Season 3 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2004 on The CW

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  • In an attempt to get the lost seven weeks of his memory back, Lex teams up with Dr. Garner for an experimental program. When Clark tries to stop him, Lionel and Dr. Garner expose him to the same radical treatment so Lionel can learn more about Clark.

    While dropping off the Talon payroll late at night, Lana finds Lex in the midst of a trance, having a very realistic childhood flashback. When Clark learns of the encounter, he confronts Lex, and discovers that Lex is working with Dr. Garner (see DELETE) to get the lost seven weeks of his memory back. Worried about his friend, Clark visits Lionel and asks him to shut down the Summerholt Institute, but Lionel refuses, and instead tries to talk Lex out of undergoing Dr. Garner's experimental treatment. When Lex decides to accelerate his treatment, due to Clark and Lionel's "collective meddling", Clark rushes to save his friend, but is instead exposed to the experimental treatment by Lionel and Dr. Garner.

    Let me just say that I absolutely loved, *loved* the flashbacks, especially Clark's earliest memory. I also loved the Lex and Lionel dynamic in this episode, so much more interesting than in the previous ep. I mean, viewers finally learn why Lionel treats his son the way he does, and why their relationship is so strained. I won't spoil anything, but I will give the episode five out of five stars.

    Highlights include: Lex's flashback to Excelsior Academy; Clark following Lex to Summerholt Institute, as well as Lex's memory of his twelfth birthday; Lex's impromptu flashbacks with Lionel; Clark tricked by Lionel and Dr. Garner into undergoing the experimental "treatment"; Clark's earliest memory of his parents; Lex saving Clark from a tank of liquid kryptonite; Lex and Clark's conversation in the barn, as well as Lex's final flashback; Lex and Lionel's conversation about baby Julian; and Martha and Clark's conversation about Lara, Clark's birth mother.