Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2006 on The CW

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  • Great continuity with "arrival" and presents a part that will show up in other episode farther down the road. Wow, where to begin. Great episode, I like the contiuity they have with "Arrival".

    Great continuity with "arrival" and presents a part that will show up in other episode farther down the road.
    Wow, where to begin. Great episode, I like the contiuity they have with "Arrival". Lex: This guy NEEDS better security forces. I dont care if he does think he's untouchable. His goons are all morons. Not to mention that the guy should wer a Bullet Proof vest every second of his life. I for one am getting tired of all the shootings. Come up with something new. I like his slip towards being vulnerable towards Lana. I also enjoyed seeing that he truly is evil and only thinks about himself. The way the cop said that lex arrived and took the ship without hecking if anyone was alive.

    Bad Cop: I really felt sorry for him. A villain that actually, sort of made me root for him. He wasnt your typical paper-cut villain. He had all his friends blown to bits by the Disciples of Zod, had his flesh burned off, and forced into a Phychiatric Ward for telling the truth.The way he described the attacks was all too creepy.

    Chloe: Im telling you, I really love this character. Much more than the first 3 seasons where I truly couldnt stand her. She and Clark make on hell of a team. I also love how she wishes she had Clarks abbilities. Theres soi much awe in what Clark an do in her.

    Lana: hmm. I dont know. I think its more of the writing thn the actor, but she's coming off as a little too...slutty for a lack of a better word. I understand that she is glad that Lex sacrificed his own well being for her, but how many times has Clark saved her sorry ass? Talk about gratitude. Sure theres half the time she didnt know about it, but what about the other times? I did like the way she put herself at risk for Lexs' safety. It shows courage from the character. Clark: He really needs to stop complaining about his abilities and start telling the truth. The reason Lana is being pushed away is NOT about his powers, its about the truth. I do like how the creators are playing with the special effects regarding his powers. Last episode was the ballon effect and this one was the bomb. Very nice touches. Jonathan Kent: A little harsh on Lois, no? Especially after all that girl has done for him. He is a little proud, but then, it wouldnt be Jonathan if he wasnt. I did like that he learned from past mistakes and DIDNT decide to take the money. It would have been a break in charater had he done so. After all the hell Lionel put him through regarding Clarks adoption papers. Lionel: I just dont get him!!! It bothers me not knowing what he is. But at the same time, I love the mystery surrounding his character. Martha Kent: Martha Martha Martha. How the mighty have fallen. Acceptingmoney from Lionel? What about her father? the guy is loaded. He would have been a much better person to ask for money. Talk about plot hole. Not to mention how she let Lois take the blame. Bad Martha. totally against her character. But she redeemed herself a bit in the end. I did like how she's pushing Clark to reveal his secret to Lana. Especially how she mentioned Pete and Chloe.

    Lois: Taking the blame closed lipped. Very nice. Just shows you how loyal she is to the Kents. Which makes me feel even happier knowing how they will be related int he future. Sherrif: Just when I was really startingto like her character. At first she was suspiciouse of Clark but she came around and even was coaxing him to join the force. I would have loved to see more development on this. Her death scene was true to her character. Im suprised that the creators killed her off without mentioning anything. She a pretty major player. Oh well.

    All in all a good episode. I was a little worried about it. Being the episode before the 100th. But it stand on its own. NOTES:

    - The death before "The Death". The sheriff will be missed. She was starting to grow on me. Especially in this episode. Then BAM!!! dead. so sad.

    - As for the ship, its theorized that the ship IS Brainiac or an extension of. Braniac, in all other continuity, has stated that "All my essence resides in even a fraction of my body". Batman compares him to a Virus. In the Comics, he's a super computer/Alien from the planet Colu. In the Golden Age he used to travel the stars and capture small cities from Planets. For his collection. The Animated series creators decided to use that but twist his origin a little. They made him Kryptons Core Computer and Information database. He downloaded all information and escaped Kryptons destruction. Smallville creators decided to use this origin and make him a Kryptonian supercomputer. Created by Kryptonians, serving only Zod. Why he serves Zod is unknown. Braniac is only logic. Serving Zod will somehow aid his own plans. The same reason why he asks Lex for help. In axhnge for the ship, opened and delivered. So the ship is still very much in tact. When Braniac was impaled, I imagine he was damaged and he teleported himself (all of "himself") away to recuperate and come up with another plan