Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2005 on The CW

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  • A Luthor's Christmas Carol

    Lexmas-Lex considers whether to turn an operative loose to obtain or fake damaging information against Jonathan to upset his Senatorial race. But when Lex is shot, he falls into a coma and is visited by the ghost of his mother, who shows him what his life could be like if he frees himself from his father. Meanwhile, Clark helps deliver Christmas presents.

    For Smallville's first holiday episode (let's just forget "Thirst" didn't exist), "Lexmas" is better because is centers around Lex as it gives some great insight on why he becomes the villain he will be one day and why he should become that man! The episode begins with Lex trying to get dirt on Jonathan for the Senate race when threaten by two gang members and shot. From there the episode plays like Smallville's own version of a Christmas Carol where Lex wakes up in a alternate reality where both he and a pregnant Lana are married with a son. Michael Rosenbaum handles this storyline beautifully with his performance as Lex is in awe of his near perfect life. Lex and Clark seem to be closer than ever with Chloe as Clark's girlfriend (ironically!), Jonathan Kent is Senator and even sees Lex as his own son. Allsen Down returns as Lex's mother, Lillian Luthor. She gives a solid performance as Lex's guide throughout the episode and you honestly believe she just wants the best for her son who is on a path he might not return from. John Glover is wonderful as Lionel as usual as he makes a harsh decision with Lex's life. Two powerful scenes are between Lionel and Lex during Lex's alternate reality where Lionel turns his back on Lex in his hour of need and when Lana dies after giving birth to the baby. These two moments are essential the reason why Lex makes the dark decision at the end to chose a life of money and power. Michael handles these scenes so well especially at the end where he discusses that he will continue to run for Senator despite his father's wishes. With such a well developed Christmas themed/Lex storyline, the B plot with Clark and a drunken Santa just seems so out of place. Yeah, it Christmas and this was done to balance from Lex's dark storyline, but it feels too cheesy and hurts the episode in the process, not to mention, Lifetime channel worthy! Also, the twist with Santa being real at the end was laughable and you can't believe the writers would even think that would be interesting. "Lexmas" is a fun holiday episode only to watch for Lex's continuing journey toward being villain, all the other scenes involving Clark and Old Saint Nick...not so much!