Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2005 on The CW

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  • Great episode. I was a little scepticle at first but the writers didnt let me down. Here my usual breakup

    Clark and Lana: Where was this fire 5 episodes ago?!?! They were great as a couple. They were romantic, and happy. Almost makes me sad that it wont last.

    Lex and Lana: Lanas acting really was top notch in this episode. Lex and Lanas chemistry however was a little off and felt forced on Lex's part, but, being that he just woke up in this alternate life, its understandable.

    Lex and Alexander: At first, I saw no intrest in Lex toward his son. But it all changed after meeting Clark. I wonder why that is. I would have loved to see more interaction bewteen Father and son. And see how different or similar his methods are compared to his own father.

    Clark (Alternate Reality): I would have preffered him with Glasses. This was a perfect opportunity for the writers to show an Older Clark Kent, a reporter no doubt!!! with Glassess. Oh well.

    Clark and Chloe: This was obviously a Christmas treat for all you Chloe and Clark fans. Hoped you enjoyed it. Its interesting that the reason Clark didnt stay with Lana was because he couldnt have children. A fact that carries on to the comics. Clark is only compatable with Wonder Woman. Lois and Lana could never have children with him. He later has one with Wonder Woman who grows up to be one of the Elders that watches over all realitties. Although he is Superman and Wonder Womans son, he was raised by Bruce Wayne. Read the comic "Kingdom" and "Kingdom Come" for more.

    Lex: Perfect acting on all fronts. His interaction with his alternate life characters showed that he finally recieved everything he wanted to and its the first time you saw him genuinly happy. I for one loved his interaction with Jonathan Kent. His turn to evil was a tragic one, and one that was welcomed. It was his father who finally pushed him to the edge. Unkowingly.

    Smallville: Episode 3? Yes, this defintitly had George Lucas rolling around. But, I ould see no better way to transform him towards darkness. His motivation to fallow his Fathers way was understandable. "Money and power, once you have those things, you can aquire anything. And have the ability to keep it" This resonated Lex Luthor in the comics 100%.

    - I dont believe it was a Filler episode. We definitly saw some important Character development on Lexs part. As for the Lionel/Jor-El, well the only time we saw Lionel is in the dream. And that was Lex's interpretation of his father. A person he's not to fond of ever since the dissapearance of the spaceship. There really wasnt enough to say that they were or wernt together.

    - I loved the Clana moments. They were long over due.

    - Many people complain as to why Lex didnt ask Jonathan Kent for help. I dont think state senators have that kind of money. But still, Im sure they might have worked something out. Or even Clark, knowing how Clark constantly has the habit of saving someone at the last minute.

    - Complaints on Santa Claus have filled the boards, but I kind of liked the Santa/Clark relationship. Clark inspiring World leaders and iconic figure will become something common in Superman. I liked how they touched it here. He inspired Hope. Something that Superman has done world wide.

    - Smallville = Star Wars? Totally. I had Vaders Theme song ringing in my head during the last section of the episode. Too bad we didnt have Lex and Clark battling it out with lightsabers and "Battle of the Heroes" playing in the background

    - Lilly Luthor, was named after Lex's own mother I believe.

    - The surgical precedure was an exact duplicate of the season 1 finale. Only that Lex wasnt as happy as Lionel was. And he definitly stated it so.
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