Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Clark arrives for his first day of work at the Daily Planet, and Lois is unimpressed with his clothing choice. She grabs a shirt from a co-worker and shoves Clark into a phone booth to change. Lois is a bit taken aback when he emerges, but suddenly the building shakes. Clark superspeeds off when Lois is distracted, and arrives on the street to find that a bus has exploded. Clark uses his strength to rip open the side and help get the passengers out. He spots one unconscious red-haired woman and carries her out to the EMTs.

Chloe arrives on the scene and spots a 15-year-old girl, Bette, staggering away from the wreckage. Chloe calls over an EMT, Davis Bloome, who administers treatment with her help. Once Bette recovers enough to be moved, Davis thanks Chloe for her help. Meanwhile, Clark is getting others to safety and asks another EMT about the red-haired woman, but he doesn't know where she was taken. Chloe comes over and Clark suggests that she come back to the paper now that Lex is gone, but she wants to try something new. She starts to mention her engagement to Jimmy but Lois interrupts with a text message for Clark asking where he is.

Back at the office, Clark comes in and finds Lois chasing down a story. Clark passes on the police theory that there was a bomb that misfired, but was too busy helping people to get a source. An aide comes in to escort Clark to the boss, who asked specifically to meet with him. He goes up to see the paper's new owner: the red-haired woman, Tess Mercer. She introduces herself and he wonders why she was on the bus, and she says that she was going green. Tess notes that Lex told her all about Clark, at least that he likes to save people. She wonders if Clark has any suggestions on where to find Lex, but Clark honestly admits he has no idea. Tess concludes by thanking Clark for saving her life. As he leaves, Clark warns that he'd hate to see Tess' life get consumed by the job the same way that Lex's was. Tess figures Clark is hiding something and vows to watch him personally.

Chloe brings food for Bette at the hospital. The girl explains that she's between homes right now with no parents. Chloe goes to get a soda and runs into Davis. When he hears that Chloe plans to drop Bette off at a street shelter, he talks to the girl and offers to get her into a home. Chloe volunteers her house and Bette agrees as long as she's not forced into anything.

As they go to the bomb site, Lois wonders about Tess talking to Clark but denies being jealous. Lois approaches an officer but doesn't have any luck. Clark uses his super hearing and determines from the technicians that there was no bomb on the bus despite the fact there was an explosion. Lois is skeptical and Clark wants to talk to Belle. Lois goes to talk to the others while Clark heads for Chloe's apartment in Smallville. Bette is there preparing lunch when Clark arrives. He mentions his suspicion that someone with a meteor power was responsible for the explosion. Bette overhears them and says she knows another street kid, Tommy, who found a rock and started getting heated when he gets angry. Bette offers to take them to him and they drive to Smallville where they find Tommy, who Clark saw near the bus earlier. Tommy runs for it but when he's trapped in a dead end, he starts to get angry. Clark is unaware that Bette's eyes are glowing… and nearby gas cans blow up, killing Tommy.

Back at the Daily Planet, Clark tells Lois what happened and figures that Tommy's powers ran out of control, killing him. She's recorded everything he said but wont' go with the story unless she has scientific evidence. She goes to the hospital to "borrow" a coroner's report and gives Clark the chance to do Tommy's obit.

Chloe is at the Isis Foundation adjusting lights when Davis comes over with Bette's application for the home. They get fairly close and both of them are a bit shocked at the chemistry. Davis hasn't heard anything about Isis but knows about meteor types and figures they can use the help. He suggests Chloe help the meteor people and Chloe reveals she researched him and discovered he was a foster child. Chloe mentions she's engaged and Davis advises her to hold on to real love when she finds it.

At Lex's manor, Tess is reading a file on Bette when an aide comes in to report they haven't found the girl yet. The aide notes that Tess tried to approach Bette on the bus and things didn't go well, and that Lex would terminated the girl immediately. Tess tells him that she's in charge and he's to bring her directly to her.

Lois sneaks into the hospital with a reluctant Clark and sneaks into the records room. Clark waits outside and Davis sees him. They introduce themselves and Davis mistakenly assumes that Clark is Chloe's fiancé. When he realizes that's not the case, he asks Clark not to give away that he told Chloe's secret.

Back at the apartment, Bette is preparing to leave despite Chloe's objections. When Chloe doesn't stop, Bette makes an object explode just by concentrating.

At the hospital, Lois gets the file which reveals that there was no meteor rock in Tommy's systems. His rap sheets shows that Tommy was a major criminal but never used explosives. They realize Bette was responsible and Clark superspeeds to Smallville. Meanwhile, Bette explains that she deliberately set off the explosions first to protect herself on the bus, and later to get revenge on Tommy when he betrayed her. Bette explains that she was locked up by some corporation at Black Creek until a week ago when they were released after tagging. Bette told Tommy, who sold her out. Chloe says she was there and that she had meteor powers, but they don't kill no matter what. When Bette prepares to dispose of her, Chloe makes a run for it down the stairs. Clark arrives just in time to deflect the explosive blast, which bounces back on Bette. Clark offers to help her no matter what she's done and insists she isn't a monster. He offers her his hand and she takes it.

Later, Bette is taken away to Belle Reve and Chloe wonders if she could have done anything different and realizes someone needs to talk to them earlier. Clark gives Chloe her ring, which she dropped, and she wonders how he found out. He refuses to divulge his source but asks for the full story. She explains and Clark says she could have told him anytime, but she's worried that things will change between them when she gets married. Clark insists that his happiness is important to him and gives her a hug.

Tess comes to visit Bette en route to Belle Reve and offers her an alternative to being a prisoner there. When Bette refuses, Tess enters the cell and explains that she was the one who closed down Black Creek. Now she wants to make sure the world treats Bette the way she deserves, and plans to introduce her to a team of people with similar powers and make a hero out of her.

The next day at the Daily Planet, Lois reveals to Clark that her story made the front page. Lois wonders where he disappeared to but Clark insists that the fact that Chloe is safe is the important thing. Lois knows about the wedding and finds it hard to believe that her cousin is getting married. Lois actually admits she's proud to have found the truth rather than just make the front page, and thanks him for his help with the story.

Later, Chloe calls Davis to thank him for his help and gets his answering machine. She says that what he said helped her decide to reopen the Isis Foundation to help meteor freaks. She's unaware that he's lying in an alleyway, unconscious and grotesquely mutated.