Season 4 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 16, 2005 on The CW

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  • The Dog of Steel

    Krypto-Lois accidentally hits a dog and brings it back to the farm to heal, but Clark quickly realizes it has super-strength. He investigates and discovers it was part of an aborted LuthorCorp experiment...and that robbers are using the dogs to help them steal money. Meanwhile, Lana wonders what Jason is up to with his mother, and Jason is forced to ask Genevieve a few questions of his own.

    Days before it aired, fans and critics cringed at the anouncement that the writers would be bringing Krypto, the Superdog to Smallville. Just the thought of dog flying around Smallville with a red cap was horrifying, but luckily, the Smallville writers manage to stir clear of any "jump the shark" moments and make an average yet watchable hour of television. The writers once again revision a D.C. character to fit within the world of Smallville and in this incarnation, Krypto is one of 2 dogs apart of Luthorcorp's experiment that involves them being injected with a kryptonite serum that give them limited superstrength. Together, 2 brothers use both dogs to make big heists across Smallville until Krypto runs off and is found by Lois.

    While this episode is light fluff, it's good light fluff. It's obvious that Tom Welling love dogs and his scenes with Shelby, who he later names, are undeniable cute. Also, Clark and Lois have some great interaction here as they fight over responisiblities over the dog. I also liked Lois's little pet names, especially when she names Shelby "Clarky" to irritate Clark. Also, the scenes where Shelby uses his strengh are priceless like rolling the tracker right into the fence and Clark's reaction. Even the Lassie-worthy scene of Shelby and Clark saving each from the exploding truck was entertaining despite being incredibly corny. Genevieve's storyline continues to intrigue as we learn why she is in Smallville and had her son get with Lana. "Krypto" is those rare occasions where the writers can get away with taking it easy, as "Krypto" could have been a massive trainwreck but was an enjoyable mild episode with some funny dialogue and nice interaction.
  • Two young thieves are robbing stores and using vicious superdogs in their scheme. Co-star dog Bud escapes and is adopted by the Kent family, and Clark and Lois discover the plot and work together to end the crime spree.

    A store is being robbed at night by two young men and two really toothy and vicious dogs, who seem to exhibit special doggy powers, such as breaking through steel doors and opening safes. The setter, not the rottweiler, runs off and is struck on the highway by Lois in her Chevy SUV. He recovers quickly, and she takes him to the Kent farm. They soon discover that even chains can't hold this dog! Wouldn't he be useful hooked up to a plow or thresher? There follows some fun-to-watch barn repairs by Clark, when Lois isn't looking. Wouldn't we all like to get our chores done so fast? That's part of the fascination of the Superman legend.

    Chloe arrives at the farm in her red VW New Beetle convertible, so that product placement is still with us. Clark ties dog-face to the tractor, crash-bang, tractor is through the fence. Looks like Einstein is a Superdog.

    Next is a trip to the vet - Lois and Clark (that sounds strangely familiar) help identify the dog as belonging to Luthorcorp, and we recognize the veterinarian staff as the thieves. Seems the dog got his powers via meteor juice, and Clark wonders if Lex is experimenting on dogs. Lex admits it, but claims to have shut down the experiment. Their hostility grows, but Clark has the ok to keep the dog.

    At the farm, bad dog #2 shows up and attacks Jonathan, but is confronted by good dog, now dubbed "Shelby." Another trip to the hospital for the Kents. How much is their health insurance?

    Genevieve Teague (Jane Seymour), Jason's mother, visits Lex about the job he gave Jason, and she offers information on how Lionel was released from prison. Lex is still looking at a map with kryptonian symbols. She later sees Jason, who realizes she's using him to manipulate Lana-Isabelle for her own unknown purposes. She says Isabelle vowed, in the 16th century, to kill Gertrude's descendants, which could mean Jason and Genevieve.

    At the Vets, Lois and Clark head out, at normal speed (frustrating for Clark) to intercept another theft - it's fun watching the two work together as he tries to keep his abilities hidden from her. When he finds the stolen bank van, he's overcome by a vat of meteor rock (that stuff is everywhere!). The thieves prepare to drive off, but not before torching the truck and all the evidence, including Clark, who's trapped inside. Einstein/Shelby to the rescue! The Power Pup pulls Clark free before the bad guys get gone, and they're caught by Clark.

    When Lana and Chloe are together, Lana says Jason is keeping something from her. Genevieve's grandmother moved Isabelle's tomb in France into the church where Lana touched it. Lionel is seen giving Jason documents - including the strange map with Kryptonian symbols.

    Our featured player for the next few episodes will be Shelby (Bud) the dog, and that might be fun. There's more potential for the Lois-Clark relationship than the ongoing Lana-Clark relationship, so this episode is worth seeing again. Re-run rating B.
  • Great episode.

    This episode was really good, even though it didn't add much to the story, it was fun to watch. When the episode began, I thought it would be boring, but it positively surprised me. I think it was really funny when Lois wanted to name the dog "Clarky", and also, that scene when Shelby steals Jonathans dinner and he tries to take it back and then says "Hey! That's my t-bone!" I thought it was really funny too, in my opinion, it was the best part of the episode, which is one of the best episodes of season 4.
    The ending of the episode was good too(of course Clark was going to keep the dog)
    A good ending to a great episode!
  • Great Episode

    Two trained and powerful dogs rob Smallville Cooperative under the command of the brothers Zack and Josh Greenfield, but one of them escapes and is hit by Lois Lane's car. She brings the wounded animal to Kent Farm, and Clark Kent finds the secret of the animal and becomes attached to it, while the criminals look for the animal for a next heist. Meanwhile, the mysterious relationship of Lana Lang and the Teague's ancestors is disclosed a little more. "Krypto" is a reasonable episode of "Smallville". Lionel Luthor is back, and the enigmatic relationship between Countess Margaret Isobel Tharow and Genevieve is becoming interesting. I liked the way Clark tells Lex that he is going to take the chance with Krypto's loyalty.
  • a dog comes into the kent family ...and has a secret

    really cute doggy i think im in love though i can easily say my dog is cuter lol sitzu vs. lab haha.that black (thing) that was in the shape of a dog was FREAK-E i could of sworn there was tension between lois and 2nd dog person brother chloe and clark are getiing on my nerves they need to get over them sellves and start talking to each other i mean like really talk. and i want to find out what jason's mom purpose is cuz its getting old fast!!

  • clark gets a dog after Lois accidently runs over it- and it has superpowers.

    I called this one a filler, which it really is, but it is a decent one. Which is a lot coming from me- i hate fillers. the reason I'm letting this one slide is that its just so dog-gone(no pun intended) cute, and a bit of a tearjerker near the end when you think the dogs might die. I guess i just have a soft spot for dogs- and a little humor usually saves this show for me anyway. in this episode it was the many jokes of lois about clark and how much she is annoyed by him- though she is constantly around. overall an ok episode.
  • Clark gets a dog! Of course he has special talents and Lois hits him with a car.....

    Krypto is a very smart golden retriever who woofs his way into Clark's life when Lois hits him with her car and brings him home to the Kents. Now Lois has shown her 2nd weakness- stray animals and naked guys ( her line from Crusade to Martha Kent in the hospital ). Lots of cute Lois and Clark moments with him teasing her and smiling a lot as they work together to uncover the dog's story . In the end our pooch is a mere mortal dog once again and mom decides on his name- SHelby. Nice thing- Shleby is a regular on the farm we see him in upcoming episodes as part of life on the farm.
  • Great episode.

    Lois hits a dog by accident while on her way to the Kent farm. When Lois brings it to the Kents, they soon realize that the dog possesses super powers. Clark and Lois investigate the dog's past and they find out that a LuthorCorp experiment gave the dog its powers and is used by robbers to help them steal money. This is a cool episode. The superdog arrives at Smallville using the Smallville treatment, it's a nice addition to the show. This episode explores stuff that helps us understand the characters in the show. Storytelling in this show always deliver the goods.
  • Good episode and definetly NOT dissapointed.

    I thought this episode was a nice turn on events after seeing some of the other stuff that goes on. Lois renaming the dog Clarky just to annoy Clark was a really nice touch on the comedy in this show. Also watching this episode really shows why dog is man's best friend. This one of the more happy episode and with the way Clark's life is going I think that is exactly what this show needed at this point. Yes it wanders away from the story awhile and may be a filler episode but i think that it deseves at least a 9.
  • Krypto in Smallville

    Another character from the Superman mythology is none other than Krypto the super dog, and is something really cool actually giving the fact that this episode we see that Krypto does not has any powers on his own but he actually is injected with meteor rock, Clark immediately begins to get friends with the dog, and everything goes fine, until he and Lois discover that Krypto is part of a robbers things and I think is really cool how does him saves Clark, later on, they decide to call him "Shelby" and is really cool, I like this episode...
  • The Shark. She Is (Almost) Jumped.

    "Dear God, WHY!!!" was the first thing that came to mind when I discovered Krypto the Super-Dog would become the latest DC Comics character given the 21st century Smallville treatment. I probably wasn't the only one. Could anybody take a puppy with a tiny red cape tied round it's neck seriously? Thankfully, the Smallville writers manage to avoid that jump-the-shark-worthy material and instead put a fresh spin on the story of Superman’s Super-Pooch.

    In the episode, Krypto (or Einstein as it's called here) is a product of a LuthorCorp experiment on dogs, making them have super-strength. Einstein and another superdog are being used by manipulative brothers Zack and Josh Greenfield to rob jewelry stores and the like. Eventually, Einstein manages to escape but runs straight into Lois' car. Lois takes Einstein back to the Kent farm and Clark strikes up a friendship with the dog.

    Krypto is, simply put, quite a boring episode. In some scenes it feels like you're watching the cast act out an aborted Lassie script re-written to include some supernatural elements and the main action sequence of the episode, in which Einstein rescues Clark from kryptonite steroids, is embarrassingly stupid. Although, there are some good moments, most noticeably the scene where Chloe helps Clark cover-up the fact that Einstein just pushed a tractor into a fence. With Chloe now knowing Clark's secret, she can help him from seeming like a complete idiot when he's making excuses for otherwordly situations. Lois (as usual) gets some hilarious one-liners (whilst trying to choose a name for the dog, Lois suggests "he's annoying and I can't get within 10 feet of him without being sick, why don't we call him Clarkie?").

    The B storyline includes some interesting developments in the Countess Isabelle storyline. The revelation that Isabelle, just before she was burned at the stake, told Genevieve's ancestor that when she is returned to the world in the body of one of her heirs, she will kill everybody in the Teague bloodline is very interesting and throws up loads of questions. It will also give Lana some decent stuff to do as she seems to hardly appear anymore (she appears in a massive TWO SCENES in this episode, only one with dialogue).

    All-in-all, Krypto is Smallville-lite but enjoyable, with enough Cujo-style moments to keep the viewer interested (the action-packed teaser and Jonathan’s dog attack to name two). It was a good decision by the writers to keep Einstein (or Shelby, as Clark names him) around for a while, instead of sending him to Doggy Heaven.
  • cute dog...great episode!!

    WOW!! I really liked this episode..I felt sorry for the dogs and how those two guys were treating them and making them do bad things. Lois at first calling the dog \"clarky\" very funny!! That\'s why I really like Lois. She is hilarious!!
    Anyway, Shelby is a smart and cute dog. The things he did like breaking loose at the barn,
    broke the dining room table and moved the tractor with ease. He also saved Clark and then Clark saved him when the truck blew up....
    I haven\'t seen the rest of season four but I hope Shelby stays with the Kents.
  • Lois hits a dog with her car, and brings him to the Kents home.

    Love the dog! The storyline wasn't the greatest. But having Chloe still keep being so supportive of Clark is wonderful. That's one smart dog if he can open doors to come into the kitchen and take food from the regulator. Wow, does Lois do a great job at throwing comments at Clark. It was a good episode if you want to laugh.
  • The first episode of smallville to ever dissapoint me.

    This whole episode was basically filler, you could miss this one no problem with moving on to the next episode.

    Lois hits dog, she takes it to the Kent farm, and it becomes apparent that it's a superpowered dog as it takes down a huge wooden beam in the barn and pulls a tractor to almost the front door of the house without damaging anything but the fence.

    The dissapointing things were all the screwups. First being that Genevieve Teague says Ancestor instead of decendant in her talk with her son. Second being when the black dog attacks Johnathan it is obvious he is wearing protective padding. And the last big one is after the armored truck explodes at the end, we are left to wonder what happened to the black dog. There are a few more errors too, but I'd rather not list them all.
  • Doggie!

    While driving, Lois (Erica Durance) accidentally hits a dog and she brings it back to the farm to heal. Clark (Tom Welling) realizes this is no ordinary dog after the pup lifts up a car to retrieve a ball. Clark and Lois learn the dog is a product of an aborted LuthorCorp experiment and is being used to commit crimes, but when Lois is kidnapped by the robbers and Clark is weakened by kryptonite, it is up to the dog to save them. Meanwhile, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) questions Jason's (Jensen Ackles) involvement in his mother's (guest star Jane Seymour) schemes.
  • In this episode, we see Lois hit a dog named Einstein, then proceed to rename it Clarky just to make Clark angry. Personally I found it quite amusing...

    The first time I saw this episode was last night (July 6,2005) during summer reruns. I missed this episode the first time around and honestly was not effected by it. Basically this episode was purely a filler episode, with a tiny bit of useless information about Jason's mother Genevieve. I labeled "Krypto" as Silly, because I think it was. By saying it was silly, I'm not saying it was a bad episode. In fact, I really enjoyed it. I loved the scenes between Lois and Clark and was giggling the whole way through.

    Lois and Clark~ I can't believe Lois hit a dog! Even if it was a superpower dog that will never die, it was still sad. It was understandable though, as Lois was driving through Smallville, the land of weird. She then takes it home with her (to the Kent Farm, where the perfectly healthy and unharmed dog starts digging through the Kents' trash. And alas! Lois is allergic to dogs! This is great! We now get to hear Lois and Clark contemplate on a name for the superdog, which is immediately decided by Lois. "We'll call it Clarky!", Lois says with a smirk. Why Clarky? Because she is allergic to Clark, just like she is to the dog! Hahaha! I love this show. Of course, Clark is mildly offended by this insensitive comment. I would be too, but I know not to take Lois seriously. I guess Clark will eventually catch on to that as well. Until then we can laugh at their constant bickering.

    After Lois and Clark take the dog to the vet (or is it the dog shelter?), they tell the guy, who by dramatic irony we know as this dog's REAL owner, that they think the dog has one of those cool computer chip thingys under it's fur that identifies the dog and it's owner. That's so cool. Anyway, Clarky's (aka. Einstein's) real owner wants to take him back, but not till after Clark learns that little Clarky is Luthorcorp property. Oooo, interesting! So Clark orders Lois to go back to the Kent Farm with Clarky, while Clark takes a joyride over to see Lex. Once there, Clark learns that the dog was some part of an expiriment that makes superdogs! Fianlly, Clark figures out how little Clarky could pull a five ton tractor through a strong wooden fence! In the end, we had a good ending. Nobody dies! Well, except for the man in the opening scenes. Sucks for him. Both dogs lived! And guess what? Clarky isn't Clarky anymore! He's now known as "Shelby".

    Jason, Lana, and Genevieve~ I'm not a big Lana fan. She's kinda boring. But I must say that I love her in comparison to Jason and his mother. They make me cringe. And what is the point with this whole ancestory thing? Is Lana involved in some sort of epic story now? I don't really understand or care for this storyline so I won't explain it any further.

    Overall, this episode was okay. It was funny in some parts.


    *I like the name "Clarky" much batter than "Shelby". Isn't Shelby a girl's name? Is Clarky a girl?

    *That other dog looked really mean! I was seriously scared when I saw it's teeth.

    *That was so cute how Clark got to keep the dog in the end! Awwww!