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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on The CW

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    Good good
  • Hope there's more episode to watch

    Super love it
  • clark dies and lives (again), evil lex luthor is on the scene and yawn more daddy issues.

    weak! ok, so the concluion to last season's cliff hangar was good and lois knowingly telling clark about the blur was funny but other than that the main story was...a mess. luthor clones? and rubbish ones too. if the orignial actor isn't coming back (and who can blame him) then its a rather rubbish idea. Was good to see jonathon kent again, tho he seems to have grown his hair in the afterlife, but dialogue continues to be poor and the emotional impact of his appearance left me wondering.... Chloe and green arrow have been the most interesting element of the show for a while so heres to them getting a spinoff.
  • Clark doesn't die (obviously), Lois ends up nearly getting killed and leaves, Chloe trades herself for Oliver, and Tess finds Lex....miniature size.

    We open with Tom Welling saying "And now, the final season of Smallville". Well that right there had me nearly crying. Clark falls to the ground, Lois finds him with the blue Kryptonite knife in his chest, and begins crying. Clark has a near death experience where Jor-El tells him he's dying and he's the evil Earth should fear. Just before he waes up Clark sees Lex walking through the field where Lex first saved his life. Lois pulls the knife out and hides as she watches him heal and speed off, confirming her realization that Clark Kent is the Blur. Chloe is desperately looking for Oliver, who was kidnapped by some covert guy who's busy beating the crap out of Oliver. Chloe ends up putting on Dr. Fate's helmet to find him, and she knows what she has to do. Meanwhile Tess wakes up in a secret Luthercorp lab, completely healed. She sneaks around and finds out that Lex has been trying to create clones of himself to heal him with their pieces. She sees one who looks just like the younger Lex, and she meets one who is an older, more evil (if possible) Lex who locks her up and burns the lab, killing everyone but her. Clark finds her, unlocks her, and goes to find this evil Lex, who has kidnapped Lois from Clark's house and tied her up where Clark was tied up as a freshman prank, an S painted on her shirt. Lex lights the field on fire, leaving Lois as the flames begin to crawl towards her. Clark finds the evil Lex, nearly kills him, and finds out there is a bomb blowing up the Daily Planet ball right now. He tells Clark he can either save Metropolis, or the love of his life. Clark rushes off, puts out the fire by Lois first, and leaps into the air to lift the Daily Planet's ball back on top, as people cheer and clap. Tess takes the young Alexander back to her home. Lois realizes she is only putting Clark in danger if she stays, so she writes a letter saying she couldn't pass up Africa after all and leaves. Her last scene is her crying over a picture of her and Clark, while standing in the deserts of Africa. Chloe exchanges herself for Oliver's freedom, and Clark has a vision (?) with Jonathan Kent telling him that he believes in him and that the greatest evil yet is coming. All in all a good start, not as much Clois as I would've liked to have seen, but at least we know that they might be breaking the "No tights, no flights" rule this season. An if you ask me, the greatest evil is the beginning of the Lex Luthor vs. Superman chapter. It just seems time. And one last note, I LOVED that they put in the song "One More Day" by Vast, which was the song playing when Clark was crying on Lana's lap when she was possessed by Brainiac. It just made me want to cry and laugh at the same time. A very good ending.
  • Beyond awesome and more than what I hoped for, so many emotional moments, perfect episode!

    Beyond awesome and more than what I hoped for, so many emotional moments, perfect episode! It looks like we will see flight and high drama and DarkSeid and Apokolips. It would be cool if Smallville ended with Clark as Superman only to start a new TV Show following the adventures of Clark as a fully realised Superman along with other DC Heroes, the writers have really stepped up and have proven that they can deliver a mature superhero show. I for one hope that is what is next for what has been one of TV's best and most evolving TV shows, it only seems natural.
  • The beginning of the end.

    So Lazarus was the last Smallville premiere we will ever see and it was a fairly good one at that. Probably the best one in 3 years. It had a very good balance of action, drama and romance. Of course, with this being Smallville and everything, you always have to deal with a few plotholes. Case in point, how the Fortress got repaired again. We also had a couple of repetive elements, like Clark dying or Jor-El being inexplicably harsh with his son. I get some of the things that Jor-El said. I had the same problem with Clark's recklessness last season. But he is not dark in the heart. I wasn't a fan of having Lex appear without Rosenbaum returning, but they pulled it off very well. So we are going into the season with plenty of new questions. Who has Chloe? How will her absence be explained to Clark, Oliver and Tess? Loved Clark in this episode. He was at the centre of the action and he was very heroic. Lois had an ok episode. Her handling of the secret will be one of the season's main focuses. Tess had an interesting episode. I am glad she is alive, but taking in the young Lex clone? Hmm, don't know about that. Oliver didn't appear a lot. Just waiting to see what has happened there and who has Chloe. Speaking of Chloe, it was a heroic episode for her. Allison Mack was brilliant again and (beware of spoilers) it's a real shame that we won't see her again for months! The show for me isn't the same without her. Jonathan's scene with Clark was rightfully placed as the final dialogue scene. It was a fantastic scene. Everytime Clark told Jor-El how he missed him, it felt like the words were coming out of my mouth. I hope we get to see more of Jonathan down the road.

    All in all, it was a great way to reintroduce us to the show on this final season. Roll on Shield.
  • Great Episode!

    I enjoyed the episode.

    The Jonathan/Clark scene was outstanding.

    Clark catching the DP globe was amazing! Such an awesome moment!

    I enjoyed seeing Clark talking about things and wrestling with things. I thought about Harry Potter (the train station) when Clark was at the crossroads with the scarecrow stand on one side and his grave on the other.

    I enjoyed all of the Lois/Clark moments. I thought it was odd that Lois left the knife in Clark's chest so long AND the way she suddenly put him on the ground when he was waking up but I get why they did it. The live action Doomsday pose - though brief - was thrilling. I liked the playful Hydro callback at the DP. That whole scene was great. I enjoyed Lois looking through past articles and mentioning all Clark's close secret keepers of years past. I'm glad that Lois was going to have a talk with Clark right away about the Blur.

    I'm not a Chlollie shipper but the exchange scene where they bump into each other was heartbreaking. And the pic from next week's teaser was lovely.

    I enjoyed Tess very much and I thought Cassidy Freeman did a fantastic job reacting to the lab full of Lex clones. The last scene with little fake Lex was eerily heartwarming, even with the ominous toy soldier burning up in the fireplace.

    Chloe looked lovely. I'm not sure why she didn't tell Clark that Oliver was in trouble. But I like how tough and determined she was to save Oliver. Chloe putting on the helmet was very heroic.

    The episode looked beautiful! Great effects for the most part.
  • The very last season premiere of Smallville...A very good start to the season.

    I thought the premiere was well done, for the most part. The whole Oliver/Chloe scenario left me with entirely too many questions (which have mostly been answered after skimming I didn't like the older Lex. The actor that portrayed him did a good job; I just can't stand the idea of anyone else playing Lex on this show, even if he's only a clone. It really brought tears to my eyes to see Clark with his dad again. I had expected to see Jonathan in the first few minutes of the show. I thought Clark would see him during a near death experience. It was so good to see him. I hope Martha comes back for an episode or two. (After last season, I think she pretty much has to show up, right?) I hope so, anyway. I know that many people were mad at what Jor-El told Clark but I actually liked the whole scene. I think that Jor-El issued a challenge to Clark. He WANTS to motivate Clark with his words. That's just my opinion. I think that Clark will work even harder to become the hero he's destined to become.

    I've never liked Tess, but I learned last season to tolerate her. I understand the attachment she has to Alexander, since she was so attached to Lex. She doesn't seem to be the nurturing type at all, though, so it's strange to see them together. If Alexander ages as rapidly as the recent clone, it could leave the door open for Michael Rosenbaum to reprise his role one more time. I sincerely hope he will make an appearance, just one last time.

    I am annoyed that Lois went to Africa because it seems like a waste of time. Hopefully she'll be back soon. I yelled at my TV for a moment; I wanted her to tell Clark that she knew his secret. Wasn't that the whole point of him kissing her (as the Blur) last season?

    I have loved this show since the beginning, even though there were many moments when I wondered why I continued to watch. This season premiere, the last Smallville premiere, made me remember the earlier days of the show, when I LOVED this show and was totally hooked on it. I can't wait to see how it all comes together and how it ends. I am anticipating the next episode more than I've anticipated an episode in a long, long time.
  • No.... did he say last season of Smallville

    Smallville had been keeping me on the edge of my seat for 9 years, with all the Justice League characters slowing come in in the series and Clarke SLOWLY becoming who we are expecting to see... This year must be the year... well it has to be really.

    This episode finally shows his suit and he did say "i felt like i was flying" he's nearly there. Can wait for them to actually drop the "Superman" name as they have been dancing around that actual words for a while.

    Great series, good writers always keeping us on the edge of our seats.
  • I love Dark Smallville

    Smallville has been very dark ever since season 8 and now it seems it's going to be darker in season 10 and I love the Dark Smallville. Jorel is being a jerk as usual, even though I think the fortress was being controlled by another forced. It's sad that Lois left Clark, but they will reunite because they love each other and they are not like Clana. Lois is not forcing Clark to reveal his secret to her by scheming and cunning ways like Lana was doing back in season 6. Lois is letting Clark be the hero and not holding him back. That's why I love Lois, I mean Clois. Chloe "sacraficed" herself to save Oliver. I hope she will back alive. Chloe deserves to go out with a bang, but alive. I hope with all this Lex hoopla, Micheal Rosenbaum will be back. No one is Lex, but him.
  • Season Ten starts with an overload of cliffhanger resolves, but with fine individual performances, a nice guest spot by John Schneider, and Clark's secret revealed to Lois.

    Except for numerous half-second cuts revisiting almost the entire 9 previous seasons, Season Ten's premiere started well. I enjoyed John Schneider's reappearance, which showed again that he is a fine actor. Reintroduction of the Evil That Is Lex was not so enjoyable - the poorly-depicted "Lex" clone only confirming that the producers have not been able to sign Michael Rosenbaum to a final guest appearance.

    Oliver's capture and torture was unnecessarily brutal, and only opened the door for a prisoner exchange between him and Chloe - a means of writing her out of the script for an unknown number of episodes. I expect to see her only a couple more times this season. I did not like the "I'm a hero" claim to fame by Clark in the fortress, nor Jor-El's counter - "You will never be Earth's Saviour!" What? This conflict we have had before - I prefer progress over recycling.

    Clark's Secret - I've long wondered how the writers would handle that between him and Lois. He tells her? She knows and tells him she knows? I rather like this alternative - she knows, but doesn't let on that she does, but teases him with her knowledge. So now Lois has a secret, making the fans feel as though they share it with her. Clever approach.

    The main episode problem was this - too many characters in limbo from last season's finale, and the writers trying to resolve all the cliffhangers in one hour. Why? It felt rushed, abruptly switching from one character to another. Fine acting, especially by Ms. Freeman, but introducing a new "young Lex" did not go well for me - I see no good role for Tess in this relationship.

    Lois wound up in the cornfield on the cross (it's still there after nine years?), but Clark arrives in time to extinguish the flames threatening her, then makes a pretty good test flight to stop the DP sphere from crashing into the (mostly unoccupied) street below. Lois is off to Africa, which also seemed like a plot device to drop her from the next few episodes, but the clip with her scanning the dramatic horizon from a sand dune was pure artwork. We also get an indication that Clark is soon to ditch the black outfit and don the blue-and-red, a bodysuit that looks like it was re-tailored from Brandon Routh in "Superman Returns."

    "Lazarus" is a bit better as a repeat - my expectations are lowered, and I'm more willing to accept the flaws and enjoy the good performances. I hope the next few episodes are less ambitious, and limited to one or two storylines. Re-run rating B-.
  • See Summary

    Lazarus picks up where season 9 of Smallville left off. This episode was action packed, and had a few key emotional moments. There was a lot going on, old story lines being rounded out, and new foundations for the future laid. Lois now knows Clark's secret, and is torn. Chloe makes a life changing decision. It was interesting to see a few reincarnations of Lex, and I wonder how this story line will turn out. Tess Mercer is still alive, and who knows whats in store for her. I can't wait to find out what happens next. I think that the season is off to a good start, and I hope if it is the last, that it goes out doing it way BIG!!!
  • The new standard

    This episode and this season so far set what I believe to be the best and highest standard in live-action, Superhero-based television since Heroes. I feel somewhat reluctant in saying that, but it's true. Over the summer, I didn't have very high expectations for this season. I mean, we had, not a year ago, come off of one of the worst seasons, if not the worst season, of the show, season 8. Season 9 did a fair job of redeeming season 8, but it had its bad moments as well (Clark's incessant whining about the ability to fly, the somewhat confusing back-to-the-future-esque plot of the first half of the season, Clark's dad's unrealistic ego and abandonment of his son [why the heck did even send Clark to earth if all he was gong to do was be critical and freeze him when he made mistakes, and why was the human clone of Jor-El so compassionate and understanding if his crystal counterpart was so cold, calculating, and unforgiving], the unrealistic relationship between Oliver and Chloe that was thrown into the mix without any real foreshadowing or logical reason, and what the HECK was with the whole Tess/Zod fling [it was not only gross but also a stupid idea on the part of both parties ("yes, I'll do it with an alien bent on taking over the world and killing me in the process"; "yes, I'll do it with the trick who betrayed every other person she has claimed to love"]). So I was doubtful that a tenth season could do much for the show (I mean, we were already dealing with what is perhaps the biggest deviation from the comic book counterpart in televised media ever, Lois finds out that Clark is Superman and has a relationship with BOTH men). However, when I heard that season 10 would be the last one, I decided to go ahead and give it a whirl (despite the fact that the producers lied to us three years ago by saying that season SEVEN was the last one). I mean, I HAVE been with the show since its first season. I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the relationship between Clark and Lois is as unrealistic as heck and takes liberties with the comics that I didn't think MY children would live to see. Yes, the "Dark Force" thing that was such a big deal in the first few episodes was WAY overplayed for my taste. But the thing is, the show has done nothing but move forward since the beginning, maturing at a much faster rate than the past THREE seasons have. It has already dealt with many of the major topics of the show. Clark has made peace with the death of his father. Clark is no longer afraid to take the risk of revealing himself to Lois, knowing that their relationship will survive. Clark has made peace with his biological father, or rather the icy-cold duplicate of him (or at least this was the implication as of the episode "Abandoned"). Clark is inching ever closer to donning the Superman suit by the change in color scheme in his blur outfit. The world's view on vigilante superheroes is FINALLY brought into the spotlight, sparking a debate concerning the people's right to NOT want to be saved by strangers (as well as the inclusion of fanatics on both sides, such as Gordon Godfrey and Rick Flagg). And the Smallville universe is finally expanding beyond the freaks of the week and Saturday morning Batman-like villains that have held the show back (and have not required any real power-usage on the part of Clark, save for his stupid super-speed, occasional strength-bursts, and laser eyes) with the inclusion of Clark's first large-scale enemy, Darkseid. Season 10 is by no means perfect. But I believe that it's the best thing going for televised, live-action superhero media right now.
  • Season 10 Premiere

    A step in the right direction for Smallville considering it's the show's final season, and I have a feeling that this season will not disappoint it's fans, just like this episode didn't. This episode is mostly enjoyable to the people have been watching since day one with the return of Jonathan Kent and the constant references to the pilot episode. That's why I enjoyed it so much. The fact that Lois was tied up the same way Clark was, was almost poetic. The return of Lex Luthor? It's no Michael Rosenbaum but it's definitely something. Then we have Lois finding out Clark's secret, although I can't find her reasoning in to going to Africa, the Clark/Lois scenes were actually tolerable. Tess redeemed herself in season 9 finale but harboring Lex's younger clone of himself looks like trouble, but I'm looking forward to see how they will handle the Lex storyline without Michael Rosenbaum. Seeing future Superman's costume was absolutely epic for viewers, it was a great scene.

    Chloe trading places with Oliver was a sad moment, and I'm interested to see how they will handle her departure. Overall a superb premiere, and lets hope the rest of the season is like this.
  • Save the reporter or save the world?

    It's an odd sensation going into Smallville's tenth season and being the most excited I've ever been about the show. With a definite end in sight, it appears that the producers are letting loose and giving us fans what we've been wanting for a couple of years now: a genuine superhero show. Yeah, I've read it over and over, that Smallville should have ended years ago, blah blah blah, and I've probably said it myself once or three hundred times. But I'm glad it has stuck around for so long -- we finally have the suit; Lois finally knows about Clark's secret (without any bumps on her noggin which typically lead to a convenient dose of amnesia); Clark kinda, sorta flies in this episode; Lex kinda, sorta appears in this one, too; Darkseid makes his first appearance (and looks like his comic-book counterpart -- yay!); and, er, did I mention the suit?!

    There's no time for the casual viewer anymore. There are so many throwbacks to the first season, to the show's very first episode, and so many hints of what's to come, names being dropped here and there, that if you're not a DC nut or a massive fan of the show, then sayonara to ya!

    A lot of dangling plot-threads from last season's brilliant finale are tackled head on, with most of the cliff-hangers either coming to a satisfying resolution or shrouded in even more intrigue. Cadmus is casually introduced into the season without ever stealing any limelight from the storytelling that needs to be told now. Darkseid only appears at the end, and looks very cool and ominous, and again, it's not shoehorned into the premiere, we're simply teased about what's to come. Smallville... planting seeds... for future episodes? Color me shocked.

    I have never really fully embraced Clark's relationship with Lois. They have had their moments -- the odd spark here and there -- but it has never felt genuine to me, it never really became worthwhile. Last season changed all of that with Lois finding out Clark's secret. This season premiere has an absolute blast toying around with Lois' new-found intel on Clark, and I may be looking too much into this, but Tom Welling and Erica seemed much more at ease playing their parts without any barriers between their characters.

    Sure, Lois hasn't told Clark yet that she knows his dirty little secret, but she sure as hell has fun with it. I couldn't stop grinning when she purposely drops her pen under the table, taking an age to find it even though she had it in her hand all along, so that Clark could use his x-ray vision and super-speed on by her to retrieve a document. If the writers can keep this sort of fresh, breezy storytelling throughout the season, I'll be one happy camper.

    Many have expressed how cheated they felt by the reintroduction of Lex, or should I say the introduction of his considerably aged clone. Personally, I felt it was a superb move - not only did they cast such a fantastic actor, who managed to nail all of Micahel Rosenbaum's mannerisms, but the plot-line leaves the window open for the return of the real Lex, which I'm sure will happen, considering the stops the producers are pulling with casting: Terri Hatcher has been confirmed, as well as Battlestar Galactica's Michael Hogan, both in equally inspired roles that I won't spoil for you here.

    And so, we must bid adieu to Chloe Sullivan (for a handful of episodes, anyways). It was good to have the old Chloe back. She was brave, selfless, caring, vulnerable and looked incredibly hot in this episode. While it wasn't the most ideal way to send her packing, I'm a sucker for when Allison Mack turns on the waterworks. Think Willow on Buffy. When Alyson unleashes the floodgates, you're utterly helpless against her plight. Likewise, Mack can add volumes to a line as simple as ''Goodbye, Clark.'' It was gut-wrenching stuff. And there's no way they can kill off Chloe now, she's officially part of the DC universe! She's our very own Harley Quinn! OK, yes, the Smallville writers can kill her off if they wanted to (lord knows they've dangled that threat in our faces countless times), but she's apart of the comic-book world now, which is all down to Allison Mack's fantastic portrayal of Chloe Sullivan. It's such a pity she'll only appear in 5 episodes this year.

    It was great to see John Schneider back on on the show, he looks fantastic (Do they cryogenically freeze the actors until their next appearance? Annette also hadn't aged a bit last season). Fans have been in a huff over the inexplicable reason behind Jonathan Kent's reappearance on the show. Who cares? It felt right. It felt like old times, which is exactly what this episode was about – reminiscing. I also enjoyed that old dynamic between Clark and his opposing fathers. I'd like to think that Jonathan was only a figment of Clark's imagination, a way of processing and dealing with his emotions (ala Six Feet Under), and Clark simply mustered up what he felt his father would say, which is what he always used to say – screw Jor-El, make your own destiny.

    This was a solid season opener to lead us into what'll hopefully be one of Smallville's strongest seasons. We have the suit set in our sights. The show is on the right track! Apparently, all Clark needs to do is get over himself and he's soaring. Well, Clark, get over yourself!
  • So unoriginal.

    OK, so hero has a vision of his dead father, apparently dies, meets a mentor in Limbo, and insists on going back to earthly life to fight a "great" evil. Oh, and there's the creepy kid who will grow up to be a villain. Can we all say "HARRY POTTER"? This is the most unoriginal episode since season 6 when they cloned BUFFY's "Normal Again" episode and claimed Clark was really a lunatic in an asylum dreaming the entire show. You'd think that for the first episode of the new season, they'd try harder. It doesn't bode well for the last season.
  • One Word PERFECT.

    This is what I have been waiting for, this is the real smallville, this is the show that I have fallen in love with from the first episode of the series way back in 2001.
    And now, the final season of Smallville. What a relief to hear these sweet words, told by Tom Welling. After a mashup of past scenes, that should stimulate your nostalgia, the story started right after the dramatic events of Salvation. It's like the show never stopped because inspired by its captivating story and friendly characters I couldn't help dreaming about it in the last past months.
    I believe this episode was Perfect, It was like seeing an old episode of smallville!I liked very much the idea of bringing Lex back, but i disappointed when i didn't see Michael Rosenbaum. It's a good thing that Lois finally finds out Clark's secret. One of the best scenes was seeing Clark's father again.
    The final season started perfectly, but we will see how it would end up!, I hope it continues on the foot steps of this episode.
    Finally we have to see Clark flying with the suit!
  • Arguably one of the most highly anticipated Smallville episodes in a very long time, Lazarus promised to deliver the first of the final 22 episode-leg of Clark's journey towards becoming Superman. But did the episode deliver? The answer: a resounding YES!

    * * * S P O I L E R S A H E A D * * *

    The episode opens with more than just a recap of the events of the previous season, but also highlights the major threads and themes this season may be dealing with as it brings the story to an epic conclusion.

    It then picks moments after the previous season ended. Clark's apparently lifeless body is on the street below the rooftop of the Daily Planet building where he and Zod had their epic final battle. The blue Kryptonite dagger still embedded in his gut, and rain pouring over him. Lois finds him and cries over his limp form, in a scene that reminded me of a panel from the "Death of Superman" comic where Lois holds Clark in a similar way after he is apparently killed by Doomsday.

    The scene shifts to Clark who awakens in what we learn is a place between life and the afterlife, represented as vast green field of crops. He speaks to Jor-El who gives him the whole "disappointed Father routine", and tells Clark he made the wrong choice to sacrifice himself. Clark asks to be sent back, but Jor-El seems to "leave", and he spies movement among some stalks and tries to follow it. The figure who is running stops, and is momentarily bathed in a shaft of sunlight. Although the face is obscured by the light, his form seems familiar enough for Clark to say, "Lex?". But Clark hardly has time to ponder this further, when the whole scene seems to fill with blinding light and Clark is yanked away.

    The scene shifts back to Lois who has apparently pulled out the Kryptonite blade, and tosses it far enough that it no longer affects Clark. Just then, the rain stops, and sunlight bursts through the clouds, bathing Clark in its healing rays. His injuries begin to heal and he starts to regain consciousness. Lois slips away before he can regain enough awareness to notice her. She watches him stagger up, and then superspeed away.

    The rest of the episode is classic Smallville, but containing enough nods to the first season that it has agreeable symmetry. It was particularly great how they got Lois tied to a cross with a red "S" painted on her. The whole thing hearkens back to the very first episode of the series where Clark in a similar predicament. The exchange between Lois and Lex was spot on. I loved the look on Lois' face when Lex says, "You are his greatest weakness Lois. Your death WILL break him."

    Then of course there's the way they made "Lex" appear in the episode as the main antagonist for the episode. While they couldn't get Michael Rosenbaum, the clone angle had been established enough in previous seasons that it seemed perfectly logical that Lex would do something like that. Having the clones turn out to be failed experiments was also a nice touch because it seems in keeping with reality somewhat, but also helps explain why the actor playing the "failed Lex clone" didn't look a thing like Michael Rosenbaum and was actually older.

    To his credit, the actor playing the Lex clone did his best to pattern his performance on Michael Rosenbaum that it felt almost like he was channeling Michael's Lex in his portrayal. I loved the exchange between him and Clark, it carried a certain amount of emotional weight that when Lex reveals the conundrum he'd set-up as his "revenge" on Clark, it elicited a lot of emotions, and even felt a bit like what the Joker did to Batman in Dark Knight. Of course, since Clark has superspeed, he is able to save both Lois and the people in Metropolis.

    Tess Mercer's plot thread is also an interesting set-up for the rest of the season because of the other clone she kept from Clark. This clone seems younger, and more "innocent" because he is still the pre-bald Lex. But the scene between him and Tess at Luthor mansion took a creepy turn when one camera shot shows one of the toys kiddie-Lex was playing with burning in the fireplace. It was the figure of a knight, which may imply this clone might already be "tainted" with Lex' evil.

    Oliver's scenes were also brilliant, albeit brutal. It served as a great intro for Rick Flagg, who seems to be a recurring antagonist this season. It also provided the perfect premise for Chloe's exit from the show since she sets-up a prisoner exchange after using the Helmet of Fate (Dr. Fate's helmet) to find Oliver. (For those unfamiliar with Dr. Fate, just think of him as a powerful wielder of magic, with his power originating from the helmet.)

    Darkseid also makes a cameo towards the end of the episode.

    But the real gem of this episode is the scene between Clark and Jonathan. The set-up was done brilliantly without feeling heavy-handed. The exchange stood in stark contrast with Clark's previous exchange with Jor-El. Jonathan provides Clark with both a foreshadowing of things to come, but also with hope. The scene carried such a gravitas that it is almost a shame to see Jonathan go. But I hope it is not his last appearance.

    By and large, Lazarus has enough foreshadowing to pique interest in the rest of the season. But also had brilliant performances from the principal cast members. The episode has the right mix of humor, drama, and action to satisfy old and new fans alike.

    Let's hope the rest of the season delivers.
  • Tights? Check. Flights. Almost check. An epic start to the final season of my favorite show ever? Triple check. This is why I watch the show...

    WOW!!! My expectations were staggeringly high for the final season premiere of "Smallville" and this one delivered! After taking on General Zod in last season's finale, Clark Kent made the ultimate sacrifice. By plunging the Blue Kryptonite into his abdomen, he sent Zod to another dimension and plummeted to his death, saving the world in the process. "Lazarus" picks up right where the epic "Salvation" left off: Clark Kent falling from his crow's nest. This premiere is jam-packed with so many memorable moments. Clark's near-death experience, all the Clois scenes, THE Superman costume, the return of Lex (alright, so it was a clone not played by Rosenbaum, but Mackenzie Gray did an admirable job in the role), Clark's 2 heroic saves, that awesome montage set to "One More Day" by VAST, Jonathan's return, DARKSEID, and that last shot!

    It was literally everything I could have asked for! If this episode is any indication, Season 10 is gonna be great. With plenty of characters returning, exciting stories planned in the episodes ahead, and the inevitable debut of Tom Welling as's going to be amazing.

    "So much better in technicolor." We agree Lois, we agree :)
  • Not a bad way to start the final season.

    8.0 we go for the last time and I have to admit that I am liking where it is all going.

    There wasn't anything shocking, but sort of got me caught back up on the Smallville world. And if you noticed, we did have a bit of Smallville here with the Barn, Kent Farm and the infamous Scarecrow field.

    And we had the return of Lex....all 10 of them. I like the angle on this though I wonder how "Lex" will forget who Clark is. The evil Lex clone looked enough like Rosenbaum and had the mannerisms down well. Lex 10 has that seed of evil in him and you can see it.

    John Schnieder (sp?) looked pretty good but for hanging out in heaven, he should eat more. I love it when he questioned why Clark would listen to Jor-El.

    This leads me to what I didn't like and that was Jor-El. My gosh, how much of a diva is this computer program? I had just forgiven Jor-El when his Kandorian clone from last season was about. But this Jor-El is the same jerk that I remember from the early days of Smallville.

    I didn't care for the way Cloe is leaving us for the most of the season. In fact unless they can get me interested quickly, the whole mystery men that had Ollie seems a bit bla.

    Where did the Kandorians really end up? We got no real closure. For all we know they got swept away into a hel*-hole.

    Last little rant revolves the emergence of Darseid. With all the cool cg they used on the ep, you think they could squeeze out a little more for Darkseid.

    Anyway...still a good start and I hope they waste no time in bringing in the special guests and tying up loose ends.
  • Good start to the final season!

    There's no doubt that "Smallville" is wearing its final season heart on its sleeve. The same strengths and weaknesses are evident throughout this season premiere, but there is a bit of a momentum that drives the entire episode. The series has never been afraid to throw the weight of its own continuity around, but this had a ton of callbacks to the very first episode and the history of this version of the Superman myth.

    I was a little taken aback by the decision to resurrect, in altered form, the character of Lex Luthor. I firmly agree that Lex was Clark's greatest nemesis on the show, because it was so very personal. But bringing Lex back without the talents of Michael Rosenbaum felt like a bit of a cheat. I'm glad this version of Lex was only around to play out the "Smallville" re-enactment of the Joker's deadly gambit in "The Dark Knight", because I don't think I could have handled the actor more than this single episode.

    But this does toss out, in some respect, an explanation for how Lex could have been killed (something I still don't believe, given how comic book stories go), yet still be around for the future conflicts that come in the Superman era. We're not likely to see those conflicts, of course, but just setting the stage is good enough. And since it makes for a good explanation for the cause of Tess' restoration and the re-introduction of Cadmus Labs (originally referenced in the first two seasons), I'm fine with it.

    I'm not so sure about little Alexander. If there's one thing this show didn't need, it's a child actor. Tess has needed focus for quite some time, especially after the writers gave her a mess of motivations during the Kandorian arc. Somehow, playing nursemaid to Alexander doesn't ring true. Hopefully this will evolve into something a lot more exciting and relevant to the final season arc.

    I was also not pleased with the decision to have Lois leave Metropolis for Africa, when we know that this is, at best, a temporary situation. Yes, it's clear that anyone who knows the truth about Clark is going to be able to use his loved ones as pawns. And there is a certain logic to Lois having the presence of mind to remove herself from a situation until a specific danger has passed. But since when is Lois not the one to take on danger head-on, even when she's way over her head? It's too transparent a delaying tactic.

    Oliver's plight brings to mind some of the poorly executed Checkmate subplots of the ninth season, but at least it provides the opportunity for the writers to make up for those mistakes. The downside is that Chloe will be out of the picture for a good chunk of the season. It's better than killing her off, of course, but I wish Allison Mack could have agreed to play out the final season. It's only worth it if Chloe comes out of it with something for herself, rather than just serving as a motivator for Clark and/or Oliver.

    One big element of the episode was the exploration of Clark's character flaws, with pride being at the very top of the list. Jor-El has a very good point. Clark still has to get over himself and fully embrace his leadership role, without the arrogant assumption that his perspective is flawless. Clark has plenty of doubts, but he has a real problem acknowledging his mistakes. To that end, this episode uses flight as a metaphor for Clark's personal development; it seems obvious that once Clark finds peace within himself, his powers will be fully realized.

    So it makes total sense that the writers would also resurrect the original Jor-El/Jonathan dynamic. Jor-El was always there to press Clark about his Kryptonian legacy and expectations; Jonathan was there to balance that with humanity. If the end of the series is about Clark finding his own path between those two polar opposites, then bringing both voices back to the table is essential, even if it's in a very limited context.

    As far as the glimpse of Darkseid goes, I have no context for that at all, so it was mostly lost on me. It also looked a bit cheesy, and without some kind of explanation for it, I'm underwhelmed. I presume that the writers will start laying the groundwork for this more and more in episodes to come, so I can easily let this slide. As it stands, I get the impression from Jor-El's warning that Darkseid has the capability of bringing out the worst in people in some manner, and that this will therefore present the perfect mechanism for testing and resolving Clark's inner doubts and flaws.

    The final scene, with the classic Superman suit waiting for Clark in the apparently-restored Fortress of Solitude, is like a visual promise to the fans. That is Clark's eventual reward for surviving the trials to come, and the reward to the fans for ten seasons of relative patience. Let's hope the writers send off "Smallville" with the anticipated fanfare!
  • Return of the Clones. Hypocrisy of the Father. A Little Bit of Neo, a Little Bit of Anakin.

    First of all, I have to say that I like the new direction they are taking Clark in. I never would have guessed there would be a pride journey, as he has always been so humble, but it makes sense that as soon as he stepped up to be the hero the world needed, the power and success would become a new trial for him. This should be an interesting season.

    I also think the writers have been clever in reintroducing Clark's inner demons this time as a reality; he always feared a darkness inside him as a result of being Kryptonian, and seeing himself in the mirror during his duel with Bizarro only showed him what he could become if he wasn't careful, rather than granting him the spiritual victory over his dark side that he requires before becoming Superman. This explains how he nearly lost it with Lionel in season 7 and how he nearly lost it again with the Lex clone in this episode. If anything, I think Clark is more the product of his human father's personality than his Kryptonian, which Jonathan portrayed in his own character analysis.

    But the two fathers introduced some negatives into this episode. Firstly, I loved the cameo of Jonathan, but hated the fact that he inexplicably came back from the dead and then disappeared. When you die it's not a simple case of waiting for your tourist visa to arrive so that you can make visits back to the world of the living. When you die, you remain dead. Sure there have been MANY exceptions to this in Smallville, but always with good explanations. The fact that Jonathan just appears and disappears was just very weak writing and took a lot of the gloss off what should have been a very special moment in the series.

    Secondly, just how "got a redwood tree stuck in my eye" hypocritical was Jor-El in his scathing comments about Clark almost killing a man! Does he remember some six years ago sending a Terminator-style Kara with a licence to kill, followed by holding Jonathan to ransom with a threat to kill him if Clark didn't leave, then brainwashing Clark into a heartless automaton? If Smallville had begun in season five then Jor-El's judgement would have been acceptable, but consistency in purpose has been lost in the last few seasons. Still, it wouldn't surprise me if Jor-El was playing a bit of devil's advocate in order to help Clark through one last test. I'll give the writers the benefit of the doubt here.

    It was good to see Chloe finally recover her old personality. Just like the marvellously metaphorical image of Clark with the world on his shoulders, Chloe has acted likewise in recent seasons, and so it was refreshing to see her restored to her old faithful self again once she had seen Clark's future and knew that the world was safe; her lack of faith in Clark over the last couple of seasons had really put her on the wrong path, and I hope we see more of the old Chloe Sullivan this season.

    As for the clones, I originally thought this was an offshoot of Lex's Lana project from seasons 6 and 7, but because the evil Lex clone was referred to as being about 20 years old, I'm assuming that Lionel started the project after the meteorite shower; perhaps Lionel was worried that Lex might lose more than his hair! As for Alexander, I wonder if he will grow into the new Lex, or whether Oliver still has to cash in that wish the magical femme fetale gave him.

    So a fairly good opener. A little bit too much of a crossover in places with the Matrix again, and I already miss Zod - the last two seasons have had excellent characters for the bad guys, retaining the same likable qualities that Lex always had, which I think is the making of a successful antagonist, so let's hope this season's arch enemy is equally as engaging. (The Lex clone wasn't at all likable because he was evil to the core, but I did think the actor did an excellent job of portraying another variant of Lex, more like those of the films. But Rosenbaum will always be my favourite by a country mile. Come back Michael!)
  • o I'm not sure what I think about last nights episode of Smallville....

    So I'm not sure what I think about last nights episode of Smallville. I loved the Clois moments. Lois screwing with Clarks mind over the blur was amazing! i love her! And I liked how they reverted back to Season 1 with Lois tied up as the scarecrow. A perfect set up (foreshadowing) for the episode 'Homecomming' where I'm sure they'll make another reference to how Clark was tied up his 1st year (thanks to Witney) And I liked all the Lexs. Maybe the real Lex will come back? *HOPE SO!!!* But the younger Lex is my FAV! Lex was SOO cute when he was little. All the peopel that have played him b4 the meteor shower have been such cute red heads!

    Anyways I hated all the Chloe moments. Why didn't she just sent Clark to find him. Does he even know Olivers gone yet? The part with her exchanging herself for Oliver was adorable though. I'm not sure how someone would go about doing that..Why not take them both??? And are they the Govorment? Why isn't the Gov. wondering what that light was???

    But I was a little let down with this episode. I expected more. The whole time I was waiting for Jonathan to come back. He did't even show up till the end. I don't know, the episode seemed a little slow maybe...Needed more Clois. More shirtless Tom Welling too. I think the next one will be better. Things so back to normal again. They were wrapping up the last season I guess....
  • For the last time ever we have a Smallville season premiere.

    Firstly for anyone who like me was a bit paranoid that they might try to milk an 11th year out of the show as the season went on, do not worry! Tom Welling himself confirms this will be the last season as instead of the usual "and now the season premiere of Smallville" after the previously sequence we get a great "and now the final season of Smallville".

    For four months we've been wondering how Clark would get out of his predicament of falling off a skyscraper with a Kryptonite knife in his side; surely if he pulled the knife out he'd be transported away with the Kandorians and if he didn't the impact of hitting the ground would turn his body to mulch. As it turns out neither happens and it's a little bit of a cop out, but still works nicely. Seeing the portal close is a cool shot and before the knife is removed we get a very cool sequence between Clark and Jor-El's voice all happening inside Clark's head. Then it's a simple case of the knife being removed by Lois, who decides not to let Clark know she's in on his secret yet, before the sun heals him. I must say after complaining last season about not getting an effects shot of Clark healing once it is nice to see it in the opening scene here. It's not the most impressive effects shot Smallville's ever done, but it works as a cool moment to end the opening teaser.

    I wouldn't normally mention the opening titles sequence, but I feel it deserves a bit of attention here. As a nice touch they add a few shots from the first season to give a nice full circle feel to the intro. However some of it seems a bit rushed, in particular the shot of Clark with the glasses on from last year's "Idol" that seems too much like fan service for my liking. Also Chloe's name's been moved to give her an "and" credit, despite her apparently leaving the show soon. Although as the longest running character along with Clark she probably deserves it.

    With the main cast now down to five members each of them play a part in the episode here. Tess wakes up in Cadmus labs with what initially appears to be the worst prosthetic scar even on her face. This is then flipped nicely when she peels it off revealing her face completely healed. There's a slightly cop out answer as to how she was revived which doesn't acknowledge the old lady (presumably Granny Goodness) who went into her room. But the explanation does flow nicely into the main threat for the episode. Lois doesn't have quite as much to do here as you might expect, but what she does have she does very well. When she sees Clark at the Daily Planet Erica Durance perfectly portrays how happy Lois is to see Clark alive and well after his near death experience whilst still managing to keep it in check enough that Clark doesn't get suspicious that she knows his secret.

    As had been seen in the trailer Chloe does indeed put on Dr. Fate's helmet. Its use as a desperate attempt to find Oliver is nicely done, although she seems pretty much unscathed from it. Hopefully the ramifications of using the helmet will become more apparent as the season progresses. Oliver himself has the least screentime, just a couple of torture scenes. But in these he's his usual cocky self despite his situation. His stuff is more setup for future episodes than anything else and we can start speculating as to who it is who was torturing him. As a side note it wasn't clear from the lighting, but it looked like Zod's symbol was no longer scarred on Oliver's chest. A bit disappointing as it would've been a nice touch for it to be permanent, but understandable from an artistic perspective.

    So as is appropriate the majority of the episode goes to Clark. And as is maybe also appropriate the main threat is none other than Lex Luthor. Unfortunately Michael Rosenbaum is still nowhere to be found which is a huge shame. The actor who plays Lex here, as an older clone version so the difference in appearance makes sense, does do very well. His mannerisms are very Lex like, and Clark's reaction to him does help sell that this is meant to be Lex Luthor. Unfortunately at the end of the day he just isn't. Had they got MR back then this episode would've had an extra couple of points added to it no doubt, but such is life.

    Still Lex's plan to destroy Clark, not by killing him but by destroying people's faith in him, is done very well. His choice between saving Lois or stopping the Daily Planet globe falling is a clever one. However despite Lex's claims a part of you thinks that Clark would be quick enough to deal with both situations. So that actually works in the show's advantage when that is indeed what he does. It could've been a cop out that he simply was fast enough to get to both dangers but it worked, nicely helped with a hint about him flying. It's also a very cool visual of him both super-speeding to put out the fire around Lois and then catching the globe in mid air, even if logically without a flying ability he should've shattered the globe when he hit it.

    Despite not getting Michael Rosenbaum we did get to see one great ex cast member in John Schneider's Jonathan Kent. There was no logic given to how Clark was able to see him, whether he was a figment or sent back from the afterlife, but it didn't really matter. It was a brilliantly written and acted scene, and an important moment for the beginning of the final season. The final moments showed (a very, very dodgy CGI) Darksied emerge confirming what had already been announced about his presence this season and also seeing Clark's costume held hostage in the fortress. The costume thing's a bit weird, as Clark could surely just ask his mum to make another one, but it does work as a clear metaphor that Clark isn't ready to become Superman yet.

    On that note the reasoning for him not being ready as well as hints to how this final season will play out is done nicely. Jor-El warns him that he's a threat to humanity and the darkness he mentions in Clark is definitely on show here. It could've run the risk of just being an excuse to postpone Supe's coming out party but despite going against what Jor-El has been saying for years his last warning makes sense.

    So how does the final ever Smallville season premiere hold up then? Not the best but not the worst I guess. The main problem was that the main threat of Lex wasn't played by Michael Rosenbaum, but there were other problems too. Mainly little things though, like how was Jor-El able to speak to Clark when Zod destroyed the panel that supposedly allowed him to communicate last season? Also there's a moment when it appears Clark uses his X-Ray vision but they cut around it, which is very cheap and annoying for the first episode. But it's definitely not all bad. The call backs to the first season, mainly Lois as the scarecrow with the S on her shirt (unfortunately she wasn't topless like Clark was back in season 1), were handled very well and really hit home that this is the final season. Also even Jor-El's initial message of sending Clark to rule over Earth way back in season 2 is mentioned and even kind of makes sense which I was very impressed with. So no montage of a horrible future at the end like we got last year, instead all we have to go on really is faith that the show can have a fantastic send off. Perhaps not the strongest start, but there are still 21 episodes to give us the final season we want!
  • Lois saves Clark. Chloe looks for Oliver. And Clark trys to fufill his destiny.

    Wow, what a season opener (the last one we will ever see unfortunately). Lois saving Clark of course was great and when she dropped her pen so he could get the files. Ok to start off though, the thing with Oliver was decent. I hoped they would say who that guy was but I believe he's from the suicide squad. Chloe finding Oliver of course was predicted. Chloe's part was sweet, the putting on of the helmet and still helping Clark of course. Back to Lois I think she was taken or something at the end because that didn't look like Africa to me. I like the part when she was tied to the cross in the field, which takes me to my next point. Tess finding Lex's clone finally. I'm glad they finally are exploring that. Her saving little Lex is going to be interesting. Finally everything with Clark was fantastic. Him wanting to fufill his destiny and put on the outfit. He mentioned he felt like he was flying which is what it looked like to me. That scene where he saved Lois and the people of Metropolis was cool. Him talkingwith both dads was interesting I'm just not sure if he was thinking back or having hallucinations or what. The scene with him and Lex was cool just because we haven't scene one of those in a while. I'm happy Jor-el was back and they brought John Schnieder back for an episode whivch was pretty cool even though his part was minimal. The creature I believe appeared at the end was Dark Seid. I'm awaiting to see what they do with him. Anyway this episode was cool and ended very cool with the showing of the outfit and I'm anxiously awaiting next weeks. Talk to you then.
  • lex's gone wild


    the final season of one of the CW's better shows begin and it got off too a pretty intense and clever start. lois finds clark and pulls the blue kryptonite out of him saving his life but also discovers hes the blue blur(i wonder how the writers will make her forget this time). tess awakens in a lab with lex clones when one crazy clone almost destroys the city and kills lois, but clark of course stops him and almost flies. chloe finds out where oliver is being held and trades herself for him.

    the good: the return of clark's father and jorel to warn him about evil thats coming. lois finding out clark is the blue blur, obviously something will happen to make her think otherwise of course. the creepy looking intense clone of lex that goes postal. really good intense shots in the scenes where the city almost gets destroyed and lois almost goes up in flames.

    the bad: the wierd looking reject lex clones in the water chambers, i just found it really wierd and unfitting. it didn't have anything to do with the actual episode, more just a wierd glitch by the CW, seriously did anyone else notice the advertisement for nikita series premiere on september 9th? the great: the red and blue suit is made and now we just play the waiting game for clark to pt it on.
  • excellent premier

    excellent episode. it was the best premier out of the lot. but when tess was in cadmuss laps alaxander said that some of the clones aged rappidly.then at the end of the episode tess has alaxander at the mansion looking after him. im thinking he will age rapidly over the season into Michael Rosenbaums character LEX. alaxander doesnt know about clark or his alter ego the bluur/superman. then they will have an episode were lex will find a way to stop the aging process. this all depends on if they can get Michael Rosenbaum to come back.great episode i love smallville
  • What a great way to start out the last season of Smallville!!!

    First off i still can't believe that this is the last season, this show has had such a good run and i am saddened to see it end. But talk about a good way to start!! We have been left wondering for the last few months about how Clark would deal with falling off the roof of a building with Blue Kryptonite stabbed in his gut. Unfortunately we just kinda start with him on the ground, but hey he can't die........

    I am also not sure why Lois waited so long to pull the Knife out of his side, but i am glad that she didn't because we got to see that cool scene with Clark and Jor-El. Chloe putting on Dr. Fates helmet was pretty awesome, she was able to know about the Oliver, hint about Clark's suit and tell Clark to go to Cadmus Labs. Where he finds a newly faced Tess as well as a bunch of (now dead) Lex clones. Clark is told that one of the Lex clones is waiting for him in the same field that he was tied up in as a Freshman Prank, where Lex saved him. He gets there and is told that he has two choices, either save Lois, who is tied up to the very same cross that Clark was 10 years ago, (minus Lana's Kryptoninte Necklace) or he can stop the Daily Planet Globe from falling into rush hour traffic. Clark, being Clark, saves both Lois and the town of Metropolis. The scene with Tess ad little Alexander was pretty cool, it was brought up that some of the clones "Age too fast" could it be that this little version of Lex, turns into Michael Rosenbaum by the end of the show, i sure hope so!!!! The part with Clark and Jonathan was very nice, it made me remember the first few seasons when Clark always went to his parents for help, and there was always a life lesson involved. All in all this was a great episode, the only major thing that i did not like was the fact that they have someone else trying to be Lex, Yeah i know that it was a messed up clone, but still, if you are going to try to bring back Lex, the only and i mean THE ONLY person that will be acceptable is Michael Rosenbaum.
  • Exciting, looking forward to the rest of the season.

    Good episode, could have been better though. The one part I had a problem with was the Lex clones and the labs inside Cadmus. Came off as a small rip off of the film Alien Resurrection to me. But the younger Lex survived and Tess has him. So I guess we will be seeing more of Lex as the season progresses.

    Nice to see the theme incorporating clips of the first season as well as clips from this coming season. Gives new meaning to the phrase "Beginning of the end." Also nice to see a small nod to previous characters like Lana and Pete. So Lois knows Clark's secret. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Also great to see Jonathan back, great scene at the end there.

    I was wrong last season when I said Ollie was swarmed by parademons, so it was actually Cadmus taking him. And why the exchange with Chloe? And what is she not telling us what she saw after she put that helmet on? The look on her face as she said "Bye Clark" seems to say she saw her own death in the future. And the CGI Darkside. As soon as I saw the "fog" I knew it would be him. But it will be interesting to see how his character plays out. When Jor El said "greater evil" and Jonathan said "something darker is coming" I knew it was about him.

    Bring on the rest of the season!
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Sensational Lois & Clark ; impressive acting ; puzzling, intriguing and surreal story ; immersive production ; conventional editing

    And now, the final season of Smallville. What a relief to hear these sweet words, told by Tom Welling. After a mashup of past scenes, that should stimulate your nostalgia, the story started right after the dramatic events of Salvation. It's like the show never stopped because inspired by its captivating story and friendly characters I couldn't help dreaming about it in the last past months.

    The first thing that really stroke me is how Lois & Clark have grown on me. When Erica Durance entered the arena some seasons ago I never expected her to reign someday right beside Teri Hatcher. You have to see her run in the rain or sweat when the temperature rises dangerously. Her acting, sex appeal and charisma are so wired that she should make you realize the impossible. The person you picture as Lois or Clark could be the one ! And you definitely don't have to be them to touch its heart. That's why their love story should never stop to move you. As perfectly pictured in Charade it's just timeless. A neverending ballet where the differences between the smart beauty and super beast have faded. Lois isn't an Hostage anymore, she's her own hero. Free from the chains that prevented her so far to express her love she can consider Clark for what defines him, his humanity, and help him to become the superhero he is.

    Beside our irresistible duo I was also quite impressed by the acting. As usual Durance's performance was stellar but Welling did an excellent job too. In fact the episode probably featured one of his most convincing scene. How would you portray your inner demons ? The duality growing in Clark's heart was very well portrayed and I found him darker and even more mature that in the past season. It's not just about the black suit anymore, he has embraced his destiny and it's like his resources were infinite. As for Cassidy Freeman she gave birth to a glamourous and tortured Tess Mercer. Moreover her role wasn't anecdotic and actually reminded me of the twisted Conspiracy installment. Justin Hartley's chest was also featured and his lines were hilarious, specially considering the context. Last but not least Allison Mack was less present than the others but it was sweet to have our lovely Chloe back but I really regret that she will only guest star during the whole season. Let's hope the writers have planned something dazzling for her few appearances !

    An other major element we have to consider obviously is the story. Last year I questioned the whole Zod mumbo jumbo at the beginning but it quickly developed as a jaw dropping odyssey. Here it felt like a blindfolded journey at times because you should often wonder if what happens is real or not. Are you watching Smallville or dreaming of it ? The experience was puzzling and some sequences quite touching. The visual effects were well rendered and the production was immersive. But my main complain would be that the editing wasn't creative enough. They chose the easy escape of switching between the arcs instead of blending them in a surprising fashion. It's what happens once you've lived the Lost incident. However it shouldn't prevent you from following their epic adventures. Otherwise even if the writing was exciting I couldn't help noting a few shortcuts. Like in Kandor things happened too fast when one arc really deserved to be covered among multiple episodes. In fact it could happen so we better stay tuned. If not it's probably for the best because Zod made me believe in the show dream team. I know they have the power and talent to make it happen. Moreover I'm quite intrigued by their new nemesis !

    One down. Twenty something to go. Lazarus was a brilliant way to introduce the tenth and last season. It wasn't flawless but overall it had everything a long time fan can expect from Smallville. How could you be disappointed by a science-fiction recipe that has aged so well ? We all have the potential to become the Lois & Clark of tomorrow. Become the hero you are !
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