makes them consider their options. Clark Luthor sends Clark Kent to Earth 2 where he learns how bad things are over there and has a heart to heart with Jonathan Kent. Tess had some great scenes and it was fun to watch the story unfold. This episode definitely gives the sense of growing up and moving on from their old lives for Clark and Lois. I look forward to watching the next episode of Smallville!!!!!
  • Alternate reality Clark returns and so does another character.

    Well I missed the first episode with alternate reality CLark so I followed the story as best I could the other times he was mentioned. I thought this episode was cool. I'm not sure why they are focusing on this other world so much, like the thing with Mr. Kent at the end of the episode, but I'm sure it will be explained shortly. Liked how CLark seemed to be able convince everybody in the episode even his evil twin, and once again we will have to wait to see what they do with alternate Clark. I'm not sure how this episode related to CLark moving closer to his future, it kind of seemed like a filler even though it was entertaining and good. At least it explained the funeral we saw in the past commercials. Gold kryptonite, that'll be interesting and that's all I have to say about that. Getting rid of the Farm, how sad. I thought it was going to make it through to the end. Who knows though, maybe we will see it a few more times. Everybody had a good plot for this episode and we are all waiting for Oliver to come back. I believe he returns in two weeks. Anyway talk to you next week.
  • This was absolutely pointless! Thanks for the filler with a few episodes left to go!!

    Who needs a mirror box when you can just go to the fortress and have Jor-El send you back, too easy!! Stupid filler offered nothing to the show at all. Complete waste of time and just downright disappointing. Smallville is famous for having a filler after a break, unless it is the season premier, and this was no different. So Clark turns Clark good!!! So what, who cares? Has nothing to do with our universe!!! 2 weeks from now will be a filler as well in the episode "Prophecy", oh boy, can't wait for that let down. Lois gets powers??????? Give me a break!!!! I would like to give "Kent" a zero rating but 1 is as low as you can go!!
  • Great Episode!

    Such an amazing episode, it really struck something deep. Clark Luthor was really unsettling, I mean I saw a horror movie today but that pales compared to this. Acting all around was great and the emotions felt so true. Tess showed some real confliction when faced with the idea of letting Clark Luthor kill Lionel but in the end chose not to. It shows that surroundings can have an affect but it also showed people can change. Clark looked wise an like a real hero when he had the heart to heart chat with both Jonathan and Clark Luthor. If there was ever a moment that define Superman it would be that moment in this episode. Some of the stuff around the edges of the episode proved to be interesting. What I'm wondering is what Tess will do about the Gold Kryptonite that was brought up. Unless she goes back to being bad I'm sure she will tell Clark about it and make an effort to make sure it does not stop Clark. Overall I am pleased with this episode and next week looks amusing. The promos for the Finale look amazing and I am sure we are going to be in for a terrific Finale and I could not be happier.
  • Good episode.

    I didn't like Kent as much as Luthor, but I felt it was still a solid episode. I admit that I didn't expect to see the moment where Clark leaves the Kent farm. But it was time I felt. Other than that, the two major issues in this episode were Clark/Jonathan and AU Clark/Tess. I loved the scenes between both pairs. Tom Welling has fantastic chemistry with both actors and I loved the different dynamic in them. The AU Clark/Tess scenes in particular were creepy, yet intense at the same time. I do feel thought that the writers made things a bit too complicated for Tess. What was she really after? I know that she might have feelings for Clark Kent, but would she even settle with Clark Luthor? That part should have been more clear in my opinion. On the plus side, Cassidy looked ravishing in that dress.

    The episode ended on high notes for both AU Jonathan and AU Clark. And while I was very happy for AU Jonathan, I don't think AU Clark should be redeemed. It seemed way too easy for my liking. Clark Luthor has committed many murders and at this point, I don't know if he can go back and fix things. Plus, the whole point of the AU was how different Clark Luthor is compared to Clark Kent.

    Overall, it was a solid episode. Bring on Booster.
  • Really? This is what we were waiting for?

    I have to agree with a previous review...this episode was really weak! My biggest complaint comes from the scenes with good Clark and alt-Jonathan...specifically how easily he convinced Alt-Jonathan that he wasn't the Clark of that universe. Jonathan wanted vengeance for bad Clark destroying his life. He was fighting the urge to outright kill him for the reward instead, but Clark convinces to let him go by showing him that he knew where Jonathan kept Hiram's trusty varmint killing shotgun. Add to that a few key Jonathan sounding phrases and the man changes his mind and calls Clark son? Years of rage and hatred gone in seconds? Sorry...not good enough. The version of Jonathan that Clark was talking about never existed in this universe, he never saw the good in for him to have a change of heart that easily was just too much to accept. Now I will say that the scene where he called Clark son did choke me up a bit...and since they went there it would have been nice to let Clark say a proper farewell to his father...but no...they pull the cliche "yank him back to his own universe prematurely" card just felt like they took the easy way out on this one. In fact the only thing really good about this whole episode was seeing Tess in that purple dress...Dear God the Cleavage! And seeing Jonathan going to Martha's apartment at the end was a nice touch too. One final exactly did good Clark send bad Clark home? It was a bit confusing? Was it the Fortress that did it? And if it's possible for the Fortress to allow travel between dimensions...what's the point of the mirror box anyway? Looking forward to the return of Zod though...hope that's not a letdown as well.
  • Complete disappointment

    After all these weeks without a new episode of Smallville, I was expecting a decent episode, especially since this is the last season. I felt so let down by the entire episode.

    Everything that happened during the episode seemed like a complete waste of time. Aren't there more serious issues to deal with? They only have but so many episodes (5 right?) left to wrap everything up and they waste an entire episode on Clark Luthor. What was the point? I just don't get it. It's pointless episodes like this that have caused Smallville's ratings to plunge over the years. I have loved Smallville since the first episode and I am going to miss it when it's gone, but I am annoyed with this Kent episode. While it was good to see Jonathan Kent again, it just didn't feel right. It really was rushed and it didn't make sense how he'd just all of a sudden believe in his "son" Clark...It just wasn't well written.

    After the way Tess was first introduced on this show, I have never been able to care about her. I really was hoping Clark Luthor would kill her; at least, then, the episode would have accomplished something.
  • Kent

    So we got a really generic episode of Smallville here. As a comeback episode, this was pretty awful. As an episode on it's own, I guess it ties in the whole '2 universes' thing. Who knew this show would become as formulaic as this?

    We're nearing the end of the series, and Smallville continues to give us the same old things. We've seen the 2 Clarks thing before many times. The whole concept is becoming tired and not amusing. Oh, Tess is the damsel in distress? That's not surprising. Yes, I was being sarcastic.

    Why do they have to keep bringing back Jonathan Kent? His death in season 5 was a milestone in this show's history, but to keep on bringing him back kind of ruins the continuity.The Tess & Emile thing is good enough, but it's just too out of the blue for my liking. This was just a disappointing episode of Smallville, hopefully things return to form next week.
  • In all honesty, I could have written a better script! Please let me explain!

    I liked the story line! It just might've been done better. Here is my take on it! OK! Clark meets his earth 2 Dad counterpart. He asks, what about Martha Kent? Jonathan replies, she walked out on me. Missed opportunity here. I would've had Dad reply, she died while trying to give birth to our son! Both died. Clark takes this Jonathan Kent back to earth 1 and introduces him to Martha, wow! What a concept! Pretty cool I think. I disagree with him selling the Kent farm if it means so much to his family's history. Certainly earth 2's Jonathan Kent would have wept with Joy to have his farm back all fixed up! Again, a missed opportunity! I can almost hear him, farm....its like new!! No broken windows! All the furniture is here! Sob! The man might've fell to his knees with emotion to see his family farm in pristine condition. Am I right? WOW! Maybe Martha would date him, even marry him. Smallville has been a great ride. Why not create a spin off called Metropolis? Take 6 months and create some scripts. Its possible. With Clark in Metropolis married we can throw some science fiction stories in, and yet still keep Smallville.
  • ●○● Spoiler-free ○●○ Oneiric Strange Case and The New Adventures of Lois & Clark followed by In Bed with Tess Mercer ♥

    Did I just miss the continuation of the 10th and last season of Smallville ? Yes I did. Instead of dreaming that I flew both Lois Lane and Tess Mercer to the moon I should have just checked out the TV listings. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. Well when it comes to the show I have to admit that my eyes tend to get all emotional and my feet to slightly hover. The cute little hummingbird wants his wings back and somehow Kent was a lot about setting Clark's free. Its story was too far-fetched in my opinion but overall it was entertaining enough and despite some flaws it's definitely the kind of family adventure you want to take to bed with you.

    Indeed the first thing that stroke me about this 17th installment is the impact it should have on your mind. In my case it just made me happy and hopeful of a better tomorrow. It just felt like watching real life on TV because beneath its superb fictional surface the show has a lot to offer. Lois & Clark's journey was more twisted than usual and in fact it's something that we hadn't seen before. Sadly its execution was relatively weak in the direction and edition departments. [Warning : Boss alert] Jeannot Szwarc already did a poor job on Homecoming and he was back with a vengeance. The beginning should puzzle you not necessarily because what happened was unexpected but more because it came out from nowhere. The transition between scenes wasn't as smooth, and definitely not as creative, as Tim Scanlan's work on Masquerade for example. At least he could have followed the lead of more experienced directors like Turi Meyer or Al Septien. A harsh critic but I think an episode that jars with the others is just unacceptable. It's specially true when you consider how Clark was awkwardly handled at times. Of course I wouldn't have done a better job but come on it's the finale season ! Nothing disastrous though, I'm just being picky like an angry ghost.

    Now my ink has tainted Szwarc's reputation for all eternity and beyond, the poor thing will probably get fired – or not, it's time to highlight what went right. What better way to finish a 10 years ride than bringing some guests ? Kent's one was obvious, even if I hadn't seen the preview, but nonetheless its role unveiled a whole new side of its personality. There were some writing missteps from Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders, when one character had no reason to monologue or lines felt over the top, but overall they delivered exciting and quite interesting dialogs. They definitely allowed Erica Durance and Tom Welling to put their talent in motion. Their last scene at the farm was heartwarming and filled with references to appeal the fans. [Extra bonus] It leads us to Cassidy Freeman whom sexiness will never stop to arouse the viewer. The woman in the red dress ? Lose it your ugliness ! Say hello to Tess in the violet evening gown. She would even tame the blood thirsty white shark from Jaws ! In fact ladies and gentlemen prepare yours to drop on the floor. Weighted by her vertiginous décolletage it should even break and reach the ground. Floor by floor like a corrosive acid from outer space it will continue its vicious descent toward the very center of the Earth. The only survivor of the apocalypse ? You, and the beauty. All stripped on a lost island and with nothing else to do than repopulating the planet.

    Seriously using visual effects to enhance a natural like her is inappropriate. Sorry, last time I promise [Game over]. I only wish the budget had allowed them to make action scenes longer and some others more well polished even if the production quality was still good. As for the ending I really appreciated the fact that it wasn't a cliffhanger for once but an open door on the infinite universe of our imagination. How wise ! How inspiring ! Moreover an intriguing gem was also introduced and as a pathetic ignorant of comics I have no idea what's coming, what a blessing, but worshipers of Superman and its mythology should definitely be thrilled !
  • Son Knows Best!

    Kent-The Earth-2 Clark Luthor sends Clark Kent to that world, where he meets the alternate Jonathan Kent. While Lois turns to Emil for help to recover her husband-to-be, Clark Luthor seeks out Tess and demands her obedience. Well, here we all Smallville fans! "Kent" begins the final five episodes of Smallville's record-breaking 10 season run. Now that fact that the series is ending is truly becoming a reality as fans are filled with mixed emotions. Some are pissed that the season has been a disappointment over the lack of Darkseid plot movement.
    , some are saddened by the series' conclusion, while most are just anxious to see Clark take to the skies in that red and blue suit after a decade of waiting! Me? I'm just enjoying the final run of episodes until the finale and what ever happens, happens! Not to mention, if the rest of the last run of episodes are anything like "Kent". I think we have very little to complain about. Fitting in perfectly with this season's theme of stepping into the light and moving forward, "Kent" is an emotionally rewarding episode featuring some well acted scenes and some of the best character interaction I've seen from Smallville!

    Poor Tom Welling. He's has grown SO much throughout the years of Smallville as an actor and once again in this episode, he's faced with the task of playing to completely different versions of Clark Kent and he pulls it off with such ease that you hope he fines a lot of work after Smallville ends because he's talent is undeniable at this point. While we once again don't have much interaction between CK and CL (Clark Luthor), the scenes they do have together are filled with the perfect touch of suspense and Tom contrasts the character more effectively than he did when he was Clark and Bizarro on screen in Season 7. Even when both versions weren't on screen together, it was great watching both men interact with the alternate versions of the people they knew in their world, more so in this episode than in "Luthor". As before, Clark plays Clark Luthor's dark and menacing personality brilliant to the point where I think Tom should play villains in movies if he gets the chance in the future. That whole scene between him and Tess in the Ace of Clubs was chilling at certain points, even the direction added to the subtle tension within the scene. I especially loved the focus on Clark Luthor's dining skill and him cutting the meat, it's something so small yet shows this is a Clark unlike any other version we've seen. I also loved Tess' inner turmoil through the whole ordeal. Cassidy is just masterful when it comes to playing Tess desperately fighting her instincts and overwhelming emotion. Her little speech to CL as he dangled her out the Luthorcorp office spoke volumes and shows that Tess is still fighting her inner demons. I loved her scene with Emil as well, showing how even though Tess might be losing faith in her loyalty, her friends aren't giving up on her yet. Clark's journey back to Earth-2 was just as entertaining and even more emotionally investing as Clark comes face to face with his father once again. It's great to see John Schneider guest star again after his heartwarming performance at the end of "Lazarus". Well this epsiode puts a spin on Pa Kent as this Earth's version is a mean spirited, vengeful farmer who will do what ever it takes to fill the void of losing Martha. John is really amazing here and as soon as Johnathan entered the funeral and spitting on Oliver's grave, the drastic change in character was given. But I love how even as Jonathan took Clark prisoner, we got to see a new, refreshing dynamic between both men with Clark taking on the fatherly role by helping Jonathan get his life together. Sure, his change of heart after a few words from Clark happened pretty fast, but both actors pull it off considering John and Tom have amazing chemistry onscreen as father and son. I also, enjoyed Lois' mini-mission of getting Clark back to his world. Erica has gotten to the point where her Lois couldn't be more perfect if she tried. I love how Lois' instincts immediately kicked in when she was aware when Clark wasn't acting like himself and that CL was just pretending to be Clark. It was also amazing seeing Tom play CL trying to act like CK. Those little adjustments and awkward mannerisms he had were so well played and gave the scene some weight. Overall, "Kent" was a splendid episode and one of the season's best in my opinion. A nice return for the final run and hopefully only a taste of the epic-ness of a decade long conclusion!
  • Is Kent farm a goner?

    Martha gives Lois and Clark the farm as the wedding present, so in the beginning of the episode, they think they might sell it. Then, Clark Luthor pays a one-way-ticket kindda visit to Smallville universe after Oliver Queen outed his green Kryptonite weakness to the world, and everybody is out to get him. He sends Clark Kent there in his place, and decides to go after Tess, first to get her to help him kill Lionel, and if she decides not to... well, Clark Luthor seems to be not adverse to killing when you're not on his team.
    In the alternate universe, Clark witnesses Oliver's funeral (last errand CL ran before leaving), faces an angry alternate-Lois and is caught and kept "prisoner" by Jonathan Kent, who is a bit crazy, Martha-less (she left him) and trying to get his farm back. Clark tells him about how things were different in his world, and how Jonathan was his idol, and tells him that farm is not Jonathan's home anymore; Martha is. Then Clark is pulled back to his own universe by Lois and Emile, who fixed the original device Clark used when he crossed universes the first time. He arrives just in time to save Tess, who refused to get her father killed by Clark Luthor (this will get complicated, because Tess didn't hesitate for the reason of killing being wrong, but because Lionel was her family.), and then takes CL to the Fortress, which obviously has the power to switch between universes. He tells Clark Luthor that he hesitated before killing Tess, that he obviously isn't all bad and that there is no Lionel in that world anymore; he can go there and change things for the better. CL is then transported back to his universe and we hear Jor El begin with "My son..."
    At the end, Clark and Lois sit on the porch of Kent farm and discuss where their lives are going, at the end deciding that home can be wherever they are, and deciding to sell the Kent farm.

    I find this a bit sad, for Kent farm plays such a pivotal role in Smallville. It is the show's anchor,and with it gone... It really hit me, it really is almost over. I'm going to miss this show so much, I've been following it from the beginning, haven't missed an episode and as much as I cannot wait to see what happens in the finale... I will miss the Smallville universe.