Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on The CW

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  • Clark starts his new job, and gets to wear "big boy" clothes.

    Once again this season, Clark manages to go through an entire episode without looking lame. Well, except for his clothes. Why would anyone think "Flannel" is appropriate when they go to work at a great metropolitan newspaper? I mean, surely to God he's spent enough time there with Chloe to have observed the dress code. But it worked; since it led to a very funny scene with a phone booth and pushy Lois (don't we all love pushy Lois?). I loved seeing Clark actually dress as a grown man at the beginning and end of the episode. It's added to his maturity. I hope this keeps up.

    Now, as for Clark working at the Daily Planet in the first place, I'm just so happy I don't even care that it makes no sense. Clark gives to Chloe the classic explanation for his working as a newspaper man: So that he can quickly find out where his power is most needed. And not only did he say it; he actually implemented the plan, and executed it perfectly during the episode itself. This is still Smallville, right? Usually Clark just says stuff and never does anything about it (Fortress Training) or stuff happens and the reasons are explained 4 episodes later (Everything Jor-El has ever done). To see "Cause and Effect" in action on this show is remarkable. As for Clark landing the job, I just figure that Tess had something to do with it, since she was already interested in Clark, and it's easier to keep tabs on him if he works for her. Ah, Tess Mercer. I love this woman. When I read her profile over the summer, I was sure that she would be this 2-dimensional parrot who would keep squawking "Lex! Lex!" But no, she's an actual character. I think part of the reason she works is that she isn't in direct contact with Lex. I guess I was afraid that every sentence out of her mouth would begin with "Lex thinks" or "Lex wants" and that Lex would be this off-stage presence who was pulling her strings. But she made her point when her henchman said "Lex wouldn't have done it this way." And she responds with "I'm in charge now. You'll do what I say." So I give both the writers and the actress credit for making Tess someone with her own plans and agendas. And one of those plans seems to be the formation of a group of super-people. The fact that she refers to them as "heroes" intrigues me. I hope this is a subplot that will actually bear fruit, and not just pitter out like Lex's 33.1 and his Super-Soldiers. Davis Bloome as an interesting character. I like him just because he didn't overshadow the show. Smallville had a bad habit of making each new character the star of the show. Davis was there, he did stuff (real stuff too, not just crazy super stuff), but didn't dominate. And you just know that if Lana was still here, he'd have fallen in love with her instead of Chloe. Another reason I'm glad Lana is gone. Otherwise it would have just been Davis staring at Lana the whole episode and Lana being intrigued but feeling guilty. And Chloe needs some love, too.

    Plastique herself was a good one-off villain with actual motivation: She just wants to survive. Like Chloe said, if she had been imprisoned for years, she might not be so nice either. It looks like Plas may come back in Tess's group, which would be cool. Especially if she brings some other past villains. Overall, this was a decent episode that managed to adequately offer plot and subplot in proper doses, and didn't hemorrhage time on the new guy. Clark actually does stuff and saves people because he wants to. Definitely another step in the right direction.
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