Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 14, 2002 on The CW

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  • this was a good ep i thought

    in this ep of smallville lana gets the power to see through the killers eyes. and she sees cloey get taken and clark belives her. and she leads clark to find out were cloey is burried . afte they discover her car out abandon . and they think its over but the killer is still out there can clark get to lana in time but it turns out to be one of the cops that interview lana that just made cloe to get lost just to get honor for finding her.but he gets mad at lana and wantes to know how she can see through his eyss such a good ep
  • A gas explosion injures Lana in a blast of meteor fragments, enabling her to have remote viewing experiences of Chloe being kidnapped. Lex learns more about a spacecraft sighting during the meteor shower, and finds an incredible artifact.

    Kristin Kreuk and Eric Johnson both are accomplished horse riders, no stunt people here, as we see them riding across the green fields of Kansas. Just as Whitney invites her to the Spring formal, an explosion and smoke erupts in the distance. Utility crews and police are on the scene in seconds, but no one even tries to establish a safety perimeter, so Lana and Whitney walk right up and finally notice the pipeline is vibrating. Lana is the only one left standing around, so she's blown away and lands in a shower of meteor rock. That's the setup; what kind of power or mutant effect will she have?

    Into the hospital she goes again, with Whitney by her side. Chloe shows up, dropping the news to us that she's scheduled for an internship interview at the Daily Planet in Metropolis, but wants to support Lana. But Clark urges her to go, and she does. Outside, an assailant uses chloroform to abduct Chloe, and we see Lana's new power - remote viewing of the attack - as Lana rises right out of her concussion.

    Later at the farm, no one knows of Chloe's plight, and Martha is prodding Clark to get a date for the formal, so she can play chaperone...Chloe is suggested. Martha states that it's probably over for Lana, but Clark does not want to be seen by her with another date. Lex drops in to explain a previous chemical spill which damaged livestock and land, and offers compensation to Jonathan and Martha - a substantial sum, based on their reaction. All squared away, Kents and Luthors are on good terms, at least for the next couple scenes.

    Clark is filling in for Chloe at the Torch, when Lana drops by to report her dream of Chloe's abduction, with enough concern for Clark to take her seriously.

    At the mansion, Inquisitor editor Roger Nixon drops in to see Lex, with a bit of hostility showing between the two over Lex's feature article in the Business section of a rival paper, while Lex was supposed to be feeding articles to Nixon. He's onto a meteor shower story, and a witness to something falling out of the sky. More material for Lex to misuse.

    Out at the farm, Clark can't get the old Massey-Ferguson tractor started, but Jonathan is deferring on the check from Lex, so the old tractor may have to stay. And Clark continues to worry about Chloe. One would ask why Clark didn't call the DP to see if Chloe showed for the interview, and when. As Lana passes by, she's struck by another vision of Chloe, bound and gagged in a bad-looking building, and Lana sees through the eyes of the abductor. Chloe is indeed trapped, and her disguised abductor uses a really big syringe on her, so she's about to be a lab experiment. Mr. Sullivan brings the police in, but they pooh-pooh Lana's visions, until they hear that Chloe's car has been found abandoned in the woods. Out there somewhere, Lex is driving a new silver Jaguar XK convertible, plate no. "Lex 1," taking Nixon to a funky farmhouse and home of an ex-cropduster. Long ago grounded for medical reasons - too big a mouth - the pilot tells Lex what he saw 12 years earlier during the meteor shower - a ship that swerved before striking the ground. Two hours later, he found nothing at the crash site. Lex is skeptical, or at least tries to appear so.

    That evening, Clark is in the barn, while an impossible celestial event occurs outside - the rising full moon is moving from right to left at the horizon. Ok, so they just reversed footage of a moonset, but still, that scene can only happen in the southern hemisphere. Smallville still needs a resident astronomical advisor - the film editors and graphics crew just can't do anything correct with the moon.

    Lana and Clark worry about Chloe - search party to be formed in the morning. Background - Chloe transferred in to Smallville in 8th grade, from Metropolis, and was the subject of Clark's first kiss. Another vision overwhelms Lana; she sees a grave being dug near a windmill, and Chloe buried. There must be hundreds of windmills out in the farm country, but Clark speeds to just the right one, x-ray vision coming in handy to spot Chloe in the ground. Nice save. But someone watches.

    Another hospital scene, with Chloe recovering after giving up on the internship interview. She remembers little of the abduction, she tells Clark and Lana. It's visiting hour, where's dad? What about a police report? But as Lana leaves, she has a vision of the kidnapper, and he's watching her. Creepy little scene.

    Back at the farm, it's a sunny blue-sky day, but when we cut to Jonathan and Clark, there's a solid overcast. Got to watch that stock footage in the post-production phase. After they load feed in the ol' bleu GMC pickup, we see that a Viewer is observing them. They stop at a nearby field, finding a hazmat team on site with Lex, who claims to be considering a land purchase, and doing an environmental review. Aha, It's the field where Clark's trip from Krypton ended. After Clark and Jonathan leave, with the check from Lex returned by a testy Jonathan, Lex gets an artifact from Dr. Hamilton (Joe Morton), which may be significant.

    Lex drops in on Clark, who tries to explain Jonathan's hostility. Lex tells him about something - a ship - landing that day years ago. His explanation for continuing on this quest seems perfectly reasonable - while Clark weakly attempts to deflect him. Chloe and Clark see Whitney at the Torch; Clark believes Lana's visions were caused by meteor rocks. They suspect someone became psychically connected to Lana during the explosion - a deputy.

    Sure enough, one of the deputies stops at the Talon to ask Lana more questions, and we suspect him, but we're wrong - someone in Lana's vision nails him - the disguised assailant. Lana awakens at the amusement park - that was a quick abduction. Disgruntled deputy Watts set up Chloe's abduction in order to be seen as her heroic rescuer. Now, he threatens, he'll solve Lana' murder, right after he commits it. Clark arrives as the bullet flies, deflecting that problem, and running down Deputy Watts - why does Clark allow himself to be shot him several times? (So we can see how invulnerable he is.) But the police arrive and Watts gets himself killed in a gun battle, so no need to worry about stories of Clark stopping bullets. The Viewer is here, too - it turns out to be Nixon - still digging for dirt.

    Chloe brings Clark the good news of her internship, offered not through interview, but based on her article on the kidnapping in the Smallville Ledger. More good news for her - Clark invites her to the formal, so everyone has some happiness.

    Hamilton reports to Lex on the recovered's an octagonal disc, made of an alloy, and Hamilton asserts it's like nothing on the earth. As Lex stares at the disc, we see a nice transition to a matching slot on the spaceship in the Kent's barn. Lex has the key, he just does not know it yet. Much can be made of this discovery in future episodes, and we should hope they're as well-written and directed as this one. Pretty straight script, good transitions, no one overacting, and no overblown set decoration or lighting. Just solid Smallville, and likable enough to be seen several times. Re-run rating B.
  • Eyes of Lana Lang

    Obscura-After an explosion Lana finds herself getting visions of a serial killer...and his next target is Chloe. Meanwhile Lex and Roger look further into the meteor shower and determine that something besides meteors hit Smallville that day.

    Despite being some what of a knock-off of John Carpenter's 1978 suspense thriller, "Obscura" creates it's own suspense and story comes together very well. It was quite a daring move for the writers to creat another storyline that sees Chloe in danger yet again after Crush, but luckily this episode is better than the other. I love the mystery surrounding the identity of the serial killer and the direction is stunning in the scenes were we see through Lana's perspective of the killer. There are also some very disturbing sequences like Chloe getting buried under ground and the serial killer lurking around in the darkness.

    Clark really develops a bit in this episode as his feelings Chloe grow. Clark's restlessness of finding Chloe is touching and just a hint of how strong their relationship will become in the later seasons. The ending twist with one of deputies turning out to be serial killer is played out well and his M.O. is well thoughtout even clever. Also, the sub-plot with Lex is very intriguing as Nixon makes his entrance. Both Lex and Nixon's investigation about the truth about the meteor shower got better with each scene and them finding out about the spaceship landing in Smallville promises a lot for the finale. All and All, a dark and intriguing episode with a lot of mystery and suspense.
  • Great Episode

    An explosion near meteor rocks gives Lana Lang the ability to see through another person's eyes. Lana Lang watches through the stranger's eyes as they kidnap Chloe Sullivan. Lana and Clark Kent attempt to use her gift to help locate Chloe Sullivan. The kidnapper turns out to be a cop looking for an easy promotion. Whitney finds some military medals his father earned, and takes it as a sign he should do something else with his life. Lex learns of a ship that crashed during the meteor shower, and discovers an octagonal disc made of an alloy not found on Earth.
  • Brilliant.

    Obscura is one of the best smallville episodes I have ever seen. It's exciting, well written and you really don't know what's going to happen next. From the start this episode was thrilling with the big explosion. This is probably the best episode of season one. You were really scared for the characters in particular Chloe. Everyone one member of the cast did well in this episode, Tom Welling was brilliant and Kristen Kruerk was brilliant as well but the person who acted the best during this episode was Allison Mack. Overall: Obscura was one of the best episodes of the amazing smallville season one.
  • Lana-centric

    After an explosion Lana finds herself able to see through the eyes of a police officer and sees him kidnapping Chloe. I thought parts of this episode were really far-fetched, i mean Lana just happens to be able to see through the guys eyes when he kidnaps Chloe. I thought the explosion effects were very impressive (just a shame Lana survived it). And i gotta say how dumb she is, does she really think shes so lucky that bullets magically miss her, and falling glass just dissapears!? I thought Chloe asking Clark to stay with her at the hospital was really cute too.
  • Really cool.

    Now Lana becomes sort of a superfreak. She becomes a psychic. An exciting plot twist for this episode. Lana's got powers for this episode. Someone is trying to plot Chloe's murder, this is an exciting episode. We see another side of Lana, she's not always the damsel in distress. She is pivotal in this episode. It's nice to see her actually solving a mystery, and Clark is not always the guy with the answers. sometimes even superheroes need help. This shows really prove that Kryptonite might be Clark's worst nightmare, but a writer's best power. Many plot possibilities and many dramatic opportunities.
  • Lana has visions involving the kidnaping of Chloe

    Is it just me but are Chloe and Lana in the hospital a lot during this season on Smallville, are the writers trying to tell us something? In fact if Lana was to injured I don’t think I’d care to much. Now if Chloe was to die the show would lose a lot of interest and fans.
    A good special effects scene was when Clark saves Lana and the glass is falling. Afterwards Lana is still seeing through the eyes of the killer and the bullet is coming towards.
    I’m glad to see Chloe getting into the Daily Planet but when is Clark going to become this famous report we all know? A dream come true Clark finally asked Chloe to the dance; it would be stupid for anyone to say no to Clark.
  • Obscura

    This episode is really cool: after an explosion, Lana begins to see throught the eyes of a villain, and when he captures Chloe he tries to convince everyone that what he is saying is the truth, Clark believes her and begins to search for the villain, that could even be closer of what they expected... yeah!
  • The Eyes of Lana Lang

    An episode which never really gets the praise it deserves, Obscura is centered on my least favorite character but I can't help but rank it high on my list of classic Smallville episodes.

    In the episode, Lana is stricken with the ability to see through the eyes of a psychopath after being infected with Kryptonite rocks. She then has to save Chloe, who has been abducted by the psycho and buried alive.

    The episode basically follows the exact same storyline to the Faye Dunaway movie Eyes of Laura Mars but is made genuinely unsettling by the kidnapper, who uses a voice distorter and wears a creepy suit. The revelation of who the kidnapper is comes as a shock and, like the episode Shimmer, it's an excellent whodunnit mystery which leaves the audience guessing right until the end.

    Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk both gave brilliant performances in this episode and I remember watching this for the first time and being really creeped out by Chloe's abduction. A very underrated episode with some excellent writing.
  • My personal favorite episode! It's exciting through and though!

    Obscura is my very favorite episode of Smallville ever! I think it is full of great storylines. I am a huge Chlark fan so I love that Clark realizes that he really cares about Chloe and I loved the scene where Clark rescues her. I even loved the Lana rescue parts even though I am not her biggest fan. I found Lex's "discovery" to be a halfway decent storyline, especially compared to his other ones.
  • Being inside the mind of the killer

    Lana Lang and Whitney Fordman are out horseback riding, when they happen upon a crew working on some gas pipes on the verge of exploding. Lana is caught in one of the explosions and thanks perhaps to the kryptonite meteor rocks that blew out of the ground or the concussion, Lana is able to see through the eyes of a kidnapper. While lying in the hospital, Lana sees Chloe kidnapped in a strange vision.

    Lex Luthor offers Jonathan Kent money to pay for the herd and land the Kents had lost from spilled Luthor Corp chemical barrels from the episode "Zero" . But Jonathan gives back the money when he finds Lex Luthor and his Lex Corp team doing work at the field where Clark's ship landed in 1989.

    Lana Lang gets another vision of Chloe and warns Clark. Everyone becomes worried and Chloe's car shows up abandoned. While Journalist Roger Nixon investigates the possibility of a space ship landing in Smallville in 1989. He turns up a witness that tells Lex Luthor a story of a ship landing during the meteor storm in '89.

    Thanks to Lana's visions Clark rescues Chloe who has been buried alive. It appears that someone is watching Clark as he uses his powers to pull Chloe's coffin out of the ground. Chloe is okay but has to go to the hospital to recover. Clark theorizes that the explosion that Lana was in somehow linked her to someone that was at the accident. Whitney and two police officers were the first to reach Lana after the explosion.

    Shortly after Clark's revelation, Lana is kidnapped by one of the officers, Deputy Gary Watts. The deputy confides in Lana that he kidnapped Chloe to save her in order to help his career as a law enforcement officer. He then threatens to kill Lana to get promoted by solving her murder. Luckily Clark is hot on the trail having just spoken to Deputy Watts partner Deputy Birdego. Clark saves Lana and throws the Deputy Watts about 50 ft in the air. The police show up and Watts goes down the hard way ending Lana's visions from Deputy Watts. Watching the drama unfold from a unseen advantage is Journalist Roger Nixon.

    Chloe gets a job interning for the summer at the Daily Planet and Clark asks Chloe to go to the formal with him. Chloe gladly accepts making a happy ending for Smallville. Except for the fact that Lex Luthor's team had found a space ship fragment at the crash site, and the good doctor Steven Hamilton reports to Lex that there is nothing on Earth that matches it.