Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2006 on The CW

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  • Two Sheriff's deputies assault Lex and Lana, demanding to know the spacecraft's location and resulting in the loss of a continuing character from the Smallville cast.

    At the Luthor mansion, a man and a woman dressed as Sheriff's deputies enter, and in a moment they have guns drawn, and murder Lex's assistant, while Lex takes a dive to the security of his vault. One of the assailants is former Deputy Greg Flynn (Kevin Daniels), a witness to and victim of the Kryptonians who arrived in the spaceship during the meteor shower ("Arrival," the season premiere). He saw his fellow deputies killed by those two, but no one has believed his story. He also claims to have seen Lex and company remove the spacecraft from it's crater, while he lay wounded, so this backfills in some details from earlier episodes. Now he wants answers. Lex is safe for the time being, and of course denies any knowledge of a spacecraft.

    Clark and Lana are at the barn, but Clark breaks off to get to class, giving excuses about the tension between them being complicated. She drops some papers - it's a Luthorcorp analysis of the spacecraft, so she has to admit she's been researching it with Lex. She has been keeping it from him because he changes the subject whenever the meteor shower or spacecraft comes up. She saw death and destruction from the ship, and almost died - Clark is missing the boat by treating it lightly. Another quandary for Clark.

    Clark discusses with Martha his feelings for Lana. Maybe she is not "the one," Martha says. Lois arrives to talk to Jonathan about campaign strategy and finances, popping Clark with the affectionate nickname, "Skippy." In a clever vehicle update, the film crew left the demolished red Dodge pickup ("Splinter," about four episodes back) as a background prop at the farm, and Jonathan is working on a blue replacement Dodge pickup while multitasking with Lois about the campaign. However, the engine compartment is red, too, so did they just repaint yet another red Dodge? This is a whole subplot in itself.

    Out on the dark highway, Lana is pulled over by Deputy Harris, taken prisoner, and hauled back to the mansion. Lex is now over a barrel. When they threaten her, he gives up his sanctuary for her sake. Lex and Lana try to disarm the two and escape back to to the vault, but Lex is seriously wounded in the process. As she tends his wound, we begin to see how Lex really feels about Lana.

    Jonathan finally has to press Lois harder for financial information; she tries to stonewall again, but good politicians stay close to the details, especially donations. She has to admit the source - Lionel, and Jonathan is not pleased. "What is the point if the devil owns your soul?" Good question for politicians.

    Clark blows in to see Chloe for more advice to the lovelorn, and Lana's turning to everyone's favorite villain-in-waiting, Lex. Chloe wisely decides to avoid getting in the middle of this. Phone call - Lana's GMC Envoy has been found abandoned out on the highway, and Clark is there in a flash. Using his x-ray vision, he discovers a tiny GPS transmitter on her truck, so someone (Deputy Harris) was tracking Lana's movements, waiting for the right place to nab her. Sheriff Nancy is again impressed with Clark's skills, but he's gone, back to Chloe to search for the owner of the GPS.

    Sheriff Nancy is alerted to an intrusion by a silent alarm at the Luthor mansion, and Deputy Harris is there, trying to head off any help. But she's a good Sheriff and insists on following procedure, so she heads to the mansion, to her undoing. As she finds the signs of the battle in Lex's office, Harris shoots her in cold blood, and popular character actor Camille Mitchell is thus written out of the Smallville cast. We will miss her.

    Chloe finds the owner of the GPS is Flynn, and she and Clark dig into his background, as a former deputy and victim of the meteor shower. So another quick break-in, this time at the psychiatric wing of Smallville Medical Center, and they know all about Flynn. The official story was that all the law enforcement personnel killed then were victims of a meteor strike.

    Martha admits to Jonathan that she is the one who accepted financial aid from Lionel - here's the conflict between political honesty and expediency, a real dilemma for Jonathan. But he sold the back 40, and intends to repay all Lionel's donations. The campaign continues.

    Lex starts to tell Lana about his dream ("Lexmas") so he's remembering feelings about Lana. He confesses that the spacecraft has disappeared, then he lapses into unconsciousness. She decides she must meet the demands of Flynn and Harris, who is his fiance, and agrees to take them to the spacecraft, demanding emergency aid for Lex. When they arrive to find an empty chamber, Lana get a chance to escape, and she almost succeeds, but they have a briefcase bomb, and it's ticking. They get gone, leaving Lana within seconds of death.

    Clark finds Lex at the mansion; he manages to whisper "Warehouse 15" to Clark, who speeds there as the bomb detonates, giving the FX guys a chance to create some impressive fireball penetration by Clark to protect Lana. She misses all this super-action so no further explanation is necessary, but he's saved her again. Boom, one more Vancouver warehouse demolished.

    Lex is recovering from his second gunshot wound in as many weeks this season, and Lana sees him as one who saved her life. He intends to pursue the spacecraft mystery, "Partners?" he asks Lana. "Friends," she replies. Bad timing, Clark sees their brief embrace. Clark is always torn, and the pressure builds to tell her the truth. Is that coming? Some continuing story holes are filled in with this episode, but if you remember those, the rest is routine Smallville drama. Re-run rating C.
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