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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2010 on The CW

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  • Something fishy is going on...arf.

    While the Vigilante Registration Act arc hasn't quite made its stamp on the series just yet, ''Patriot'' goes along way to bring it to the forefront of the season, as well as reminding us that Darkseid still looms in the background (way, way back). It's a full roster in terms of the Smallville cast this week, which adds some nice sparring and much needed momentum to the hour, and the writers continue to integrate Lois into the superhero fold by bringing her into the loop with Watchtower.

    It's also a Battlestar Galactica reunion of sorts this week as Michael Hogan makes his first appearance on the show as General Slade (Deathstroke to you and me), and we have Alessandro Juliani reprising his role as Dr. Emil Hamilton. They don't share any screentime but I certainly got a frakkin' kick out of it. And by the gods, if they'd managed to nab Katee Sackhoff for a stunt role I'd probably have fallen into a geek coma.

    Hogan is certainly the highlight of the episode, he commands the screen like a true general and I really, REALLY hope we get to see him in a costume similar to his comic counterpart down the line. But talk about type-casting, eh? After just one episode he's smacked with an eye-patch and his character also has an affinity for the ole whiskey, too. They practically ripped Col. Saul Tighe from BSG and plopped him into Smallville. Nowt wrong with that, I suppose. If it means more solid acting then I'm all for it.

    Ya hear that, ''Squid-lips''? Ya hear that ''half-dolphin''? Solid acting. With this show I often tend to ignore the dodgy acting. I can't help it, I'm a geek. And this show is about as geeky as it gets. It may not be consistently great, but it's painfully geeky in all of the right places. But, really, no matter how much I tried with this one, I just could not get passed the horrendous acting from our fishy guest-stars this week. They're both very hot and both very naked for the majority of the episode and I still had issues with them both.

    Now, before you mount that high horse of yours and call me shallow, it's a prerequisite for any CW show to have hot guest-stars. So why is it out of Supernatural, Nikita and The Vampire Diaries, this show usually gets the shortest straw when it comes to acting ability? Both Alan Ritchson (Orin) and Elena Satine (Mera) simply do not have the acting chops to convey the imperial authority required of the future king and queen of Atlantis. Like I said, I'm a geek, so I appreciate little references to Odin and the civilization down under, it certainly broadens to scope of the show even further, but it would have been nice to contract actors who have enough diversity to push their guerrilla warfare agenda with a little more panache and believability.

    For all of my frustrations with this episode (there's not even one throw-away line referencing Tess' shocking and lame discovery that she's a Luthor) there are a lot of great character moments to soak up, especially towards the end of the episode where (Lu)Tess(a), Lois, Ollie and Clark all realise that there's a bigger threat afoot than the VRA: Darkseid. The writers seem to be on the right track by infusing the VRA with Darkseid's ultimate plan to destroy the world. It'll make future storylines more coherent and hopefully allow proper follow through in terms of the season's structure. I cannot tell you how annoying it is as a viewer to watch a show where striking revelations are uncovered one week only to be completely ignored the next. You would think after ten years I'd have gotten used to it -- expected it, even -- but we were told before the season started that this year would be different. Old habits...well, ya know the rest.

    As for the finale... what happened there? Clark is trapped in a Kryptonite cage and then the ship explodes (with Slade on it too); we're suddenly whisked to the next scene where Clark and Orin are having a goodbye chat at the Kent barn and it ends with Slade wearing a computerized eye-patch. Rushed much?

    There's too much going on here and not enough time to explore both sides of the VRA storyline. Perhaps A.C and his Mrs would have been best suited for a different episode altogether. And Slade's sinister actions towards our heroes felt awfully diluted and unnecessarily excessive. Why throw Ollie into a tank filled with water to begin with? So Mera could use her powers and help her hubbie, of course! Sigh.

    If there's anything to take away from this's the preview for the next episode! It looks so bloody good! Here's hoping, cos the final season of Smallville needs another corker pronto!
  • A couple terrible guest cast members and silly character conflicts get in the way

    This episode takes the fight against the Vigilante Registration Act to a completely different level, and raises the question of how Clark and his allies should deal with the threat that the government program entails. Exploring this ground means that characters are forced into positions that don't necessarily make sense, especially when they are all supposed to be on the same team.

    AC and his nubile bride Mera feel that the best solution is a counter-offensive, destroying the torture and detainment facilities that are being built for the enforcement of the VRA. Frankly, while the actions were later mitigated by the knowledge that the secret VRA sites were going to be used for nefarious purposes, Clark's point is the most glaring and obvious one: staging a pre-emptive strike is the easiest way to validate your critics. (It also doesn't help that both AC and Mera were portrayed as wooden as it gets, often undermining every scene they were in.)

    Oliver's position is a bit easier to understand. As the one "out" superhero, his resistance to the VRA casts suspicion not only on him, but on all of the other heroes that refuse to reveal their identities. Yet beyond a massive public relations campaign to counter the movement behind the VRA (not a viable situation as presented), there's really no other option.

    Clark's role with AC was mostly to give that character an excuse to show off his hot wife and his strident approach. The conflict within the nascent Justice League felt just a bit overdone. While I've been told that this is reflective of tensions that the DC Comics version of Aquaman has had with his allies, it doesn't really seem to fit with the information we've had on "Smallville".

    Far more interesting was Clark conflict with Lois, which led to his surprising decision to bring her into Watchtower. Or rather, I should say that the result of the conflict was far more interesting. It was rather clear that Clark wasn't purposefully keeping Lois out of the loop in favor of others, and this level of communication breakdown just didn't seem likely at this stage of the game.

    Michael Hogan did a great job as the primary villain of the episode. I take it that he is a servant of Darkseid, given that a lot of the buzz seems to point to Hogan becoming a character named Deathstrike. This seems to set the stage for that, while also making it abundantly clear that the VRA is nothing more than a means to an end for Darkseid.

    In the end, this is not the best of episodes, considering that the writers seemed to force the characters to serve the interests of the plot more than anything else. While Michael Hogan was good as Slade, other guest performers were simply terrible. Yet it was still entertaining, and continued the process of building this final season towards a potentially great climax.
  • All that I can say is wow

    So much was packed into this episode. I'm glad that I saw Author Curry again. He was so good. Nice to finally see Clark as the leader. Charged and proud. This darkness story is really getting heated. The vigilante act was just a scheme to trap superheroes, but i am glad that storyline is over with because it really wasn't going anywhere. Time to focus on the darksied stuff, granny goodness and the luthor storyline. Next week looks like it's going to be really epic. We will find out more about Tess and her ties with lionel luthor. Season 10 is on fire.
  • 1009

    A great episode of Smallville tonight. Man, Smallville has for the most part impressed me this season which is definitely a good thing considering this is the final season. Smallville doesn't look like it's pulling any punches this season, and it looks like Smallville is building for something big, and you can just tell with this episode.

    It was nice to see AC back, I always enjoyed his character, and it was great development to have him married this time around. Although I didn't really enjoy Mira, it was still good that he got married. I wish they would have at least mentioned Chloe. It seemed like Tess was taking all the credit for Watchtower in the end there. Is anyone worried for Chloe? Like at all? Usually Lois would be on a plane to god-knows-where to find here.

    A nice team feeling between AC, Tess, Oliver & Lois in the end. I've never seen Lois as part of Watchtower, but she fit in quite nicely here, not to mention she brought some genuinely humorous moments between Tess, Clark & her. Overall, pivotal episode, great introduction of Slade.
  • Attack of the one-eyed battlestar.

    Overall this episode wasn't that bad. We see the return of Aquman and his new wife (which I would've liked to have seen over a few episodes, however I get that water-based heroics can only take you so far).

    Oliver being inducted into Hero-testing wasnt a bad idea, and while I think the reasons behind the government wanting them to register aren't bad (that they want a plan B incase a hero goes rogue and decides to threaten the nation), turning the government into the enemy is a risky way to go, even if they tried to make it out like the 'darkness' was the cause of it all.

    The real highlight, and perhaps mis-step in this ep was the use of guest star Michael Hogan. He commands every scene, and delivers his comic-book lines well, however I couldn't help but laught at the very end when they reveal that he had only one eye! (First of all to believe that he made it out of that explosion at all is ridiculous) I guess the writers thought that because he put up with an eye patch for 1.5 seasons of Battlestar that they'd slap it right back on him! In any case, he makes a good villain, and a worthy vessel for the darkness to be represented as.
  • Not the best episode of the season, but a very strong effort.

    Mr. Welling you've done it again. If you've seen the episodes Fragile, Hydro, Apocalypse, Injustice & Legends(Absolute Justice Part 2), you'll notice that Tom has a very interesting style to his directing and his episodes always have those standout visual moments. "Patriot" was a fairly action-heavy episode and Tom was the perfect director for the job. Once again, Tom delivered an amazingly directed hour.

    This episode was mostly about the Vigilante Registration Act and how our heroes react to this new law. Alan Ritchson came back as Aquaman and this time, I was very impressed by his performance this time around (maybe Tom had something to do with that). Both him and his new wife Mera (calling Elena Satine "eye candy" would be an understatement) had this very regal quality to them in their actions and in their dialogue. We're also introduced to Slade Wilson (Deathstroke from the comics) and Michael Hogan was very intimidating in the role. The action picks up after Ollie signs up for the VRA and realizes it's a trap set up by the government to capture the vigilantes. Aquaman is eventually captured as well and the rest of it could have felt like a replica of "Justice" from Season 6, but it was new and interesting enough to hold its own. It all builds up this really epic scene where Clark says one of the coolest lines ever: "I am man. And steel." Then *boom* goes the dynamite :)

    My only gripes with the episode are that they don't explicitly explain how Clark and Slade survived the explosion, and the scene where Mera bares all in front of episode. They definitely could have explained the explosion better, but oh well. And Mera stripping by the pool was just a gimmick to get the males "excited". That scene could just as easily have been replaced with an aftermath of the explosion scene.

    Overall, a very exciting episode. I liked it a lot and even though it wasn't as good as episodes like Homecoming or Abandoned, on it's own it's a very strong episode. I can't wait for "Luthor".
  • Another anti-military theme with a rogue Army general as the stereotype you love to hate. Aquaman and his new gal make their farewell appearance, while Lois fights to find her rightful place with the team.

    Exaggerated antagonists are hard to take seriously - subtlety and understated malice work much better for me. The "Patriots" bad guy is a paranoid three-star Army General, with a Presidential assignment to enforce the VRA. Best to avoid dwelling on this part of the episode - it just lacks any real threat or atmosphere of danger. I think the VRA theme will diminish even though Flagg and his group may reappear. All signs point to the Darkness becoming the prevailing danger facing the group for the remainder of the series. Unless Rosenbaum returns.

    Aquaman similarly is played in his semifinal Smallville episode as just too mechanical and tough-talking. His co-hero/wife Mera probably won't be around long - she seems to be more about demographics than an essential character. I would favor more camaraderie between them and Clark and less apocalyptic dialog.

    Best scenes in the episode - the tight dialog between Tess and Lois at the DP while Oliver turns himself in for VRA processing, and Lois meeting the heroes in Miami with information about Oliver that even they did not know.

    Lois expressed some righteous indignation to Oliver about Clark, and his discussing major life changes with Oliver - registering as a Vigilante - and others before even revealing any of these thoughts to her. She has a point - Clark has yet to put her first in his thought process and make her a full member of the team. She feels little need for his protection, but he can't help but keep her away from the dangers in his daily life.

    But in the end, Lois and Clark engage their life together, in a scene at the farm after Arthur and Mera leave. I expect less and less doubt and conflict between them in the remaining episodes, and more teamwork, as Lois finally visits the Watchtower, and Clark describes the threat of the coming darkness. "Patriot" is action-packed, and better on a second viewing because of the notable acting job by Ms. Durance, and the well-crafted dialog between her and Mr. Welling. Re-run rating B+.
  • an other great episode

    I was glad, though, that they were quick to tie it all into Clark's battle with the darkness and set up for Slade's reveal as Deathstroke at the end - though I'm not exactly sure how he fits in with Darkseid. As far as I know, which admittedly isn't much when it comes to comic book history, the two never crossed paths.

    The return of Aquaman, and introduction of his new bride Mera, was largely abortive, arriving with a barrel of fish out of water puns that started out amusing and rapidly degenerated to the point where I developed an inability to stifle the groans.
    This lead to a sweet exchange between Clark and Lois about how they fit into each other's worlds, and that the battle Clark is facing with the darkness is not only his to fight, but also for Lois' and the rest of the Justice Leaguers at his side. It was refreshing to see Clark let down his guard and accept Lois in as a member of the team.
    For me, Lois is the most courageous and confident character of the series; it is only fitting that she be given a place among the circle of heroes, not standing outside of it.
    Bringing Lois to the Watchtower for the first time, alongside Tess and Oliver had a such "gangs all here" vibe to it that I believe I audibly sighed of contentment.
    Slowly but surely the pieces are aligning to bring us what I hope will be an ultimately thrilling ride to the end, free from any measure of disappointment.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Fishastic story, Atlantic guest performers, challenging character development, thoughtful weaknesses, conventional enemy, promising dark arc, playful dialogs, cheap speech

    Lois and Tess. Tess and Lois. After their inspiring drive in Abandoned I was curious about what would be their next pitstop. Lois & Clark love story is both captivating and atypical. Tess destiny has never been so intriguing now it has been revealed that she was a Luthor. This time she only had a supportive role and the episode focused more on our odd couple. Yes because as much as we care about them one can only admit that Clark is super when Lois is only human. But past episodes proved that she had become her own hero so it never really mattered, until now. Indeed Patriot covered a new aspect of their relationship. What's behind Clark's shadow ? Lois ? How can you become who you are when your boyfriend is The Blur ? To help answer these questions Aquaman was back, with his wife. Alan Ritchson and Elena Satine performance was fishastic and the chemistry of their couple boneless. The first is charismatic, athletic and was definitely a match to Clark. As for the second she was as gorgeous as the undersea creature we call siren. One scene with Lois should definitely raise the heartbeat of the male audience ! Using them to better comprehend Lois & Clark was a bright idea. What a challenge to convince us that Lois is not useless ! And like if it wasn't enough other characters weaknesses were also covered, from only human Green Arrow to waterproof Aquaman. The enemy they had to fight wasn't exciting nor original but as it was more about character development so it was only be a minor disappointment. Moreover the prophets arc is shaping up and I can't see anyone who wouldn't agree about the darkness being one of the best nemesis to transform The Blur into Superman. Even his new red and blue suit is convincing now. It's so sophisticated ! You should also enjoy the usual comics references. They definitely make the dialogs and scenes more interesting and episodes entertaining as watching them is almost like a live quiz. Is Clark made out of steel ? Too slow ! Despite these pros a few elements cooled off the waterfalling experience. For example the last scene at the Watch Tower revealed how much the cast is skinny. Even the guests weren't featured so it made the speech less convincing. It was almost like watching a spin-off of Pinky and the Brain. What's the plan today ? Protect the world of course ! Seriously their team could really use new members. The last time it seemed so cheap was probably at the end of Absolute Justice as most characters were only displayed on screens. And we want the Martian Manhunter back because the show desperately needs mature and talented performers like Phil Morris ! Let's also not forget that the cliffhanger wasn't surprising and that the story could have been less predictable. Still the aquatic theme was refreshing, from the dolphins to the few seascapes, the production immersive enough and fans should remember Aquaman & Mera appearance for quite some time.
  • Great Episode!

    Fantastic episode. This is the coolest Smallville's version Aquaman has ever been and it was great to see Mera too, although her dialogue seemed a bit contrived and forced at times. Slade was an intriguing villain; I was a little bit disappointed because at first I thought the bandages were going to be removed to reveal Lex (I keep waiting to be blindsided with that), but it sets him up for future reappearances which is cool. With a few notable exceptions (Isis, the harvesting cult), the writers thankfully seem intent on tying the episodic villains into the overall plot, and I can't wait to see where Slade pops up again.

    My favourite part of the episode was the solidification of Clark's leadership and the team. This was the first time that I actually felt like there was a true team functioning - there's the Metropolis-based gang (Oliver, Tess, Emil, and now Lois), those running solo around the globe (Arthur, Dinah, Bart, Victor), and even Kara got a mention. Clark is standing at the head of a proper League of heroes now, and that is very exciting.
  • Aquaman is back.

    This episode looked better on paper than what we actually got. I was anticipating to see Aquaman and his wife in this episode, as well as some insight on the VRA. But this episode failed to live up to expectations for two reasons in my opinion. One was that the focus shifted on Lois and her becoming part of the team. I don't have a problem with Lois, but I think that she should have been kept out of the JLA stuff. Clark has always wanted to keep her out of the firing line and I don't get why that has to change. She is not the same as Mera. The second gripe I had with this episode was that the anticlimatic final scene in the prison. We didn't get to see Clark escape. Or an explanation about how he managed to escape given that he had kryptonite around him. At the same time, Slade survived with only an eye injury? From an explosion. Overall, it was an ok episode that was taked down a notch by some plotholes and some weird writing. Luthor looks awesome though. Can't way for it!
  • Ollie signs up for the Vigilante Registration, and exposes its true purpose; we meet AC's wife and the newest Watchtower guest: Lois!

    I agree with reviewer costas that this episode looked better on paper. It was disjointed at times and had some noticeable plotholes, but most disappointing was the anticlimactic ending...we don't get to see the conclusion of the explosion, just the results! Reminded me of the Doomsday episode - the writing/storylines needs to tighten up and display every facet of the tale, S-writers!!!

    But there were some nice moments like the Clark/Lois renewing of trust/faith, and revelation of his crimefighting life, along with some SF wizardry of our pair of underwater heroes, and the training/torturing of our favorite revealed-to-society emerald archer. We also get a major hinting of the evil to come, but are left with just a very good episode in the middle of a season...can't wait for things to really heat up.
  • Aquabro and his Amazing Friends!

    Patriot-Oliver signs up for the Vigilante Registration Act to learn what's really involved, and discovers that it's a ruse so that a team lead by Colonel Slade can trap and test persons with superpowers. Meanwhile, Arthur "A.C." Curry returns to fight back against the VRA and Clark confronts his extreme activism.

    Well, for those who have been complaining about a mostly passive tone we've gotten from the final season so far, I'd find is hard for anyone to complain about THIS episode! Let's see, Clark in Superman mode, Lois in reporter mode, some heavy Aquaman mytology, lots of action with both Vigiliante Registration Act arc and the Darkseid getting some solid plot movement! I absolutely loved this one!! Not to mention having Tom behind the directing chair always gives the episodes he directs gives them some extra fire behind them and it's hard to find a JLA themed episode boring!

    What I loved about this episode was the use of all the season regulars. All 4 had their part to play in this story: Clark was off doing his superhero thing while trying to keep the others from crossing the line, Lois was being her classic reporter self, Tess did her Watchtower thing and Oliver essential sacrfices himself to protect the theme. Even Aquaman and Mera were used well. Sure Alan Ritchson still can't act for s#!t, but I'm glad the writers have moved away from the surfer dude who abused the word "bro" one too many times and now are bringing the character closer to the King of Altantis badass of the comics. Mera, played by Elena Satine, was also hit and miss. I loved her references to AC's destiny by using his Alantian name Orin but she came off a bit one dimenstional and the actress was one note as well. I'd say the best use of under sea duo was when their relationship was being parralled with Clois. I'm glad we got to see bigger push in Clark and Lois' relationship. Lois shows she can really handle being in Clark's superhero world, the way she got information on Slade, tracked down Clark to Florida and managed to sneak some top secret photos of one of Slade's facilities were all classic traits of Lois Lane. In fact it was great seeing ballsy, no holds bar Lois again, especially getting her hands deep into a story. It made Clark realize that he can't always keep Lois in the dark about his heroics and his team, so it was a nice development with Lois being brought to Watchtower for the first time. She really is quickly becoming Superman's wife indeed.

    Michael Hogan ("Battlestar Galactica") makes his debut as Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke. Those expecting the dark, menancing villain from Teen Titans will be disappointed, considering what we get here is essentially a backstory for Slade before he doned the badass costume and new attitude of his comic book counterpart. Either way, Hogan is great in the role and conveys a touch of menance of his future self that was great to see. Not to mention, his one eyed reveal at the end only shows we'll be seeing Deathstroke real soon! The character's Smallvillized version not only works well but provides an excellent twist which brings both the VRA arc and the Darkseid arc together nicely. Clark's discovery of Darkseid's Omega symbol on Slade's head was ingenius! It really glues all the plots together and explains the world's sudden disdain for superheroes. It's fantasic use of the comics and the Final Crisis angle works for Smallville. That last scene with Clark leading a discussion on Darkseid's plan to corrupt the whole world was a tremendously awesome moment, especially with all 4 leads together, talking like a team. It really pushes the arcs of the season forward and makes me more excited for what's to come, especially with Darkseid. "Patriot" was a superbly super episode with a JLA, comic book feel to it and the effects were also well done. I maybe in the minority, but more like this please!
  • One explosive buildup

    I've criticized Smallville often enough, but I'm man enough to admit when I see good in a show that has some problems, and season 10 is definitely that good in this show. Ever since the beginning episode of the final season of Smallville, the show has lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Gone re the days in which all that was required to solve a Smallville problem was one over-exaggerated punch from Clark or the use of super speed. Now, the villains are bigger, more complex, and not so easy to vanquish. I applaud how the writers are building this season up (and I can tell with certainty that they are building up) to one HECK of a series finale. We haven't even cracked one half of the season yet and we already have 1. The government giving their darndest to make sure that all superheroes either go to work for them or go home 2. Misguided vigilantes such as Rick Flagg and the suicide squad (and A.C. and Mira, temporarily) gathering up a vigilante army to fight the power, giving those who want to "lead by example" a bad name with those who might otherwise have listened 3. A "Dark Force" (and I still HATE it when Darkseid is referred to by this name rather than his actual one [I suppose this hatred stems from the fact that the toned down version of his name takes me back to some of the earlier seasons of Smallville, which were major fan let-downs in that they toned down explosive action and resolved conflicts with stupid one liners and one-punch drop downs, much like Darkseid and his influence have been toned down in this season, though his influence is getting stronger]) roaming the earth and coming closer each day to infecting the entire planet with evil, while the heroes have yet to figure out how to stop him, know nothing of his real origins on Apokolips, and are completely clueless as to how many powerful people already serve him on earth (such as Granny, Desaed, and Godfrey). All of these crises are relatively large. Some of their strengths will not be able to be vanquished in a fist-fight, as their strengths are their validity. (Case in point, Rick Flagg's argument as well as that of the government. Superheroes should not be black-balled and persecuted for just trying to use their gifts to help make the world and their country a better place by saving people and stopping crimes, but, at the same time, there is a small bit of validity to the fact that people should have a right to at east see the face of the person who saved them. Superheroes should not have to compromise their loved ones and ability to live normal lives by having to register to tell the government their secret identities, but people do deserve to know who their heroes are. They should at least get to see the MASKED face of the people who patrol their city and take the law into mutated/alien-powered hands.) and all the while, Darkseid feeds off of the humans who are fighting each other. I have to say that this was an excellent episode of Smallville... better than I've been used to the other seasons dishing out. And I definitely want to see whatever series finale this whole thing is going to come to. Anyways, here's to next week. I sort of want to see how the writers are going to handle the introduction of a parallel universe and the portrayal of Ultraman. I don't mean to be pessimistic, but after so many years of Smallville cutting out real action and short-circuiting the hype that it builds up with good trailers, I'm sort of expecting Ultraman to be a villain that isn't even seen (and if he is, one that is vanquished by Clark sending him back where he came from [without a fight] by pressing a button or undoing a spell.
  • Patriot

    Patriot was a superb episode of Smallville. This episode was full of action, had a good story, and moves the season along. It was cool to see some old friends, and new ones. I think it was interesting how the directors and actors portrayed the military in this episode. It is scary to think how much power they have and can make people disappear. Lois has finally been brought into the full fold of the home team as Clark calls it. This episode definitely had some good character building, and an intriguing ending, which points the way into the future. I can't wait to see what happens next and how things turn out!!!!!
  • Oliver signs the VRA. Aquaman returns.

    Well this was an interesting episode. Once again good to have all the stars in it this time. I think Tess has a hidden agenda under everything else we found out about her. They also havent said what's happened with Alexander lately. Anyway her role in this episode was minimal and all that it showed was that Lois found out she was helping them. Everything with Lois good but it kind of seemed like she didn't have a big part to play in this episode until the end. Oliver signing the VRA how interesting. i like that they had the idead to have someone sign it and i guess we will see what's to come with that. Clark and Aquaman. There part was good. I wish they had explained a little more about his wife though. One thing I wasn't to fond of was that Aqauman wasn't himself. He was just angry and mean to people. Sinse Clark is his friend he could've been intent and explain what hes doing rather than just say I'm invincible stay out of my way. If you know what I mean. They didn't explain much about the guy who was behind it all. I believe I read that he was a villain called Deathstroke but they didn't emphasize on it at all. Maybe he will be back as we saw he is still alive. I also like that Lois got to visit Watchtower that was nice. Anyway good episode, lots of action, and in 2 weeks it will be a greaat one.
  • Another awesome episode in the final season of this show and what is shaping up to be one of the best seasons yet!

    Another hit from the future Justice League and who couldn't be happy about it. Ever since they first started bringing other super heroes onto this show I have always found myself looking forward to those episodes as I knew they were always going to be good. This was no disappointment. Arthur Curry returns to the show armed with more information about himself, a new more serious attitude and a new member of the team... his wife. He kicks off their return to the show with the destruction of a secret VRA facility that is creating prisons for super powered vigilantes. The plans the VRA has for our little group of heroes and the motivation behind them is a main feature in this episode and it is kind of nice to see the show pick up pace with a hard hitting episode that is more involved in the progression of this story line than the developing relationship between Clark and Lois. As for Clark and Lois, I think this episode was a good step forward for them. It is nice to see an episode that gives them more reason to stay together rather than cause trouble between them and this episode did just that. Lois' admission to Watch Tower and the steps taken to include her in the team was a nice move in this episode

    I loved the final speech in the show where Clark identifies the real threat as Darkseid and they start to fully uncover the threat they face. I am still not sure yet as to this manifestation of Darkseid. I quite like the idea behind it and the use of the omega symbol in this episode was very nice. But I can't help feeling cheated out of possibly seeing a showdown between Clark and the God of Apocalypse as he is shown in the comics. What better way would there have been to finish the show than have Clark Kent become Superman and arise in the moment when the world most needs him, to take on this villain that no one else could ever hope to handle. But still this current storyline shows promise so with every passing episode that feeling of being cheated is passing away.

    This episode was truly great but unfortunately it looses that 1/2 mark for the weakest part of this episode, Clark Kent. Since the show began Clark has always had good episodes and bad episodes and unfortunately in a lot of these Justice League episodes he can take a back seat, but in this one he was by far the weakest character. Lets start with the way he just stood by and did nothing while AC attacked him in Miami. Then lets go to the fact that when they went to rescue Oliver, Clark left it all up to AC's wife so that he could go and have a face off with the General running the VA. And the face off... worst part of the episode with out a doubt. First of all, what the hell was Clark thinking exposing himself to the leader of the opposition with out even bothering to take any pains to hide his identity. Then there was the way he just stood there while he shot him and advanced so slowly down that corridor. Surely he has learned by now to not just stand there and let people get the drop on him, that kind of arrogance is beyond the character Clark has become and so when he is finally trapped (by Kryptonite yet again, when will they finally run out of that stuff in this show) it was wholly unbelievable. And as if all that wasn't enough, how the hell did he survive that blast? He was trapped in a cage made of kryptonite, how the hell did he walk away unscathed without any explanation. Not to mention the fact that he was happy to just let the general die even though he knew by the sight of the Omega symbol on the general's skull that he was being controlled by someone else and the thoughts he was having were not necessarily his own.

    It is a shame that the shows star character didn't rise t the occasion on this episode but it hasn't really put me off from labeling this weeks edition as one of the best of the season. Overall loving this season of Smallville and really thrilled at the fact that it seems this show is going to go out with a Bang!
  • What lies ahead? That's the question everyone wants. Watching and wondering when it's really going to start. The line has been draw here.

    I will start by saying, this is a filler episode. Now that is not a bad thing by any means. People need to remember that no show is going to give you everything up front. We need filler episodes to propel the story forward. Each new show adds a little more in the telling. And that is what this episode was. First, we get to meet General Slade. Not Colonel. The man is a three star General. Michael Hogan, I liked this guy. He really brings Slade to life. Smiling , but not trusting. Now, we get to see AC and his new bride Mera (played by Elena Satine). And if you watch and listen, she tells AC's future. And just like Clark, what he is going to become. And I have to say, she is pretty bad ass. We get to see all the main cast in this one, which tells me this episode cost a lot. Add in the FX's and your there. I was glad to see that this is not just a lovely dovie episode with Lois and Clark. I like those episode's a lot, but it shows that they are in a relationship like everyone else and they are working out their problems. Oliver steps up to be the test subject to see what the VRA is all about. Tess, surprisingly tries to keep Lois out of harms way. So she won't get hurt. And they actually managed to work together. Clark is stepping up and starting to see whats going on with the darkness. And becoming the leader everyone wants to see. And it seems like everyone knows that Clark need Lois. She shows just how great a reporter she really is. And she is not just going to stand on the side lines. Tom Welling Directed this episode and he did a very fine job. I was very entertained.
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