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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on The CW

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  • Jillian dies (AKA Grant).

    Well this episode was really good, especially the ending, it's like woah. Lana & Clark running away out of Smallville, luckily the real Clark comes back. It sucks when Lana finds out that wasn't Clark the whole time, that would of been a good farewell to Lana's character, her falling in love with Bizarro and running off with him, I thought Lana was serious about not loving Clark, just Bizarro, when she kills him, it showed he had some heart when he said "I love you" to Lana at the end, he fell in to human emotion, Braniac returns and I didn't like how Jillian AKA Grant died, he would be good as a regular for at least the season. I HATE LEX! Good episode, ending was pretty sad, cliffhanger!
  • An Evil Clone, Not So Alone

    Persona-Chloe begins to notice that Clark's not acting like himself. Bizarro enlists the help of Brainiac. Well, it's been a long break between episodes but Smallville is finally back with an all new episode! It's been a tense wait since "Gemini" left us with such a great cliffhanger. But unfornately, "Persona" takes the developments from the following episode and raps it up faster than they were established. Not to say that "Persona" isn't good, it actually has some truly great developemnts of it's own, but the episode feels rushed in places and never takes the time to use the situation to it's full potential.

    First, the good: The return of Brainiac is a breath of fresh air! James Masters returns as the Brain Interactive Construct and is as menacing as ever. I loved how he manipulated everyone in the end and got what he wanted. Now that his fully repaired, it makes you wonder what his plan will be for the following episodes. Bizarro was fun throughout to watch, especially since he seemed to play Clark better than Clark himself. Tom Welling continues to show he's truly a much better actor than people think as he portrays both Clark and Bizarro convincingly. But the best aspect of the episode is Lex's (final?) descent into evil even madness! Micheal Rosenbeam was amazing throughout, like his scene with Lionel as his father tells him his lost him. You really feel bad for Lex, but can't help but think how psychotic his becoming. He not only tries to pass off a clone as his brother, but hires a mugger to kill him in cold blood. It's truly a brutal and shocking scene as Gabriel/Julian falls to the ground and Lionel is grief stricken. It's one of the best developments this season as Lex has finally given in to his dark side.

    But of course, there are some bad aspects that really held this episode back and was just disappointing. First off, Clark's escape from his giant ice crystal prison was so quick and easy, it really cheapened the cliffhanger at the end of "Gemini". Not only does Jor-El just let Clark out, but we never see him break free, just rush back to Smallville like his father didn't just lock him up in a piece of ice for a month! HUH? Then, there was Lana, who was probably at her most guillable and unlikable since...well...ever! I mean the way she was gushing over Bizarro was sickening. The worse was when Chloe was trying to warn Lana about Clark's strange personality and Lana had the nerve to tell Chloe to let go! What!? Isn't this the girl who had Lionel locked and tortured by a stranger? Isn't this the girl who lied to Clark about stalking Lex with her new high-tech organization? Isn't this the girl who went psycho with Clark's powers and almost kill Lex? Besides, Chloe has known Clark much longer, been closer, and been there for him more times than Lana has ever been. If anyone should let it go, it should have been her. I mean it's just ridiculous how Lana just agreed to leave Smallville forever with Clark without a slight "why?" before saying yes. It's also a slap in the face to Clark when he returns and finds out the woman who he loves slept with his evil clone while he was away and couldn't tell the difference. The scene where Lana confesses she had stronger feelings for Bizarro was a disturbing revelation whether it was to stop Bizarro or not! After this unsettling development, I truly hope this is the I don't mean another break, I mean the final break up because it's so obvious at this point that these 2 don't belong together that a blind man can see it. Also, there's the beyond anti-climatic death of Bizarro which he just gets some blue K in his hand and poof his, I'm serious! I swear if the crew of Smallville worked just as hard as creating good fight scenes as much as they do on the effects this show would be so much better, uhh! Then there's Dax-Ur, The 100-year old Kryptonian scientist played by yet another Superman franchise alumini, Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen). While McClure does what he can with the character, Dax-Ur never feels more than just a plot device for the whole episode! Just giving Clark some blue K and being Brainiac's battery at the end, the character is very one-dimensional. Also, his dialogue with Clark brought more plotholes and questions than we need right now. How would he know about the portals being destoryed on Krypton when he left so many years before the war? How did he help create Brainiac? Why the hell does every Kryptonian go to Earth to escape Krypton? All and All, while "Persona" maybe a disappointing episode over all, it's has some true standout developments that overshadow the severly missed opporturnity.
  • Could have been so much better

    This should have been a two part episode. After the shocker in "Gemini" I thought Smallville would have came back with a bang, but unfortunately this episode wasn't a bang. It would have been nice to see a Brainiac-Bizarro vs Clark showdown instead of killing him instantly. Which by the way, how they killed Bizarro was so unbelievably stupid. Lana just put the blue kryptonite on his hand and he just explodes. What a load of crap. They could have done something much better and more realistic. I wish they didn't kill Dax-UR so fast. They built up so much hype on his character and just killed him off the same episode. What a waste! Also, how many more people are they going to have be in love with Lana. Enough already! All in all, this episode was good, but with lots and lots of flaws.
  • Lana continues to be misled by Bizarro, who teams up with Brainiac to destroy Clark. Grant declares his independence from his creator, Lex, while Lionel is not always who he seems to be.

    "Gemini," the previous episode, is essential viewing to follow the plot of "Persona," since we know, but Lana doesn't, that she's living with the Phantom, Bizarro, a clone of Clark, as we quickly see when he's exposed to sunlight, a lethal force for him/it. Lana believes she finally has what she has always wanted - a loving and committed "Clark," ready to whisk her off to Europe. But happiness does not last long in Smallville.

    Another plot follows up on Grant Gabriel's shocking discovery in "Gemini" that he is a clone of the deceased Julian Luthor. He blows in to see Lionel, with paternity papers, even though warned by Lex to avoid seeing him, but Lionel responds not with threats, but by calling him "Son." Homeless men are being murdered in Metropolis, and Bizarro is allegedly helping Lana track the murderer, the Brain Interactive Construct. Lana has traced the home base for the killer to the notorious Suicide Slums in Metropolis. That night, Bizarro comes to the area, finding Milton Fine/Brainiac, who's busy rat-killin'. Brainiac refers to him as a failed lab experiment, but why would a wraith prefer cohabitation with a human female? And why is Fine in poor condition - he's just a blob of liquid metal? He refers Bizarro to another Kryptonian-on-Earth, ex-scientist Dax-Ur, to help with the sun-sickness problem, but first he must find a beacon device to lead him to Dax-Ur.

    Biz comes to see Chloe, looking for the kryptonian scientist, lying about the source of his information, and asking about a device. It's a shield, Chloe says, but of course Biz does not know of this object or it's location as Clark does. He gets pushy, out of character for Clark. He demands she tell him the location of the shield, but good ol' Chloe already smells a rat, and puts him off the trail.

    At the mansion, Lex wants to ask Lionel about Grant's latest visit. Lionel does not reveal he knows about Grant being a clone, but Lex guesses it, and Lionel scorches Lex's depraved act in recycling his dead brother. "It's you I've lost," Lionel says, striding out. Chloe comes to the farm to tell Lana about Clark's unusual behavior, but Lana sees only that Clark has become more understanding. It's that old "He's not himself" story, when Bizarro comes in the front door (Continuity problem - he was out in the sunshine), dropping the news that he and Lana are leaving Smallville. Lana is depicted as naive here, overcome with the happiness that she feels is finally hers, and Chloe marches out. Biz deflects Lana's concern by suggesting that Kara took the shield.

    Bizarro flies to the Fortress in moments - wearing a red shirt and a blue jacket, calling for Jor-El. This seems a bit of a superfluous scene for Biz; apparently it's an excuse to activate Jor-El and have him free Clark from an icy imprisonment. Clark is back in at the farm in seconds, but still no one questions "Clark" wearing a red shirt and blue jacket one moment, while Clark is wearing a blue shirt and red jacket. He has difficulty convincing Lana that the other him was not him, and Bizarro overhears this discussion.

    Clark returns to Lionel's office to tell him that he has been trapped in the Fortress. Lionel tells him that blue kryptonite is the only thing that will destroy Bizarro. Again he send Clark to the Dax, who came to Earth a century ago, then vanished. Clark has retrieved the shield, which, when activated, serves as a beacon to the owner, but he does not know how to activate it. Lionel, showing surprising knowledge of all things kryptonian, explains that it is voice-activated. Another surprise identity - Lionel then morphs into Brainiac, a feat which was a strain even for him, and only then do we realize that Brainiac has sent Clark after Dax with the intention of following him. It's incomprehensible why he told Clark about the blue kryptonite, which will eventually be the means of destroying Bizarro. We can only conclude that Brainiac cares not whether Bizarro survives or not.

    Clark tells Chloe that he has been trapped, but Chloe is skeptical about which one of the Clarks is genuine. She is wary, but he has a convincer - the yellow sun - he steps into the light, relieving Chloe's fears and anxiety. Saving the day once again, Chloe has, with considerable forethought, taken the shield from the Kent barn.

    "Dax-Ur," Clark calls, and is instantly transported to the Arizona desert, finding the scientist in an auto shop under an old Ford pickup. The kryptonian is shocked to hear that name, but the name "Kal-El" convinces him. "You always were survivors." he says of the El family. He has blue kryptonite strapped to his wrist, to deter his own powers, to live a simple life on Earth. It was his work that led to developing the Brainiac, which could lead to the destruction of worlds. He could have saved the human race but gave it all up for a human existence. This backstory has some interesting potential, but it's used only in this episode.

    Lana, knowing the truth, now sees a reflection of Bizarro in a ray of sunlight, and tries to escape, but Clark arrives at a crucial moment with the blue kryptonite, somehow finding Biz and Lana at Oliver's loft. But here, Biz seems to have a human weakness for her, even though she calls him a monster - he sounds very sincere. A debate ensues, the two vying for Lana, who wavers, saying she was never more in love, and on the verge of going with Biz. At the last moment she slaps Biz with the blue kryptonite, and the Phantom of these past several episodes begins to disintegrate - his last words, "I loved you." Lana has made a difficult choice.

    Brainiac appears in Dax-Ur's shop, having traced Clark's movements to Arizona. Brainiac is damaged, and demands repairs, finally probing the mind of Dax and restoring his own programming. That must be the end of the Dax character.

    Lex comes to see Grant, firing him from the editor position, angered over Grant's visit to Lionel. "Dad wants to get to know me better," he retorts to Lex. Lex claims to fear for Grant's life, but Grant, although a clone, accuses Lex of only looking out for Lex. The clone declares independence, like a child outgrowing it's needs for parental oversight.

    The treachery begins, as Grant and Lionel (he does not call him "Dad") leave a restaurant, Lionel appearing to accept him as a son. Suddenly they are approached by a mugger, who shoots Grant dead, ending Michael Cassidy's part in the Smallville story. With an outstanding musical score, more scenes without dialog show the mugger/murderer contacting Lex with the news that the job is done. Lex the Creator, Lex the Destroyer - but he is not free of the consequences and he screams to the the night sky. That scene did not play as well as the writers imagined - it would have been just as effective to have a tight close-up of Mr. Rosenbaum, who conveys more emotion with subtle changes in his countenance than with broad gestures and yelling. Why? Because the interpretation is shifted to the mind of the viewer, which can be more imaginative than a script feeding us every emotion through overacting or explosions. And Mr. Rosenbaum has shown time and again that he can carry this off.

    Clark and Lana are similarly in the shadows of their relationship, realizing that what Lana thought would be, will never be, and Clark cannot return the hope to her. It's another effective series of dialog-free images, an exceptionally dramatic finale of love seemingly coming to an end yet again.

    "Persona" is a well-conceived episode, with a solid Smallville story, fine acting all around, and a couple big surprises. No annoying ultra-dark shadow scenes either, and let's all be thankful that the camera-jerking fad has not infected the show's cinematography crew - the cast and director are allowed to create the action. While redemption for Lex now seems impossible, and the Lana - Clark relationship damaged, we never know if these events will carry over the following week. Even if they don't, the death of Grant Gabriel and the destruction of Bizarro are major developments, and this episode is high on the list for all fans to see. Re-run rating B-.
  • Good, although I think it should have been much better.

    "Persona" had a lot going for it. The "death" of Bizarro. The death of Grant at the hands of Lex. And most importantly, the signs of a huge rift between Clark and Lana. Unfortunately, the consequences getting there were underwhelming and.. just so average. For all of the things that happened in this episode you'd surely expected more bang for your buck, or even a littler tighter story but it just wasn't there.

    That being said, Grant's death was a sad moment, sure he'd only been around for the first half of this season but he was a likable character and one that certainly didn't deserve the fate that became him. Although, it is nice to see Lex slip further into the darkness that we all know becomes his life.

    Clark and Lana's rift is one that seems far too great for them to repair. Even if saying she was more in love during the month with Bizarro than she ever has been with Clark, just to trick bizarro, the message was clear that it wasn't all untrue.

    Too bad all of the roads taken to these plot developments wasn't just a little better, because these were all outstanding moments.
  • Disappointing

    After a promising cliffhanger from the last episode you would think this would be a masterpiece but sadly it falls short - even with characters like Braniac, Dax-Ur and Bizarro. The introduction of Blue K makes an interesting plotline where Clark is able to pursue a sexual relationship with Lana yet this is never incorporated - not even subtly. Secondly, Braniac is a pathetic mess and looks like a tramp and doesnt serve a purpose in this episode except the slaying of a possible important character, Dax-Ur.

    Thirdly, Lana did not convince us enough that she chose Bizarro over Clark at the end and therfore the Blue K did not provide a reasonable end to this villain. How about a fight scene once in a while like in the season premiere!
  • Who ever said that one Clark Kent was enough was totally right.

    The world would be much nicer and safer if there were 2 Clark Kents - Well after this episode that is definitely the wrong attitiude to have to our favourite superhero. While Clark is trapped in the fortress our little Clark Kent doppleganger in the form of the Phantom seen first in season 6 is back and this time he is taking Clark's place without anyone knowing. This episode was really good. It is episodes like this that just go to show that the 31 year old Tom Welling can act superbly but my favourite moments of this episode centred around Lex. How far with Mr Luthor go to ensure that he gets one over on Lionel.
  • It was a good episode, I didn't expect this from Smallville this week.

    I actually thought Smallville was more than OK this week, which is quite strange because I'd usually give this show a 6, but it impressed me this week, so I'm giving it a good 7.

    Luthor's family issues: How random was it that Julian just happened to die outside the restaurant. I'm speculating that Lionel had something to do with it, but then again, it is so easy to rob the richest person in the world, but in front of all those people? It made no sense at all, I really think Lionel is responsible for it.

    Lana's Dilemma: Clark was actually pretty interesting in this episode, which I'd have to say is pretty rare considering that he is one of the most boring characters on this show. I just liked the whole idea of the Phantom and the whole drama between Lana, Clark and the Phantom.

    The last 5-6 minutes of the episode were hell because it was just so cheesy, especially that last scene with Lex screaming outside and for God's sakes it had to be raining!
  • WOW, Lex's side keep on revealing really good, man one of the best episodes in this series.

    At the Kent farm, Bizarro-Clark is watching Lana sleep. Thinking he's Clark, she wakes up and kisses him, and he suggests they go out and see the world. Lana declines and heads off to the Foundation, but promises to make him a special dinner. As she opens the drapes to let in some sunlight, it strikes Bizarro-Clark and causes him to transform into his rock like face. He gets her to close the drapes and come back to bed.

    Grant Gabriel arrives to talk to Lionel and show him DNA tests confirming he's Lex's brother Julian. When he challenges Lionel, Lionel says he'd like to get to know him.

    Lana is going over police reports at the Foundation when Bizarro-Clark comes in. She says that homeless persons have been turning up dead and she believes it's related to Brainiac. All of the bodies have been drained of their trace metals, the same as the LexCorp technician. Bizarro-Clark figures it's regenerating from the trace metals, and Lana triangulates the attacks to determine a possible central location. He hits the streets in the area, while Brainiac in his Milton Fine form drains a rat of the trace metals necessary. Bizarro-Clark confronts him and they both know who the other is. Bizarro-Clark admits he doesn't know what happened to the real Clark, but figures he's dead. He's come to Brainiac for help avoiding his transformation in sunlight, and Brainiac says there is a Kryptonian who can help years ago. The Kryptonian, Dax-Ur, came to Earth years ago and knows how to fix Bizarro. Brainiac explains each Kryptonian had a personal tracking unit, and if Bizarro finds it he'll find Dax-Ur.
  • excellent

    chloe gets handled by clark. she notices that he's been forgetting about a lot of things that only he knows about. bizarro meets up with braniac and asks him for help. but braniac has other plans. he gets bizarro and clark to fight one another. this is a really exciting episode. after clark was trapped at the fortress of solitude, his father releases him from a frozen state to stop bizarro. this episode shows so much within the episode. the writers did a really cool job getting the characters to act together. it's really exciting, i can't wait for the next episode.
  • Brainiac wins

    Good episode. I was already missing the good action in Smallville.

    Bizarro trys to work with brainiac to find a way to live clarks life with out being found out but gets mannipulated into getting clark free from the fortress. With both of them fighting for Lana, milton fine is free to find the kryptonian who built him and getting himself repaired.

    Bizarro his destroyd by Clark, and milton fine gets the knowledge he wants.

    Clark and Lana are back at there "sad" relationship and lex continues his dark path by getting his brother killed when he and lionel were bonding after lionel knew he had another son.

    Even thought this was a very good episode it seems nothing really new happens in smallville.
  • Nothing interesting happened in "Persona".

    Warning: This review contains spoilers, so if you have not watched the episode, do not read it unless you want to be spoiled.

    "Persona" reveals that Bizarro Clark has taken over Clark's life and that Professor Milton Fine (aka: Brainiac) is alive. Bizarro Clark searches for a Kryptonian scientist that will help him remain as "Clark". The real Clark is released from the Fortress of Solitude and goes to find the same scientist who gives him Blue Kryptonite. In a fight between Clark and his clone, the Blue Kryptonite destroys Bizarro Clark.

    I was excited to watch this episode because James Marsters is returning, but it turned out okay. I felt like nothing really happened and that Brainiac did not pose as a big threat in this episode. I was hoping that Brainiac and Clark would fight each other when they meet, but they do not. It was not all that exciting because the only action lasted for less than 4 minutes. The only scenes I liked were the last ten minutes of the episode.
  • Too much going on

    There seemed to be too much going on in this episode. I really like the character of Milton Fine and would really have liked to see more of him than just one more fleeting episode. The same goes for Dax-Ur, I think more time could have been devoted to exploring his character a little more, finding out about his past and going into the story of how he created the Brain Interactive Construct in more detail. I'm sure there must have been a lot Clark wanted to discuss with him but this was never pursued. I am of the opinion that finishing up the Bizarro storyline required more than just one episode but there you go. Done, dusted and onto the next world-shattering problem for our man in a red jacket, blue t-shirt/blue jacket, red t-shirt (does he HAVE any other clothes?)
  • Good Episode...

    This episode was what I would expect. Happy to not see Supergirl in this episode. Her character is just not adding anything to the show.
    I liked the Bizarro storyline and how he filled in all the holes with Clark and Lana's relationship. However, I really don't like Clark and Lana being in a relationship. I think it makes Clark look weak. But, I guess it is staple story line for the writers. Brainac coming back into the show, I think was a ploy to help with ratings. His character usually offers good story line that keeps viewers interested.
    Like where Lex is going with his character...thought he was pretty cold putting the hit out on his cloned brother.
    Looking forward to the next episode.
    Dreading the return of SuperGirl.
  • Too many good ideas crammed into one rushed episode

    This episode had a lot going for it. First and foremost, Brainiac returned, bringing back one of the best villains of the series. Bizarro was also prominent, and far more interesting than one might have anticipated. There was an appearance by yet another exiled Kryptonian named Dax-Ur. The writers even developed two parallel plot structures involving knowledge of the self. So why did this episode leave me so disappointed?

    I definitely liked having Brainiac back in the thick of things; James Marsters gives the character depth, which is a welcome change of pace for guest stars of late. He does a great job of manipulating Bizarro, for example. Why the writers would have him do something as obvious as kill people and animals to leach of trace elements, when they should be readily available from other more discrete sources, is hard to fathom, but Marsters does his best to sell it.

    Bizarro's love/infatuation with Lana could have been a lot more interesting if this particular plot thread had been explored over more than a couple of episodes. As it stands, we're told that Bizarro is treating Lana better than Clark ever has, but we don't get to see much of those differences. The main thing seems to be Bizarro's advocacy of her Isis activities, but it's not entirely clear why that alone would deepen their relationship.

    Dax-Ur seems to be an unnecessary addition to the "Smallville" mythology, though this season has already made it clear that the hints of Kryptonian visitation in earlier seasons were just the tip of the very large iceberg. Once again, Dax-Ur and his personal choices, and the meaning they might hold for Clark, would have been a lot more interesting if explored over the course of more than one episode.

    Clark's return to Smallville was also rushed, especially since Jor-El's punishment seems to have been rather arbitrary, designed simply to toss Bizarro back into the game to mess up Clark and Lana's relationship. What was the point of Jor-El's punishment as depicted? It was a plot-mandated delaying tactic, nothing more. Had Bizarro's presence been more extended, perhaps a more logical reason for Clark's release could have been conceived.

    Bizarro is depicted as Clark's equal and opposite, implying that Lana is better suited to someone very different from Clark, despite their long history. Considering how often Lex has been Clark's moral opposite, this latest twist continues to support the Lex/Lana pairing of previous seasons. Similarly, the Lex/Gabriel subplot is meant to parallel the Clark/Bizarro comparison. As with so much else in the episode, this is an idea that would have benefited from longer exploration.

    Despite so many good elements, the rushed nature of the story (most importantly, Clark's return) undermines the effectiveness of the ideas. Lana's decision to destroy Bizarro would have been a lot more dramatic if we had seen the deepening of their relationship; it might have had the same feeling of inevitability that came with the Lex/Gabriel subplot. I must give them credit for aiming high, but I also must recognize that they missed the mark.
  • Drama between Bizarro, Lana and Clark. Milton Fine causing problems again, and Lex sinks even deeper into the pit.

    I really loved this episode! The drama between Lana, Clark and his counterpart Bizarro is excellent! "Finally Clark has opened up" says Lana, and this "inverse" figure of Clark gives his heart to Lana - something Clark never could. Bizarro really shows us more of Clark, however not thorough reflecting what Clark is but rather what he is not. And then the mother of all awkward silences after Lana "ditches" Bizarro - and Clark and Lana once again are alone together.

    And when you thought that Lex couldn't get hurt even deeper and play his tricks at an even lower level and strip himself of any left-over fragment of humanity... Well, there seems to be no end to his downward spiral. Again: Excellent episode!
  • Continuing with a fine season of the restlessly young.

    The episode was good, if not a bit of a head scratcher, show of actions and consequences.

    It seemed odd that Brainiac needed to extract trace metals from living beings when the idea of just going someplace with huge stores of the necessary metal would have been more logical. Why go small time repeatedly when big time would more than fulfill the need. What is broken with Brainiac that he needs fixing? Also in need of fixing, the father son relationship of Kal'El/Clark and Jor'El/Fortress. If Jor'el is of the mind to trap his son in a 'prison' of crystal as punishment/consequence of his free will/ignoring his dictation and remove him from the lives of those around him so thoroughly, the personality is not much different than the brother he supposedly feared/fought with on Krypton. And trapping Clark as it/he did, allowed the Bizarro/Clark to entrench itself in the knowledge base and lives of Clark, with what could have been devastating local and world affect, so much so that Jor'El persona had to release Clark to deal with it. The Fortress may be a bit more trouble than Clark will want to deal with for some time to come.

    Something so thoroughly broke is the Luther family. What little hope came Lex's survival at the dam and supposed change of life and actions has worn away to show his true self yet again and is lost in a thoroughly screwed up complex of daddy/mommy/brother/power control issues that Lex has no choice but to be the tormented evil for now and the future. He can do no right by those who truly know him. There doesn't seem to be a line he won't eventually cross, albeit tortured by the need for the action, inclusive of murder of those nearest and dear. Thank goodness he doesn't have an army, yet.
  • excelent episode that opens the story

    a slow episode but a very rich in story line like the comic book. we see in this episode how they start to incorporate braniac, bizzaro, and even mention of the justice league. We also see how deep the relationship betewen lana and clark is, and how fragile it can become in the future. Braniac starts to show his cards and show us how his brain work agains clark and bizzaro. In the nest episodes i hope to see more super heroes coming ou. Lana is starting to dought er relationship with clark and the episode ends with a tense situation in the bed room
  • Just where will it all lead?

    Actually the Bizarro opening up to Lana kept in line the opposite of Clark thing. Clark does not want to open up to Lana which has caused many of problems. Chloe again was on top of things by noticing that Clark was not himself. Lex' evil and twisted side keeps progressing with the creation og Julian and then only to have him killed when he does not stay true to what Lex wanted. I agree with an earlier comment that asks why didn't Braniac just go to a scrap yard / mill to obtain all the metals he needed? I guess that they want to make him dislike him more by having him kill innocent people and things. So what do you think about the possibility of Lana being pregnant wiith Bizarro's baby? Wouldn't that put a spin on things?
  • Bizzaro is living Clark's life. Chloe is the only one who suspects that something is wrong with 'Clarke' as Lana remains oblivious. Braniac uses Bizzaro and Clarke for his own purposes. Grant confronts Lionel with the truth about himself.

    Superman fans know the story of Clark's future love life. It doesn't include Lana. The character of Lana throughout the show has been weak at times. Chloe and Lois are the strong female characters and their minimal story interaction with Clark makes for another dull, 'save the damsel in distress episode,' such as this one. Lex evil... blah, blah, blah. Superman is yet to don the suit and cape, so I see in continuing with the relationship of Clark and Lex, that Lex be given some redeeming features before he assumes the role of Superman's arch enemy. Reviving Braniac, well we'll see where this takes us. Hopefully better than season 5.
  • This episode could have been alot better!

    The script: I think Smallville got their scripts mixed up with the ones from One Tree Hill or Desperate Housewives, this seemed mostly soap opera.

    Lana: The writers have damaged this girls character beyond repair. She's not likeable at all. Her comments to Chloe were a little uncalled for and rude. She tells Chloe "maybe you don't know him(clark) as well as you think" News flash, Chloe has known clarks secret longer than her and they share practically everything together,she of all people should now this! And if that wasn't enough she insist Chloe "let go of him a little" like she can't be concerned over her best friend, who doesn't seem to be acting himself. This makes Lanas character out to be selfish and inconsiderate.

    Clana: This is an unhealthy relationship, that is not passionate at all, thus making the relationship pointless in the first place. Clark obviously doesn't love Lana anymore and he's not happy. The chemistry is dead, so should this relationship.

    Bizarro: The writers have forgotton that bizarro is a villain that has ripped out a mans spleen, burned a man alive,but now he's so madly in love with who other than Lana Lang. This is taking the Lana obsession way too far.They could have done so much with his character, but it was wasted on scenes to give lana more screentime. Show the Bizarro we saw in the season premiere, wreaking havoc, having no mercy and getting physical with the characters, not getting physical under the sheets with Lana.That was a completey gratuitous scene by the way.Why couldn't Clark kill Bizarro? It was his battle to fight, Clark was responsible in a way for creating Bizarro, he should have been the one responsible for his demise.

    Lex: Why would he have Grant Grabriel(Julian Clone) killed, then go in the rain,scream and whine about it. That's not a villain, that's a schizo. That was completely pathetic and was quite comical.

    Jor El: He is more a villain than any other villain Clark has fought on this show. He imprisoned Clark for weeks, than only let him go because of Bizarro,That is cruel. Jor El is supposed to guide Clark to fulfill his destiny, not punish him for trying to help others. This is an apalling version of Jor el.

    Continuity: How did Bizarro escape from Mars? What's up with the Martian Manhunter?
  • Yes! Another wedge between Clark and Lana. THANK YOU, Bizarro!

    Isn't anyone else thoroughly sick of all the men falling for Lana?! What's so great about her? I just don't see it. *shrugs* The only good thing about Bizarro liking her was that he succeeded in driving Clark and Lana farther apart; believe me, that made my day! Enough about my dislike for those two, though. As usual, Chloe was my favorite part of the episode; she's always the first to notice something's off with Clark, and did I mention I adore her lines? Love that James Marsters (Brainiac) is back. Such a good actor, and I loved his line "Lying to you would be like lying to a mollusk. There's no point". LOL! And Lex. Man, is he screwed up or what? First, he creates Grant, then he has him killed and is all tortured afterwards. Sometimes I feel sorry for the guy, but he really needs to...straighten out, for lack of a better phrase. Anyway, despite all my criticism, I thought this episode was alright. =) Liked Dax-Ur, by the way. Too bad Brainiac killed him. =(
  • Anyone else on the fence with this one?

    Smallville was beginning to get better and better and then this episode sends them spiraling right back down again. they had so many special guest stars and the ability to make something totally amazing happen, and i feel they blew out the episode. im just seriously hoping the next episode brings us back up to pace and continues to send the season back upwards. The episode was not exactly all bad. They bring back the brilliant james marsters as braniac and he is a charachter id like to see them really develop and turn into clarks nemesis other than lex luthor, because frankly the whole lex thing is really beginning to bore me.
  • This episode was really out of character.

    What happened?
    For some reason this episode seems to be really off. I thought I was the only one that found this episode 'persona' out of character but it seems like I am not the only one. I cant seem to find what the real problem was in the episode. Was it the conversions, storyline, lack of the suspense, or the speed at which the story evolved... This has really started to put some serious doubt about how great the rest of the episodes will be. It will really suck if the rest of the other episodes continue on like this.
  • Lana and Clark seem to be more is love than ever before. They are laughing, having romantic dinners, and are really happy together for the first time in a long while. Only it isn't really Clark. It's Bizarro, who copied Clarks DNA and took over his life.

    Raise your hand is you think Lana should have went with Bizarro! I think she should have stayed with him and left Smallville. She was in love with him, even though she didn't know who he really was. Now she's going to be completely unhappy with Clark, who will never be able to give her his full attention because it's his destiny to save mankind.
    Despite his being a Kryptonian-made whatever, Bizarro had feelings. I thought it was so sad when she killed him and he still said "I love you" as he was dying. I say again, she should have went with him. Clark is going to end up with Lois, anyway.
  • Liked Grant, Shows you again what the Luthors can do!

    Great episode, why whould they build up a charactor just to co me along and get him killed off just because he went against lex and consoled himself with linal , and how they killed the phantom was another thing so so easy and the double cross was great in a way. Will clark get over the unfaithfullness of lana or is it going to be anoth er drawn out story that will probably see clark leaveing her or will he just forgive and forget and live happily ever after. Lex of course, we will finaly see what an evil person he is to become.
  • I just didn't like it.

    For two months, I was dying every day waiting to see a new episode. The Bizarro cliffhanger was one of the best ever on the show, and Gemini itself was one of my favorite episodes. This one just did not thrill me at all. The dialouge was rushed and not obvious, except between Lionel and Lex. Clark being freed from the Fortress like nothing happened, Bizarro knowing everything that Clark knows, except where the shield was (how convienent). There wasn't enough Lex in this episode, and the whole Dax-ur angle just wasn't suspensful and it did nothing except the end result of regenerating Brainiac. I'm disappointed, and I'm having trouble understanding how it's rated so high so far. It was ok but after Gemini, I expected more.
  • Great Episode!

    One of the strongest episodes of the entire series; that's why it deserves a 10. Usually, when so many plot points are being juggled, things get messy, but this ep really held together. Interesting take on Lana--she's in love with Clark to be sure, but not the part of him that really makes him Superman. Bizarro seemed to have all the characteristics that make Clark human, but none of what makes him Superman. And the bleak look on both Lana and Clark's face at the end of the episode reflects that fact. None the less, Lana gets points for putting her needs aside, for once, and doing what was right in getting rid of Bizarro. Knowing she can't have Clark, she still made the right choice. As ticked as some of us get with her, it's this selflessness, which we see seldom, that makes her a good character and worth keeping around. And Lex--just another step into an interior hell he will never climb out of. Again, just a great story. Really missed this show since December.
  • This episode was okay.

    When this episode opened, I was shaking my head and thinking when will Clana be over. I think what happened in this episode will end up driving Clark and Lana apart. Lana was literally sleeping with the enemy (Bizarro Clark) and she didn't even realize it. That just showed that she really does not know Clark. I almost started clapping when Chloe started noticing that Clark was not himself. I thought that James Marsters did a good job portraying Brainiac again. I think one of the best scenes in this episode was the one between Lex and Lionel when he says that he has lost his son. I had figured out that the Lionel that Clark was talking to was Brainiac. Now that Brainiac has extracted the information from Dax-Ur's brain to fix himself what will he do now? He already tried to destroy the world. What will he do for an encore? I guess we will just have to tune in and see.
  • Although I called it a filler episode I still rated it high because it was a pretty good filler episode.

    Pretty entertaining. Considering I was about to start striking up smallville conversations with random strangers on the street to get my fix I probably would have liked anything. It seemed however, to be a transitional episode. The writers left Gemini on a major cliffhanger and it felt like they did it for a shock factor without thinking about how they would have to finish it in the next ep. Still a good episode, but it felt a little haphazard to me.

    Things I liked: Tom Welling playing bizarro. He really stepped it up and it was refreshing to see the dark side of Tom's acting again. I love when he's dosed on red K or posessed by Lionel and stuff like that. I also liked the Clark/Chloe moments when he's trying to convince her that he's the real Clark. So sweet. Thing I didn't like: Lana whining about how Chloe doesn't know him as well as she thinks all while Lana is blinded by the fact that Clark is finally paying attention to her instead of being distracted by that stupid stuff, like, I don't know, saving people. I also didn't like the look on poor Clarkie's face when Lana said she'd been more in love with him the past month when it was Bizarro. It's ok, Clark, it's just Lana.

    Lex is giving into his evil side again. Not that we didn't know that would happen. Poor Grant, not easy being a clone.

    But now I really need to try to do homework with Smallville swirling around in my head. But I can learn more about life from Smallville than college anyway, right? Like I learned never to trust any character played by James Marsters. Spike, Bizarro, and some random FBI agent on Without a Trace for the past few weeks. I learned that when someone dies they won't neccessarily stay dead. And that guys who are naturally bald do desperate things because they feel like they need to compensate.

    These are lessons I can't get in any classroom.
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