Season 7 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on The CW

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  • An Evil Clone, Not So Alone

    Persona-Chloe begins to notice that Clark's not acting like himself. Bizarro enlists the help of Brainiac. Well, it's been a long break between episodes but Smallville is finally back with an all new episode! It's been a tense wait since "Gemini" left us with such a great cliffhanger. But unfornately, "Persona" takes the developments from the following episode and raps it up faster than they were established. Not to say that "Persona" isn't good, it actually has some truly great developemnts of it's own, but the episode feels rushed in places and never takes the time to use the situation to it's full potential.

    First, the good: The return of Brainiac is a breath of fresh air! James Masters returns as the Brain Interactive Construct and is as menacing as ever. I loved how he manipulated everyone in the end and got what he wanted. Now that his fully repaired, it makes you wonder what his plan will be for the following episodes. Bizarro was fun throughout to watch, especially since he seemed to play Clark better than Clark himself. Tom Welling continues to show he's truly a much better actor than people think as he portrays both Clark and Bizarro convincingly. But the best aspect of the episode is Lex's (final?) descent into evil even madness! Micheal Rosenbeam was amazing throughout, like his scene with Lionel as his father tells him his lost him. You really feel bad for Lex, but can't help but think how psychotic his becoming. He not only tries to pass off a clone as his brother, but hires a mugger to kill him in cold blood. It's truly a brutal and shocking scene as Gabriel/Julian falls to the ground and Lionel is grief stricken. It's one of the best developments this season as Lex has finally given in to his dark side.

    But of course, there are some bad aspects that really held this episode back and was just disappointing. First off, Clark's escape from his giant ice crystal prison was so quick and easy, it really cheapened the cliffhanger at the end of "Gemini". Not only does Jor-El just let Clark out, but we never see him break free, just rush back to Smallville like his father didn't just lock him up in a piece of ice for a month! HUH? Then, there was Lana, who was probably at her most guillable and unlikable since...well...ever! I mean the way she was gushing over Bizarro was sickening. The worse was when Chloe was trying to warn Lana about Clark's strange personality and Lana had the nerve to tell Chloe to let go! What!? Isn't this the girl who had Lionel locked and tortured by a stranger? Isn't this the girl who lied to Clark about stalking Lex with her new high-tech organization? Isn't this the girl who went psycho with Clark's powers and almost kill Lex? Besides, Chloe has known Clark much longer, been closer, and been there for him more times than Lana has ever been. If anyone should let it go, it should have been her. I mean it's just ridiculous how Lana just agreed to leave Smallville forever with Clark without a slight "why?" before saying yes. It's also a slap in the face to Clark when he returns and finds out the woman who he loves slept with his evil clone while he was away and couldn't tell the difference. The scene where Lana confesses she had stronger feelings for Bizarro was a disturbing revelation whether it was to stop Bizarro or not! After this unsettling development, I truly hope this is the I don't mean another break, I mean the final break up because it's so obvious at this point that these 2 don't belong together that a blind man can see it. Also, there's the beyond anti-climatic death of Bizarro which he just gets some blue K in his hand and poof his, I'm serious! I swear if the crew of Smallville worked just as hard as creating good fight scenes as much as they do on the effects this show would be so much better, uhh! Then there's Dax-Ur, The 100-year old Kryptonian scientist played by yet another Superman franchise alumini, Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen). While McClure does what he can with the character, Dax-Ur never feels more than just a plot device for the whole episode! Just giving Clark some blue K and being Brainiac's battery at the end, the character is very one-dimensional. Also, his dialogue with Clark brought more plotholes and questions than we need right now. How would he know about the portals being destoryed on Krypton when he left so many years before the war? How did he help create Brainiac? Why the hell does every Kryptonian go to Earth to escape Krypton? All and All, while "Persona" maybe a disappointing episode over all, it's has some true standout developments that overshadow the severly missed opporturnity.
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