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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2007 on The CW

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  • Much better.

    After a filler episode, we are given "Lara", an episode that actually furthers the story, which is what we all love. We get to see Kara further her search for her ship and crystal, Lana and her beginnings of the Watchtower (if I remember correctly), and of course, Helen Slater as Lara, Clark's true mother. Slater, of course, played Supergirl in the incredibly terrible 'Supergirl' film way back when. That storyline was confusing, something about a possible case of adultery and attempted ***cide with . Pretty sure that doesn't come back in the show, but I could just be forgetting something. Still though, great episode.
  • We get to see Clark's mother

    I like how this episode explains season 3 episode "Relic". It's interesting to see that Lara and Kara lived on earth on the Kent's farm before sending baby Kal-el to earth. Now we see that the Martian Manhunter was right about Kara's father; Zor-el. Zor-el wanting Lara for hisself and Kara witnessed it but Zor-el blanked Kara's memory to make it seem that Zor-el is good. Clark was always by his cousin's side even when she pushed him away. It shows that is loyal to his family. Looks like the will be a love triangle between Kara, Chloe and Jimmy in the near future.
  • The past.

    The Isis Foundation is born. When Chloe finds out, and Clark gets a little hint that Lana is hiding something. Anyways that's besides the point, this episode I felt was just just okay, even though it revealed a lot, I just cant stand Kara, well anyways, overall just okay. Kara's father was so messed up & the whole time zone was pretty weird, how can that picture still be there after all of those years, it is just impossible especially after the meteor shower. Anyways Kara & Jimmy might start dating, I hate how Chloe is so closed with him, she's just jealous.
  • Flashing back to a disintegrating Krypton, Kara is being sent on a three-year journey to Earth by her father Zor-El, who gives her a crystal that will restore her to her family eventually. She is to use it when she rescues her cousin on Earth, Kal-El.

    Chloe studies Lana's ISIS foundation web site, which offers help for the meteor-infected, and promises, "Together we will rebuild our future." Clark blows in to the DP, where Chloe informs him of reports that a flying object narrowly missed an air carrier aircraft in the D.C. area, resulting in a grounding of air traffic in a large area, and they know it was Kara. Jimmy comes to admit that he had shown Kara video of a spaceship, and this led her to Washington. Clark guesses Kara is looking for her crystal; she'll do anything to get it back.

    Clark greets Lionel warmly at his office; Lionel has been recovering from his injuries. Clark has found a government lab under a silo in Granville; Lionel says it belongs to the Dept. of Domestic Security, for a program called Starhawk, looking for aliens. This story line is then dropped - we hear nothing more about Starhawk.

    Kara's crystal is being examined in a lab in DC, while overly stiff CIA operative Walker observes. Lex arrives, violating security precautions, and thinking Walker is hiding something. Kara also is in D.C., at a night club, hoping to subvert one of the lab technicians, a stereotypical geeky young guy who is only too susceptible to her charms, and talks too much. When he says crystal, she's gone to the lab with his security card. She smashes the enclosure, but the crystal is missing.

    Chloe comes to the ISIS foundation to interview someone about it's work, and is surprised to see Lana, who tells Chloe she IS the foundation. She's using the divorce settlement to help the meteor-infected - support groups, hotlines, all in the plans. But she doesn't want Clark to know, so he won't talk her out of her plan. Chloe agrees to keep another secret.

    Kara is ready to rough up the lab tech to get the location of the missing crystal, but now Clark's in D.C. also, and intervenes. She insists that her father was a good man, and she wants the crystal. Their relationship is strained, and she can fly while Clark is earthbound, so she leaves by the sky route.

    She goes back to Kansas and the DP (making us wonder if that's the nearest accessible computer) and is found by Jimmy using his. Hacking into the Dept of D.S., she looks for information about the government lab, and sees a listing for LX Dynamics - a Luthorcorp subsidiary. She disappears fast.

    At the ISIS, Lana has numerous surveillance videos in operation in a secluded area, which seem to be tracking every room at the Luthor mansion, but suddenly the screens go blank. Kara enters the mansion, checking out Lex's safe, but agent Walker uses Kryptonite to disable her, just as Lex steps in. Walker has disabled all the cameras and the security guards, and when Lex gets too belligerent, Carter prangs him with some type of dart, and takes Kara captive. Lana can see only part of the mansion video feed, but what is Kara doing there? She calls Clark to tell him she knows where Kara is. Clark arrives about then and is told by an angry Lex that Kara has been arrested by the D.D.S.

    Kara has become a test subject at the lab again, held captive while Walker infuses her with a meteor rock cocktail. He thinks she's not human, and uses a Summerholt device to get her to talk. Kara's mind flashes back to a meeting with Lara twenty years earlier; she came to Earth to see where her son might grow up. Thus Lara was pregnant with Kal-El at that time. She tells Kara that Jor-El's Brainiac may save Krypton, but Lara realizes that she also must be ready to save her son. Jor-El chose the Kent family for their son's future home. Kara has unwillingly revealed all this to Carter, and he increases the dose.

    Kara's mind again returns to the Kent farm in 1986, when she suggested the name Kal-El for her future cousin. Clark crashes into the lab to free Kara, but he's momentarily slowed by the green rock, as Walker accuses him of being an alien, too. Lionel show up just in time to shoot Walker, and allow Clark to resuscitate Kara.

    Back to the past at the Kent farm, the door blows in - it's Zor-El, angry at Lara. He wants her to stay on Earth to rule with him, but Lara tells him that she and Jor-El are having a son. He thinks Jor-El stole Lara from him; he's a dangerous and jealous would-be suitor. Lara's DNA strands are stored in a crystal, and when Kara bursts in, angry at her father's jealousy and betrayal, Zor-El uses a crystal to erase her memory of these events. At the farm, Clark and Kara look at an early photo of Martha (probably a genuine portrait of Ms. O'Toole from her early 20s), and in the back of the frame, the photo of Lara that Kara took 20 years earlier. Clark now has an image of his birth mother. Kara apologizes for putting him in danger.

    Lionel enters the mansion to tell Lex that there's a new girl in town, and Lex is fascinated with her, but Lex says Kara just works for him at the Talon. Lex has some harsh words for Lionel too, as a father. Lionel tells Lex, "You can never fool me," but this scene has no real specifics, just angry words about not much.

    At the DP, Jimmy gets an apology from Kara, who is trying to make amends by taking him to lunch. Chloe (Allison Mack looks very good here) also asks Jimmy about lunch, but she's too late. She says "You and Kara are from different worlds" (an understatement); he replies that Kara is from Minnesota, not another planet, bringing a chuckle from we viewers.

    At the farm, Clark brings Lana out, showing her the photo of Lara, his birth mother, and the blue crystal - he has found it, and knows Lara's DNA is within. This looks like a bad move by Clark; one that will surely anger Kara in a future episode.

    "Lara" has some fairly significant plot elements and setups for future development, but the writers have packed so much into it that it loses some impact. Lots of explanatory dialogue can be a bit difficult to follow, and the Lex-Lionel confrontation seems to about nothing but confrontation itself. Lana seems to be up to something sinister, but too little is made of it to be effective in this episode. It should be seen by fans, but don't expect a lot. Re-run rating C+.
  • A solid episode.

    "Lara" is the finest example of Smallville at it's best since the season premiere. We are let in on the family feud that took place before Clark's birth and it's an interesting ride.

    Kara, while searching for the crystal, ends up being held captive and tested on by the Agent and then forced to undergo memory revival tests which bring some interesting backstory points to light. Laura Vandervoot was actually good in this episode. She pulled off all that she was given to do and I was pretty likable this time around. Plus, the scenes where she was trying to seduce the young nerd into information about the ship showed that she's willing to go harder at accomplishing what she needs to do than Clark sometimes is.

    As usual, another great throwback to the fans with the usage of Helen Slater, it's always a treat when they do that for the fans.

    "Lara" is a very strong episode and one that shouldn't be missed.
  • The House of El Love Triangle.

    Laura Vandervoort did a ok job when she was being kidnapped, she must be taking tips fronm Tom Welling. I loved all of Clarks scenes and Tom just gives a great performance, he's the main reason why I watch this show. Also I love how Lionel is back and how Clark still doesn't trust him. Clark is protecting his cousin from any kind of danger and that shows how mature he has become. Finally Lana thinks that she is fooling Chloe but she knows she is hiding something dark, it's just a matter of time. this episode was ok well.My complaints would be Less Kara and more Clark. I get really annoyed when I see her fly and Clark looking upwards when this is his show.I want to watch smallville not Karaville. Finally enough with the boring Clana, it's old and let Clark move the hell on! DAMN!
  • Call it a much needed boost to an very tired season...

    As the WGA's strikes keep shutting down shows, Smallville finally puts something really worth watching, just like all season's finales, a great cliffhangers (with maybe the exception of last season,-I don't think somebody actually bought the Lana's death plot- ) just to be followed with a lousy resolution in the next's season's premieres, and normally in the last 10 minutes of the chapter.(the worst was the great finale of Lex being controlled by ZOD causing Armageddon and then defeated in a very easily manner). So this chapter was clearly an attemp to keep us around while they come up with new stuff, providing the writers comeback soon, (please brothers and sisters, my heart it's with you, but please win this battle soon!) For a Long time now I've been wondering when the hell it's Clark going to learn how to fly!!!!! I mean I don't remember the disciples of Zod, and I know Lionel didn't But how about Clark at being possesed by Jor-El? Bizarro? Lex/Zod? Supergirl? it's a miracle that LANA didn't do it a couple of episodes ago, well maybe she couldn't since she's a clone and all....(isn't she?) So anyway, back to this episode... the whole Kara being at war with the Martian Manhunter was kinda lame, and also the plot of Jor-el and his brother feud, but the writers managed to pull it out nicely at the end and in a more credible manner (women, nothing but trouble ..ask the guys of TROY if you don't believe me....God bless the female gender!) than the resolution's that they use every season's premiere (are thy actually the same writers at the finales and the premiers?...that's kinda odd)....

    ...So I just can ask.....

    What's next???? (And ....when it's Clark going to learn to fly?)
  • We finally get to "see" Lara, and how Kal-El got his name.

    The episode is packed with a lot of information. It starts with Kara still on the hunt for her missing crystal, and she almost kills a bunch of people in a passing airplane. Lex suspects that Agent Carter isn't telling him everything, and he's not. Secretly Carter has been working on unlocking the secrets of the crystal. Chloe discovers that Lana has started a foundation to help the people who have been affected by the meteors, but demands that she not tell Clark. Just when Kara thinks she is on the trail of her crystal Carter captures her. He demands to know the truth about it, her, and such. But when she refuses he uses a machine on her to force her to tell the truth and remember things. What isn't expected is when she remembers that she had been to Earth before Clark had even been born. She sees Lara in the Kent home, they talk, Kara even names Kal-El. She also takes a picture of Lara and hides it in a picture frame. It is also slightly hinted at, how evil Zar-El was. Just when you think she is going to die Clark comes to the rescue. And he gets to see part of her memory, and for once he gets to see his mother. And we get to see that Clark lied to Kara, when he shows the crystal to Lana, he had it hidden away from Kara, in hopes that the DNA of his mother inside it could be used.

    Now the bad part of this episode. After all these years, the picture is still in the frame, sitting on the same table, with the exact same picture of Martha in it. You would think after almost 19 or 20 years it would have been changed a time or two.
  • The plot wet well,Kara is nice after all, but what happened to Lana?! wow a "super picture frame"?! Hmm… still dying to see the next episode...

    Finally we know something real about Kara, that she's not an evil villain who's going to attack our Clark Kent(soon). For me the plot went well, though I'm a little disappointed about the new character of Lana, I just don't feel like it's the thing for her…I had my eye on Smallville since day 1 and I really admired Lana's character, sweet and innocent, then out of the blue she starts this whole Lana vs. Lex??! C'mon… this isn't Lana… plus spying on Lex, with out him even knowing it? We're talking of a Luthor here? Aren't we? One more thing, this is about Lino and Clark "hugging" just gave me the Goosebumps!!! Please… I beg those writers… do something about the characters of Lino and especially Lana!!! Still a big mystery to me… how on earth did that picture frame survived without even a scratch on it!?!? Considering that house was destroyed by a meteor strike in season 4… banging my head on the wall. Hehehe…
  • A very interesting episode that's full of foreshadowing...

    "Lara" is the best of the six episodes to have aired so far, and is a fine example of what constitutes non-filler, and what more episodes should strive to be.

    The episode delivers an interesting insight into Lara's past through a series of flashbacks induced by the delightfully villainous Kim Coates. There's a nice treat for avid Superverse fans as Helen Slater (who played Supergirl in the 1980s film of the same name) appears as Lara, Clark's mother. It's a brief appearance, and it took me a while to recognise her, but it was great fan service all the same.

    Kara's present character is given more insight, and it asks an interesting question - if Kara is this feisty NOW, how would she be on red Kryptonite? I hope this becomes addressed in this season sometime.

    It's great to have Lionel back also - he featured frequently in this episode and it was to its betterment - he has an interesting discourse with Clark, and at the moment serves as his guardian angel, causing Lex to feel rather unloved. The real kicker for the episode is that we discover that the crystal that Kara has been looking for is, in fact, in Clark's possession. Fantastic.
  • I like the fact that Helen Slater was chosen to play Lara's role as much as I did when Christopher Reeve (RIP) played Dr. Swann. The episode was cleverly plotted. I think they should be more consistent with CK's weakness around green kryptonite.

    I like the fact that Helen Slater was chosen to play Lara's role as much as I did when Christopher Reeve (RIP) played Dr. Virgil Swann. The episode was cleverly plotted by the writers as usually. A thing I always enjoy is the dialogue between Lionel and Lex Luthor
  • A Hug and a Half

    An impressive episode which manages to quiet any worry over the introduction of Kara into the series. Despite being present a lot during the episode, she doesn't overshadow the main cast and doesn't irritate the viewer.

    I loved Agent Carter. Finally we have an aggressive, no-holds-barred bad guy, and I really hope he comes back. I also liked all the Krypton hijinks. It was great to see Helen Slater appear on the show, and I found myself surprisingly intrigued by the Lara/Zor-El/Jor-El dynamic. "Surprisingly" as I've never been hugely into the whole Kryptonian element of Smallville.

    Lionel's scenes were also great. He works wonders on this show, and his interactions with each character always produce awesome moments. This episode featured two. Lex called Lionel on the fact that he's begun to see Clark as a son, while Lionel called Lex on his rapidly creepy obsession with Clark. This entire story, with both father and son being interested in Clark in completely different ways, was something that's been so obvious over the seasons but has never been explicitly debated by both sides, so it was great to see it finally discussed here. I was also pretty surprised by Lionel and Clark's hug. He really does see him as a father figure now...

    Some of the subplots were a little random. I still dislike the forced triangle between Chloe, Jimmy and Kara, while Lana's sinister Isis corporation seemed a little forced too. I didn't like Chloe being so gullible either.

    But the strength of both main storylines easily overshadows the irritating subplots, and Laura Vandervoort finally managed to convince me that Lara was worth having on this show.

    Director: James L Conway
    Writers: Don Whitehead, Holly Henderson
    Rating: A-
  • Answers to the pros and cons of this episode.

    First off to the viewer who complained about Lara and Kara's visit to the Kent farm pre Clark. The complaint that if they visited Earth through a porthole, why send Clark to Earth by ship. If you remember the beginning of the episode, Kara's father had mentioned that the council had shut down all portholes to stop Zod from escaping the war. BTW- the porthole Idea has been in Smallville for several seasons (example - The cave to the fortress).

    As far as Kara's computer knowledge, have to agree with the another viewer, not really believeable. Unless she super-speed read a "Hacking for Dummies". :-) I do think that the writters should put in an explaination on why Clark is taking so much longer to develop his powers and why others from his planet are instantly masters of their powers. Overall I think most of the stories are written well. At least Clark isn't saving Lana from an Kripto infected freak every week.
  • A very interesting episode, in which we finally saw the truth about Kara.

    A very interesting episode, in which we finally saw the truth about Kara. She saw a past visit on earth when she came with Lara, Clark's father.

    She saw the truth about Zor-El and the truth about the Crystal. The Crystal has the DNA of Lara in it. Kara showed a photo of Lara to Clark, from her first visit. It was nice for Clark to finally see his mother.

    At the end Clark showed Lana that he has the Crystal that Kara is looking for. This should make it much more interesting. Lana is showing that she can't really be trusted, whilst she is always lying to Clark. Meanwhile Clark has something that Kara really wants.
  • Hopefully Kara and Clark are getting closer finally.

    I'm glad the suspicious nature of Kara appearance is being shown, instead of us going on for months on 'what is she up to?'. And what a flip with Lex starting to be good and Lana being a little not good. It looks good on her, she was way too sweet for way too long. And it's nice to see Lex being watched and him not knowing it. I'm just getting tired of Clark sitting at home, taking care of the farm, helping others out, when he could be with the justice league fighting criminals all the time, instead of waiting for disasters, go find them.
  • What a load of codswallop!

    Excuse me but what is all this tosh about Clark's mother visiting Earth and the Kent Farm before the meteor storm?? And HOW did they get there? Portals? Then why not use a portal to send Clark and Kara to Earth instead of wasting time with obviously unreliable space ships?

    This was such a stupid idea - why did the writers do this? It just makes the whole thing nonsensical!

    This episode had so many plot holes, it was laughable! So Lana told Clark she is spying on Lex and Clark didn't have a problem with that? And we only find out about it via a throwaway explanation at the end to explain how Clark found Kara. I mean come on!

    As much as I enjoy looking at Kara, the stories that involve her are just so badly written! Thank god there is a writers strike, maybe they can employ some writers who actually know how to construct a decent plot!
  • Lana is getting bad and Lex is getting good.Again.What is wrong with this world?

    When i first started to watch this series i liked Lex,but i knew he was going to get bad. So i waited and waited and waited until he finally became evil.That was a sad day,but a day i knew would come.And now he's good again.Or so he says.I would just like it if he made up his mind already.Is he good or the legendary evil?Is he the real Lex Luthor from the comic books or that Lex is really Lana in disguise?Or maybe Lana is actually a man. See?This is making me doubt the characters's gender.And we just can't have that.
  • I liked this episode for the most part. The acting was good in some places and a off in others. I like the show's attempt to cover other characters in the Superman ethos- Kara-I find her refreshing after 2 dark seasons.

    As stated, "Lara" was a good Episode of Smallville. From the character interaction to the sequence of events, this episode revealed a lot to the audience. I did not give the episode an excellent rating due to a few drawbacks which I'll attribute to bad editing and/or writing. For example, Kara left the Government Lab Tech at his apartment after she got the information she wanted to break into the Dept of Domestic Security. She discovers her crystal is not there and returns to the bar where she initially picked him up to harass the guy as to the real wereabouts of the crystal. She has a dramatic scene with Clark and flys off a few minutes later. How did that Government Agent (I forgot his name) find out about Kara's break-in to the Dept of Domestic Security in Washington, DC, fly to Smallville KS, break into Lex's house, bypass his security, and set up a trap for Kara in one night (the SAME night)? All by himself? How did he beat Kara? We know it's the same night because Lana called Clark to tell him where Kara was that night in the same outfit she wore earlier when she saw Chloe and it was daytime. Another thing, how were Lex's security gaurds overtaken and his security system shut down all without his knowledge, while he was in the house?! There must be some editing or cuts made because there are too many gaps in in the storyline. Then there was the interaction between Chloe, Clark, and Jimmie. It was good but I didn't like the way they- Chloe and Clark treated him- Jimmie. I don't think Clark and Chloe take Jimmie seriously when it counts. This scene revealed that. Clark dismissed Jimmie when he had the information he wanted. How many times has Clark done that to anyone and not been on Red Kryptonite? Another point, considering how good Chloe is about covering for Clark and that she noticed sparks between Jimmie and Kara in the Fierce episode, she shouldn't have been so surprised at his keeping her going to Washington a secret. However, when Clark's not around, Chloe's countenance for Jimmie changes from dismissive to blissful... eventhough she just broke up with him ie the initation to lunch scene. Those were subplots to the main story of Clark getting to see his mother which I thought was great. Throughout this series he has kept a negative view of his birth father-Jor- El. Seeing Kara's memory was good for him because it helped establish a loving, enduring perspective of his birth mother, Lara. This perspective, I think, is a small step for Clark towards getting closer to his Kryptonian Heritage and accepting ALL of who he is instead of feeling like he has to choose.
  • This episode was okay.

    I thought that this episode was going to be better than it ended up being. "Lara" was a Kara centric episode and maybe that is why I did not like this episode all that much. Her character still has not grown on me yet. One of the best scenes in this episode was with Lionel and Lex. The scene in which Lex was asking Lionel who's father was he since he spent so much time protecting Clark. I was thinking that is just another reason for Lex to loathe Clark. There were too many loopholes in this storyline. Clark and Kara broke into the secret government facility too easily. It didn't even seem like there was any security. Don't facilities like this have security cameras. Both Clark and Kara should been hauled away to secret government facilities after this one. What was up with Kara becoming a master hacker in two seconds I guess I can just chalk that up to human technology being so primitive. This season seems like it is all about Kara instead of all about Clark's journey to Superman. I hope this season gets back on track but the way it is headed I seriously doubt it.
  • Where is Smallville and Clark Kent?

    I've watched all 6 seasons of Smallville and this is the first season where I'm confused about what show I'm watching. Smallville is suppose to be about Clark Kent and although I was thrilled to finally see Clark's real mother "Lara" it was disappointing to see that the scene was more about Kara and her father then about why "Lara" chose the Kents to raise Clark. It also seems farfetched that Clark would not contact the one person who would have helped him track down Kara in Washington. His mother Martha, who is a state senator. And now we're to believe Lana has this dark side after only residing with Lex maybe 3 months if best. Hopefully in next episodes we can see more of the Clark Kent story and Lex Luthor story then Kara, the transformation of Lana Lang and Lois rode to being a reporter. I thought we were building a super hero, I just assumed it was Clark Kent since the show's title is Smallville.
  • Not bad Smallville.

    Well this week's episode was one of the best this season and truly impressive, it was interesting to see Lara, Clark's biological mother. I was also very curious and fascinated with Kara's past, and when she first came to earth.

    Lionel, Lex and Clark
    Well, Lex seems to be acting like the jealous son since he noticed Lionel and Clark getting closer. I'm liking that Clark has a father figure to look up to, and what even makes it more interesting is that this father figure is someone he used to hate, and the father of his enemy!

    Kara, Jimmy and Chloe
    As Jimmy and Chloe's relationship suffer, it seems like Jimmy and Kara aren't going at it so strong either. But I still much prefer Jimmy and Kara... Chloe needs someone else.

    Lana and Chloe
    Chloe visits a treatment center that offers help to those affected by the meteor shower. She is surprised to see Lana there and discovers something about her!

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Clark): We're not defined by our parents. We shave our own destiny.
  • Who gave these episodes an 8 and higher? Are you crazy?! Has anyone realized that the whole storyline of Smallville has changed? They are shifting off of Clark and going in all these other directions. Let's try to get back to Clark and get

    I do like the added storyline with the government interest. Very realistic seeing as they have their fingers in everyone's pies. But please, Kara? No offense to the actress. She is doing well with what she is given, but shame on the writers for giving it to her! How is it that EVERY Kryptonian that comes to Earth already figures out how to use his/her/its powers and here Clark still hasn't got a clue that he can fly???

    Other point of interest, chick...she watches Jimmy Olsen work on his computer (mind you, he never hacked, he just USED it...and the next time Lara sits at the computer, she is hacking a government site. Sorry, not realistic. Understanding human computers and magically figuring out how to hack sites in Linux code is not a Kryptonian power!!! (Did any of you catch that? Jimmy was using software in a Windows operating system...and by watching him do that, she figures out how to hack through a Linux server) By the way, I am a computer geek. :)

    So, back to the major complaints. We are steering away from Clark...avoiding the obvious direction of getting him to join the justice league and truly learn how to use his powers in an effort to prolong the series. WEAK!

    Last complaint...sorry Lana Lane, this one is for you. (again, writers fault, not the actress's) I don't care how many little green rocks that girl has been sniffing, it would not turn her from the sweet little country girl that we all came to love to Evil Chick who picked up all the secrets and bad habits from dear Lex. So, whatever direction they are going with the Lana angle, I hope they set it straight soon.

    Note to the writers, please get back on track with the original Smallville story and let the rest of us faithful fans sit back and enjoy the show the way it was supposed to be. And trust me, there will always be great stories to come up with once he has his powers. The Smallville series will only become more popular once he has his red tights on and starts saving humanity!
  • Good stuff

    This was one of the best episodes ever made for smallville. You finally get to know more about Clark's family! I don't get why some people don't like this episode. It was totally top stuff. Kara is hot 4ever d dd d d dd d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d dd d d f f f f f f f f g g
  • great episode

    Kara goes to Washington D.C. to search for her kryptonian crystal. clark tries to stop her, but she's so stubborn that she gets herself captured by an agent from domestic security. the agent uses a kryptonite formula truth serum on her so she'll reveal to the agent how she got to earth. it triggers memories from the past, it helps her remember her aunt lara. this is an excellent episode, i really had a great time watching this. the writers came up with another great storyline. seeing lara is a real treat. i hope they show jor el next time. i really liked this episode.
  • I would say this and "Kara" have been the two worst episodes so far this season. Anyone else think adding Supergirl to the show may have been a mistake?

    The episode opened well enough, showing a bit of the war on Krypton giving some more insight into how the planet was destroyed and how Kryptonians lived on it. I was hoping for more of Kara's backstory, but what we got was annoying and uninteresting.

    Although her flashback to being on the Kent farm with Lara was an insight into Clark's mother and Kara's father, it was just so dull. At that point I was really worried because I didn't care at all. That's not the sort of feeling I should be getting from one of my favourite shows; a poor scene should annoy or anger me because I know what Smallville's capable of at it's best.

    The flashbacks actually didn't play as big of a part as I thought they would so there's plenty of other things about the episdode to complain about. Most of them being Kara. She's really annoying me. I don't really care about her search for her crystal. Why's that? Because the show's about Clark, not Kara. I was hoping she'd make him come into his own a bit, but the way he was essentially b*tch slapped by her pretty much shows where their relationship stands. She not only doesn't seem to respect Clark, but he doesn't seem to deserve it in my opinion.

    Then there was Chloe. We love Chloe. She's beautiful, a great character and although she can end up just being the exposition of an episode, she's still vital to Clark. Her scenes here were pretty good, but we also saw the first time she and Lana have been on screen together so far this season. Clearly their reunion happened off screen, but I feel completely cheated because of it. They're meant to be best friends and so them both seeing each other again for the first time would've been a great scene to watch. Especially considering they also would've had to address the fact that finally they both know about Clark.

    Back to Kara's story, there were loads of plot holes and flaws here. Still hate the new super hearing effect(I said I'd mention it each time and I will). She finds someone who knows about her crystal and easily manages to get him to tell her where it is. How stupid was that guy? And how stupid do the writing team think we are to buy that he'd just tell her everything? Even if he was a bit drunk and even though Kara is deadly gorgeous, there's no way someone with that level of access to a top secret facility would just give everything away like that. I'm happy to buy into a lot on Smallville, but that felt insulting.

    The episode also suffered from poor exposition. Kara suggests calling the baby Kal-El. Why? No explanation (apparently it means Star Child). Also when she was getting pumped by the Kryptonite truth serum thing and it killed her Clark managed to restart her heart by hitting her chest with his superstrength. This wasn't actually a flaw (with the exception of the copious amounts of the green stuff still around them). It was said in "Void" in season 5 that when Clark died the Kryptonite in his body was neutralised. This would also be true for Kara here and so technically makes sense. However the fact that theymake no mention of it is really annoying, making it seem like a huge flaw.

    I honestly thought of stopping watching Smallville during this episode, but the last scene did save it. I didn't see Clark taking the crystal coming at all. It makes sense for him to do that and shows that he can think and act for himself.

    Kara's introduction this season could have gone so well, but it seems to have been a bad choice. It's still early doors, with most of the season still to come (if the WGA strike gets sorted out soon anyway) but they can't keep giving us episodes like this one.
  • Well...I didn't really like this episode. It was okay.

    A lot of things bothered me about this episode. I'm wondering where did Kara learn to use sex to get what she wants. I guess she's a fast learner. I feel so bad for Chloe. She looked like she wanted to cry when Jimmy walked off with Kara. Where is Lois when Chloe needs her?!?

    Jimmy looked like an idiot after Kara kissed him. I knew how much he liked her from the beginning. I hope Chloe doesn't take him back. He probably would have cheated on her with Kara. Uh, I don't even want to think about that. I hope Jimmy and Kara are happy together but only if Chloe can move on. I thought TPTB used a sorry excuse to introduce Lara. Having her picture, in perfect condition, hidden behing Martha's picture was a little too cheesy for me. I'm glad, though, that Clark now has some connection to his natural mother. Speaking of mothers...I'd heard that Annette O'Toole would be a recurring character this season. She has yet to appear and has only been mentioned once or twice. Did I hear incorrectly? Has she left the cast altogether?

    I'm glad Kara got caught. I don't feel hostility towards her; I knew that she had to learn how dangerous Earth could be for her. I hope she finally learned her lesson. I'm upset that Clark is telling Lana EVERYTHING and she's being very secretive. He even has the crystal and showed it her. If he only knew...she's not worthy. Poor Clark.
  • I thought it was a very good episode, a step up from last week's.

    First of all I would like to point out that I loved that Clark finally gets to see his mom. I was so happy for him. I was not however happy he did not tell Kara about him finding the crystal. Not tellng your only blood relative, come on Clark. And you know what I take back what I said about Clana I am now finally a supporter of those 2. I don't know why specifically but in this episode I just liked them together and I Lana a bit better too. Lex and Lionel definantly do not have a good father/son relationship you can hardly even call it that. That guy Kara was getting the info out of was highly dumb however giving all of that top secret information to some he doesn't even know. I like Kara however. Wow I am highly surprised I was able to write so much about this episode. I would say it was the best one so far this season.
  • Finally, a Supergirl episode that doesn't disappoint

    I mentioned previously that giving both Lana and Kara sinister undercurrents would work wonders for this season. That wish has been partially fulfilled, thanks to a more interesting subplot for Lana and her new organization, but the jury is still out on Kara. This episode would appear to remove any chance of a hidden agenda. Instead, Clark is sent into an unexpectedly questionable direction.

    This episode is chock full of Superman mythology, and it would take someone with far more knowledge of the comic book canon to discern the divergences from expectation. For my part, Kara's memories help to make sense of some material from earlier in the series and also serve to lay the foundation for a more complete accounting. The series itself has never explained the fascination with Earth from the Kryptonian point of view, and if this season is about Clark's struggle to understand his legacy, that should be included.

    Kara's plot thread makes a certain amount of sense, but now that it's clear that she had been manipulated by her father, it leaves her own purpose somewhat obscure. Part of her motivation will be to uncover her father's true purposes and her role on Earth. Clark's possession of her ship's crystal could lead to more conflict, but that would say more about Clark than Kara herself. What I would like to see, as I've said with just about every character at some time or another, is a distinct sense of direction based on a relatable psychological basis.

    As an example, I could point to Lana, who finally seems to be getting a purpose of her own. I was intrigued by the idea in the sixth season that Lana would ally herself with Lex for the purposes of saving others from the fallout of the meteor showers and Kryptonian interventions. That has evolved for both characters to one extent or another, and for Lana, that means development of an organization that can counter the negative effects of Lex's black projects. Her methods and machinations, if they remain dark, could revitalize interest in the character.

    Speaking of Lex, while he continues to obsess over Kryptonian technology and characters like Lionel refer to his immoral decisions, it would be interesting to see his motivations crystallize in a more focused manner in the wake of Project 33.1. However poorly implemented, that idea had the potential to give Lex and his activities scope and meaning. This is a recurring desire, however, and one that may never come to fruition.

    This is a huge episode for Clark, because he does something out of character by stealing Kara's crystal and keeping his possession of it from her. The question is whether or not that apparent misstep is intentional. I believe Clark's actions are a direct result of experiencing Kara's memories and a desire to know and understand his mother. He's not thinking properly or acting normal because this knowledge is a shock to his system.

    If nothing else, Kara managed to act as a conduit between Clark and a tangible aspect of his Kryptonian legacy. Hopefully the character can gain a clear direction of her own, but for now, the earlier missteps with her introduction are under repair. I still have concerns about the actress and how well she fits the part, but other aspects of the show are making up for some of the shortcomings. There's plenty of room for improvement, but this seems to bring the season back on track.
  • A few things to say about the ep...

    1. Kara is saving the show when Lois isn't there. Amazing storyline set for her. Really. Kudos to her at her way of investigating. She seriously reminded me of Lois. I want to see those two in screen togeter so bad!

    2. Kara/Jimmy is sweet. Really, their chemistry is very nice, even though I still like Chlimmy. What I don't like though, is the way Chloe and Clark treated him on the beginning of the ep. What a rude way to thank him for giving information about Kara. And Chloe running to Jimmy, saying they can still be friends and invite him to lunch... well... poor Chloe. Sad that he already had plans with Kara. But see, Chloe, you can't run to Jimmy whenever it's convenient and expect him to be sitting there waiting like a good doggie. 3. Lionel and Clark hugging: I was like... "WHAT?" Since when are they buddies? I mean, as far as I'm concerned, last time they met, Clark tried to kill him. Unless this is Offscreenville attacking again.

    4. FANTASTIC scene between Lex and Lionel at the Mansion. Really. Whoa. What an acting. Lex was amazing in this episode. 5. Lana Lang is a Luthor. Really. She's only kidding Clark with her "good girl" façade. She's so... fake. Isis foundation my ass. She's spying on Lex, that's what she's doing. And... contacts at the Mansion my ass, too. She's a better liar than Clark is, that's for sure. I can't wait to see her even more evil. Let's see which foundation she'll create with the money she'll steal next week. 6. The way Jimmy said "Kara?" when she superspeeded off is just like the surprised way Lois says "Clark?" whenever he does the same thing. Just cracked me up. 7. Kudos to Kara again for calling Clark on his selfishness. ~"It's always about what you want. You act like such a hero... but really... all you ever think about is yourself."~

    8. Jor-El, Zor-El and Lara triangle. Are you f*cking kidding me? ANOTHER one? Is that the only conflict the writers can come up with?? COME ON, seriously? 9. LIONEL: "Your life is complicated, Clark." ~ Yes, right now, very complicated. Lana, Lana, Lana and Lana. She's a problem, see?

    10. KARA: "I don't know what's worse. Finding out the truth or losing who I thought he was." [...] "Maybe it's time I stop holding on to my past and start looking ahead." ~ Quick analysis: This could TOTALLY relate to Clark. What Kara said could completely apply to Lana. Maybe Clark, deep down, is afraid to find out the truth about who she really is and what's really been going on inside her pretty little head. And it IS, indeed, time for him to stop holding on to his past and start looking ahead. The girl is officially on Earth for a few weeks and is already wiser than our BDA. I mean, I know girls mature faster than boys, but come on, this is ridiculous.

    11. Clark reffering to Martha and Jonathan as their "adoptive parents" really, really bugged me. 12. Clark sucks. Seriously. I'm really annoyed. First, the guy claims Lois is always in trouble but at least she can take care of herself, but Clark can never save his own life. :P How ironic is that? And he's acting like a total puppy when he's with Lana. She's got him whipped, and in the bad way. Yeah, that's it, Clark, tell Lana everything about crystals, kryptonians and your parents like a good dog while she lies to you about her projects and secret plans. Naive much? I can't believe he actually thought she'd come back from a marriage with Lex as the same sweet innocent girl. HOW-- tell me --HOW will THIS guy turn into SUPERMAN? They better give him a full 180º spin in his morals and values right now. And drag Lana way, just to make sure. The best character of the episode: Kara, definately. The worst character of the episode: Clark. And the show is about him. Ironic? Not really. Sad? Oh yeah. Infuriating? Absolutely. I'm looking forward to next week. Besides Lois, I'm looking forward to see Lana with powers. I hope the Clana showdown answers to my expectations and doesn't show Lana beating Clark up while he looks up at her with teary blue eyes and pleads her to stop while asking her to marry him.
  • i think that this episode was awesome this is because some of the things that happened were cleverly plotted. i just thought that clark would have injured or hit Kara, that way she will start to respect him. Kara should learn her lesson.

    kara was with lara before clark was born. this means that clark is youmger than kara yet he is the one who is advising her and telling her the correct thing to do. I am also happy that Kara has finally understood what Clark was trying to tell her about kryptonite. it was very sad though when she was being injected by kryptonite into her skin. i think that the best thing to do is that clark should have just killed the guy so that he cannot mess up again. i love the way that clark hit Kara on her chest. it was very cool and awesome.
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