Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on The CW
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Chloe invites an injured 15-year-old to move in with her. Meanwhile, Clark experiences his first day of work with Lois.

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  • Good

    Smallvile Season 9 Episode 2 Plastique. In his first day at the Daily Planet, Clark finds out a bomb in a car. He doesnt reach the place on time and it explodes. Chloe invites an injured 15 year old girl to live with her. At the end it turns out she caused the explosion.

    Smallvile Season 9 Episode 2 Plastique I was hoping this episode was gonna be great. It wasnt. It wasnt bad, just good. I was hoping the episode was more exciting, but it wasnt. The episode was interesting, but it wasnt what I expected. It wasnt as good as I expected, and I was expecting awesome. It was much less. Overall, it was good, but the episode could have been much better.moreless
  • On Clark's first day at the Daily Planet, a bus explodes outside the office. One of the people he rescues is Bette, a teen girl with meteor abilities who bonds with Chloe. Meanwhile, paramedic Davis Bloome arrives and is drawn to Chloe.moreless

    Recap: On Clark's first day at the Daily Planet, he shows up at work in plaid. Lois forces him to change, before a bus explodes outside the office. Clark rushes to the scene and gets everyone to safety, including his new boss, Tess Mercer, and a teenager named Bette Sans Souci. Chloe arrives on the scene shortly afterward and notices Bette having trouble breathing. Rushing over to the teen, Chloe gets the attention of a paramedic named Davis Bloome, and the attraction between the two is instant. Back inside the Daily Planet, Clark talks to Lois long enough to tell her that police suspect that the bomb on the bus misfired, and to get lectured on Lois Lane's Rules of Reporting, before being summoned to Tess's office. At the hospital, Chloe learns Bette is a "street kid", and invites the fifteen-year-old to stay with her for the night. Bette accepts Chloe's offer, while Clark, having been paired with Lois to investigate the bus explosion, overhears a cop confirming to another cop that there was no bomb on the bus. When Clark questions Bette, she tells him her boyfriend Tommy caused the explosion with a meteor power. However, when Clark and Bette confront Tommy, Bette secretly blows Tommy up with her own ability. Later, Bette accidentally reveals her ability to Chloe, while Lois and Clark realize that Bette not only blew up Tommy, but caused the bus explosion as well. Rushing over to the Talon, Clark stops Bette from killing Chloe, before convincing her to get help at Belle Reve. While on her way, however, Bette's approached by Tess, who wants Bette to join a team she's assembling. Meanwhile, Chloe announces her engagement, and Davis awakens from a nightmare to find himself naked in an alley.

    My Review: Surprisingly enough, there was very little I didn't like about this episode. Much like ODYSSEY, it was a very refreshing change of pace from last season, which, really, isn't that hard to accomplish. It was nice to see Clark saving people and going to work at the Daily Planet, and I loved watching him working with Lois, no matter how reluctant he was. In fact, the more resistant he was, the more I smiled. Doesn't hurt that Clark was particularly easy on the eyes, especially once Lois made him change. ;D Speaking of which, what was with the outfit he showed up to work in? He's 22; he should know by now how to dress for work, especially given that he's seen on several occasions how people dress at the Daily Planet. By the way, it was a nice nod to the Superman mythos to have Lois force Clark to change in a phone booth. And speaking of Superman canon, it was cool of the Powers That Be to introduce a character from the comics as the Freak of the Week. I liked Bette, a.k.a. Plastique, especially her hair and clothes, though when it comes to how accurate the character was portrayed, I have no basis for comparison since I don't regularly read comic books. Yes, I do read them, just not regularly. Anyway, the special effects crew didn't disappoint, and I liked Tess recruiting Bette for her own anti-Justice League. Supposedly, the team she's assembling is SMALLVILLE's own version of the Injustice Gang, and will factor in later in the season. As for what I didn't like, I didn't much care for Chloe and Davis's scene at the Isis Foundation. Don't get me wrong, the sparks were *flying* during their first meeting, but at the Isis Foundation, the chemistry between them somehow felt forced. Also, the episode, for all the Clois moments fans were given, was lacking a little of the infamous Clois banter. Other than that, though, I give PLASTIQUE nine out of ten bus explosions.

    Highlights: Lois helping Clark with his "wardrobe malfunction," as well as falling into his arms during the explosion; Clark saving people from the wrecked bus; Chloe and Davis helping Bette; Clark and Chloe discussing journalism and Lois; Clark meeting Tess for the first time; Lois and Clark investigating the bus explosion; Bette, without Clark's knowledge, using her ability to kill her boyfriend Tommy; Clark reluctantly helping Lois sneak around the hospital, and Clark getting mistaken for Chloe's fiance; Bette revealing her ability to Chloe; Clark and Lois investigating Tommy's death and figuring out Bette's ability; Clark and Chloe discussing her engagement and Bette; and the final scene with Lois and Clark.moreless
  • Clark intervenes in an explosion, leading to his first encounter with Tess Mercer, who has succeeded Lex as DP editor. A young woman with powers becomes a lethal challenge to Chloe and Clark.moreless

    Day One at the Daily Planet - and Clark is the new junior reporter, as fate (and decades of comic book lore) would have it, he's sitting across from Lois, who sees him as a novice and a project for her.

    When an explosion shakes the building, Clark is on the street in seconds, finding a scene of a damaged bus and wounded riders everywhere. It's a major coincidence that he first rescues Tess Mercer, whom he does not know. As a plot device to demonstrate his strength, he rips through the bus sheet metal to rescue others. While such feats are consistent with the production requirement that Clark does something dramatic in every episode, going in through windows and avoiding questions about how the sheet metal was pulled open would make more sense.

    Lois tries to get the story, but has less success than Clark when she tries to get into the crime scene. Clark ends up getting an obituary assignment, and even that is red-lined to pieces by Lois - how did she get to be his mentor? Whatever the situation, it's always fun to watch these two snipe at each other, while we imagine some other feelings might be developing, however slowly.

    Tess Mercer takes over as acting editor of the DP, calling in Clark to thank him for the rescue, and telling him that Lex told her all about him - no elaboration on just how much he revealed. How did she happen to be on the bus? She's "going green." Wow, a three-hour commute from the Smallville mansion - or is she staying in Metropolis? No explanation here, and someone may raise a question about where Clark now lives. Will we ever see his Metropolis apartment? Will he ever have Lois over for a home-cooked meal? What are his tastes in decor, now that he doesn't live in a barn?

    The new character is Bette, a street vagabond with powers, making me wonder if the scripts are returning to the meteor-afflicted adversary-of-the-week. Chloe runs into a friendly EMT, and they both end up trying to help Bette with her problems, but she kills a young man in the presence of Clark, who fails to notice how that happened. As usual, he offers her his help, but that ends up being a trip to Belle Reve - hard to understand how a lethal ability like hers could be treated at a mental hospital. But in a nice twist, Tess heads off that confinement, and offers to harbor Bette and turn her into a hero. Here, the writers and director give a good start on showing how Tess will become a dangerous adversary for Clark - she'll have her own illicit force of mutants, carrying on the Lex legacy. It's an effective, dark scene, and helps define the Tess character much faster than I expected after the slow start last week.

    Continuing character David Bloome (Sam Witwer) as the Metropolis paramedic seems attracted to Chloe, but she heads that off a bit by advertising her engagement ring. Still, it's a little uncomfortable to see Chloe even slightly friendly to another man, right after saying "yes" to Jimmy. As a lead-in to future episodes, the final scene involves Chloe calling him about her plan to run the ISIS foundation, but he's outside in the alley, seemingly wounded and/or mutating. So he's not all human and he'll be another challenge for Clark - ok, I know he's Doomsday, but I'm not really looking forward to another intergalactic threat to world peace. I'd settle for some fun Lois-Clark collaboration on bringing down ordinary thugs or corporate conspirators. A good episode, no big gaffes or plot holes, and seeing it twice is better than once. Re-run rating B.moreless
  • We've got ourselves one fiery episode!

    To start, I would have to say that I am very sorry that Smallville is becoming so good so late! We finally have Clark acting like a hero and developing a relationship with Lois. I have waited for that ever since Lois joined the show. I really liked Clark and Lois scenes in this episode and I am glad that this is just the beginning of what we know will become of them.

    As for the other characters, the idea of Chloe helping meteor infected people is great and it really suits her. I also liked Sam Witwer. I don't know why, but I really liked his acting. And Tess... I don't know what evil plan she's got up her sleeve, but I am already liking it!

    All in all, this season has started off pretty great! I really hope they don't do something to ruin the momentum.moreless
  • Clark begins to work in the Daily Planet and Plastique arrives

    This episode introduces another DC comics enemy Plastique, it was great and the actress doing well. Tess Mercer is forming an Injustice League that will be fantastic to watch. Clark Kent begins to work in the daily planet with Lois Lane and was fantastic their interaction in the episode, this season will be the best I know it and I feel it. Tess Mercer is a beautiful evil enemy and this was the very first episode of Samuel Witwer as Davis Bloom a.k.a DOOMSDAY in Smallville an he do it good especially in the final scene naked in that ally it was awsome.moreless
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Sara Canning

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Michael Chase

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The outside of The Talon is shown, then right after we see Chloe speaking to Bette. Bette is packing and speaking about needing to get out of Metropolis, yet if they were at The Talon they would have already been out of Metropolis.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Tess: I want to introduce some people like you. A sort of team. But only if you want.
      Bette: A team? Take a look at my file, lady. I don't play well with others.

    • Clark: Lois, you sound like a jealous girlfriend.
      Lois: Jealous. Of you? Please. That would be like Willie Mays being jealous of a batboy.

    • Lois: Uh, rule number two -- always make a good first impression and don't screw up with the boss.
      Clark: I think that's two rules.
      Lois: Whatever. Try not to get fired on your first day, okay?

    • Chloe: Well, I Googled you. And I read an interview that you gave about running away from foster homes as a kid.
      Davis: You researched me? Well, you know, I always kind of wanted my own stalker.

    • Davis: "Isis Foundation." So... what? Adopt a pyramid, save a sphinx, that kind of thing?
      Chloe: Cute.

    • Clark: We all have something we think we need to hide. It's hard. But it does get better.

    • Lois: But what's with the wardrobe malfunction?
      Clark: What? This is a nice shirt.
      Lois: Human Resources is going to be down here any minute, and you do not want to meet them looking like... the brawny lumberjack.

    • Lois: Lucky for you it's a slow news day and I was at my desk, otherwise you could have spent your entire career being nicknamed Farm Boy or Flannel Man.

    • Clark: Look, if you're going to teach a class on Lois Lane's Rules of Reporting, I'd rather read the CliffsNotes.

    • Clark: You're my boss?
      Tess: You weren't this shy when I was a damsel in distress, Kent.

    • Clark: The Lex Luthor that I knew disappeared years ago. It's been a long time since we were friends.

    • Lois: Tess Mercer is a pit bull in Prada. There's no way she'd roll out the welcome mat for a copyboy no matter how charming his smile is.
      Clark: You think I have a charming smile?
      Lois: I think you're about to lose some teeth if you don't tell me what she said.

    • Davis: Well, Chloe, I grew up hearing a lot of four-letter words, and "love" wasn't exactly one of them. If you found real love, hold on to it. And if anyone tells you that's a cliché, I'll personally kick their ass.

    • Clark: I'm Clark Kent.
      Davis: Davis Bloome. I met your fiancée. Clark, congratulations. She's a real catch.
      Clark: I'm getting married?
      Davis: Well, I thought that... 'cause I thought you and Chloe were together, and you seemed pretty close. When she said she was engaged...
      Clark: Chloe's engaged?
      Davis: Oh, man, okay, my brain's completely gone completely D.O.A. Clark, she said she hadn't told anyone yet. Do me a favor. Don't tell her I said anything.
      Clark: I won't reveal my source.

    • Clark: Bette claimed that Tommy blew up the bus. But she was there for both of the blasts.
      Lois: Oh, my God. My cousin's babysitting Psycho Spice.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Airdates:
      Norway: Saturday, January 10, 2009 on TVNorge
      Sweden: Friday, May 29, 2009 on TV6
      Turkey: March 14, 2010 on CNBC-e
      Czech Republic: March 16, 2010 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: May 17, 2012 on Markiza

    • Doomsday
      In the comics, Doomsday first appeared in Superman: The Man of Steel #17 (1992) and was created by Dan Jurgens. An alien scientist created an "ultimate lifeform" that would die and then was recreated stronger than its preceding incarnation. The super-evolved creature, programmed to destroy any opponent, gained the ability to evolve on its own and killed its creator. It escaped Krypton and eventually found its way to Earth, going on a rampage that took it to Metropoplis. Superman sacrificed himself to seemingly destroy the creature. Since then Doomsday has returned despite his apparent death, each time more powerful than last. He has also gained human feelings and sentience, and lesser versions of himself have been cloned. His power remains the ability to evolve any power or resistance sufficient to defeat him, combined with an accelerated healing factor. He possesses no human identity, unlike his appearance here.

    • In-joke: Clark changing in the phone booth is a reference to the way Superman always changes in the phone booth.

    • Aaron Ashmore and Justin Hartley are credited but don't appear.

    • Plastique
      In the comics, Plastique is a villain who first appeared in Fury of Firestorm #7 (Dec. 1982) and was created by Gerry Conway and Pat Broderick. Bette Sans Sourci was a terrorist fighting for Quebec separation from Canada. Originally she used explosives, but gained the power to project explosive bomb bursts from her body. She has had a varied career in the comics, ranging from terrorist to standard supervillain to reluctant hero/government agent.


    • Bette: If you shut down the Thunderdome, then why are you still coming after me?
      Referencing the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985), starring Mel Gibson and Tina Turner. The post-apocalyptic movie, the third in series after Mad Max and The Road Warrior, features the Thunderdome, a battle arena where "two men enter, one man leaves."