Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2003 on The CW

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  • Classmate Seth, who's had a crush on Lana for years, develops magnetic powers, which he uses to influence her feelings. Clark sees the truth, but has difficulty convincing Lana.

    At the county fair, Lana's classmate Seth is popped on the head with a kryptonite-laced snowglobe by a tattooed thug. During an MRI diagnostic, the magnetic field goes awry, energizing Seth with krypto-magnetic powers, which he uses to influence Lana and to control metal objects. Lana goes to the closed fairgrounds with him under the influence of his touch, but they're followed by Clark, who sees Seth manifest his powers. Nice camera work on Lana and Seth while the ferris wheel operates, and so does Seth. Clark warns Seth to stay away from Lana; Seth responds with a school-lockers slamming demo.

    Lex continues working with retired cop Mason on an investigation of the tenement explosion which killed his grandparents many years ago. On learning that Chloe, too, is looking into the Luthor famiily history, he confronts her in the Torch office, implying that Chloe's has been subverted by Lionel getting her the Daily Planet column.

    Chloe and Clark ransack the hospital files on Seth, but when discovered, Chloe covers up their burglary by laying a big one on Clark, who soon has no luck persuading Lana about the danger Seth poses. Things heat up between Lana and Seth, and she cleans out the Talon's cash drawer with Lex in pursuit - but Seth and Lana leave town in a canary yellow Mustang convertible. Clark slows down that trip by heat-vision on the asphalt road, turning it into a soft tub o' tar, entangling that beautiful Mustang. Seth latches onto a passing semi, leaving Lana to cool off in jail - for what? Who filed?

    Chloe finds that investigator Mason has broken into the Torch office, and he casually walks out with her computer. Why wouldn't Chloe report this theft? Too much questionable material on her hard drive? Chloe confronts Lex about the computer theft, but Lex takes her to the morgue - Mason is dead - and Lex implies that Lionel was behind it and offers to protect Chloe.

    Seth springs Lana from jail, Clark finds them at the fairgrounds, and Lana gets a chance to take a shot at Clark. Seth and Clark battle until Seth is electrocuted and ends up in an off-screen coma. Chloe later accepts the offer from Lex for help, and she fills him in on Lionel's plot to have her investigate Clark, and his blackmail when she balked. She reveals more - crimelord Morgan Edge, missing and presumed dead in "Phoenix," was a long-time friend of Lionel. The news article we see must have been written by someone on the production staff with limited grammar and spelling abilities, and the headline reads that Edge is missing - the article says his body is being examined that day. They just don't realize how picky we Smallville fans can be!

    We get some intriguing developments on the Lex-Lionel conflict in this episode, but the rest is pretty routine meteor-rock-mutant and Clark-Lana relationship fare. Re-run rating C-.