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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on The CW

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  • Very interesting storylines that will set up for future episodes.

    Five storylines abrewed:
    1. The clois relationship
    2. The love triangle of Davis, Chloe and Jimmy
    3. Davis Bloome entering a darker side of him
    4. The fall of Clark and Chloe freindship
    5. Tess Mercer using plastique to join others like her to form a group of powerful metor freaks to located Lex.

    This episode was kind of a drag, but they needed to set up storylines to set up for future episodes. I like how slowly Lois is liking Clark and that Clark is finally taking a step into forfulling his destiny and saving lives, not just the people close to him. This is the episode that will set up the entire season!
  • Superman is one of my favorite comic book characters. So many people diss him because he's too perfect or he's invulnerable, and that makes him boring. Wrong, look deeper and you'll see a completely selfless person.

    Superman is one of my favorite comic book characters. So many people diss him because he's too perfect or he's invulnerable, and that makes him boring. Wrong, look deeper and you'll see a completely selfless person. No matter how small or insignificant the person or situation, Superman not only will save the day but uplift and encourage someone to be a better person.

    I mentioned that because I feel that Tom Welling channeled that aspect of Superman in tonight episode so well. It was amazing, the scene with him and Bette was superb and as I watched I thought to myself: This is who Superman is. Even though Bette had just tried to hurt Chloe, Clark still offered her a helping hand. We also see more of that selflessness later when he tells Chloe that all that matters to him is that she is happy.

    I was very worried about season eight and what direction they were going to go. After two great episodes, I gotta say: I am getting pretty excited to see where this season will go.

    I kinda like how Clark met Tess. It was definitely a parallel to how Clark met Lex back in the Pilot. It was interesting, I'll give it that. After being added to the main credits last week we get our first glimpse of the new character Davis Bloome. I liked him and they are already foreshadowing his role as Doomsday. I'm interested in how they will approach that story
  • Clark starts his new job, and gets to wear "big boy" clothes.

    Once again this season, Clark manages to go through an entire episode without looking lame. Well, except for his clothes. Why would anyone think "Flannel" is appropriate when they go to work at a great metropolitan newspaper? I mean, surely to God he's spent enough time there with Chloe to have observed the dress code. But it worked; since it led to a very funny scene with a phone booth and pushy Lois (don't we all love pushy Lois?). I loved seeing Clark actually dress as a grown man at the beginning and end of the episode. It's added to his maturity. I hope this keeps up.

    Now, as for Clark working at the Daily Planet in the first place, I'm just so happy I don't even care that it makes no sense. Clark gives to Chloe the classic explanation for his working as a newspaper man: So that he can quickly find out where his power is most needed. And not only did he say it; he actually implemented the plan, and executed it perfectly during the episode itself. This is still Smallville, right? Usually Clark just says stuff and never does anything about it (Fortress Training) or stuff happens and the reasons are explained 4 episodes later (Everything Jor-El has ever done). To see "Cause and Effect" in action on this show is remarkable. As for Clark landing the job, I just figure that Tess had something to do with it, since she was already interested in Clark, and it's easier to keep tabs on him if he works for her. Ah, Tess Mercer. I love this woman. When I read her profile over the summer, I was sure that she would be this 2-dimensional parrot who would keep squawking "Lex! Lex!" But no, she's an actual character. I think part of the reason she works is that she isn't in direct contact with Lex. I guess I was afraid that every sentence out of her mouth would begin with "Lex thinks" or "Lex wants" and that Lex would be this off-stage presence who was pulling her strings. But she made her point when her henchman said "Lex wouldn't have done it this way." And she responds with "I'm in charge now. You'll do what I say." So I give both the writers and the actress credit for making Tess someone with her own plans and agendas. And one of those plans seems to be the formation of a group of super-people. The fact that she refers to them as "heroes" intrigues me. I hope this is a subplot that will actually bear fruit, and not just pitter out like Lex's 33.1 and his Super-Soldiers. Davis Bloome as an interesting character. I like him just because he didn't overshadow the show. Smallville had a bad habit of making each new character the star of the show. Davis was there, he did stuff (real stuff too, not just crazy super stuff), but didn't dominate. And you just know that if Lana was still here, he'd have fallen in love with her instead of Chloe. Another reason I'm glad Lana is gone. Otherwise it would have just been Davis staring at Lana the whole episode and Lana being intrigued but feeling guilty. And Chloe needs some love, too.

    Plastique herself was a good one-off villain with actual motivation: She just wants to survive. Like Chloe said, if she had been imprisoned for years, she might not be so nice either. It looks like Plas may come back in Tess's group, which would be cool. Especially if she brings some other past villains. Overall, this was a decent episode that managed to adequately offer plot and subplot in proper doses, and didn't hemorrhage time on the new guy. Clark actually does stuff and saves people because he wants to. Definitely another step in the right direction.
  • Great Episode!

    I loved this episode and gave it a 10. For the second episode I thought it was one of the best. For example in the 1st season, does anyone remember the Bug Boy? One of the worst. Smallville has come a long way.

    Lots of Clark; Lois and Clark the beginning; Action & Plastique; intro Davis; bad @ss Tess; BBF Clark and Chloe interaction; start of an evil team; classic Clark messing up on purpose on the obit so Lois could help him. If she only knew; beginning of Doomsday. The actors gave it their best.

    That's the short version. The new Metropolis location looked awesome with the crises. I think the actors like it that they don't have to go on location. This is sizing up to be an awesome season.
  • The start of Superman begins here. Clarks first day in the office shows many cliches we'll all know to love.

    By the end of this episode you'll be desperate to have Superman appear. The first is obvious, Clark is in the Daily Planet. This may not be Perry Whites Planet, but still. Then there is Lois's first signs of attraction to Clark (excluding other times when it was due to outside influences).
    The bus explosion just had a feeling of that first incident in Superman I.
    Not a pointer to the future, but to the past, clarks first meeting with the new leader of LutherCorp is by saving her life. Just as with Lex.
    It's so funny having to see Lois cope with Clark suddenly disappearing when she tells him of bad news. Something you just know she'll have to cope with so much more.
    Is this the beginning of the end of Clark and Chloe? It's a pity, but I suppose it must happen for the series to merge with the movies.
    Just can't wait for the glasses to appear.

    In all a wonderful start to the new series, and the next stage of Clarks life. This is what the last episode should have been, although I realise there were a few loose ends to tie up, and new people to introduce.
  • This ep was probably better than most of last season...

    Clark finally starts his job at the Planet with Lois as his clearly unwanted mentor. The introduction of Plastique, who can create great balls of fire was a good choice, creating an opportunity to introduce the new villians to the main characters, and us. After the first few minutes of this ep, I had a million questions, like why is she on the bus? 'Going Green' isnt a plausible answer, and 'Why the hell doesn't Clark just ask his boss what happened?' It was a little set up in the respect that all of the characters seemed to coincidently meet up eith one another, but once you got over that, it was solid viewing.

    Also, while 'the new Doom' may not live up to everyone's expectations and gave a bit of a surprise at the end, hopefully he'll turn into a full-on threat, and quick.

    The writing is still a little scratchy, but it's prepping for a great season!
  • Not that bad.

    This episode was actually pretty good and there weren't as many plot holes as there normally would be. I was a little disappointed by the season opener as it seemed a little bland compared to previous ones, but this episode makes me think there is at least some hope for the shows future. The opening scenes had me pretty gripped and i really liked the scenes between clark and lois just before the bomb went off. Lois making clark change in a phone booth was also a nice touch. A new character was introduced and even though i have reservations about the fact that Davis is supposed to be Doomsday, i still think he makes a pretty likable and interesting character (for now) and his interactions with chloe and clark made for some really enjoyable scenes. Lois and Clark had exchanged some good dialogue too and their banter really reminded me of the "Lois and Clark" television series, which despite looking a bit cheesy by todays standards had some really good characterization of the two. I liked Lois's reaction to clark disappearing for what must be the 198th time as well. There were some scenes where the dialogue and acting made me cringe a little, but they were mainly scenes with bette and i guess shes a fairly young actress so she can't be expected to give an oscar worthy performance just yet. The final interaction between her and clark was a little cheesy, but i guess thats what supermans all about (inspiring people to be better, but being incredibly corny about it sometimes). I also like the idea that Tess is building a team of her own. The impression i got was that she was trying to build her own suicide squad, which would rock! Especially if she built the suicide squad and then had them throw down with clark and olivers justice league. If this is the kind of stuff we have to look forward to then i am definitely in.
  • Clark starts his first day of work at the Daily Planet.

    Okay.. so far season 08 is looking good to me.

    Clark is actually out there saving people and i'm so happy about his working at the Daily Planet that i'm just going to ignore the plothole of how he landed the job.

    This episode was great. Tess is really shaping up to be a good replacement for Lex. She is her own person and has her own agendas. I think if it continues in this vein she'll be a worthy adversary for Clark.

    Davis... hmm.. he was okay in the episode.. not a great actor but not bad at all. The last scene in the episode was especially interesting. The Plastique character was well done. It's about time we had grey characters. She was rebellious and scared and in the end her youth showed in how easily Tess manipulated her. This 'team' of hers sounds very intriguing indeed.

    Chloe was great as usual. Allison keeps impressing me with her acting. (And is it just me or does she get prettier each season?)

    Lois was a blast as usual. I totally loved how she seems to be falling for Clark. It's so obvious how she's going out of her way to make sure he sticks around and becomes a good reporter.

    And yay! Another episode with a proactive Clark. The writers are finally giving us what we want.
  • To me this seemed to be a filler episode.

    Don't get me wrong, I liked this episode, but it didn't seem to be going anywhere. When I read the previews, I thought that this episode was going to be another Freak of the Week episode, and it sort of was. Even though, this was a filler (well to me it seemed that way) it still had an interesting plot. I didn't like that Chloe had not revealed that she was getting married. It seemed sort of out of character for her. Especially that scene when Clark reveals that he found out about her engagement to Jimmy, it seemed kind of awkward when they hugged and Chloe said that things might change between them. I didn't like that scene. Other than that this episode was pretty good, well done Smallville staff.
  • Clark's first day at the Daily Planet and our first glimpse of Doomsday.

    After last week's powerless outing I was really hoping that this episode would show off all (or at least most) of Clark's abilities. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. I'm not sure if the budget has been lowered a bit this season or if they just don't think his powers are cool anymore but I felt this episode could've been a lot more impressive. The opening scene with the exploded bus wasn't bad, but not the greatest action scene the show's had. With all the flames around I thought it would've been a perfect chance for Clark to show off his super-breathe, but I guess that power's still one they try to ignore. As far as the more visual powers go we did get super-hearing and unfortunately the new management have still decided to keep the terrible bright lighting effect for it. One step in the right direction however was that they did incorporate it with the old zooming in on what he was listening to trick so it was a bit improved over last season.

    As for the story this was Clark's first day at the Daily Planet and it could've gone worse. I think this may be the first episode in about five years that Clark hasn't worn his blue T-shirt with red jacket combo at any point! His wardrobe aside the scenes between him and Lois couldn't recapture their chemistry from season 4. A lot of it felt like shoe-horned in references to their future relationship and Clark's dual identity. That said Clark getting changed in a phone booth was fantastic! So on his first day Clark encounters Bette, the future Plastique. Having only ever seen her in one episode of Justice League Unlimited I don't know how faithful they've stayed to her character here, but I'm willing to bet she was never a meteor freak. Still the actress playing her was pretty good and there was enough to her character to make her worthwhile and able to empathise with her.

    This was also the introduction of Davis Bloome and he was also pretty good. Sam Witwer did a good job of portraying him and he also seems like a relatively well rounded character. His scenes with Chloe were pretty good and that each of the main story elements overlapped was done well. Also, I know it's early days, but the general writing seems to have significantly improved under the new showrunners. Not once did I cringe at a terrible pop-culture filled line from Chloe and the whole story actually made sense. When Tess was injured on the bus my first thought was why was she on it in the first place. However this was addressed right away by a line from Clark and of course the real reason was impressively revealed at the end of the episode. Last year something like that would've been completely overlooked for the sake of moving the story forward.

    Despite quite a bit of praise for the episode it still wasn't great by any means. I've already mentioned that the action was lacking and even by Smallville's standards the epilogue portion of the episode took up a lot of time. The main story too, although not bad, was pretty dull. However pretty much any complaints are irrelevant due to the episode's jaw-droppingly awesome ending. I kind of guessed that they'd show something of Davis' alter ego at the end to tease us of what's to come, but I didn't think we'd actually get to see part of Doomsday himself! It didn't seem like he was just transforming back to Davis after being Doomsday as the boney forehead appeared and then disappeared just before he woke up as opposed to already being there and disappearing, but it was a fantastic morphing effect regardless (something Smallville doesn't tend to do) and a brilliant ending. Of course Smallville does have a tendency for giving great set ups and then not delivering, but here's hoping that they can actually pull this one off. That they've proven Doomsday will at least in part resemble his comics counterpart already has quietened my doubts about him anyway.

    So overall an underwhelming episode with an awesome ending. If they can tone down some of the stuff between Clark and Lois then there could be some fun material in there and the Doomsday storyline clearly has a lot of potential. So far this season is off to a far better start than the previous one, so let's hope it can continue that way throughout.
  • Good old days. Great plot, poor in action.

    Good storyline, precisely running perfect, except the fact I can't get used to the fact that Lex and Lana are not taking part of the act anymore. After a strange first episode, "Plastique" brings us the classic plot, like the good old days :). It seems that the new "Lex" is gathering an army of meteor freaks to attack and destroy "The Traveler". Although this episode is poor in action, I hope the following episodes will bring us some more action. I'm still waiting for the moment when Clark will wear glasses, as in the original movie. The end of the episode reveals us a new meteor freak....a posible enemy!?
  • Another great episode!

    This episode had superman written all over it, it was fantastic to see clark workin at the daily planet, and working with lois that was awesome and really funny, i'm looking forward to seein more of that cuz i love seein clark and lois together. It was ace seein clark goin to be the hero and helpin save people off the bus, and ditchin lois to do so. And plastique was a good character and i look forward to seein what tess has planned for her and other special ppl with abilities, cuz there might be an episode with them takin on the justice league which would be sweet. But back to this awesome episode, we finally get to see davis bloom (domsday) which i loved cuz i think he will be an awesome character this season and i cant wait to see him slowly turn evil this season! Davis and chloe hit it off straight away and he likes her, but i think chloe only thinks he's sweet cuz she loves jimmy to much to look at another man, but goin back to doomsday, it was a brilliant endin to the episode with him on the floor and something under his skin movin was pretty creepy and then him opening his eyes and screamin was a good little cliffhangr. Oh and it was also sweet when clark and chloe was talkin about her and jimmy bein engaged and chloe not wantin things to change between her and clark yet cuz they would when she gets married, but clark just wants her to be happy. Great episode smallville, i love where this season is goin, it just gets beter all yhe time. Next weeks episode looks awesome too, with the green arrow origin, so cant wait for that. So till then smallville rules
  • It was still good...

    Even though it may have seemed like a filler episode I still really enjoyed the episode. There were a few things to look forward to in this episode like Clark starting his first day at work for The Dailey Planet and the debut of Davis Bloome. This episode also featured the DC comics character Plastique. I liked the superman homage they put in with Clark in the phone booth. I didn't mind the character of Davis at all. I know some people don't like the whole Doomsday angle but I am going to wait and see how it develops during the rest of the season to make my final decision. Davis also has a good sense of humor. Clark's face was priceless when Davis told him about the wedding. The best part of this episode was probably Tess's little reference to starting her own team. Maybe we will see a Justice League and Legion of Doom showdown later in the season. That would be cool.
  • Another good episode from the new season!

    this weeks edition to Smallville followed in the footsteps of the premiere, as both managed to advance the story and entertain at the same time. this episode introduced us to reporter Clark and new character Davis Bloome aka Doomsday. having Clark start working at The Planet is a sign that the end is near for the show. as for the new character Doomsday, i look forward to learning more on his story. Sam Witwer plays the role well. ( Did anyone else know that he was the guy they based The Apprentice in SW: TFU on? maybe i'm the only one who noticed, but he is.)
    the only thing that i didn't like was that Green Arrow wasn't in it, but that probably is b/c there wasn't any part he would have in the episode that was relevant. but still i'm sad.
    anyway, Smallville continues to have a great, what looks to be its final, season. i hope the writers keep coming up with episodes as good as this one.
  • Better then the season premiere, well i thought so.

    OK, so i guess most of you wacthed the season premiere last week and loved it, well i didn't i thought it was just ok. However Plastique was better then the premiere. The overall "feel" of the epsiode was just better and the story as a whole seemed more consistent and it also seemed to blend in more.

    I liked how clark is becoming more proactive in his hero life, rather then letting the danger come to him, his getting into the middle of it. I wasn't the biggest fan of Tess in Odyseey and really wasn't impressed with this ep, realistically my first impression of Davis "Doomsday" Bloome was better then tess. Actually his character is rather likeable, though i have been playing the force unleashed and his palying the main character, so i have gotten use to him. Either Tess sill hasn't impressed me but Davis seems ok.

    Bottom Line: Good ep, and an improvement from the premiere. I can see why now why clark was hired, well i theory is that Lex told Tess all he knew about Clark, and thats why she aproved in hire him.
  • A Telephone Booth, And No Quick Change, Make Clark a Dull Boy!!!

    Now I have to admit this episode see-sawed a bit. There were times when I was totally invested and other moment where if the right shiny object had appeared, this review would be about that. But due to the increasing sexual tension that is developing between Clark and Lois, the minimal references to Lana, and the Firefox that is Tess Mercer (played by Cassidy Freeman), the series is developing into a show for all ages, and not just the teen angst squad. Having been a fan since the beginning, the show lacks some passion with the loss of characters, but it is the loss of these individuals that Clark can once again take own issues other then his ex-best friend and ex-love.
  • Are they kidding?...

    Smallville is becoming more and more like a damn Soap Opera. This used to be one of my favorite shows but starting Season 7, this was the worst show out of everything on "my shows". The writers should really consider dropping Smallville and moving on to making a Soap Opera. This episode was absolutely horrible. I didn't think it could get any worse. If it wasn't for those two minutes of relevant scenes, this would've had a 1. Out of everybody, Chloe goes to help that stupid girl, out of everybody that new guy goes to help that girl and they start chatting for no apparent reason. Then Chloe decides to help out this stray and the guy decides to come to Chloe's apartment and chat for 10 minutes. Not only that, but then Clark meets him as well. The fact that Lex is out of the picture is dumb enough. WHAT'S GOING ON?!!! This whole episode was filled with these phony exchanging smiles and with the corniest crap ever.

    Smallville was always unrealistic but come on... Random crap happens that's stupid beyond belief. Speaking of unrealistic, why does the fire bounce off of Clark back to that girl? That's very original as well, btw. Another Meteor Freak... It was so hard to watch this episode. Biggest waste of my life, just as Season 7 was.
  • Smallville Season 8 jumpstarts.

    In many ways,this is the premiere of season 8.Odyssey gave you a feeling that the new showrunners were attempting to get rid of all the extra luggage weighing in from their predecessors.Plastique was fresh and unique.It's all about Clark getting started on the Daily Planet.Of course not everything worked perfectly.For example,Tom Welling and Erica Durance seem like they lack a bit in the chemistry department.It's understandable since we are used to Clark investigating along side Chloe.We also had the introduction of Davis Bloome aka Doomsday.Here is one annoying trait that the new producers inherited form Milar and Gough.They introduce a new DC character by adding him into a love story.And with Lana gone the obvious choice was Chloe.Even though they did seem to bond together i don't think the Chloe fans will be thrilled by seeing her flirt with another man(or monster) while she is engaged.And whoever thought Doomsday could fall in love.Of course he is not Doomsday yet.I have a good feeling about how they handle his metamorphosis.It was evident in the very last scene.Finally,i believe that Tess Mercer is progressing nicely.She is no Lex Luthor but she can be deceptive.For example,i thought she was atracted to Clark.And when she coldly said "And a liar" it was excellently delivered.Overall it was a very good episode apart from some details.Bring on Toxic.
  • This feels likes a whole new show which is beginning to destroy the continuity of Smallville, but whether it works out or not depends on how the writers take it forward. There are signs of hope for interesting relationships, but good stories?

    Unlike most, I've found the start of Season 8 very disappointing. Smallville seasons have a tendency to cycle; S2+5 both majored on Clark learning more about his heritage, S3+6 majored on relationships, S4+7 majored on action, and now finally we have a season reminiscent of season 1; stage setting. With major players gone from the franchise, the series has some new foundations to lay and that inevitably means a lot of early season "fillers" designed to introduce new characters and establish new dynamics. Plastique is a prime example of this, but even so it could have been done much better.

    At the end of Odyssey we saw a newly confident Clark, more reminiscent of his red kryptonite alter ego than the conflicted and angst-ridden teenager of previous seasons. Yet in Plastique he has somehow reverted back to the Clark Kent of yesteryear, nervous body language and naivety restored. What's going on with his character development? It's all over the place at this point. Was he on some kind of high at the end of Odyssey that has now subsided? That doesn't fit right with me. I really liked the new Clark Kent at the end of Odyssey, much more like the Clark Kent from the New Adventures of Superman. Hopefully we'll see more of this as the show progresses, but I feel as though the writers got ahead of themselves somewhat in all the excitement of the first episode.

    If Clark was disappointing, then Lois was the complete opposite. It's great seeing how she is clearly falling for Clark now, whilst in the past it was just a simple and unacknowledged attraction. It's also a delight to see her becoming more comfortable in her role as a reporter and in her own maturity of character; the line she gave about being happier in uncovering the truth of the story than making the front page was the first glimpse that she is worthy to be the future partner of Superman. But why, oh why, is she still in the Basement, if she is writing front page material? We've all seen how many floors there are to the Daily Planet in Smallville! (Unlike the three storey building in its '90s incarnation)

    The biggest disappointment is how Clark got into the Daily Planet by a simple application form (did he even have an interview?) after Chloe was made to jump through hoops and Lois made a name for herself at the Inquisitor. But Clark's CV just reads "farm hand". He's even allowed to caution his boss on his first day at work and get away with it. Sure, it was hinted that Tess wants to keep her eye on him. But the real disappointment is that the reason for Clark being hired has ruined the great setup created in season 3, when we were tantalised with the proposition that Perry would get Clark a job at the Daily Planet one day in exchange for saving his life. I'd been waiting for the culmination of that episode for 4 years! But however they explain Clark getting the job, they really should have made more of it, because this is one of the biggest transitions in Superman mythology.

    But back to the plusses, I thought the actress for Plastique was brilliant, as too is the actor playing Davis Bloom. Tess looks as though she may have a more interesting character than originally imagined, but neither of these two new villains are ever going to be as great as Lex and Lionel. What this show really needs to make up for that is excellent story lines and a rapid transition into Clark assuming the Superman identity. There's only so long a show can sit on the fence as to what it wants to be.
  • A step in the right direction

    If the season premiere was hobbled by the need to cover too much and explain away some of the cast changes, then this episode was the course correction the season desperately needed. Almost immediately, I noticed a different tone to the familiar storytelling, including alterations to the visual palette, that gave the episode a more confident appearance. The story was classic "Smallville", but there were a few key changes.

    The show will never abandon its iconic color scheme, but the new producers seem to have a mission. A number of scenes were filmed in a more realistic manner, particularly any scene filmed on the site of the bus explosion. I found that subtle change to be a lot more engaging than the usual hyper-saturated style of past seasons. (I know this is not necessarily a new technique, but it was used better in this episode than I've noticed for a long while.)

    Perhaps it was a matter of balance. In the past, the focus was so much on the sloppy writing that the visual advancements were barely noticed. But the writing was stronger in this episode, particularly in terms of characterization. Tess Mercer felt more natural in her post-Lex role, now that the preliminaries are over and her own agenda can be advanced. The introduction of Davis Bloome was well done, and made sense within the context of the episode.

    The writers are focusing on their version of Clark's evolution into adulthood, and I think it's already working. Clark and Lois are struggling to find a comfort zone, and their attraction is more acceptable in the absence of Clark's obsession with Lana. Chloe's evolution keeps her in Clark's world without interfering with his new career. While Lex can never be replaced, I think the new status quo will give the writers room to breathe.

    For one thing, Tess is taking the usual LuthorCorp initiatives and moving them forward. Lex was looking for a way to create a super-powered army to combat alien threats, and Tess appears to be pulling together a superteam of her own for similar purpose. There's little doubt that this will turn into a league of super-villains, thus forcing Clark to work more closely with his erstwhile Justice League companions.

    This, in turn, should finally bring the series back to where it was in the sixth season, when Oliver Queen was trying to get Clark to see beyond his small-town concerns to global needs. At the time, he was mired in relationship issues. Now, Clark's smaller circle of friends should provide less distraction, and he's roosting in Metropolis. Sooner or later, Clark will have to take that step towards the bigger stage. This episode is a firm step in the right direction.
  • Explode This!

    Plastique-Chloe invites an injured 15-year-old to move in with her. Meanwhile, Clark experiences his first day of work with Lois.

    After viewing the trailer for this episode, you pretty much knew this would be filler material. Not only is it is but it reuses the same plots, same characterizations and same situations from so many freak of the week episodes. Now, this is Season 8 writers, I think we need move past those "astranged teenager with powers who goes psycho and Clark tryies to turn them good in the end" crap. "Plastique" could have been fresh re-invention of the minor DC villain but instead the character is turned into Carrie Jr. Not to mention, Jessica Parker Kenndey as Bette was laughably bad in the role!

    Yet at the same time, there were some genuine good moments surprisingly. Clark's first day at the Daily Planet was very entertaining at times, especially with Lois and Clark side by side investigating their latest story. I just love the direction the writers are taking with Clark as he seems the most focused and matured in years! Not to mention, finally we see Clark in some REAL clothes, not those tired and severly overused red jacket and blue shirt! Lois was also great, with her usual witty banter and confident plans. Tess Mercer was also good this week and it seems that she might be creating a group of superpowered villains...maybe to find Lex? forshadowing of Legion of Doom? Who knows! But it is an interesting enough development. This episode also marks the introduction of Davis Bloome aka Doomsday. While I'm still quite upset about the writers bringing the killer of Superman onto the series, I have to admit that Sam Witwer is pretty good as Davis and his scenes with Chloe were surprisely good. Only I don't understand why the writers creating yet another love triangle. It only promises more melodrama and I just can't stand scenes were Jimmy is all jealous, ehw!

    With a combination of good moments, boring moments, and beyond cheesy moments (Clark's speech to Bette at the end...vomit!) "Plastique" is far for a Smallville's worst hour, but it's a forgettable episode that just adds some more plot lines for the season. I was surprised by Doomsday teaser at the end, but I still don't think the writers can pull the character off...I really don't.
  • Another sad episode?

    I really hate making bad reviews of shows that I would like to watch, but Smallville really is losing its touch. I pointed out in my previous review that Smallville had gone past its Clark-high-school-days era, but they still make these episodes where Clark meets a meteor freak and gives her his favorite speech which always includes the lines "I know what you're going through" or "You're a good guy deep inside".

    Another thing that's making things worse is how its cast doesn't regularly appear on the show. They've already lost Kreuk and Rosenbaum, now Hartley and Ashmore are credited as regular cast members, but now they miss the second episode.

    I'm not really sure if I'll still watch the rest of the season.
  • The Lois and Clark adventures...

    Before I begin with the good (and there are many instances), I must voice, once again, how a major story development is handled with such carelessness by this show. Clark's initiation into the world of real journalism, just like Miss Lane's introduction, is sloppy at best, and totally unbelievable. The show has been running for eight years and has had plenty of time to allow Clark natural progression to this stage in his life. What should feel like an accomplishment for him, feels cheap and rushed. Now, I understand the writers are trying to place him where's he's meant to be in order to stay true to the mythos, but if you're going execute it so hamfistedly, why bother?

    Having said all of that, I'm enjoying the new Metropolis locations and general feel to the show. How it got to this place may have been wobbly, but there's a certain level of maturity now to the entire production -- highschool is most certainly over! The production design for the blast looked terrific and it was refreshing to have a relatively CGI-free episode for once. Hopefully we'll see disasters of a larger scale as the season progresses.

    The introduction of Davis Bloome is handled particularly well. Sam Witwer, known for his role in BSG and his stint in Dark Angel, strikes immediate chemistry with the rest of the cast. So much so it looks like Jimmy might have to look for a new gal, as Allison and Sam really do a great job with the few flirtatious scenes they have. Tess still hasn't really clicked with me yet, but it looks like the next episode will rectify that.

    Plastique, unfortunately, is the weakest link here. She's played with sass, sure, but her story rarely convinces. It managed to pique my interest towards the end, with the possibility of a band of villains in the making, thus adding a bit of intrigue to what Tess is up to, but it never cements her intentions. Where Heroes is churning out revelation after revelation, Smallville seems content on spoon feeding, even after all of these years.

    Erica looks absolutely stunning in her new get-up, and Tom seems to be enjoying a less angsty Clark - they both dazzle in their roles. I just wish they would have gotten to this point more fluidly, instead of having both characters achieve their goals because they happened to have known someone who just landed them the job.
  • Smallville takes another meaningful step towards becoming what we all know it is meant to....Superman!!

    Loving Smallville this season! It's so....Supermanny! Love the direction they're taking it, and you just know they're shaping up for one helluva finale! I just hope we hear word on whether this is the final season or not soon. I don't want another Charmed fiasco, where they shoot a series finale only to be picked up again and then have a not-so-great ACTUAL final season.
    Anyways, liked this episode (predictable as it was). Although, I do have one question. Does anybody know if there's any significance with yellow roses? They appeared twice and both times the camera seemed to linger. I have a pretty good knowledge of the comic lore, but does anybody know if this is a reference to something I don't know of...? Message me if you read this and have any clue....
  • Clark begins to work in the Daily Planet and Plastique arrives

    This episode introduces another DC comics enemy Plastique, it was great and the actress doing well. Tess Mercer is forming an Injustice League that will be fantastic to watch. Clark Kent begins to work in the daily planet with Lois Lane and was fantastic their interaction in the episode, this season will be the best I know it and I feel it. Tess Mercer is a beautiful evil enemy and this was the very first episode of Samuel Witwer as Davis Bloom a.k.a DOOMSDAY in Smallville an he do it good especially in the final scene naked in that ally it was awsome.
  • We've got ourselves one fiery episode!

    To start, I would have to say that I am very sorry that Smallville is becoming so good so late! We finally have Clark acting like a hero and developing a relationship with Lois. I have waited for that ever since Lois joined the show. I really liked Clark and Lois scenes in this episode and I am glad that this is just the beginning of what we know will become of them.

    As for the other characters, the idea of Chloe helping meteor infected people is great and it really suits her. I also liked Sam Witwer. I don't know why, but I really liked his acting. And Tess... I don't know what evil plan she's got up her sleeve, but I am already liking it!

    All in all, this season has started off pretty great! I really hope they don't do something to ruin the momentum.
  • Clark intervenes in an explosion, leading to his first encounter with Tess Mercer, who has succeeded Lex as DP editor. A young woman with powers becomes a lethal challenge to Chloe and Clark.

    Day One at the Daily Planet - and Clark is the new junior reporter, as fate (and decades of comic book lore) would have it, he's sitting across from Lois, who sees him as a novice and a project for her.

    When an explosion shakes the building, Clark is on the street in seconds, finding a scene of a damaged bus and wounded riders everywhere. It's a major coincidence that he first rescues Tess Mercer, whom he does not know. As a plot device to demonstrate his strength, he rips through the bus sheet metal to rescue others. While such feats are consistent with the production requirement that Clark does something dramatic in every episode, going in through windows and avoiding questions about how the sheet metal was pulled open would make more sense.

    Lois tries to get the story, but has less success than Clark when she tries to get into the crime scene. Clark ends up getting an obituary assignment, and even that is red-lined to pieces by Lois - how did she get to be his mentor? Whatever the situation, it's always fun to watch these two snipe at each other, while we imagine some other feelings might be developing, however slowly.

    Tess Mercer takes over as acting editor of the DP, calling in Clark to thank him for the rescue, and telling him that Lex told her all about him - no elaboration on just how much he revealed. How did she happen to be on the bus? She's "going green." Wow, a three-hour commute from the Smallville mansion - or is she staying in Metropolis? No explanation here, and someone may raise a question about where Clark now lives. Will we ever see his Metropolis apartment? Will he ever have Lois over for a home-cooked meal? What are his tastes in decor, now that he doesn't live in a barn?

    The new character is Bette, a street vagabond with powers, making me wonder if the scripts are returning to the meteor-afflicted adversary-of-the-week. Chloe runs into a friendly EMT, and they both end up trying to help Bette with her problems, but she kills a young man in the presence of Clark, who fails to notice how that happened. As usual, he offers her his help, but that ends up being a trip to Belle Reve - hard to understand how a lethal ability like hers could be treated at a mental hospital. But in a nice twist, Tess heads off that confinement, and offers to harbor Bette and turn her into a hero. Here, the writers and director give a good start on showing how Tess will become a dangerous adversary for Clark - she'll have her own illicit force of mutants, carrying on the Lex legacy. It's an effective, dark scene, and helps define the Tess character much faster than I expected after the slow start last week.

    Continuing character David Bloome (Sam Witwer) as the Metropolis paramedic seems attracted to Chloe, but she heads that off a bit by advertising her engagement ring. Still, it's a little uncomfortable to see Chloe even slightly friendly to another man, right after saying "yes" to Jimmy. As a lead-in to future episodes, the final scene involves Chloe calling him about her plan to run the ISIS foundation, but he's outside in the alley, seemingly wounded and/or mutating. So he's not all human and he'll be another challenge for Clark - ok, I know he's Doomsday, but I'm not really looking forward to another intergalactic threat to world peace. I'd settle for some fun Lois-Clark collaboration on bringing down ordinary thugs or corporate conspirators. A good episode, no big gaffes or plot holes, and seeing it twice is better than once. Re-run rating B.
  • On Clark's first day at the Daily Planet, a bus explodes outside the office. One of the people he rescues is Bette, a teen girl with meteor abilities who bonds with Chloe. Meanwhile, paramedic Davis Bloome arrives and is drawn to Chloe.

    Recap: On Clark's first day at the Daily Planet, he shows up at work in plaid. Lois forces him to change, before a bus explodes outside the office. Clark rushes to the scene and gets everyone to safety, including his new boss, Tess Mercer, and a teenager named Bette Sans Souci. Chloe arrives on the scene shortly afterward and notices Bette having trouble breathing. Rushing over to the teen, Chloe gets the attention of a paramedic named Davis Bloome, and the attraction between the two is instant. Back inside the Daily Planet, Clark talks to Lois long enough to tell her that police suspect that the bomb on the bus misfired, and to get lectured on Lois Lane's Rules of Reporting, before being summoned to Tess's office. At the hospital, Chloe learns Bette is a "street kid", and invites the fifteen-year-old to stay with her for the night. Bette accepts Chloe's offer, while Clark, having been paired with Lois to investigate the bus explosion, overhears a cop confirming to another cop that there was no bomb on the bus. When Clark questions Bette, she tells him her boyfriend Tommy caused the explosion with a meteor power. However, when Clark and Bette confront Tommy, Bette secretly blows Tommy up with her own ability. Later, Bette accidentally reveals her ability to Chloe, while Lois and Clark realize that Bette not only blew up Tommy, but caused the bus explosion as well. Rushing over to the Talon, Clark stops Bette from killing Chloe, before convincing her to get help at Belle Reve. While on her way, however, Bette's approached by Tess, who wants Bette to join a team she's assembling. Meanwhile, Chloe announces her engagement, and Davis awakens from a nightmare to find himself naked in an alley.

    My Review: Surprisingly enough, there was very little I didn't like about this episode. Much like ODYSSEY, it was a very refreshing change of pace from last season, which, really, isn't that hard to accomplish. It was nice to see Clark saving people and going to work at the Daily Planet, and I loved watching him working with Lois, no matter how reluctant he was. In fact, the more resistant he was, the more I smiled. Doesn't hurt that Clark was particularly easy on the eyes, especially once Lois made him change. ;D Speaking of which, what was with the outfit he showed up to work in? He's 22; he should know by now how to dress for work, especially given that he's seen on several occasions how people dress at the Daily Planet. By the way, it was a nice nod to the Superman mythos to have Lois force Clark to change in a phone booth. And speaking of Superman canon, it was cool of the Powers That Be to introduce a character from the comics as the Freak of the Week. I liked Bette, a.k.a. Plastique, especially her hair and clothes, though when it comes to how accurate the character was portrayed, I have no basis for comparison since I don't regularly read comic books. Yes, I do read them, just not regularly. Anyway, the special effects crew didn't disappoint, and I liked Tess recruiting Bette for her own anti-Justice League. Supposedly, the team she's assembling is SMALLVILLE's own version of the Injustice Gang, and will factor in later in the season. As for what I didn't like, I didn't much care for Chloe and Davis's scene at the Isis Foundation. Don't get me wrong, the sparks were *flying* during their first meeting, but at the Isis Foundation, the chemistry between them somehow felt forced. Also, the episode, for all the Clois moments fans were given, was lacking a little of the infamous Clois banter. Other than that, though, I give PLASTIQUE nine out of ten bus explosions.

    Highlights: Lois helping Clark with his "wardrobe malfunction," as well as falling into his arms during the explosion; Clark saving people from the wrecked bus; Chloe and Davis helping Bette; Clark and Chloe discussing journalism and Lois; Clark meeting Tess for the first time; Lois and Clark investigating the bus explosion; Bette, without Clark's knowledge, using her ability to kill her boyfriend Tommy; Clark reluctantly helping Lois sneak around the hospital, and Clark getting mistaken for Chloe's fiance; Bette revealing her ability to Chloe; Clark and Lois investigating Tommy's death and figuring out Bette's ability; Clark and Chloe discussing her engagement and Bette; and the final scene with Lois and Clark.
  • Good

    Smallvile Season 9 Episode 2 Plastique. In his first day at the Daily Planet, Clark finds out a bomb in a car. He doesnt reach the place on time and it explodes. Chloe invites an injured 15 year old girl to live with her. At the end it turns out she caused the explosion.

    Smallvile Season 9 Episode 2 Plastique I was hoping this episode was gonna be great. It wasnt. It wasnt bad, just good. I was hoping the episode was more exciting, but it wasnt. The episode was interesting, but it wasnt what I expected. It wasnt as good as I expected, and I was expecting awesome. It was much less. Overall, it was good, but the episode could have been much better.