Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 14, 2002 on The CW

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  • Eyes of Lana Lang

    Obscura-After an explosion Lana finds herself getting visions of a serial killer...and his next target is Chloe. Meanwhile Lex and Roger look further into the meteor shower and determine that something besides meteors hit Smallville that day.

    Despite being some what of a knock-off of John Carpenter's 1978 suspense thriller, "Obscura" creates it's own suspense and story comes together very well. It was quite a daring move for the writers to creat another storyline that sees Chloe in danger yet again after Crush, but luckily this episode is better than the other. I love the mystery surrounding the identity of the serial killer and the direction is stunning in the scenes were we see through Lana's perspective of the killer. There are also some very disturbing sequences like Chloe getting buried under ground and the serial killer lurking around in the darkness.

    Clark really develops a bit in this episode as his feelings Chloe grow. Clark's restlessness of finding Chloe is touching and just a hint of how strong their relationship will become in the later seasons. The ending twist with one of deputies turning out to be serial killer is played out well and his M.O. is well thoughtout even clever. Also, the sub-plot with Lex is very intriguing as Nixon makes his entrance. Both Lex and Nixon's investigation about the truth about the meteor shower got better with each scene and them finding out about the spaceship landing in Smallville promises a lot for the finale. All and All, a dark and intriguing episode with a lot of mystery and suspense.