Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2006 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Given his panic room is meant to withstand a nuclear attack, why doesn't Lex have a basic first aid kit in there?

    • When Flynn shoots out the camera in the lion/gargoyle head, the first image on the monitor as viewed by that camera doesn't match up with the camera angle used in the image of Flynn shooting out the camera. The first shot is just a continuation of a previous scene of Flynn talking, painted green to appear as if it was taken from the security camera.

    • Given Clark has superspeed and thus can move invisibly (as he does to shake the guard's pop can), why does he stop to check out the warehouse with his x-ray vision? He can just rush in, check out the whole place at superspeed in the space of a second or two, and no one would see him (they never do). Instead he takes considerably longer to stop and scan.

    • This is the second time in "several weeks" (since "Lexmas") that Lex is shot in the chest and probably the lung, almost certainly collapsing it. While he might have handled the first chest shot reasonably well through sheer willpower and all, it seems impossible to believe he can recover from a second shot to practically the same location, much less speak and move about relatively easily in the panic room.

    • Where is Lex's security? Not only do the deputies get in unannounced and unhindered, but nobody shows up during the whole time Lex (and later Lana) are in the panic room. Even if the deputies took out the trained security, there'd be teams, rotating patrols, clock-in times, etc. Having a security team that drops dead and no one notices kind of defeats the purpose of having security.

    • Speaking of Lex's crack security, and no offense to the educational standards of Smallville deputies, but how is Flynn able to override the security protocols and get into the panic room's thermostat system? As unlikely as it is he has such training, it is even more unlikely it'd be superior to the security people that safeguarded the system.

    • How was Clark able to do the "supershake" with the security guy's soda when the guy had the can in his hand?

    • Lois tells Jonathan she plans to get ads for him on "every TV station across Kansas." Since Kansas is broken into 40 state senate districts, if she did that she would be wasting a lot of money by airing ads to residents in the 39 districts who are ineligible to vote for Jonathan.

    • Given that Lex initially showed Lana the spaceship so she could examine it personally and try and figure a way in, it seems absurd that she didn't then wonder at all about why he hasn't shown it to her in the weeks specified since its disappearance when they were working together and studying it.

  • Quotes

    • Flynn: You're going to make a great politician, Luthor. You almost sound like you believe your own lies.

    • (After being shot)
      Sheriff Adams: Well ain't that a mother?

    • Lex: (delirious) D'you think I'd look better with hair?
      Lana: Um, I don't know. I've never thought about it.
      Lex: Oh, I have. I've thought about a lot of things ... Clark has really nice hair.
      Lana: Yeah. Yeah, I guess he does.
      Lex: Does he know?
      Lana: That he has nice hair?

    • Lana: (to Clark) Okay, so when you said "Let's get together and study," you actually meant study.

    • Lois: Turn that frown upside down, Skippy, all right? Unhappy family members reflect badly at the polls.
      Clark: I'm looking forward to this campaign being over.

    • Chloe: Clark! Can you at least put on the brakes before you tornado my homework?
      Clark: Sorry.

    • Sheriff Adams: How in the Sam Spade did you know where to find that?
      Clark: Just a hunch.
      Sheriff Adams: You've got an awful lot of those. I've said it before but I really could use a man like you on the force instead of some of these hayseeds.

    • Lana: Okay, well tell me something.
      Lex: What?
      Lana: Anything, just keep talking, okay?
      Lex: Think I'd look better with hair?

    • (as Clark superspeeds off)
      Chloe: Damn. I wish I could do that.

    • (Clark briefly kisses Lana)
      Lana: Clark, what am I, your cousin? Really kiss me.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Sheriff Adams: How in the Sam Spade did you know where to find that?
      Sam Spade is a fictional private detective made famous by actor Humphrey Bogart in the 1941 movie The Maltese Falcon