Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2002 on The CW

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  • After a awesome episode....

    Yeah...this episode wasent the best. They tried to give a cast member, that hasent gotten alot of screentime, into the main focus of the episode. I would be all for it...if it wasent 13 episodes too late.

    Clark- Dident get alot of focus in this episode. Just the regular "Save the day" kind of plot. Kinda reminds me of "Craving". Although I like when he relizes that he cant save everybody when Chloe breaks her arm.

    Lana- Tries to buy the movie theater where her parents met. Ummm, OK I would totally be for this plot...if it wasent for 1 tiny thing. How in the hell is this 14 year old girl going to run a business when she cant even serve coffee?? But still this episode did start the Talon. Also it started the Lex-Lana friendship.

    Lex- Has to recover his super-secret-disk from the jocks. Its cool because we finally get an episode thats not about a Lana-stalker. But its still a forgettable plot. He does save the day at the end which is pretty cool.

    Whitney- Finally gets a plot!!!! But it feels forced as this guy hasent been relevant since the 1st episode. You do feel bad for him though, as his father is dying and he lost his scholership. Kind of Smallvilles version of drugs,as he gets with the jocks and gets a Kryptonite tattoo.

    The jocks- Kryptonite tattoos? Fresh idea. Walking through walls? Pretty cool power. Creating villains that have no personaity what-so-ever? Pretty stupid. Unlike previous episodes, you do not feel any emotions for these villains at all. But I have to admit that I like how Clark cant get next to them.

    So, a pretty forgettable episode. Who knows you might actually enjoy this episode more than me. But to me, this episode is one of the lowest of the season.
  • this was a another cool ep

    in this ep of smallville whitney found out that he is not getting his school scoler ship to kansas and he does not want to work in a shop so he looks to get excitement by hanging out with old jocks that were in the same situation he is in right now. and he joins them but he does not know what he is getting into and there theives that are trying to blackmail lex and whitney starts to have second thought when he finds out what he is getting into . can clark help a friend that is in the wrong situation.
  • Meteor-rock tattooed thugs walk through walls, steal everything, recruit Whitney, and blackmail Lex. Clark and friends set a trap. Lana has plans for the Talon.

    An annoying metal sound track, strobe-fake lightning, and three masked youths start this episode, so it's obviously aimed at young teens. Burglary can be fun, if you have loud rock available to accompany your break-in. Inside the mansion, Lex Luthor, a young corporate executive, sits still for an interview by a high-school newspaper editor who asks mostly accusatory questions. So far there's only cartoons here, no drama. Clark's only role is to videotape this session, including Chloe's pointed questions about Level 3 and secret factories.

    The masked intruders materialize in the office, undetected by Clark, who obliviously walks out of the room. So they can walk through walls, and proceed to rob the Luthor vault of nearly everything. The perps then grab Clark, who is weakened, meaning they have kryptonite all over them - this week's meteor power. Chloe is pushed through a second-story window, and for once, Clark is not available to catch her, so she winds up in the hospital with a broken arm and concussion

    Clark has an amusing scene in the barn, splitting wood with his bare hand, but that's pretty messy - what's wrong with an axe? He's still beating himself up over his failure to save Chloe, but gets the usual lecture from Jonathan and Martha, who get all of 20 seconds screen time in this episode.

    The side plot is about Lana, and her Aunt Nell selling the Talon, the place where Lana's parents met. The buyer is Lex Luthor. Lana makes a pitch with Lex for restoring the Talon, with the reason it's so valuable for her. But he's not receptive, so Lana faces disappointment.

    Clark uses x-ray vision at the bank where the thieves also attempted a break-in, and here he sees a ghostly set of arm-bones, apparently stuck in the vault. Then every time we see the perps, we have to listen to more hard rock, as they discover on a laptop that Lex has been lifting funds from Lionel. The three thugs plan their next heist, but it sounds like their powers wear off. Well, sports injuries cost them their pro athlete careers, so that pretty much ends their lives, leaving only crime and self-indulgence. Hey, tattoos and high-fives, are we cool or what?

    At the mansion, Lex is suddenly surrounded by the masked punks, who confront him with his own theft of data from Lionel. After demanding $1 million in blackmail cash, they evaporate through the walls.

    Back on subplot B, we see the only closeup of the Fordman family store ever shown on Smallville. Grumpy Whitney reveals to Clark that he has lost his football scholarship. He whines about his future, when one of the perps comes in, Clark recognizing his tattoo. The other perp sees Whitney as a possible recruit, inviting him to their house for Fun! That means more rock, beer, babes, and "Whoo!!" They show him a vial of green fluid, forcing Whitney to submit to tattooing with the stuff, and soon he's boozin' and partyin' with all of them. One pretty good scene has Whitney thrown in front of a semi, and it passes right through his body. Whitney's cool with that.

    Chloe now gets her first visitor, Clark, with a wad of flowers, not even in a vase, which he carelessly throws on her bed to apologize for not saving her. This is poor film editing. But she won't buy his guilt. "Clark Kent, investigative reporter," she quips, when he tells her he'll continue his search for the thieves. Later, Clark asks Whitney about the thug with the tattoo - but Whitney just accuses him of trying to steal Lana.

    So Lana comes to see Clark about Whitney's attitude, and Clark tells her that Whitney lost his scholarship - she's hurt by Whitney's secret-keeping. Clark is still determined to help Whitney, who that night goes with the thugs in their red Dodge Challenger, a-whoopin' and a-carryin' on. It's blackmail collection night, Lex being sent to a dark meat-packing plant, where the four baddies walk right through the wall. Whitney tries to back out of the crime, then Clark busts in but is easily laid out and the four escape, but Clark recognizes Whitney. Lex owns up to Clark about the blackmail threat - "Clark, you can't save the world," he says. Even while hospitalized, good Chloe works the case, finding that the thugs have used meteor rocks to get their molecules moving at hyper-speed, enabling them to walk through walls - but it has a dangerous side effect.

    Whitney tells Lana at the Talon that he's in trouble, and later, Clark too, insisting that there be no police involvement. Why isn't Clark affected by Whitney's meteor rock injection? Clark finds the stolen disc in the perp's place, when the thugs all show up. Could Clark speed out? Maybe, but he simply crushes the disc of stolen data, then head thug shoves his fist right into Clark, and Whitney, trying to reform, is hauled out by the two thugs. Then Lex appears, knocking out the one thug via a taser. The bads plan to drop a car on Whitney, but in a case of perfect timing, the meteor rock has worn off, and Clark speeds in to grab Whitney, the head thug crushed like a grape.

    Police clean up the mess, but Lex gets in the last word, telling the two survivors that if they keep his secret, he'll keep theirs, then he leaves in a silver Porsche 911, tagged "LEX 1." Chloe is out of the hospital and heads off on another investigation, even with a broken arm. Her energy is refreshing, with so many other cast members whining and moping around.

    Lana has a new business plan for the Talon to show Lex - pretty sophisticated for a 16-year-old. With management by Nell, it's a deal, he says, the start of "a very interesting partnership." Foreboding words, as Lana begins to realize the responsibility she has taken on.

    The bad-boy theme is pretty overblown and off-putting in "Kinetic," so there's not much to recommend there. Michael Rosenbaum can carry any scene and bring some dignity to the show, so that's a positive. The partnership with Lana is going somewhere, so the episode is good background to understand how the Talon story came to be. And even with just a couple scenes, Ms. Mack brightens up the whole story, overcoming some of the cartoon criminal stuff. If you're bored, watch it again, it can't hurt too much if you turn down the sound track. Re-run rating C.
  • Oh No, Whitney's in Trouble?

    Kinetic-Whitney falls in with some former jocks who have kryptonite tattoos that give them the power to walk through the walls. Meanwhile, Chloe is seriously injured and Lex has his own plans.

    At this point, Whitney has been the most underused character so far (well, him and Pete!) But when the writers make you out to be the 1 dimensional high school jock, there isn't much to tell. I mean there's Whitney's whole drama with his father's illness, but there's nothing relatively interesting about the character. "Kinetic" sees the writers putting Whitney in the spotlight and trying deseperately to give him some character development. You got to feel bad for Eric Johnson as he never really had much to work with as Whitney. He's never been truly comfortable in the role and it's no wonder the character was dropped after the first season. But the character by episode ends seems rather unchanged to begin with and you just wish they just left him as just Lana's love interest. The freaks of the week this time are a group of intangible jocks who steal from Lex's mansion, leaving Lex and Clark to track them down. They're all very 1 note characters, especially the leader, Wade Mahaney who comes off as your cliche bad boy. Although, the special effects are very good with phasing through walls looking like a cool power. It also looking quite lethal like the scene where Wade puts his hand through Clark's chest and squeezes his heart. The more interesting parts of the episode is Clark dealing with Chloe's accident. It's a touching moment between the 2 characters as Clark becomes more protective of Chloe, even though it wasn't his fault. Also, I loved Lex taking charge after being robbed and his little promise at the end toward Wade and his gang was quite progressive in his dark nature. "Kinetic" has some nice sub-plot and developments, but it's quite a boring episode that tries too hard to make Whitney sympathic.
  • Great Episode

    Whitney Fordman, after losing his football scholarship, begins hanging with some ex-jocks. The jocks are using meteor rock saturated tattoos to give themselves the ability to pass through solid objects. The thieves rob Lex's mansion, and Chloe is severely injured when Clark is incapable of getting to her in time, after being weakened by the meteor rock tattoos the thieves wore. The thieves decide to recruit Whitney, but he has second thoughts. Clark helps Whitney and Lex, who is now being blackmailed, fight the thieves. With their powers growing weak, from overuse of the serum, Clark is able to subdue them.
  • Unique and nicely written episode.

    Whitney falls in with a bad crown after losing his scholarship and he and the guys tattoo themselves with Kryptonite so as they can walk through walls to steal things. Though i love Chloe i did find it funny when she fell out of the window, this also helped prove a point to us and Clark - he cant save everyone. I also thought that the fact she survived with just a broken arm and some bruises was far-fetched (not that i want her to die). I loved Chloe's humour in her hospital bed though, very funny tv. Lana completely irritated the **** out of me in this episode though, all she did was whine about opening a coffee shop - i mean really how many memories has she got of her parents at 4 years old!!
  • Series classic. Clark has to stop meteor freak thieves from robbing Lex\'s mansion.

    This episode was just just a tad bit over average. It was awesome to see Lex nervous for once and actually see a human face on him. To me, this is a series classic because Clark has to save the day from thieves as he does when he\'s Superman in the DC Comics and he fights crime (mostly being stopping thieves from robbing a lady\'s purse). As in one of the trivia notes, I don\'t get how they could vibrate their molecules through walls but yet not be able to run really fast. It doesn\'t make very clear sense. But anyway, this episode was still, pretty good.
  • A really good episode.

    A gang of kryptonite tattooed bullies threaten Clark's life. Whitney does something really dumb hanging out with this misguided teens. This is another interesting episode, when Clark deals with thieves trying to rob Lex's house. It looks really good when we see Lex as a victim, it gives him a human face, it makes him a lovable character to watch even though we know that he'll turn evil one day. the teen gang is another interesting bunch of bad guys for Clark to deal with. The writers always come up with interesting set of characters that Clark needs to deal with. It makes this show really watchable.
  • Whitney falls into the wrong crowd and by using kryptonite it allows him and the gang to pass through walls; their mission is to rob Lex's mansion

    Ok I know this is a fiction show but at somepoint their as to be a line. Point #1
    Chloe's fall out the window should have killed her. But I'm glad the writters didn't bc she is my 2nd favorite person on the show. What makes her great is her sense of humor like when Clark sees her at the hospital after she wakes up.
    Point #2
    Ok...poor Lana her parents died when she was four; lets get over it Lana. The story of you remembering all these things and that's the reason you want to open a coffee shop isn't real. No one can possibly think back at 4 years old and have detailed memories. Though it's cool to see Lana wanting to open up a hangout stop for everyone.

    Average episode, something was missing
  • Good...

    The episode was great at the beginning and everything, the guys walking through walls and Chloe being thrown out to a seriously injure of death, Whitney becomes on with those guys, and ends up having a tatoo that allows him to walk through walls, and later Clark and Whitney tried to go out to their secret place to find out all what they steal from Lex, it was really cool, but I thought that the fight will be whole much better than just saving Whitney from dying, it was not that good!
  • This episode was good for one thing, showing how stupid Whitney could really be.

    Whitney is suspicious that Clark is really trying to help him after spending so much time trying to steal Lana. Well, he should be. This episode was one of the first episodes that really pushed the freak of the week gag too far. Why do Krypto tats cause phase shifting bodies? Why is Whitney such a loser? And why does Clark suddenly decide he is Whitney's best friend? The answers may be out there, but they arent in this episode. Overall, a decent hour, but nothing really stands out.
  • how their love will shing through

    I think this episode is great for many reasons.
    First, this episode proves that the love that clark and chloe share is meant to be because clark showed how much he cared he tryed to help and when he showed strong concern after the big fall that she had. Also, this episode tells clark
    cares about people because just help his love interest's boyfriend he went and risked his life to save him and that shows guts on his behalf.
    that should have also made lana see how nice clark is to people and if lana couldn't see it he should just stick with chloe.
  • Running with the wrong crowd

    This episode features a group of ex-jocks who are now engaged with a life of crime. Using the meteorites they tattoo themselves and then for a limited time they can pass right through anything. At the beginning of this episode, Lex Luthor is their target. Clark and Chloe just happen to be there so Chloe can interview Lex Luthor for the paper. Unfortunately, the kryptonite the bad guys use for their tattoos weaken Clark, and Chloe ends up going through a window several feet above the ground.
    The gang of thugs start to run out of time; the more they use the kryptonite the less time they can walk through walls. They decide they need fresh blood, and Whitney becomes their next prospect.
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