Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2005 on The CW
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Lucy Lane, Lois' younger sister, comes to Smallville but Clark catches her stealing money from the Talon to pay off a European crime syndicate. Lex offers to help but everything is not what it seems. Meanwhile, a thief breaks into Lana's apartment and steals the crystal, and Jason suspects Lionel.moreless

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  • Great Episode

    Lois Lane's sister Lucy leaves her boarding school in Switzerland and arrives in Smallville with the pretext of missing Lois. She is lodged in Kent Far, and later she discloses to Clark Kent that she owes $50,000 to a loan shark, and Clark asks Lex Luthor to help her. When Lois and Lucy are kidnapped by the criminal, Clark finds the truth of Lucy's visit. Meanwhile, the knowledge stone vanishes from Lana's apartment, and Jason threatens Lionel Luthor, asking for the stone. Lionel claims innocence. "Lucy" is a good episode of "Samllville", with a new character, the troublemaker Lucy Lane. The story has the usual flaws, with the lack of explanations for most of the situations, but entertains. My favorite character is Lex Luthor, and in this episode he seems to really like Clark.moreless
  • Lois has a younger sister - and she's in debt to European loan sharks, who pursue her all the way to Smallville. Clark and Lex unite to protect her. Jason accuses Lionel of stealing one of the elements - but who really has it?moreless

    This week begins with a downhill skiing pursuit of a young lady by several ski-thugs, and she somehow escapes. Good action and camera work by the stunt skiers, on slopes which are supposedly in Europe. When we next see her, she's in Smallville with Lois - it's her younger sister Lucy, for whom Lois had to serve as a mother figure after their mom died. After last week's battle ("Sacred"), it's strange to see Clark and Lex in the Talon playing nice and meeting Lucy. A ski-thug shows up, obviously still pursuing her, but he disappears for the moment.

    Soon Lucy is raiding the Talon till for all the cash, but Clark nabs her, whereupon she confesses she needs the money to repay a German loan shark - a bit of mocha money isn't going far toward the $50k she owes. Pleading to Clark, she gets his consent to avoid telling Lois of her plight. Next we see Lucy doing a poor job faking violin-playing, while Mr. Rosenbaum does a pretty good job faking piano-playing, but Lex knows of the crime group behind the loan sharking - they've been hampering one of his corporate deals. So he offers to pay her debt, in a GPS-loaded briefcase.

    On the way to the payoff with Lois and Lucy via a very dark Vancouver street, a cop stops Lex's Mercedes SL coupe - but it's the shark in disguise, and he gets the dough, Lex gets slugged, and Clark arrives too late to help. Lois and Lucy are taken by the thug Marcus in a semi along with the Mercedes, headed for parts unknown. More family background is filled in on Lois and their father, then a couple words from Marcus exposes Lucy's role in the plot - it's all a setup to get even more money for their ransom. Lois is peeved.

    Barreling down US 54, with snow-capped mountains in the background, the truck is chased by Clark, and he hears the gals inside the semi as it speeds by - he's almost flying when he leaps onto the truck and knocks Marcus flat. He has to disappear after this part of the rescue, but just then Lex and his security force show up, so they can't be far from Smallville. As Lois and Lex talk, Lucy hijacks the blue Mercedes and becomes a dot in the distance. Looks like Lex will have a new car next week, and Lois will have a new storyline to pursue.

    The ongoing story has Jason accusing Lionel of stealing the stone he recovered in China, and as Jason gets rough, Lana spots the confrontation - so much for the brief lovers interlude with Jason - he's still stone-obsessed. Lionel later tells Lex about the stone - Lex did not know Jason had it then lost it. But wait - who really has the stone? A surprise!

    For a change, Lois and Clark are the barn-couple in the final scene, having a good chat as she reveals more about her family to Clark, and we see some signs of friendship begin - let's keep that developing. Finally, the only snow-capped peaks on US 54 are the Sacramento mountains of south-central New Mexico, in the Lincoln National Forest, so we were actually seeing peaks in south central British Columbia. Either way, it was a long drive from Kansas. Gotta-see episode to follow the stone trail - re-run rating B.moreless
  • The Other Lane

    Lucy-Lucy Lane, Lois' younger sister, comes to Smallville but Clark catches her stealing money from the Talon to pay off a European crime syndicate. Lex offers to help but everything is not what it seems. Meanwhile, a thief breaks into Lana's apartment and steals the crystal, and Jason suspects Lionel.

    Of all the storylines to explore about Lois Lane, the writerw bring Lois' very boring and dull little sister Lucy to the small screen. Of course, they try to re-invent the character into a trouble-maker who gets mixed up with a European crime lord. Too bad your really just bored with the whole episode by half way. Peyton List is okay in the role, but the character suffers from being underdeveloped and unlikeable as soon as she hits the screen. At the end of the episode, Lucy never grows matures and is still the little brat she has always been, so I don't understand what was the point of introducing the character and not at least give her some character development. Also, I find it hard to believe that Lucy outsmarted Lois, Clark and Lex in one episode, I mean...seriously! That whole twist just got on my nerves.

    On the plus side, Erica Durance plays the part of the worried big sister very well and she commits to the storyline very well. You can see Lois is conflicted on how her sister could have gone so far, especially when she knowing how smart her sister is (I really don't see how though!) The sub-plot with Lana getting robbed and the stone being stolen is more interesting thanks to the scene where Jason confronts Lionel about stealing it. It's a tense scene with both Jensen Ackles and John Glover being equally great. The twist with Lana faking the robbery and hidding the stone from Jason is quite a surprise, as you realize Lana doesn't trust Jason so much and has palns of her own. Also, Clark's super jump rescue off the bridge onto the truck was a classic Superman moment and definately the highlight of the episode. "Lucy" like the character herself, is one D.C. character we really didn't need to see onscreen and the episode is rather pointless in the end.moreless
  • When Lois's younger sister Lucy visits Smallville, Clark catches her stealing money from the Talon's register and learns that she needs to pay off a European crime syndicate. Lex offers to help Lucy solve her debt, but she and Lois end up kidnapped.moreless

    After evading a couple of men in Switzerland, Lucy Lane calls her big sister Lois in Smallville to inform her that she'll be visiting in a couple of days. Soon after arriving at the Kent farm, however, Clark notices Lucy sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night and follows her. When he catches her stealing money from the Talon's register, she explains that she maxed out her credit cards trying to fit in at her school and had to go to a loan shark, who's followed her to Smallville. Lex finds out and offers to help with Lucy's debt, but while he, Lois, and Lucy are on their way to drop off the money Lucy owes, the two Lanes are kidnapped and ransomed. Meanwhile, Lois gets a job at the Talon; Lana's apartment is broken into and the stone (see SACRED) is missing; and Jason immediately suspects Lionel of the theft.

    Here we have another episode where not all is as it seems. First off, Lionel's motives are still suspicious. I mean, he comes across innocently enough at first, then later admits to Lex that he almost wishes he had stolen the stone and accuses his son of being "unbelievably naive". I know nobody's perfect and completely "good" or "innocent", but it just seems as if the writers either A) are trying to confuse viewers, or B) are themselves unsure of Lionel's moral turnaround. But moving on. I liked the twist at the end regarding who actually stole the stone, though I won't spoil anything for those that have yet to actually see the episode. As for Lucy herself, I liked that viewers, through Clark and Lois's eyes, gradually saw that she wasn't what she appeared to be, but at the same time, the character was confusing, as was the ski chase given what we learned in the "no tomato" scene. And while it was nice meeting another of Lois's relatives, I was disappointed that it was brief and that all we know of Lucy is she's a con artist jealous of her big sister. On the plus side, Lois's interactions with Lucy and Clark helped develop her character. For example, we now know what Lois went through after her mom died and how it's shaped part of the person she is today. All things considered, nine-and-a-half out of ten stars.

    Highlights: Lois realizing she had a call at three in the morning (personally, you call me that early and you better be dying); Lois's attempt to cook for the Kents, and the Kents meeting Lucy; Lois discussing her sister with Clark; Lois working at the Talon, while Clark enjoys watching her suffer through it; Lois finding out about Lucy being stalked by Marcus Becker; Lois and Clark interrupting Lex and Lucy to inform Lex of Lucy's debt; Lois, Lex, and Lucy riding in Lex's car; Clark and Lex realizing that Lucy "played [them] like a Stradivarius"; Lois's argument with Lucy; Clark saving the Lane sisters; Chloe dropping hints to Clark on secrets and saving people; Lex and Lionel's conversation on the missing stone; Lana retrieving the stone; and Lois and Clark in the loft, discussing Lucy.moreless
  • so lois's lil sis comes to town in debt and brings everyone down with her

    lois and "lucy" seriously?!? youve got to be kidding me that was so stupid it was unbelievable lol... so lucy's wearing all pink do i have to ask if shes a girlie girl ??ha ha lois sure is living the life- mans bed (big), eye protecter thingy, 4 pillows the whole shebang.

    did you notice lex became like- "daddy" he was like now lucy... he looked and sounded exactly like my dad lol

    lana and jason seriously need to break up they (together) are not cute at all i can tell jason is gonna mess it up majorly who is this guy.. i want 50thousand bucs lolmoreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles

Jason Teague

John Glover

John Glover

Lionel Luthor

Peyton List

Peyton List

Lucy Lane

Guest Star

Erica Cerra

Erica Cerra

Warehouse Worker

Guest Star

Kaleena Kiff

Kaleena Kiff

Lex's Aide

Guest Star

Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

Recurring Role

Bud the Dog

Bud the Dog


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Lucy called Lois at 3AM Kansas time, and arrived just when breakfast was being served on the farm (no later than 9 or 10). A flight from Zurich to Kansas would take longer than 6 hours, not to mention the traveling time from the slopes to the airport, from the airport to the Kent farm.

    • Trivia: Lois using a ringtone on her phone which is the melody of the Army Wake Up call.

    • So when did Lana have a chance to ransack her own apartment? Jason lives with her, so it could be a good assumption that when they went out for their morning run, they left the apartment together. And gauging by Jason and Lana's conversation, when they were walking up the stairs after the workout, they aparently decided to race during their run and that it was close. So Lana couldn't have broken away then. Did she hire someone to do it? If so, it's never really established who she would trust enough with that kind of secret.

    • Another odd thing about the mountains is that when Clark arrives, his back is to them. Then the semi approaches him from the front and goes under him. As he turns around, he should be facing the mountains but they're nowhere to be seen. They also disappear in all other subsequent shots facing in the direction the truck is heading.

    • When Lucy is picking the drawer in the Talon and Clark arrives, she is behind the counter. At the end of scene she stands up from the chair in front of the counter.

    • In a couple of the shots when Clark is on the overpass, you can see the mountains of "Kansas" in the background. These of course are the mountains north of Vancouver B.C. where the show is filmed.

    • Highway 54 does go through Kansas, but the two closest Cherry Hills are in Arkansas. Neither of them is near Highway 54.

    • The pipe Lana puts the stone in is a cleanout drain. There's no ledge or anything inside such things (which would kinda defeat their purpose). If you put something in it, it's going to fall and keep falling until it hits bottom.

    • When Clark meets with Lex after the kidnapping (several hours later at least - it's now daylight), Lex's wound is fairly small and has no bandages. When Lex arrives at the semi later, the wound is substantially larger and now has bandages.

    • As the truck is violently thrown back and forth on the road, the vehicle inside the trailer remains perfectly still and doesn't appear to be secured at all.

    • When Lex and Lucy are playing their duet, Peyton List's left hand on the strings doesn't move and the bow is wildly out-of-synch with the dubbed-in music.

    • In the beginning, we see Lucy skiing down a mountain to get away from her pursuer, Marcus Becker. She escapes and calls Lois, and then travels to Smallville. Given what happens later in the episode, this scene has no place in the episode and is contradicted by what we learn near the end. (Spoilers: From the "no-tomato" scene it's established that Lucy and Becker have had an extended relationship.)

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Lois: Uh, you know, all these years, I thought I had my sister pegged. But, uh, in reality she's a complete stranger to me.
      Clark: Even if that were true, I think that if she called you tomorrow, you'd be there in a second to help her.

    • Lois: I just got off the phone with the general.
      Clark: Oh, that was all the screaming I heard from the house.
      Lois: Yeah. Well, apparently, he is very disappointed in me for letting this happen, and as far as my family chain of command goes, I am the weakest link.

    • Clark: I thought you said that telescopes were for geeks and stalkers.
      Lois: Yeah, well, as was proven over the last few days, I can seriously misjudge people.

    • Lex: Jason Teague found the stone?
      Lionel: Either you are the best con man in the world, or you are truly unbelievably naive.

    • Lex: Dad, if you want to play games, there's a deck of cards in the parlor.

    • Lionel: Well, he--Jason Teague, that's who it was--accused me of taking something that didn't belong to me, of stealing.
      Lex: Well, it wouldn't be the first time.

    • Chloe: (to Clark) You know, it never fails. Keeping secrets always leads to trouble. I don't know which is more difficult, being the one keeping the secret or the one who's being duped.

    • Lucy: Well, you can think whatever you want. But the fact is, I always envied you.
      Lois: Me? I was being dragged around the world like a spare piece of luggage.
      Lucy: Yeah, but you had something I never had.
      Lois: What?
      Lucy: Our dad.
      Lois: Luce, I don't think either of us ever had Dad.

    • Lois: When Michael Hoover was throwing dirt clods at you, who kicked his butt, huh? Who was the one who let you sleep in her bed and listen to you snore every night after Mom died?
      Lucy: Lois, I'm sorry.
      Lois: Well, sorry's not good enough! I want to know why. I want to know why you turned to a life of crime when you have everything in the world going for you. You're as close to fricking perfect as it gets!

    • Clark: You went to a loan shark?
      Lucy: Well, it's called something else in German, but yeah, that's the idea.

    • Clark: (after catching Lucy stealing from the Talon's register) I knew you had talents, but I didn't think burglary was one of them.
      Lucy: I swear I was gonna pay it all back. I'm not some criminal.
      Clark: You do a pretty good job of impersonating one.

    • Jason: It was all one big calculated ploy, wasn't it?
      Lionel: If I had the foresight which you attribute to me, I wouldn't need any ancient artifacts to help me.
      Jason: If you've got any kind of foresight, you will let me know where that stone is right now. Otherwise, this is gonna get very ugly.

    • Chloe: Whoa! Is that Lois with a tray? (to Lois) Hey, cuz!
      Clark: Yes, it is. It's kind of like a free floor show.

    • Lex: Two Lanes under one roof. That's got to be interesting.
      Clark: Well, I haven't had a hot shower in two days, and the laundry machine is running nonstop. The phone line is consistently busy. No, it's nice having them around. I mean, it kind of takes the loneliness out of the house.
      Lex: Yeah, I always hated the sound of a quiet home.

    • Lois: Don't let all that flirting go to your head. She goes to an all-girls school. You're probably the first guy she's talked to in a couple months.
      Clark: Lois, I don't want you to get the wrong idea, but ever since Lucy came to town you've been grumpier than normal. Are you not happy to see your sister?
      Lois: Of course I am. Look, there's a thing with sisters. You can love them without really liking them.
      Clark: You don't like your own sister?
      Lois: More like she's not very crazy about me, not that I blame her.

    • Lois: So Chloe is going to be your official Smallville tour guide, not that there's much to see.
      Lucy: Oh, I don't know. (she looks Clark up and down) So far it looks pretty good.

    • Jason: You know, you cheated on that last stretch, young lady. I had you beat.
      Lana: Well, I only offered you a kiss. Didn't think you''d actually fall for it.

    • Lois: You know, there's something cathartic about telling a three-star general to go to hell.

    • Lois: A hundred grand, chrome wheels and thirteen speakers and instead of a back seat, oh yeah, I get the gear shift.

    • Clark: I guess no matter how bad you want to, you just can't save everyone.
      Chloe: But it doesn't stop you from trying. Does it, Clark?

    • Clark: You might be a little rough around the edges, but as far as sisters go, Lucy, could do a lot worse.
      Lois: Thanks for the ringing endorsement!

    • Lois: You're amazing, Smallville. You always look for the best in people even when they walk all over you.
      Clark: I guess that explains why we're friends.
      Lois: Oh, we're friends now?
      Clark: Well, I won't tell anyone if you don't.

    • Lex: Dad, clearly the idea of personal space is lost on you.

    • Lex: Just because you have the same blood running through your veins doesn't make you family.

    • Lucy: Are we there yet?
      Lois: Have you ever been in a car and not uttered those words?

    • Lois: You're going to find that Clark's charm is an acquired taste, much like his sense of fashion.

    • Lois: It's called 'being nice'.
      Clark: Well, if you were any nicer, we'd starve.

  • NOTES (5)

    • The ski sequence was filmed at Sunshine Ski Resort. It is located near Banff, Alberta.

    • Lucy Lane
      In the comics, Lucy Lane was first introduced in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #36 in April 1959. During the Silver Age, Lucy was as an airline stewardess romantic interest of Jimmy Olsen.
      During the modern age, Lucy was reintroduced in issue #5 of John Byrne's 1986 miniseries Man of Steel. She met and married Ron Troupe, the African American columnist who replaced Clark's position during the Death of Superman saga.
      Lucy Lane has made several live action appearances in the various Superman incarnations. She was portrayed by Maureen Teefy in the 1984 movie Supergirl as Supergirl's schoolmate. Also, she was portrayed by Elizabeth Barondes and Roxanna Zal in her three appearances on the television show Lois and Clark.

    • The opening ski sequence was filmed at Whistler or somewhere in British Columbia - according to one contributor it was very dry winter in the Pacific Northwest in 2005 when the episode was filmed and not much snow.

    • In-joke: the club Peter Wingfield's bouncer works at is "Kronos" - in the series Highlander, Peter Wingfield's character Methos was ally-enemy-friend with another Immortal named Kronos.

    • Music: "Club Foot" (Kasabian) by Kasabian and "Fly" (Scream) by Mark Joseph.


    • Lionel: You've made Hot Potato into an art form.
      Hot Potato is a children's game where they throw an object (usually a ball) to each other and sing a song...and whoever has the "hot potato" (the ball) when the song is over that person loses.

    • Chloe: Before you go all "Lifetime heroine"...
      Referencing the Lifetime Channel, which seems to have at least 50% of its programming dedicated to movies about women who go heroic and make a difference.

    • Lois: ...I am the weakest link.
      Referencing the British imported-to-US game show The Weakest Link.