Season 3 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2003 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • The article on Morgan Edge that Lex shows Chloe has several incomplete sentences and misspells the word "thief" as "theif." It also declares that Edge's body has been recovered and will be examined before being put to rest in the cemetery. However, despite that he reappears in the next episode.

    • In this episode, Lana tells Clark, at the end, that one day, someone will come along who is right for her, and Clark will just have to deal with that. Yet in the last episode, Lana stated that she would wait as long as he needed for them to be together.

    • Why did the police not think that Lana had something to do with the stolen car? She was the only one on the scene when the sheriff pulled up... no one saw the boy run off, and it was never mentioned that the car was stolen by a male. It seems like the police see or help Lana everyday, but never ask her how she got into that position.

    • In the medical records room, Chloe says, "Assuming we can prove that Seth can manipulate metal with his mind..." In the scene just before that, Seth closes his locker door with his powers in front of everyone plus closes everyone else's locker doors in front of everyone else. If that's not proof enough...

    • In the Sea of Love scene in the confrontation between Clark and Seth, there is a shot of Clark getting up from behind the car after having jumped behind it to avoid the gunfire by Seth. The shot shows Clark getting up and sweeping the slugs off his shoulders. In the following shot where Seth's in the process of pulling a car off to fling at Clark, you can see Clark getting up and sweeping the slugs off his shoulders again in the background.

    • Bullets bounce off of Clark, so why when Seth is shooting at him does he dive 20' to get behind cover?

    • Much like in "Obscura," lots of lights have been left on after the fair is supposedly closed for the season. Why would anyone leave the roller-coaster lights on when the fair is closed?

    • In the first scene at the Kent Farm, Jonathan comes in and walks over to Martha. However, in the next shot (which is behind Martha), he is nowhere to be seen.

    • Lana says it was nice of Lex to give her her job back. She's a partner with him - he could choose not to press charges, or he could choose not to argue in court there's grounds for the partnership arrangement to be broken. But she doesn't have a job at the Talon per se - she's one of two owners who works there because she chooses to. Lex couldn't give her her "job" back any more then she could give him his back as an owner.

    • They also probably wouldn't let Lana into the MRI chamber, particularly one that was malfunctioning when she might have metal on her. Even if she was nearby and happened to hear the noise, they usually have warning signs around.

    • When Seth and Lana are going to get on the ferris wheel, Seth motions with his hand and the lever moves, stopping the ride. But when they get on and Seth closes the safety bar, the ride starts up again without him motioning for the lever to move.

    • When Lana confronts Clark about how he's been acting in regard to Seth, he tells her something about how she might still be under his mind control. She responds by saying, "Seth isn't touching me now...." The question is: how did she know about his touch? Clark or Chloe didn't say anything about it to her, so how did she know?

    • Shouldn't file rooms be locked? And even if it was, volunteers don't usually get keys.

    • Lex admires Chloe for barging in - gee, if he had security maybe people wouldn't barge in on him so often...

    • the existence of super-powered freaks in Smallville common knowledge? You'd think super-powered mind-control would make for some interesting twists on an insanity plea, but apparently nobody tries to defend Lana that way.

    • When Seth is in the hospital room manipulating metal the second time on the cart, his hand changes from open to shut and back again depending on whether the camera shot is from over his shoulder or in front of him. The cuts are instantaneous and there's no indication Seth is flexing his hand or anything.

    • Clark says he has to get used to Lana dating other people. Ummm, he put up with at least a year of Lana dating Whitney - probably more since he knew her before the first episode.

    • When Clark first confronts Seth and Lana in the Sea of Love ride, there's bubbles floating around. Why'd Seth turn on the machine? And then why does it stop - after the commercial break the bubbles are no longer present.

    • At the carnival when Seth opens the gate, there's a long shot from behind them with Lana turned toward the side. Then there's a cut to the front with Lana still turned toward the side. Then the camera cuts behind them and Lana turns and faces the gate. Then the camera cuts again to the front and Lana is turned sideways again and starts turning toward the gate.

    • If Seth is such a powerful magnetic that a compass can point to him from a considerable distance even when he's not actively using his powers, there should be other indications that he's a walking magnet, like the gun sticking to his hand, nearby metal objects moving toward him, etc.

    • It's unlikely they'd use a MRI on Seth, given the hefty cost of running the test, for such a comparatively minor injury. (editor's note: they probably checked Seth to see if he had metal in his head before using it, though.)

    • The MRI technician would have turned off the machine the moment anything appeared to go wrong. Those machines are very expensive and potentially dangerous. He definitely should have known better than to leave it running when he tried to enter the room.

    • When Seth knocks the gun out of the officer's hands in the jail, why does he run to get it? Why doesn't he pull it towards him with his magnetic ability?

    • It seems a little odd, but not totally unreasonable, that Seth doesn't use his mind-influencing powers on anyone but Lana. He's obsessed with Lana, and there's never indication Clark would have given him the chance to touch him or that Seth could touch anyone else long enough to influence them as he does Lana.

    • Clark seems to totally forget his super-speed powers during his fight with Seth. Seth grimaces, clenches his hands, and finally manages to throw a car at Clark after some concentration - Clark just stands there 20' away and lets him.

  • Quotes

    • Jonathan: Something must be wrong if (Clark) just stuck his head in the refrigerator and didn't eat the last piece of cherry pie.

    • Martha: What did Lana say?
      Clark: She said yes so fast it gave me whiplash.

    • Jonathan: Look, Clark, jealousy is a tough emotion.
      Clark: Dad I'm not jealous!
      Jonathan: Huh....
      Clark: Well, maybe a little bit.

    • Lana: How tasteless is this (glass snowball)? I think they even used real meteor rocks.
      Chloe: The American version of closure. You can only get over your grief when you figure out how to merchandise your tragedy.

    • Chloe: You're a Luthor so it's a given that you're unscrupulous, but I really thought petty larceny was beneath you, Lex.
      Lex: Could you be a little more specific with the charge?

    • (after kissing Clark)
      Chloe: A good reporter always thinks on her feet.

    • Seth: I hate to poke a hole in your theory, Clark, but Lana's not made out of steel.

    • Lex: (to Chloe) I admire your take-charge attitude - barging in here and accusing me took guts...or sheer stupidity.

    • Lex: What good are lawyers if they can't jump through hoops?

  • Notes

    • The Lowell County Fairgrounds scenes were filmed at the Playland Amusement Park in Vancouver.

    • We see another reference to Lowell County (on the fair sign), a fictional county in Kansas.

    • We only hear Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Adams over the loudspeaker and maybe see her at a distance in a police car - she doesn't actually clearly appear on screen.

    • John Glover does not appear in this episode.

    • Music: "Hey Now" by Black Toast Music, "Trouble" by Bonnie McKe, "Stupid Girl" by Cold, "Amazing" by Josh Kelley, "Over You" by Michelle Featherstone, and "Trouble" by Pink.

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