Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2003 on The CW

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of smallville lana is suddenly attactied to this kid as school and is fallen maddly in love with him and even murdriously . clark goes and does some digging and learns that he is attacting her by using maganitism that he uses to attract lana. clark must get there in time before it is too late and in this ep we learn that cloe is investgatin linel luther and lex finds out and wants her to join him to take his father down. this was a great ep i thought and it had a very interesting story and i enjoyed it.
  • Classmate Seth, who's had a crush on Lana for years, develops magnetic powers, which he uses to influence her feelings. Clark sees the truth, but has difficulty convincing Lana.

    At the county fair, Lana's classmate Seth is popped on the head with a kryptonite-laced snowglobe by a tattooed thug. During an MRI diagnostic, the magnetic field goes awry, energizing Seth with krypto-magnetic powers, which he uses to influence Lana and to control metal objects. Lana goes to the closed fairgrounds with him under the influence of his touch, but they're followed by Clark, who sees Seth manifest his powers. Nice camera work on Lana and Seth while the ferris wheel operates, and so does Seth. Clark warns Seth to stay away from Lana; Seth responds with a school-lockers slamming demo.

    Lex continues working with retired cop Mason on an investigation of the tenement explosion which killed his grandparents many years ago. On learning that Chloe, too, is looking into the Luthor famiily history, he confronts her in the Torch office, implying that Chloe's has been subverted by Lionel getting her the Daily Planet column.

    Chloe and Clark ransack the hospital files on Seth, but when discovered, Chloe covers up their burglary by laying a big one on Clark, who soon has no luck persuading Lana about the danger Seth poses. Things heat up between Lana and Seth, and she cleans out the Talon's cash drawer with Lex in pursuit - but Seth and Lana leave town in a canary yellow Mustang convertible. Clark slows down that trip by heat-vision on the asphalt road, turning it into a soft tub o' tar, entangling that beautiful Mustang. Seth latches onto a passing semi, leaving Lana to cool off in jail - for what? Who filed?

    Chloe finds that investigator Mason has broken into the Torch office, and he casually walks out with her computer. Why wouldn't Chloe report this theft? Too much questionable material on her hard drive? Chloe confronts Lex about the computer theft, but Lex takes her to the morgue - Mason is dead - and Lex implies that Lionel was behind it and offers to protect Chloe.

    Seth springs Lana from jail, Clark finds them at the fairgrounds, and Lana gets a chance to take a shot at Clark. Seth and Clark battle until Seth is electrocuted and ends up in an off-screen coma. Chloe later accepts the offer from Lex for help, and she fills him in on Lionel's plot to have her investigate Clark, and his blackmail when she balked. She reveals more - crimelord Morgan Edge, missing and presumed dead in "Phoenix," was a long-time friend of Lionel. The news article we see must have been written by someone on the production staff with limited grammar and spelling abilities, and the headline reads that Edge is missing - the article says his body is being examined that day. They just don't realize how picky we Smallville fans can be!

    We get some intriguing developments on the Lex-Lionel conflict in this episode, but the rest is pretty routine meteor-rock-mutant and Clark-Lana relationship fare. Re-run rating C-.
  • Another one of those Smallville weight-watcher episodes - light on plot, character devlopment and action.

    You'd think, with the wealth of mythology from comic books etc., Smallville would have enough material to mix it up almost every episode. And yet, beyond my comprehension, in season three alone, we have yet another Lana-item-of-obsession episode. Enough already! Feeling very much like a missing season one episode, "Magnetic" sees a guy who has the hots for Lana acquire new, you guessed it, magnetic abilities. Explained through dire techno babble, we find out he's changing Lana's feelings, making her do out of character things and such nonsense, making Clark a very jealous guy. A bottle episode in every sense of the term, "Magnetic" lacks Smallville's habitual fall-back, that if the story isn't up to mediocre-par, at least it all looks good. But no, there's very little FX here and the denouement is both predictable and underwhelming, even for such a ropey episode. While I'll always consider Smallville an enjoyable show at heart, when it's bad, it's truly dire stuff. This episode being a prime example.
  • "I'm a Freak and Obsessed with Lana" Part 6

    Magnetic-Clark is suspicious when Lana suddenly becomes attracted to a fellow student and begins to act rebelliously, which eventually lands her in jail. Clark's suspicions are confirmed when he discovers Lana's new boyfriend has magnetic powers that can move objects and alter human emotions, but when he tries to free Lana from the paranormal hold that is controlling her, she tries to kill him. Meanwhile, Lex discovers Chloe has been delving into Lionel's past and tries to get her to join forces against his dad.

    After a string of great episodes since the premeire, Smallville runs into it's first bad episode of the season and of course, it's focused around Lana and her newest meteor of the freak stalker. There's nothing remotely interesting or life threating about Seth Nelson and his Magento-inspired power as he can control metal. Kevin Zegers just bores in the role and doesn't make any impression showing that his different from any other meteor freaks. The most lame aspect of his power to control Lana by just touching attract like a magnet! Kristin Kreuk is unbearably bad throughout as she plays Seth's bad girl. I mean Lana, bad?...never! This is one of the few times where you just can't wait until Clark saves the day so the whole episode can be over already.

    But it's actually not all bad, I like the development that Lex asks Chloe to help him take down Lionel. It's a great team up as they are about to get the truth of Lionel's murder of his parents which continues to imress as a storyline. All and All, Despite a brilliant sub-plot, "Magnetic" is sub-par and a funless filler!
  • Great Episode

    When Lana starts seeing a new guy, and begins acting out of character, Clark Kent investigates. Clark's suspicions are confirmed when he discovers Lana's new boyfriend has magnetic powers that can move objects and alter human emotions. When he tries to free Lana from the magnetic hold, she tries to kill him. Lex discovers Chloe Sullivan has been digging into Lionel's past and tries to get her to join him in his fight against his father. Lex offers his protection to Chloe. In this episode, again Clark Kent does not date Lana Lang, although they have a crush on each other.
  • Boredom x10 anyone?

    HATED this episode guys, they've done it more than once before. How many more times will we have Clark getting jealous of a guy and him turning out to be a meteor freak, and Clark needs to save the day!? Its not like its just Lana, the same thing happens with Chloe everytime too! Dont bother watching this episode if your not a big fan, it basically sucks, plus it uses some very cheesy dialogue. Chloe of course is on form with humour - Lana: How tasteless is this (glass snowball)? I think they even used real meteor rocks.
    Chloe: The American version of closure. You can only get over your grief when you figure out how to merchandise your tragedy, but other than that, its a waste of time
  • Great episode.

    Lana gets involved with a student who might be controlling her behavior. Clark becomes suspicious with Lana's new companion and investigates him. This causes Lana to behave violently. Lex Luthor that Chloe is trying to forming an alliance with Lionel. It's another exciting episode from Smallville. I really enjoyed watching this. The writers did another great episode. Lana getting controlled by someone is a great storyline to explore. I really loved watching this episode, it's fun to watch. The investigation thing was really exciting. When Clark goes out to find out what's wrong with Lana is so exciting, it keeps me asking for more.
  • Wait what happened again? Oh yeah... boredom.

    This is on my list of least favorite Smallville episodes. Completely a filler. Once again Lana is the object of some guys affection, Clark has to save the day, but not before being deemed jealous or weird for always trying to save some one. On top of that, if they were gonig to stay with the same type of story line make it interesting. This episode is a bore. I'm just glad that for once at the end Lana was held accountable for what she did. Smallville is a great show and can get away with some low points during a season, so I can excuse this. But really I hate this epsiode.
  • A student with magnetic powers uses it to disrupt Lana’s electrochemical system and makes her fall in low with him.

    Air Bud meets Smallville. The writers sure can choose some good looking and great guest stars for each episodes. Kevin Zegers was a great choose but he’s like Tom Welling he’s so hot that’s hard to see him miss behaving. The scene when Kevin is hit with the snow globe that made me feel pain just watching it. There was good special effects on the MRI scene and when Kevin’s character Saith shuts all the lockers. I’m glad to see Lex wanting to protect Chloe from Lionel after he discovers she’s been looking into his past.
  • Magneto in Smallville!

    This episode was not that great, there are different things because it was not, first of all the ability that Seth get from the strange metal machine is the fact that he begins to move metal with his mind and with that he is able to control Lana's mind because according to Clark Lana has some sort of metallic wave with her hormones or something like that, and well the thing is that the fact that Seth has the same ability that Magneto in X-Men. Really strange episode, and the battle was not that long, it was boring...
  • Clark becomes jealous when Lana falls Seth - one of her classmates. Clark's convinced though that her attraction to him is not based on her own feelings, but on his new found ability to control magnetism. Meanwhile, Lex discovers Chloe was looking into hi

    Although there's a neat concept behind this episode (a student gains power over magnetism, including the sexual kind), Magnetic fails to deliver in its execution. Many Smallville episodes go down the route of "student gets powers and uses them for bad" and although this one isn't a complete retread of every other episode, neither does it stand out from the rest. The potential is there to really flesh out Seth's character, instead of letting him become the usual two dimensional villain. Granted, Seth isn't such a bad guy but he still tries to kill Clark at the end (as every student does on this show). Maybe if his motivations were a little clearer, the moment he turns on clark wouldn't be such a groan moment - sure Clark is acting like a jealous ex, but killing him is a bit overly dramatic. Perhaps it may have been better if Seth really didn't know he was using his powers in attracting Lana, and that he was controlling her subconciously. As he realises that she doesn't actually love him and that the only reason she's with him is because of his powers, then that could be a motivating force to drive him over the edge. But as it stands, what we have here is yet another forgettable villain.
    On the more positive side, the Chloe/Lex subplot progresses the current story-arc and makes the episode that much more watchable.
  • Lets be bad why dont we?

    Lana gets a new boyfriend named Seth. But Seth has a magnetic charm on her that isn't natural, and Clark becomes suspicious. Seth is the freak of the week and has abilities similar to Marvel Comics Magneto. He also has the ability to affect an individual's will, which gets Lana in a lot of trouble. Seth steals a car and drags Lana into his crimes after he gets her to rob the Talon's cash register taking Lex's share of the dough.

    Luckily for Lana, Clark figures out what's going on and saves Lana from the manipulative Seth. And Lana gets off with community service.

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