Season 10 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Chloe plays the video message from Oliver he warns her that the people after him aren't Kandorian before saying "I love you." However in the previous episode he told her he loved her before saying "they're not Kandorian."

  • Quotes

    • Clark: This wouldn't have anything to do with the Blur, would it?
      Lois: Well, kind of. Turns out he needs me after all.
      Clark: Really, what makes you say that?
      Lois: Well, I'll tell you,Clark. He just wrapped me up in his muscular arms, pulled me close, and landed the most passionate kiss on my lips. Can't lie to you. It was great.
      Clark: That was bold.
      Lois: Grabbing women from the shadows, lip-smacking them, and then running off into the night? Kinda makes you wonder what other twisted fetishes he has in his toolbox.

    • Clark: Chloe, I know you can hear me. You're the strongest person that I know, and you're fighting for the rest of us. Don't lose that now when you need it the most. Don't give up, Chloe.

    • (upon seeing Clark's new costume)
      Lois: So much better in technicolor.

    • Lex Clone: You remember this place, don't you? Not far from where we first met.
      Clark: The bridge. Lex would have died if I hadn't pulled him out of that car.
      Lex Clone: And you never let met forget that. The truth is, by the time you dragged me to shore, something new had crept into your heart. Pride. The most damning of the seven deadly sins. Now you wear that pride on your chest, right here. And that self-righteous symbol. But just beneath it lies the darkness in your heart. Just like me. You are your own worst enemy.
      Clark: I'm nothing like you.
      Lex Clone: We're more like brothers than you think. That's why you could never stop me. Because deep down inside, you know you brought death and destruction. The only reason anyone ever calls you hero is because you clean up the disasters you unleash.

    • Clark: I've finally become the hero you've sent me here to be.
      Jor-El: Pride. Vanity. You almost took a man's life, and you dare tell me you're following the path I set out for you.
      Clark: You told me I had unfinished business here, an evil I had to face. And Lex...
      Jor-El: The evil is you, Kal-El. The greatest threat Earth will face is coming. It preys on wavering souls like yours. Once this darkness consumes you, you will be Earth's greatest enemy.
      Clark: That's not my fate.
      Jor-El: You can not be a beacon of hope when you have darkness in your heart.

    • Rick Flag: Oh, it's your lucky day, shamrock. I'm letting you go.
      Oliver: Just like that, huh? See, now I'm disappointed. I was kinda holding out for a goodbye kiss from you. We're not done. I will hunt you and I will find you, do you understand?
      Rick Flag: You don't even know who I am. But I know who you are. And I will be watching. Green Arrow.

    • Jonathan: Chores, Clark. Work keeps a man honest. Got to protect the things you work hard to build.

    • Clark: Then you must be disappointed. I haven't grown into the man you raised me to be.
      Jonathan: No, you haven't. You are so much more than that, and I am so proud of you, Clark.

    • Jonathan: Jor-El was right about one thing. Something dark is coming. You're going to be tested. It's not going to be easy, Son, but I have faith in you.

  • Notes

    • Terence Stamp is billed as Special Guest Star.

    • Music: One More Day With You (Vast featuring Eisley)

    • The tenth season credits feature different scenes, including more from the ninth season as well as a couple of shots from the first season that weren't present last year. The new cast order is: Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Cassidy Freeman, Justin Hartley, and Allison Mack.

    • International Airdates:
      Sweden: March 4, 2011 on TV6
      UK: June 7, 2011 on E4/E4 HD
      Norway: July 16, 2011 on Max
      Turkey: September 18, 2011 on CNBC-e
      Czech Republic: October 26, 2011 on TV Nova

  • Allusions

    • Title:
      Referencing the miracle recounted in the Bible (John 11:1-44) in which Jesus brings Lazarus, a follower who was dead for four days, back to life.