Season 3 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2004 on The CW

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  • Forget Them, Not

    Memoria-Believing that key information about his father's past was lost when his memory was erased, Lex decides to join an experimental program with Dr. Garner to regain the information so he can turn his father over to the FBI. Knowing that Lex will discover his secret if he regains his memory, Clark tries to stop him but is caught by Lionel and the doctor and exposed to the same radical treatment so that Lionel can solve the mystery of Clark's past.

    A dark and powerful episode that rivals "Shattered" as the best of the series, "Memoria" is filled with developments and revelations from the past that push the series in a significant direction. At the heart of the episode once again is Lex as we go depper into his troubled past. I loved the storyline of Lex going to SummerHold and doing experiments to unlock supressed memories from the past. It's completely in Lex's character and Dr. Garner continues to make for an interesting villian-ish character.

    The flashbacks have to be some of the most stunning scenes of the series as the direction is flawless. I loved the way how the present and Lex's memories seem to fade into each other as it provides a very dramatic effect. The flashbacks themselves are well written and guest star Wayne Dalglish who plays young Lex is effective. You really do feel bad for Lex as his childhood seemed so lonely and painful. The most shocking of the flashbacks is the revelation that Lex's mother killed his brother Jullian. It's a truly disturbing and chilling moment as Lillian kills her baby and heartbreaking as lex took the blame to protect his mother. Alisen Down gives a moving performance as Lillian Luther as she's a woman struggling to protect her family under the tyrant that is her husband, Lionel Luthor. John Glover also turn out a brilliant performance as usual as you can see how disconnect Lionel is to his family but at the same time the grief he conveyed for Jullian's death showed that Lionel is actually capable of love. The episode also has some great twists and turns like Clark being betrayed by Lionel as Dr. Garner forces him to reveal his earliest memory. This development is excellent as we get a glimpse of Clark as a baby being sent away by his parents. It's a tense moment as Clark yells out his real mother's name and causes an explosion at SommerHolt. I love how the episode not only is a development for Lex but for Clark as he gets to remember a bit of his biological mother. It a truly touching final scene between Martha and Clark as she tells him Lara was his first word as well as a mother's love never dies. Another amazing scene is Lex's confession to Lionel about how Jullian truly died. Both Micheal Rosenbaum and John Glover steal the show as Lionel almost tries to apoloize yet Lex turns away knowing his father will never truly love him. Captivating, touching, well written and superbly acted, "Memoria" is yet again shows how truly remarkable Smallville is when the writers create dark storylines that give the characters depth.