Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2005 on The CW

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  • Lex is mugged, shot, and undergoing surgery as he is swept up in a fantasy about what his life could become, as shown to him by the spirit of his deceased mother Lillian.

    On a rainy Christmas Eve in Granville, Lex drives his new Ferrari F430 to a darkened building, where a hired guy, Griff, meets him in the utility tunnel. He's trying some political dirty tricks to help him defeat Jonathan Kent in the state senate election, but he's not quite ready to have something manufactured. Back outside, three punks mug Lex and put two shots into him. Thus starts a dreamlike fantasy, or near-death experience. He seems to awake in another home, next to Lana and a young boy named Alex. Lana has another one in the oven, too, although Lex is conscious of still being himself and having been shot, with the scars to show for it. Where is he? It all seems real enough, until the figure of his mother Lillian appears. How can she be there? But she says he is still alive, and this is his new life, and all of it "can be yours if you make the right choices."

    Suddenly back on the street, we see that Lex is still actually on the pavement, wounded, with that Ferrari already in a chop shop somewhere, or more likely, on a joy ride at illegal speeds.

    At the Kent farm, Christmas evening cookies are cooking, and everyone seems to be having a holiday of their dreams, all completely secular, of course. A phone call from Chloe brings this scene to a halt, as she asks for Clark's help immediately. Chloe needs help delivering Toys for Tots, and Clark gets in a product placement mention of FedEx and Toys R Us, but he's going to have to do the delivering, a whole roomful, tonight! Fun scene - Clark uses superspeed through the streets of Metropolis, and most of the packages are delivered on time by Santa's superhelper. Of course, he has to take time out to chat with an inebriated Santa Claus atop a building, ready to jump, lamenting the state of the world. As he comes around with Clark's help and kind words, he takes a header off the building, so Clark simply runs down the vertical face of the building and catches the old guy.

    At the hospital, Lex is being wheeled in, but in his fantasy, he's back at home with Lana, playing the part of responsible husband and father. It's seven years downstream from the present, and Lex isn't even filthy rich, having to make do with a Jeep Wagoneer as the family bus. It's an idyllic life, with Christmas tree shopping, and everything going well with Clark, Chloe, and other friends. Clark is a reporter at the Daily Planet, and Chloe has had a book published. So are those two an item?

    Lionel comes to see Lex in ICU, still unaware of the nature of his wounds, but doctors expect Lex to be permanently paralyzed waist-down. Lionel calls for immediate surgery to forestall this prognosis. Lionel has a neurosurgeon in Metropolis take on the case of Lex, who now continues his dream of a better life. Interesting transformation by Mr. Rosenbaum, playing a happy and loving Lex. Lana says getting shot was the best thing that ever happened to him. At the Kents' Christmas party, Jonathan even reveals to Lex that he's up for a Kansas humanitarian award. Lillian again appears and tells Lex he could have this life - if he follows his heart, and not his ambition.

    Real surgery is still underway on Lex - and as he's in a crisis, so is his dream. Lana gives birth to their second child, and that is a pretty young infant they're handling. Lana soon enters her own crisis, losing much blood. Lex seeks the aid of Lionel, a distant and unsympathetic figure. But the fantasy Lionel is out for revenge, denying his son, who turned his back on Lionel seven years earlier. Lex gave up the power to save his own wife, Lionel says. This is the real challenge Lex faces in his life. Lana lies dying in the hospital, and Lex is powerless to save her. Lillian explains that the life he has is a life of love, but to Lex, everyone important to him has died...then he awakens after surgery, remembering the entire fantasy.

    At the DP, Chloe is still surrounded by piles of gifts as she clicks away on her product-placement Dell PC. The Santa, whom Clark saved, appears, offering to help deliver the remaining gifts, and Chloe gratefully accepts. So for another little Christmas fantasy, all the gifts, and Santa (himself) disappear.

    Lex is skeptical of LIonel's motivation in calling for the risky surgery - too bad these two usually see the worst in each other. But dang if Lionel isn't starting to look pretty straight in these last few episodes.

    The Kent home looks great with all the lights and warmth, in contrast once again to the cold life Lex has chosen. It's even going to be a white Christmas.

    Griff is back to see Lex, who now has learned once again that his road to living happily ever after is...Power...and Money. And he's going to have Griff do whatever is necessary to knock Jonathan out of the senate race. So once again, Lex has chosen his path, turning away from what could have been. Since this episode has a seasonal theme, and no real change is coming to Lex, it isn't high on the priority list to see again for progress on the Smallville legend, but Mr. Rosenbaum's acting continues to be top-notch. Re-run rating C+.
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