Season 10 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2011 on The CW

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  • A clever title goes here!

    the overall review is wrong desaads minions don't abduct oliver and chloe fbi do
  • The countdown truly begins...

    Hidden within this episode is the evolution of Clark Kent from his current ridiculously recognizable incarnation to his more iconic dweeb with glasses. The writers do everything possible to sell the concept, for which they deserve some credit. Yet I still find it hard to believe that the thousands of people who have encountered Clark over the years wouldn't recognize him when he finally becomes Superman. This is something they should have established several seasons ago to make it viable.

    The more meaningful transition is his realization that the Blur (and ostensibly, his soon-to-be-revealed Superman persona) is his true identity, and Clark Kent is the disguise he wears for the world. It's taken quite some time to get to this point, but it's a giant leap for Clark as an individual. It's really the end of the journey that started back when Oliver first challenged Clark to look beyond his personal attachments in Smallville to the needs of the world.

    The upshot is that Clark has gained the confidence that he was missing most of the season, and that effectively resolves the question of whether or not he will be tempted and controlled by Darkseid. It renders a few elements from earlier in the season somewhat moot, however, and given how Clark's personal hangups were a huge part of the series, it would have made sense for him to overcome Darkseid more directly as a metaphor for his final transformation.

    On the other hand, Oliver's issues have always been the one thing holding him back, and has always been a point of contention between Oliver and Clark. His anger has been his Achilles heel, and it makes sense that Desaad would be able to exploit that and brand Oliver as a result. Granted, portraying Chloe as incorruptible is a bit of a stretch, given her decision to work with the Suicide Squad as a means to an end, but the writers have also placed Lois on the same pedestal, so it's not the first time. But wasn't Chloe a good match for Oliver because they both were more willing to play the moral relativity game?

    A lot of time is spent on Chloe looking back on her former life and realizing that she's not the same person anymore. That much is true, and the fact that she is essentially "dead" raises an interesting possibility. Is there any reason for her to keep the identity of Chloe Sullivan? Or could she choose to forge a new identity in the wake of whatever semi-apocalyptic events are coming at the end of the series? I could easily see them resolving the continuity issues by having her take on the name of someone already in the DC canon.
  • Desaad's minions abduct Chloe and Oliver, mistaking them for FBI agents investigating their master's recent series of murders.

    this episode is the best episode i have ever watched of this show and it just keeps getting better and better. dessad is the most interesting villain this season cant wait to see more of him i hope darkseid come soon cant wait to see his real face not just a smoke going through i hope they cast the best actor possible or make darkseid vissually created. not more episodes of smallville is left hope it ends with a bang. i think the series finale will be legendary especially that lex is comeing back in the finale the real lex luthor not these fake clones i want to see how they will bring him back to life i think darkseid will be a part of lex comeing back to life.
  • I will forever defend this episode for the pure amazingness that it is.

    C'mon guys, how can you not love this? Just like "Beacon", there's just so much to love this time around. It didn't really borrow me that the Chloe/Oliver plot borrowed from "Date Night" because that wasn't really the main focus of the episode (coughcough"Collateral"coughcough). I like the Chlollie stuff, I think it's cute and it's a nice break from the dark stuff. But I absolutely adore the Clois plot. I think it was necessary to have a story devoted to one of the biggest elements of the Superman mythos: the glasses. I liked how they explained how the disguise works, because if you look, you'll find that it's the same thing in the comics. And I loved the microvision! It's a cool addition to his arsenal of powers and I'm glad they didn't do an "X-Ray" or "Heat" type of power episode devoted to him getting a new power. I think the writers are doing a great job of pushing Clark closer and closer to being the super guy we all know he's going to be. Desaad calling Clark incorruptible put a smile on my face. He's grown so much since "Supergirl" and it's great they're acknowledging that. Overall, another great episode :)
  • Masquerade

    Masquerade was a superb and interesting episode of Smallville. I enjoyed watching this episode because Clark comes to the realization that Lois is right about him being too close to certain stories and being more careful with his cover, Chloe looked really smashing in that red dress, and Desaad's minions have begun their work for the Darkness. I thought the story was great and the cinematography was stunning. Desaad was truely dark as were his plans. This all added to the tone of the episode. I liked the way the episode ended and I look forward to watching the next one!!!!!!!
  • He is becoming...**SPOILERS DOWN BELOW**

    Lois is concerned more about protecting Clark's identity than Clark and sews a freaking hood to his custom leather jacket, which looks wonderfully ridiculous. Too many people are becoming aware of how super our boy really is, which makes him think on the disguise suggestion. Ollie and Chloe meet at the AOC for a sexy secret rendezvous,posing as Mr. and Mrs. Jones, who are tardy for the party, missing their reservation. The rendezvous is cut short by a phone call from the "real" Mrs. Jones, who is murdered as Ollie listens. Ollie and Chloe wind up kidnapped by the FBI, who are looking for the Jonses, who are actually undercover agents investigating Club Desaad. You know, that dirty fetish club where Godfrey had Lois tied up like a human hammock. Well, Chloe gets kidnapped by Desaad after he tricks Clark into thinking he was a mild-mannered coroner. Desaad attempts to tempt the lovely, Miss Sullivan by using her thoughts and desires against her, but she resists. Clark rescues her and faces Desaad, who is aware of the difference in Clark, branding him incorruptible. That is utterly super, to say the least. Desaad tries to escape and is attacked by Ollie, who gives in quickly to his darkness (shocker!). Clark interrupts Ollie's deadly sinning and gets rid of Desaad. Clark tells Lois that she was right and he has chosen his diguise, the human one, as he shows off those spectacular spectacles. They run into Jeoff in the hall, who has the nerve to cop an attitude. I guess he WOULD hit a guy with glasses. Of course, he'd shatter every bone in his puny hand hitting this nerd.
    We end with Chloe and Ollie "defining" their relationship and O-Me-Ga! What the heck? Has the darkness invaded the Emerald Archer?
  • I Wear The Glasses, They Do Not Wear Me

    Masquerade-Desaad's minions abduct Chloe and Oliver, mistaking them for FBI agents investigating their master's recent series of murders. Once he realizes who he has captive, Desaad attempts to sway Chloe to the darkside. Meanwhile, Lois gives Clark tips on how to disguise his heroic identity as the Blur. Well, Smallville's certainly picking up steam this half of the season, which it should, considering 7 episodes are left after this one. The writers are aware of this and give us a thoroughly entertaining yet refreshing plot moving episode. With the VRA arc behind us, it's nice that the Darkseid plot is finally getting some focus again. Sure Darkseid is the reason behind the anti-hero movement and the VRA coming into affect, but as far as what his minions are up too like Granny and Desaad, not to mention what Darkseid himself has planned now that the VRA has been repelled, remains a mystery. So it's good we had a good push with this arc in this episode.

    But before I get to that, how awesome was Clark in this episode? Making appearences in other countries as the Blur, investigating the murders, asserting his leadership to Oliver, using his self declared "mircovision" for the first time, facing against Desaad with love in his heart, not to mention his dialogue was witty, confident and completely in the character of Superman. You can obviously tell Bryan Q. Miller loves the character of Clark Kent/Superman, especially when he gives Clark the funniest line of the episode: "it's my power, I can call it whatever I want." LMAO First Luthor and now Masquerade, Bryan has finally returned to great writing we saw back in Season 8 after his first hiccup with the laughably bad "Warrior". What I also enjoyed about the episode was the hilarios Clois banter that hasn't been seen since Season 8/9. I loved, LOVED Lois' "Whoosh!" and her altering Clark"s blur jacket with the hood and glasses. But the best part was Clark's speech to Lois at the end about his identity. Talk about a long time coming and such a powerful, insightful moment for the future Superman. Clark finally dons the glasses permanently and while at this point, the chances of Clark folling the people who have seen his face for years without the specs might be a stretch, his reasons for finally chosing the disguise were noble and full of great character development. You also gotta love the subtle nods to Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent mannerisms that Tom added to the disguise, just awesome!

    The second plot of the episode dealt with the adventures of Chloe and Oliver which started off tolerable until the lame and unbelievable fight scene with the FBI agents. Umm..since when can Chloe all?O_0 Also, no one recognizing Oliver even with the dye job, weak! Only when Desaad came into the picture is when the storyline with Chlollie picked up. While many are divided on Desaad, I personally liked Steve Byers' performance as Desaad. It kinda sucks that the New Gods are being reduced to supernatural-like beings with human vessels who like to dress in all black (how cliche is that?) But hey, it's Smallville and it could be worse. Besides, I did surprisingly enjoy Chloe's seven deadly sin torture seen. Some nice work from Allison Mack as Chloe faces the darkest parts of herself and I loved Desaad's menancing manipulation to corrupt Chloe. I also enjoyed Oliver coming out of no where to beat the crap out of Desaad, although, I do wonder, after he shot the arrow at Desaad's car, why was he in his normal clothes and not Green Arrow? Anyway, that scene had some surprising reprecussions as Oliver is now corrupt by Darkseid and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. All and All, "Masquerade" is another good step in the right direction (for Clark especially) and with classic Bryan Q. Miller writing. This truly feels at this point that the series is coming to a close, I'm actually kinda of sad now....weird?
  • Lois and Clark have good scenes together, planning how he will disguise his identity as The Blur. Chloe and Oliver have an unfortunate encounter with Desaad as they too, struggle with their identities, both as Clark's supporters and as a couple.

    As the title implies, this episode makes progress on Clark's destiny as a superhero, but one whose crime-fighting worldwide puts him at risk of exposure. Lois recognizes this, so she pushes him to assume a disguise. Prototype I is laughable, a hood add-on for his jacket, which Clark rejects, but Lois clearly is in charge, helping him see the necessity of maintaining a dual identity.

    Meanwhile, the young, the beautiful, and the rich (the ace of clubs only accepts patrons in their 20s?) party while Chloe and Oliver try to remain unidentified among the crowd. That attempt fails, as they are abducted as a result of assuming another's identity, husband of one who was just murdered. Clark's identity is threatened again when he mishandles a quick save of a suspicious forensics tech at the crime scene.

    A few comments on production. First, the cinematographers and director adopt an unfortunate fad - close-ups of our favorite couples are interrupted by people walking in front of the camera. Intended to add realism to the scene, instead it's just annoying and distracting - a bad technique that should be cast in the rubbish bin along with the incessant zoom, pan, jerk, tilt and spin seen on so many series, but not so much on Smallville. Second, many scenes are overloaded with maximum everything - dim lighting, then deep shadows and blue tints, an over-dramatic heavy-bass musical score, and low-angle shots always in use.

    Faux-Clark says, ungrammatically, to Chloe, "flashes of you and I," when captured Chloe is faced with specters of him, Lois, and Oliver, tempting her to do all the wrong things. Why the production designers created the interior of a drippy church, stained-glass windows and all, for this torture scene is an unanswered question. Ms. Mack gave a skilled, varied performance throughout, but Desaad's appearance and curled-lip sneering were not all that satisfying as a threatening villain.

    Masquerade features only the four main players and a consistent "identity" theme, making for a tighter script and fewer scene shifts. The most appealing scenes for me were the conversations between Lois and Clark about his need to hide his identity in plain sight. Chloe discusses her identity search with Oliver at the end, an interesting reflection on where her character might be going. Speculation that her character will be killed off before series-end hasn't been supported by her recent roles and her importance to Oliver.

    Always a kicker at the end - Oliver has become another Omega-Man, now part of the dark-side, even though the three Darkseid adversaries are temporarily decommissioned. Few episodes are left to make something of this threat to the group - I think Oliver's redemption and escape will come as part of the final battle with Darkseid.

    "Masquerade" was at the same production level as "Beacon," a good episode, some story progression, but not in the top tier. Re-run rating B.
  • dessad shows up and clark get a new identity.

    Well where to start. The episode was a decent one. It had a nice little plot. Dessad showed up which I liked because he has to do with Darkseid and they are finally exploring that story again. Tess not in this one, well at least we know she's dealing with clone Lex. The story with Chloe and Oliver was good. I like that Chloe learned to fight and there was a good little fight scene with those fbi guys. The stuff with Clark and Lois was good and I like that they are moving closer to Clark's destiny. The glasses at last were perfect. I can't wait to see where they go in the future. I didn't totally understand what Dessad was doing to Clark in the part where he saved Chloe. The only thing I might be able to figure is that the same thing happened to Clark and Oliver. They didn't show it with Clark but Oliver had the symbol on his head and it will be interesting to see what they do with that. I don't know if that happened to Clark but we will see. Overall it was a good episode and I like what happened and like the direction they are heading in with Clark and his destiny. Next week's episode looks very interesting and I can't wait to see it.
  • Clark has always been the mask. The blur is his true calling and always has been.

    Much, much better! Silly Darkseid plot aside (seriously, I could not be less interested at this stage), this was an extremely well-written, very character driven episode of Smallville. The couplings this week – Lois and Clark, Oliver and Chloe – are given equal opportunity to shine, and we make massive headway on the whole Clark/Superman persona, as he finally realises that Clark Kent has always been the disguise and the Blur has always been his true calling, his real identity. Brava!

    I didn't like the whole Desaad plot for one main reason: it *was* too on the nose. And pointing that out doesn't make things all better, writers, oh no. The startling image of a stack of bodies was shocking, but then it totally made Desaad look like an incompetent lamoid for not being able to turn that many people to the darkness when it's revealed he kills the ones that he's unable to convert. Yeah, total lamoid.

    I've missed Chloe so much this season, but this is the first episode since her return that truly felt like Chloe was really back. Firstly, she looked smokin' throughout. Secondly, it was good to touch base with the character, and maybe acknowledge how much of a character shift she went through over the years to suit the needs of where the writers wanted their main source of exposition. Again...maybe it wasn't such a good idea to highlight how less of a character she was and more of a plot device, but still, Chloe has been my favourite character on Smallville, so I suppose it was good to ring her many, many facades into the episode and milk some serious life-crisis from it. And talk about wearing your sins on your sleeve, or in this case, Ollie's forehead. I'd be interested to see the writers take this plot-thread to a darker place leading up to the finale. Here's hoping!

    Clark and Lois were SO good here. Erica and Tom have a completely different grasp on these characters now that they're able to fully embrace every aspect of their respective character's persona. Lois is bossier then ever and I'm loving it, and Clark, oh, excuse me, Mr. Kent (way to shoehorn that in there, guys), has finally nipped to spec-savers and equipped himself with new eye goggles, and has become the confident lead we've all been waiting for. And I had a big LOL moment when Clark informed Lois of his new power, ''it's my power, I can call it whatever I want!.'' - HA! But, really writers, are we saying that if someone throws on a pair of lenses, it automatically makes the likes of Jeff, the go-to guy for frosting deals, muster up the courage to walk all over Clark? (Can you tell I wear glasses?)

    All in all, a solid, sometimes silly episode (who knew simply dying your hair a slightly darker colour could disguise you from EVERYONE in the world!), but it was the heart-to-hearts and serious realisations for both Clark and Chloe that really grounded this episode. Oh, and Clark saving that guy from the man-hole? Classic!
  • *** Spoilers *** Super Dark Geekentity XIV : Season 10 entertaining Big Badda Boom

    Two years have passed since Identity, season 8 episode 7, paved the way for Clark's recurring crisis. Should he come out from the shadow in respect of John Corben (Metallo) ? With Martha saying the sweetest thing to his son in Beacon, that he was the light, Masquerade was the most logical development. The first element that stroke me was the direction. All along it felt like déjà vu and once I was done with the episode I had to know who was behind it. Tim Scanlan ? Checkmate's puppet apprentice ! Remember his creative but inconsistent work ? Well he was back and it seems he has learned a few things since season 9. Indeed the story was filled with refreshing and well executed ideas. From the elegant reference to Dark City to the smooth transitions between some scenes it was obvious Scanlan and his team had fun so in the end it made the episode far much more entertaining than usual. In fact I'm surprised how the overall vibe was different than past installments. There were also so many cool sequences that I don't know where to start. Oliver doing his Green Arrow in bright daylight ? Checked, and I'm sure Prince of Persia fans enjoyed it too. White Chloe bugging red Chloe in distress ? Checked. In fact the whole hallucination part was good and the visual effects flawless. Clark's new ability ? Micro vision checked. I didn't even know Superman was capable of such a thing ! Smallville special ? I don't know but it was definitely impressive ! The Blur suiting up as Green Arrow in Red & Blue was also quite funny. Still it wouldn't have been over the top to make it hilarious by adding some cheesy soundtrack and begging Erica Durance to do her crazy magic like in Persuasion for example. Damn she was sexy in her cute little white top. Last but not least beside the exciting dark arc I was also quite pleased by the way Clark decided to finally wear his glasses. How smart to use Lois to convince him but still let him make up his own mind about it. I can't wait for other geeky moments because the one at the end was priceless. Go! Go! Clarky only 8 episodes remain before your inevitable take off.
  • 1014

    I really didn't think I was going to like this episode, from the unoriginal story line with Oliver & Chloe taking someone else's reservations and ending up in trouble to Clark & Lois' plot that seemed to be going nowhere.

    But as the episode continued, I began to like it a lot more. Clark & Lois' plot came together with Chloe & Oliver's and we even got substantial development (and here I thought, I was watching a filler). Smallville isn't kidding around, it's really giving it all it's got now that the series finale is near. I think it actually started setting in the moment when Clark put on the glasses, it was just a great feel good scene which I'm sure everyone enjoyed.

    I felt like they couldn't decide what Chloe & Oliver's plot was, yes, it was to bring us development on Darkseid, but it just changed so much and went off a few tangents with the seven deadly sins, and then to the mark on the forehead, it was just all quite confusing.

    The witty banter between Chloe & Oliver also gave this episode some major points, and the strange scenarios including Clark making a move on Chloe was also enjoyable to watch. Overall, a good installment of the show's final season.
  • Great Episode!

    I really enjoyed this episode.

    The Darkness plot was handled really, really well. I love coming in at the end of the FBI investigation of the omega symbol. I like the way that Clark, Chlollie and Lois all helped with the investigation/exposition and even though it was more of a Chlollie investigation than anything else, Clark still felt very heroic.

    That was fantastically done. Chlollie was sexy and happy and really the best that I've ever seen it. Oliver's character may have suffered a but, but it was beyond hot to see him climb that wall in plain clothes. Yum! Chloe looked hot and womanly. I love that the romance themes of Lois planning the wedding and Chlollie going out on the town made me feel romance without having to suffer through a hokey Valentine's day episode. I didn't really like the mothering tone of Chlollie in Beacon so I love them jovially getting into hero trouble while still flirting and bantering together. Much better.

    They are doing a good job bringing closure to Chloe's story on Smallville. It's not perfect but wow! I'm pleasantly surprised to see her dealing with her demons and her faults head on. I'm still not a Chlollie shipper but... even there, I enjoyed them growing more as a couple. I'm sad that there was no mention of Jimmy when Chloe was listing her past lives. Chloe hanging on that hook took me back to the second episode of season four.

    Speaking of missing people, I missed Jimmy & Cat Grant during Clark's scene with the weird camera guy... Burt? I missed Martian Manhunter when Clark was at the crime scene with all the cops.

    I loved seeing Clark go global as a hero. I enjoyed the bits of Clois comedy here and there in the episode. So many things could have been much worse... the lead in to the Chlollie plot (wasn't that a movie?), Clark figuring out his costume yet again, but it all worked much better than I expected. Loved how Clark was acting so Supermanly throughout the whole episode, he came up with the mil mannered glasses identity disguise although I still have no idea how are going to pull that off when he goes public as Superman, but it was really nice seeing him finally in the glasses.

    I kind of want to keep the darkness drama going... next week's episode looks like it'll be funny.
  • Good episode.

    I'd say that Masquerade as a whole, was the best Smallville episode since Luthor. It looked more coherent that the last three, the plot was better told and the writing for Clark was quite strong. Also, Tim Scanlan's directing once again was spot on.

    I haven't been too impressed with the Darkseid arc this season and it's understandable that the limited budget is limiting the arc itself. At least Desaad got plenty of exposure in Masquerade and that made the whole arc a bit more interesting. In the first couple of Clark and Lois scenes, I noticed the same problems that I did in recent weeks. Clark being passive and Lois doing the pep talk. I was glad to see that dynamic change as the episode moved on and I was really glad to see how Clark came up with the disguise. Long may that Clark writing continue.

    Chlollie was also fun to watch. This episode did raise a couple of interesting points though. One is what's the story with Chloe identity and if she will ever reestablish it. The other was the cliffhanger of the episode. I don't know how the omega symbol works on people, so I don't know what the immediate effects will be. I hope that Oliver snaps out of it soon.

    All in all, it was a very solid episode. Not looking forward to next week. I hope Fortune proves me wrong.