Season 10 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on The CW

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  • The beginning of the end.

    So Lazarus was the last Smallville premiere we will ever see and it was a fairly good one at that. Probably the best one in 3 years. It had a very good balance of action, drama and romance. Of course, with this being Smallville and everything, you always have to deal with a few plotholes. Case in point, how the Fortress got repaired again. We also had a couple of repetive elements, like Clark dying or Jor-El being inexplicably harsh with his son. I get some of the things that Jor-El said. I had the same problem with Clark's recklessness last season. But he is not dark in the heart. I wasn't a fan of having Lex appear without Rosenbaum returning, but they pulled it off very well. So we are going into the season with plenty of new questions. Who has Chloe? How will her absence be explained to Clark, Oliver and Tess? Loved Clark in this episode. He was at the centre of the action and he was very heroic. Lois had an ok episode. Her handling of the secret will be one of the season's main focuses. Tess had an interesting episode. I am glad she is alive, but taking in the young Lex clone? Hmm, don't know about that. Oliver didn't appear a lot. Just waiting to see what has happened there and who has Chloe. Speaking of Chloe, it was a heroic episode for her. Allison Mack was brilliant again and (beware of spoilers) it's a real shame that we won't see her again for months! The show for me isn't the same without her. Jonathan's scene with Clark was rightfully placed as the final dialogue scene. It was a fantastic scene. Everytime Clark told Jor-El how he missed him, it felt like the words were coming out of my mouth. I hope we get to see more of Jonathan down the road.

    All in all, it was a great way to reintroduce us to the show on this final season. Roll on Shield.