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Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 03, 2007 on The CW

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  • If I can give this episode a zero, I would.

    First off, how can you get whacked on the head and suddenly dream about Smallville in the 1940s. On top of that, the acting was straight up horrific. I almost vomited seeing this piece of crap of an episode. Whomever wrote this episode needs to be slapped, punched, kicked and spit upon for making such a terrible episode. I love Smallville and I'm a hardcore Smallville lover so when I say an episode is trash believe me it is. I pulled things out of the garbage that I rather eat than watch this for even a second. I hope next week's episode can erase this horrific episode completely.
  • 10
    This episode removes the cheese from the usual Smallville dialog and unrealism and puts it into a playful and artistic setting. From the scheming seductress to the naive but talented hero and the course accidental murder and twist ending. This episode covered all the Smallville bases without the cheese. The usual Chloe lines now held classicism rather than pop teenage culture and drama. Not to mention we got a look into the eclectic and interesting if over-the-top mind of our good old Jimmy Olsen. For those who think this episode was a flop, maybe the finer points of art, film, and all creative history aren't for you.
  • Great Episode

    Jimmy is knocked unconscious and dreams he's a reporter for the Daily Planet in 1940. In the present, Chloe and Jimmy try and figure out who shot Lana, but it's Lois and Lionel that discover that Lex is working with Senator Burke on a project called "Aries". Chloe learns that Lionel forced Lana to marry Lex, and that he's using her to spy on Lex. Most importantly, Clark finds out why Lana was forced to marry Lex, and he is not a happy camper. There is precious little more about the Ares project, and the setup for the next episode is light at best.
  • After Lana is shot at the DP, Jimmy and Chloe investigate. Someone knocks Jimmy unconsciousness, and he dreams a black-and-white episode with other Smallville characters playing new roles but with similar relationships.

    At the DP, Chloe and Jimmy enjoy an evening watching film noir (old 16mm style) and popcorn, first is "The Big Sleep." He jokes about the complexities of her life, comparing it to Cagney and Stanwyck. It seems Jimmy is a fan of the film noir genre, even to quoting the dialog on-screen. They hear a shot out in the office, and see a man running up the stairs...and find Lana in the elevator in a pool of blood, shot, and a gun on the floor at her side.

    As the paramedics prepare to transport her, Clark arrives. A little inconsistency here - the police block Clark's attempt to get close, but Lionel (sporting a much shorter hairdo for this week's role) is hovering right over Lana, saying he's sorry for getting her caught up in this. So what are his credentials?

    Lex runs in, Lionel telling him he dropped Lana at her car after the opera, for which Lex was a no-show. Lois, meanwhile, is trying to talk her way inside the police line, but she simply decides to tamper with the evidence instead, by dropping her purse and picking up part of Lana's belongings. Jimmy got a cell camera photo of the fleeing man, but while he looks at his photos of the scene, he's clubbed from behind, taking us to...

    "Noir," in which Jimmy has an unconscious vision of life in Smallville in the 1940s - with all our cast members taking on new roles in his imagination - and living the scenes in black and white. The DP office where he "awakens" is a bit overbusy, and everyone smokes. It's supposed to be a hectic day at the Planet, which is a Lex Luthor publication. Jimmy is still aware of his real self, so all this seems mysterious...and Chloe comes by playing the perfect part of a fast-talking dame from the period, can this gal do any acting job? Jimmy's period haircut and vest make him look, and act, years older. I like this more mature Jimmy. A clumsy reporter bumps into Chloe - it's Clark, wearing the signature black-rimmed glasses. So all the fun reference points are here. A femme fatale calls Jimmy, saying "I want to report a murder." Well, we know it's Lana. "Whose?" he asks. "Mine," she replies. Close scene with an iris-in. Cool.

    He meets her in a dark and damp alley, with a nice cut of her high heels striding through a reflecting puddle, with just a bit of extra sway, perhaps modeling Lauren Bacall, but still playing Lana Luthor. It's risky for him to meet her - he could lose his job. She says her husband is trying to kill her. She tries to act vulnerable and appealing, and gives him a cigarette case, with a matchbook from the Talon, probably a notorious night club. Out on the street, with a number of period cars and some nice set decoration, we see the Talon, a storefront club, and Jimmy checks his hat on entering. He gets in with the help of Clark, but is this the reporter Clark or some new persona? He has a secret identity.

    The club owner is Lionel, and since Jimmy is "down on love," Lionel opines that "Dames is poison." Little heavy on the tough-guy talk here, but on we go. A sultry singer descends the stairs to the stage - it's Lois! Is that voice hers? Hard to tell - Ms. Durance has had voice training, but it could be lip-synch. She has the moves to go with it, though. Lex is watching, too, still in a father-son relationship with Lionel. Lionel tips off Jimmy that Lex is never in his car when it leaves the club. Lex leaves, appearing to enter a four-door period sedan (Cadillac or Packard?). Jimmy spots the ruse as Lex didn't enter after all, but crossed to another Cadillac in the alley, and Jimmy gives chase in his 1941 DeSoto - must have been a pre-production model, since the year is 1940. But we don't see him actually driving the car.

    Lex has come to the Kent barn (or they used that set, anyway) for a close encounter with she's playing his mistress. First on-screen kiss between Durance and Rosenbaum? Jimmy watches for an opportunity for a nice expose photo, and bolts after he gets it, leading to a slick night-time car chase with lots of old cars along the streets. The editors even cut in a couple shots from old movie chases, which really don't add to the authenticity. Jimmy beats a train; Lex misses and wrecks the car - but it's period footage, so no harm done to someone's precious classic.

    At the Luthor mansion, Jimmy arrives to see Lana. He's already developed the photo of Lex with Lois - he will "take care of Lex." Lana gives him a gun.

    On a dark and rainy street, someone pulls up in a 1940 Cadillac - looks like none of the cast is being allowed to drive these classic cars - but after a camera cut, Lex steps out to confront Jimmy, who called for him. Lex claims he's divorcing Lana, not planning her demise. When Lex goes for his cigarette case, Jimmy panics and shoots him. Jimmy runs, the cops in pursuit.

    At the DP, the news of the shooting has spread fast; the telephone operator is busy, and so is Chloe, who grabs the switchboard and hears the police report of a press pass and the photo of Lex and Lois found at the murder scene. She realizes it's Jimmy, who by now is drinking heavily at the Talon. Chloe finds him, and has a theory that he may have been set up, by Clark. Lionel tips someone off by phone - it's Lana, "out from under a suffocating marriage." She's in a walk-up with slick-hair Clark, looking much the part. She leaves to take care of something - with a derringer.

    The production crew has dug up old footage of the Daily Planet plaque from the 1950s tv series, reading "Daily Planet Building." No lighted globe on a high-rise here! Thanks, crew, nice touch. Jimmy enters the office, thinking it's Clark who has set him up - who is that behind the partition? It's Lana, looking a bit silly in a fedora that would be better suited for the wicked witch of the north. "They're going to put me away!" James exclaims. They won't get the chance, she says, pulling out the derringer and plugging James. Then another shot - Lana is hit! Who is the shooter? It's Clark! James has been saved by the cigarette case, struck by the bullet. Clark pulls out a Metropolis police badge - in the shape of the Superman shield! He's been undercover, assigned to watch Lex - falling in love with his wife was...a mistake. But Jimmy's under arrest, and awakens back to the real world as the cameras flash.

    Now Jimmy has more thoughts about Lana's shooting - he and Chloe discover the cigarette case is missing from the crime scene. Lana may have been coming to the DP to see someone else - the elevator had stopped on the political correspondents' floor. They break into Brennan's office, then he's there. After some accusations, he says Lana wanted to meet about a story. As he's explaining, he's shot through the door. Jimmy tackles the assailant, while Chloe takes a header down the staircase - of course we have to have a super-rescue, and that's by Clark. He splits; Jimmy doesn't understand how she survived...

    At the modern-day Talon, Lionel is waiting when Lois arrives; he is breaking and entering, she stole evidence from a crime scene. All even? He finds the cigarette case in her purse; it contains a USB drive. Can't let her have it - might contain bad news on Lex - he plugs it in to see a security video of Lex and Senator Burke discussing ARES, which is now known to be a weapons project. Why would he assume Lois has already seen it, and expose it to her?
    He warns her that whoever is protecting Burke hired someone to murder the wife of a Luthor; they wouldn't think twice about silencing Lois. Her unspoken response tells us she knows the truth of that.

    Lana is again in the hospital recovering. Chloe and Lana talk, all that's known is Lionel is having her spy on Lex. She was going to give the damaging video to the DP to get out from under the Luthors, and Lionel needed someone on the inside. This is shocking news to Chloe - was Lana protecting Clark? What about his weakness? Lana ask Chloe to keep this secret.

    Clark has not found any leads on the attacker. Angered by Chloe's silence, he guesses LIonel is behind this manipulation of Lana. Lex hears from a staffer that the gun used to shoot Lana was his. Unregistered, missing. Why would Lana be carrying a gun? Why would Lana be so afraid? Perhaps these questions will be asked of Lana next week.

    Jimmy's being sent on assignment, going to Milwaukee, but it's a start. So he sets up a product placement iPod for Chloe, with the Noir song by Lois, and gets a dramatic kiss for the record...

    Although "Noir" doesn't move the Smallville storyline forward much, it gives an entertaining break in the usual action, and offered the cast an opportunity to display their acting skills on much different characters, and it's a nice paean to the film noir genre. The old film cliches are used effectively; we almost know what's going to happen next. Thanks to the writers and director for letting us see the capabilities of the cast and giving us a refreshing Smallville take on the movies of that era. Great old cars, too! We know more about the acting capability of the cast members post-Smallville (but I hope it will continue indefinitely!) Re-run rating B.
  • This Should Be Ig-"Noir"-ed at All Times!

    Noir-Lana and Lionel have a secret meeting, after which Lana is shot. While Jimmy is observing photos of the encounter, he is knocked unconscious. While unconscious Jimmy dreams about what life in Smallville would have been like in the 1940s. Clark is a reporter at the Daily Planet, Lana is a siren who planned the demise of her magnate husband Lex, and Lois is a singer at a bar that Lionel owns.

    Now I'm all for experimental episodes where the writers try to be creative and make imaginative storylines for an episode. But the problem is that type of episode can either be a masterpiece or a piece of crap, "Noir" falls under that catergory unfortunately! While the idea of the writers paying tribute to 1940s cinema sounds good on paper, everything just falls flat on screen. The writing, acting, and execution of the episode feels dull as the episode has no real direction. Also, over half the cast feels like they're going through the motions in their performances like Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, even Allison Mack. The only actor who seems unphased is John Glover who is always entertaining no matter any situation.

    But the episode isn't all bad, the direction is flawless with the black and white scenery looking visually stunning. The costumes, make-up, even the dodgy old school effects were all true to the decade. I just wish that Noir storyline was developed more by the writers as it seemed more like a distraction from the episode than an actual engaging storyline. But with even that said, the real time storyline was weak anyway with Lana getting shot and the investigation surrouding it. The plot could have been resolved better instead of dragging it to the end after the already dragging Noir storyline. It's a good development with Lana helping Lionel to stop Lex. All and All, "Noir" is an experimental episode gone bad, it's incredibly dull with only very few things that make it watchable.
  • "For those of you just tuned in" is what I call this episode

    If you want an episode that should be called "FILLER" instead of it's given name this would be the one not only did it just showed us a perfect example of waste of time and talent but also showed us that when you take a gamble like the creators did it doesn't always work we know already about anything that this episode told us except for one thing which was Lex and Burke's conversation (which led to nemesis) and the only thing about the Noir part was Tom Welling's glasses part which was a great reference to the Superman movies. but if you don't have a point to show about this episode than why drag it please this show has so much potential it is scary it is bad if they'll destroy it on episodes like this
  • After their attempt at a romanic old movie session, Jimmy & Chloe discover Lana shot and bleeding in the elevator. That's the beginning of the big story: after a head blow, Jimmy dreams about Metropolis in the 40s... where all isn't what it seems!

    This episode was great : the storyline is original, this is not a Clark-centric episode but Jimmy's (they dared it and I think it worked), Lois singing (that was amazing!), a lot of murders and betrayals with a different style of this usually used but I can't help myself thinking that they copied out (a little) the "black-and-white-part" from Charmed (7x08 Charmed Noir, which was better directed and with a great storyline too). Don't you think so?
  • Nice try, but better stick with what you know!

    I was a bit disappointed with this episode as I thought that it would contain a lot more. I can't say it was completely boring, but maybe it's too outdated. I can understand that it must have cost a pretty penny, but I don't know if it was worth it.

    Oh, and next time you decide on having Lana shot, make sure her sling goes on the correct arm.

    I liked the alternate character for Clark, showed a different aspect of his character, and I definatley enjoyed seeing Tom Welling portraying Clark Kent the reporter, especially when he nudged his classes like Christoper Reeves did in the Superman movies. Well done.
  • Jimmy has a dream: Clark is a reporter at the Daily Planet, Lana is a siren who planned the demise of her magnate husband Lex, and Lois is a singer at a bar that Lionel owns.

    I did like the whole black & white theme; yet writers did a similar thing in a past season. However, this time they put a twist on it by adding a "old movie feel" What wasn't orignial was Lana getting shoot again and living...My feeling are telling me that before the season is over, either Chloe or Lana will die. Though, this episode did have a purpose in allowing Lana to express just how much she does want to protect Clark's secrete.

    There were a few good laughs amongst the characters. For example: Lionel as the bar tender and Lex's commit "You're losing your grip paps. You used to run this town, now it looks like the only shots your calling are behind that bar."
  • Ummm okay then.....

    Wow...I hate to say it, but this episode really was incredibly terrible. It started out somewhat interesting, but the whole back in time dream thing with Jimmy was really strange. It was a random storyline that had nothing whatsoever to do with Smallville. I really honestly tried to find something good about this episode but it was so random and pointless that I simply can not. If you missed this episode then you really are not missing out on anything very special or important. The writers of Smallville have written amazing episodes before, but this one was a huge let-down. It is deffinitly in the bottom 5.
  • Oh dear...

    Not impressed at all. It was an intriguing concept, but the problem was that this episode was neither one thing or the other. If the hook for the episode is a 40's flashback, at least make most of the episode that way. As it was the plot couldn't seem to decide where it was supposed to be. It reminded me of that episode of 'Lois and Clark' which was also set in a noir flashback, and like this episode also featured the protagonists. However, here the noir sequences were poor I thought. Stilted dialogue and cliched archetypes. However, I did like the way they used wipes and back-projection, just like those classics of the 40's they were trying so hard to emulate.
    But once again with Smallville, it seems to be one of those episodes of a season that just come out of nowhere and have no relevance to any continuing plotlines.
    But seeing Clark as a bumbling reporter was good if too brief. Seriously, I can't even remember the plot and I just watched it! Something about Lana meeting a reporter with information and Jimmy being a hero. Now can we get back to the series please?
  • weird episode.

    wow, noir is a funny episode, the episode was a filler ideed but it was a great filler. i like how clark in black and white wore glasses and was clumsy, that was hilarious to watch, and lex was the same ld lex, a bad guy, i really thought he was intending to kill lana, but he was just having an affair with lois, that was weird and a bit funny also, lex and lois, wth, anyway i was speechless when i saw the lex and lois kiss, i was speechless, i still cant believe it, lol, a weird but funny episode.
  • not the best episode i have seen from this series

    this was not one of my best episodes for this series. Here the young jimmy take a time travel trip to the past, where he is this big tiome reporter. Meanwhile lana gets shot while having a meeting with lexs father and is found shoot in the floor of the elevator
  • Touch of Awesome

    I'm a huge fan of the noir era, so part of me was automatically going to love this episode. But I was a little disappointed with it in retrospect, since there were too many things wrong with the episode to make Noir anything more than average.

    The noir scenes in this episode were a mixed bag. They clearly looked great, but the acting and writing left a lot to be desired. Only a couple of the cast actually convinced, whilst Allison Mack (bizarrely wooden) and Kristin Kreuk (way too breathy) had too many problems with their performance to enable the audience to actually believe in this world. The dialogue also seemed a little forced, especially since most of it was factored out of The Big Book of '40s-Era Slang.

    Still, I did love most of it. I thought it was a great little detail to have those old-fashioned, cheap-looking bluescreens during the Lex/Jimmy car chase, and most of the cast were given roles in these scenes that you could imagine them in perfectly, especially Lois. Whilst the singing was, to put it nicely, perfect for deaf folk, Erica Durance really shined in her scenes, and looked like she was having a ball as the seductive damsel. Oh, and the costumes looked great too.

    But one main problem I had was this was that it appeared the writers didn't even try and make Noir seem anything more than a gimmick. The noir scenes, in the end, only had a tiny connection to the real world situation Jimmy was in, and as the episode reached its climax, you're left with a feeling that there wasn't much of a point to it all.

    Whilst it looked great and had some decent acting, Noir probably would have worked better if the writers had thought about the premise a little more, instead of just throwing it into a random episode like what they did here. Still, it made a change from the heavy-handed melodrama Smallville's delivered recently.

    Director: Jeannot Szwarc
    Writers: Brian Peterson, Kelly Souders
    Rating: B+
  • You call this episode? I call this djnfrnbfgow, wich means NOTHING!

    I'm a big fan of Jimmy. Ever since he stick around, being so inocent yet cute, i wanted him to end up with Chloe! They deserve each other!

    So i was always cheering for Jimmy to have at least one episode about him, so we could know a little more about Jimmy.

    When i saw the commercial, my eyes glance. When i saw the episode, my eyes fill with water. Cause then i realized the time i have just wasted!

    It shows all the we already know, explain nothing, have no action, no drama, and still Lana shows up so that means it's not good!

    I guess all they needed were something to make us tune on for nothing! Congrats, you did it!

    And i can't believe i were feeling sorry 'cause 3 hours earlier i went to the movies and watch Alpha Dog... if only i knew things could get worse...
  • Worst episode ever.

    Easily the poorest episode they have made.
    Where has the Superman mythology gone? Where has the continuous story threads gone? I cannot see how they can continue to make this show, or even go beyond a seventh season if this is the strongest idea they can come up with for an episode. Lethargic performances, lacklustre editing, and whats with an almost written out Martha kent? This is Smallville, she should be a central character!
  • Seriously?

    Okay, let's draw a line here. The Noir idea was basically what? Half an episode of nothing? The problem of Smallville is that it should have already been canceled. I'm not kidding. Obviously the producers and writters don't know what to write anymore, and for almost this entire season we got undevelopments on the characters storylines and lately more and more time on screen only for the relationship problems. "Is Lana bad?", "Are Clark and Lana coming back?", etc. Where is the rest of the stuff that made this a great show in its beginning? Fourth season had so much mystery in it, it was dense and tense! But lately... Well, let's talk about the episode per se.

    One major problem of this episode - besides all the countless goofs on almost every scene (as you can see in the trivia section) - is that the plot twists are ludicrous. I mean, come on! Jimmy is nocked on the head, has a dream and even takes a lot of conclusions from the dream. If that's not a kind of Mentat mode from Frank Herbert's Dune novels, I surely don't know what it is.

    This is an example of what is happening lately on the show: the characters are not believeable anymore. And obviously I'm talking about the characters' ideas, not the fact they have powers, etc. The plot twists the storylines demand on almost every episode are leaving a lot of explanations on the limbo (because they don't exist, I know) or are leaving the characters coming to conclusions without the minimum idea how they could have gotten there, like Chloe's conclusion about the reporter who was helping Lois, e.g.

    I know a lot of people probably loved this episode because Clark's hair was this way, "Lois was fantastic on that dress" or because "Jimmy and Chloe make such a great couple", but for me a show has to have more than this.

    Stay tuned. I'm having doubts I will.
  • Despite being a filler, I can honestly say...

    Despite being a filler, I can honestly say that this was a very pleasing filler. I know I am definitely in the very small, miniscule minority, but this was a great episode. It might have been the fact that I was raised to love those crazy, black and white, 30's and 40's films. The acting was amazing, and I could tell that all of the actors really enjoyed acting as they did. I also know I am one of the few to really appreciate this episode, but I think the only reason everybody hates it is because it is so near the season finale. Nobody hated Tall Tales of Supernatural, and that was just as much of a filler as this. It was a great episode, not bad, just misplaced.
  • off topic. i really didn't think i wouldn't like a smallville episode, 'til i saw this one. i mainly watch this episode for clark as the main character, but this was focused on Jimmy.

    this is one of "fill in the gaps" type episodes where its not part of the main story line. this episode was all about Jimmy Olsen and his quest to find his story.

    i mainly watch this episode for clark, his powers, and the drama going on between him lex and lana. but somehow the writers decide to put Jimmy in the spotlight. not that its not good, but, it wasnt written well, for not going to tell what happend in the episode bcause you can read it in other reviews.

    to me this episode was just like a throw away camera that you buy from walgreens for $10. you watch and you forget. has nothing to do with the main storyline, except when lana gets kicks the bucket with a bullet.

    i hope the next episode shifts back to the main story and to clark the man!! he should use his powers more.
  • Jimmy shots Lex ,Clark shots Lana,Lois and Lex having an affair? and all in black and qhite: Is not too much?

    I would start to say in my opinion it was the worst episode so far this season.Don't have a problem with all the white and black thing but I really didn't like the plot. Jimmy saves the day becuase of what? Oh,a dream great. The only thing this episode was good for is because Clark starts to suspect from Lionel's manipulation and we learn that Jimmy is going for some days.But the whole dream was not good.I felt the intention was good but the episode really didn't came through.So I can't wait to watch the next one where we go backt to reality
  • Black and white episode of the oldies.

    Ridiculously boring and a waste of time! Most of the episode is completely relevant until the very end when Jimmy snaps out of his stupid dream!

    Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap!
  • Thank goodness the episode was taped so I could fast forward to the end, instead of wasting an hour, I only wasted about 15 mins.

    I like smallville alot Ive watched since the first season. This season has been pretty good theres been about 4 maybe 5 really good episodes. And I know not every episode can be gold, and I know there has to be some filler. But honestly, that was a complete miss. It wasnt even watchable. The black/white approach, Jimmy, the whole "look here sweetheart" banter was annoying to no end. The other filler episodes I could watch and I could appreciate it for what it was, but this was in the words of Shaq Diesel "horri-awful". That could have been the worst episode in smallville history.
  • Utter crap.

    I have never been so painfully aware that I was wasting my time, as when I watched this episode. I kept waiting for something of interest to redeem it. Maybe there should be fewer Smallville episodes in a season. Obviously the writers need more of a rest. As a character, Jimmy is not interesting enough to devote an entire episode telling a story from his point of view. The black and white presentation is perfectly acceptable, as a way to tell a story to this audience. It just does not work for this episode. Hopefully there is not much filler left in this season.
  • After Lana is found shot, Jimmy manages to take a snapshot of someone running away. Before he can process it, he is knocked out. Having been watching a film Noir not long before, the episode then enters his dream sequence, in that style.

    It was a nice attempt at something different, but I didn't see the point of it all.
    I really didn't enjoy this episode. I had to keep skipping chunks because I was utterly bored.
    I don't like old black and white films anyway, they are dated.
    Therefore I have no desire to watch one of my favourite modern shows in this format, getting the characters messed about with.
    The only thing I did like about it was Clark in glasses at the planet, then his 'secret life', but things like this are getting old now. Why can't we get the ball rolling. Lois x Clark please!

    The writers need to get back on track now. Too many breaks have been taken and yet we still seem to be filling.
  • This episode has a good concept but the pemise was confusing and the resolution sketchy..

    Nothing really happened in this episode. It was a bit of a filler episode, I think, because half of it was set in a coma fantasy (what is this, a soap opera?) and the other half just made no sense. I liked the idea of them being in a black and white movie, that was cool, but it could have been done better..

    My first problem, how the hell did Jimmy solve the crime by falling asleep? One minute he's looking at some photos, next he's unconcious, then suddenly he knows everything that's happening.. Ridiculous. Secondly, I refuse to believe that his cell phone captured a recognisable photo of the guy running away from that range and who's fist instinct is to take a photo with their cell phone? He should have run after the guy!

    That's it for Jimmy, Lois next. There is NO way she would be able to steal evidence like that without somebody noticing, that was just stupid. Also, what was she doing in Chloe's appartment? Does she live there? I've never figured that out.

    My biggest problem was with the whole Lana getting shot thing. Ok, fine, she gets shot, no big deal, but they didnt have it done by anyone interesting, they had it done by someone who got NO camera time and didnt REALLY explain why. Apparently the guy was whacked, that was the impression I got, but we never got any confirmation of anything there which was disappointing and Chloe and Clark didnt seem to care.

    There were a lot of inconsistancies in this episode and it raised more questions than it answered. I gave it 8/10 cuz it was pretty average, for a Smallville episode.. Lets hope they have something better in store for the season finale in two weeks time..
  • Not that bad...

    I kind of liked the noir thing except for the Lex and Lois pairing. They did it well, it really looked like the 40's with all the smoking, clothing and acting. Clark was really cute but didn't show much. Liked how he touched his glasses just like in the Superman's movies. The plot was kind of weak and the past and present didn't have much connection. What really mattered was that Lionel is using Lana as a spy. Speaking of Lana, guess who ended up in the hospital again? She must be a meteor freak, she recovers so well and so fast. They could knock somebody else for a change. Hope Lois gets more time in the next episode, she really makes a difference.
    That's all for now... let's see what comes next.
  • Jim gets hit in the head and has a dream sequence taking him back to black and white Smallville.

    Not alot to say here. The episode begins with some nice twists and turns but in the end, it ends up being the same tired writing we have seen this season from Smallville. While a true fan of the show, I am beginning to question what the writers are thinking.
  • Good job on the '40s.

    I thought the writers and the cast did an excellent job mimicking the 40’s style. I liked so much detail of the period, such as the lifting of Lois’ leg when she kissed. Lana played an excellent fem-fatelle, Chloe appeared to be a combination of Lois Lane from the original black and white Superman series, and a perky busybody reporter. Lionel was the best emulating a gritty 40’s character. The dialog was nonstop witty, replete with clichés and amusing, irreverent humor. Although Smallville tends to regularly have cool dialog, they topped themselves with 40’s colloquialism.

    The double identiy of Clark was clever along with a host of plot points I can’t begin to detail. It gave for much storytelling satisfaction.

    After the 40’s footage was over, the rest went poorly. The characters starting revealing their motives in a marathon race of facts presented to the viewer to digest at supersonic speed. I’d have to take notes and replay conversations to follow the logic of the plot. I also don’t care for the comics section, in which it is also necessary to replay to comprehend and appreciate. I mean racing through the panels without being able to self-pace makes it difficult as well as annoying to follow the logic.
  • Great storyline, clever twists and awesome characters.

    Great storyline, clever twists and awesome characters. They certainly expanded into something they have never done before and I applaud them for it. And who can dispute how good Lois looked. Smallville over the years has been a show of mainly superpowers and action and trust me you cant go wrong with superpowers and action but they moved on into something different and something that the older viewers would enjoy more. I think that they have done an admirable job. I am 18 and I think that the way they constructed this episode is something to admire. And if you feel the need to insult this episode I want you to ask yourself one thing. Do you think you could do better? I dont.
  • YUCK!!! SMALLVILLE's Gonna get KILLED if the writers don't come up with better stuff than this.

    SMALLVILLE's Gonna get KILLED if the writers don't come up with better stuff than this.

    TERRIBLE TERRIBLE episode!!! Its actually getting very kiddish!! Am going back to LOST!!!!
    Can someone tell me when are writers going to go away from the typical Hit-on-the-head-and-wake-up-in-temorary-reality ****

    Isnt the Lore of superman ENOUGH? There is enough imaginative story lines available rather than move on absurd "dream realities" themes. Even KIDS find this crap boring..

    Heres some ideas :

    Show signs of appearances of Darkseid!!
    Show the beginnings of Metallo.

    Show glimpses of Bruce Wayne, there GOTTA be a superb rating bonanza there (beg Chris nolan to put in some darker attributes into smallville!! Its getting WAAAAY too kiddish)

    Show PARASITE's evolution!! Heck, the strategy element in there would bring a fresh new lease of life to Smallville.

    Kill Lana's role in the mythos..there's nothing left to milk

    There you go!!!!!! Please stop the current B**S!!!!
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