Season 3 Episode 5


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2003 on The CW

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  • Great Ceasar's Ghost an excellent episode!

    I loved Michael Mckean's Perry White. His portrayal is of a once world famous reporter who has fallen on hard times and hit the bottle as a result. He has the right amount of hardbitten boozer yet still has the ability to be a likable character. His chemistry with the rest of the cast was excellent and as a result Mckean's White was one of my favourite guest stars on Smallville. It was too bad that the writers/creators didn't bring him back to be in more episodes as he was one of the more interesting guest stars to appear on the show.
  • Move over Chloe, Perry's in town.

    An improvement over the last episode, "Perry" is another one of those watchable episodes of Smallville that never amounts to anything other than average fare, yet never stoops so low its unbearable.

    Frankly, the strong DC ties with the comics manage to make this one an episode to watch…if you're a geek, of course. Not only do we get Perry White, but we also get some insight into Clark's powers and how they react to the sun in sporadic ways.

    As many have commented already, there's an extra oomph in the dialogue this time around. I especially enjoyed the rapport between Chloe and Perry, with his interaction with the rest of the Smallville lot proving to be just as entertaining at times.

    Unfortunately, there's very little here that's not signposted 15 minutes before it happens. The minute Clark's powers began to fluctuate, it was evident that Perry would indeed spot Clark using his powers, only for the finale to have Clark lose them and endure some "human" injury. Then again, this is Smallville, and routine is its middle name.

    Elsewhere, the politics between Lex and Luthor - as always - prove to be interesting. I always liked the character of Lex and an episode that attempts to explore the complexities of his character always seem to do well, especially his mental state (a future episode will prove this). While things are only touched upon here, it's the beginning of an interesting arc.

    Overall, yup, you guessed it, another average episode from the show. Hardcore fans of the Superman will surely dig all of the juicy references, though; so pending on your geek status, you'll either enjoy it or love it.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of smallville it begin with a washed up reporter comes to smallville and his name is perry white is doing a story on the meters that hit smallville and the werid things that have been happing in smallville. clark is the guy that has to follow him around becasue clark saved him from his car crashing into a pole and the guy supposivle sees and still sorta rememers him walking through the electric to save him. and he goes to the talen to talk to lana it makes her upset because he brings up bad memories and she goes to lex for help and he drives him out of town to the bus stop but as he is waiting clark is having problems with his abilties due to s asolar flar and its making his ablites get out of hand and he tossa tracter all the way to the bus stop and it drops right infront of perry white and it starts to get him interested in clark and he goes on and on thinking clark has powers but then perry thinks of away to be saved by clark to get him to show his powers but at the time he has no powers and he has to get pulled up by pete and lana. this was a good ep and clark bring him to the buss stop and he says i will ow you one in the future clark.
  • A washed-up reporter appears in Smallville - it's Perry White - not ready for editorship at the Daily Planet, but in a precursor to possible plot developments much later in the series. He detects Clark's abilities and tries to get a story.

    A hard-drinking man is booted from a bar, drives off drunk, and swerves to avoid speed-runner Clark, who handily rips off the car door and rescues none other than Perry White, the Daily Planet editor in all prior Superman comics and movies, played here by popular character actor Michael McKean. Turns out he's a washed-up reporter in town to research meteor phenomenon for a tabloid, and enlists Clark as a local guide as compensation for the accident. McKean gets some excellent dialog, playing the part in a convincing fashion. Perry offends both Lana and Chloe with his brusque manner, but Chloe clues Clark in to Perry's history - a former ace reporter in Metropolis.

    Lana enlists Lex to help fed off Perry's probe of her background, and at a bar with Clark, Perry leaves with Lex, and we learn that Perry was investigating the Luthors years ago. Lex drops Perry off in an unidentifiable silver sports car (plates "Lex XX"), giving him until sundown to get out of town. Fun scene - Clark tries to lift a tractor for Jonathan, inadvertently tossing it into the next Section, where it plummets to the road in front of Perry. Turns out a solar flare is making Clark's powers erratic. While the wrecker and Sheriff Adams are on the tractor-bomb scene, we see the Kents have yet another red Dodge pickup, somehow replacing the one wrecked in last week's episode, "Slumber."

    Perry's suspicions of Clark grow, and he starts to fill Chloe in on how his career hit the skids. At the mansion, Lex is resisting probes by a psychologist played by Lorena Gale, as part of his agreed-on exam for Luthorcorp. This subplot has Dr. Foster refusing to sign off on his psych evaluation and Lex first dismissing her, then finally agreeing to submit to examining his feelings. Perry tries to make a deal with Lex - Lionel's information for Lex, in exchange for Clark's information for Perry - but Lex throws him out.

    Clark and Pete hide from Perry, but they find him poised above a gorge, trying to force a rescue by Clark, who is temporarily powerless. Pete and Lana step in to perform the rescue using Pete's mid-60s Ford Falcon convertible. Seeing Clark with ordinary strength, Perry drops the notion that Clark is something special. Clean-shaven and sober, Perry leaves town, hinting of things to come - he tells Clark he has journalism potential and offers to return some favors one day in Metropolis.

    If the Smallville producers had followed up with the Perry White character, McKean's portrayal would have been an important precursor to later episodes, but they didn't, even five years later. McKean would still be a good choice to play Perry. But the lack of follow-on episodes isn't all bad - some Smallville fans don't want the classic Superman story line to progress too rapidly - keep the show going! Re-run rating B-.
  • Perry White annoyed me !

    After Clark saves a reporter from car which crashed into an electric cable the reporter starts getting suspicious about Clark and how he could do these things like super speed and ignroing the electric cables. The reporter was Perry White. A washed up reporter who used to be a great Metroplilis newspaper journalist. First Perry White goes after Lana. The Lana goes to Lex and tells him that she wants something to be done about Perry so Lex goes after Perry and tells him to stay away from Lana so Perry tries to presuade Lex into giving him information about Clark in exchange for a dark secret about Lionel Luthor. Clark is experiencing problems with his power which were due to the Solar shower which either have his powers put into over drive or take his powers completely. After many failed attempts Perry finally does something crazy. He risks his own life and Clark's so he can get the story he wants. He tied his foot to a rope and threw himself into a fountain but Clark who had his powers taken away from him couldn't do anything but go after him so the reporter and a powerless Clark were hanging from a single rope so Pete grabs another rope which Clark holds on to and then Pete connectes the rope to the car and drives so that Clark and Perry are pulled up. That was an exciting scene. Also in this episode : Lex dosen't want to open up to his therapist but after her writing a bad report about his phsycological problem he finally agrees to go on with his sessions. This episode was all about the character's lives and what they are going through. Lana wants to bury her past and Lex needs to revisit his pastso he can relive his bad experiences inorder for him to recover. I think this episode was pretty average. I wasn't that excited during it. I mean I knew all along that Clark was going to have problems with reporters and the media so it was only a matter of time. I saw Perry White as a very annoying character. Chloe had a very small part in this episode. All in all it was pretty good. Favorite part of this episode : When Clark's tractor falls right infront of Perry and Perry empties his alcohol bottle due to his surprise. Favorite character from this episode : Pete !!! I liked how helpful he was and what a good friend he was by finding out what was wrong with Clark's powers and driving Clark to a safe place so he dosen't burn the farm and expose himself to the reporters. Good stuff !!!
  • Who's The Future Editor of The Daily Planet?

    Perry-Perry White, a once promising journalist whose career was destroyed by Lionel Luthor, arrives in Smallville in search of alien stories for a tabloid news show. In spite of being constantly inebriated, Perry believes he has witnessed Clark using his extraordinary speed, so he devises a dangerous scheme to expose Clark's superpowers. Meanwhile, Lex learns that Perry has powerful incriminating evidence of Lionel's shady past.

    A hilarious yet pivotal episode that sees Clark meeting none other than his future Boss, Perry White. Michael McKean, who happenes to be Annette O' Toole's real life husband, is flawless as the character being completely straight forward yet has perfect comedic timing. Perry's reactions to Clark's power displays are beyond hilarious. The Smallville writers manage to rework Perry's backstory so well throughout the episode. I love that he was a former reporter for the Daily PLanet whose now a struggling reporter trying to reclaim his glory days.

    Another well written aspect of the episode is how the writer finally revealed the mytho that Clark's powers are fueled by the sun. It's about time and the way Clark's powers would shut off then go into overdrive was an achievement to SFX crew. Ohter great scenes are Lex's theraphy sessions. Lorena Gale is wonderful as Dr. Claire Foster as well as both her and Micheal Rosebaum play off each other well. I love how the episode ends with Perry critiquing Clark's writing for the Torch, it's a simple yet pivotal scene that forshadowes the journalism relationship they will have in the near future. All and All, "Perry" is an excellent episode with a stellar performance from Micheal McKean and amazing forshadowing of the future.
  • Great Episode

    When a huge comet collides on the surface of the sun, the surge provokes changes in the abilities of Clark Kent. While running to meet Pete Ross and Lana Lang in the Talon, Clark suddenly stops on the road, and the drunken driver journalist Perry White (Michael McKean) crashes his car against a pole trying to avoid him. Perry blackmails Jonathan Kent, requesting Clark to support him for a couple of days in Smallville. Perry is writing a matter about the meteor shower and becomes interested in the abilities of Clark. Meanwhile, the upset Lex Luthor has psychoanalysis due to imposition of the insurance company to Luthor Corp.
  • First introduction of Perry White!

    I really loved this episode, it had so many good quotes i cant even remember them all. I did love Perrys 'Principal authorises new gym mats by Clark Kent - I know i was riveted'. I enjoy the odd funny dialogue usually coming from Chloe etc. which is why i really liked this episode, as Perry White was just so funny. I also thought they chose the role of Perry White very well. Hopefully we will see more of him. This episode was also good because it explains that Clark gets his power from the sun, so worth watching guys!
  • Really enjoyed it :)

    I really liked this episode - it set up Perry White\'s character for the Superman movies, it was funny, and we saw some background of Lex. It was about time that Clark finally figured out where his powers were from - the yellow sun. I also really enjoyed that the person who gets to see all the amazing things Clark can do is the down-and-out Perry White. He is so drunk that Clark\'s abilities could very well be his druken mind playing tricks. The best part was the very end, after Clark had saved Perry\'s life without his powers, and Perry says the line about destroying a truly good person. Really cute. Yay :)
  • Good episode...

    This isn't really a Dc comics superhero but it is a DC comics character. Perry White clark's future edtior comes to smallville in search for articles for his tabloid. he is drunk and he sees clarks use his powers so he wants to expose clark. Later in the episode he tries to jump off a ledge but his leg gets caught in a rope. You are probably wondering why clark didn't save him. It was because the sun was experiencing solar flares and clark's powers stopped working for a little bit. Another great episode, the producers really knew what they were doing when they cast Michael Mckean as Perry white he did such a good job. Later...
  • Great episode.

    A journalist named Perry White goes to Smallville in search of tabloid news stories. He witnesses Clark using his superspeed and works out a scheme to expose his secret in public. Lex finds out that White has incriminating evidence that he can use against Lionel. This is another exciting episode. When Clark's secret is at risk, this raises the tension and the emotion in the show. It's a very exciting plot direction. I really loved this episode, I had a good time watching it. The writers wrote a really exciting episode, the Lex and Lionel conflict is a really cool plot device.
  • Reporter Perry White has his eye on Clark after he saves his life and witnesses Clark’s powers.

    If I’m not mistaken wasn’t their a reporter going after Clark last season? Now having Lex go crazy I think I saw that coming. Seriously, it must be hard counting all those millions he has and then on top having Clark save his life; or someone wanting to kill him all the time. For once I even felt bad for Lana in what Perry White said to her when he first meets her. Good scenes in this episode ...I was LOL when Lex drops of Perry at the bus stop and then throws his bags instead of handing them to him. But it’s expected of Lex to do something like that. Moments later Clark throws the tracker and it lands next to Perry and the look on his face.
    There are a lot of questions about Clark’s powers from this episode. So is Clark a walking battery that his charged by the sun? Would Clark lose his abilities if he went to Pluto where the sun’s rays don’t reach?
    Great quote:
    Perry White: “Memories fade but Google never forgets.”
  • Perry White!

    Perry White finally comes to town, and now seeks for a story for a program that talks about only fiction, suddenly things begin to get awkward when Perry begins to figure out about Clark's abilities and later discovers that he is shock proof, really fast, and everything, thanks to the fact that the sun is experiencing strnage solar flares, is really great... a really cool episode!
  • Perry White!

    For the first time Clark meets Perry White who at this time is not the chief of the Daily Planet yet. Perry is a washed up reporter thanks to his fear of the Luthors. Perry sets his reporters eye on Clark due to an accident where he sees Clark's powers in action. Unfortunately for Clark freak solar flare activity is making his power run amuck at the same time he's dealing with Perry.

    This episode features a amazing scene where Clark accidentally throws the family tractor for miles in the air where it lands right in front of guess who none other than Perry White.

    Clark ends up having to save Perry at the end without powers. Thanks to Joe Neigel who sent us some photos he took while watching the Smallville crew film this scene.
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