Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on The CW

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  • Clark starts his first day of work at the Daily Planet.

    Okay.. so far season 08 is looking good to me.

    Clark is actually out there saving people and i'm so happy about his working at the Daily Planet that i'm just going to ignore the plothole of how he landed the job.

    This episode was great. Tess is really shaping up to be a good replacement for Lex. She is her own person and has her own agendas. I think if it continues in this vein she'll be a worthy adversary for Clark.

    Davis... hmm.. he was okay in the episode.. not a great actor but not bad at all. The last scene in the episode was especially interesting. The Plastique character was well done. It's about time we had grey characters. She was rebellious and scared and in the end her youth showed in how easily Tess manipulated her. This 'team' of hers sounds very intriguing indeed.

    Chloe was great as usual. Allison keeps impressing me with her acting. (And is it just me or does she get prettier each season?)

    Lois was a blast as usual. I totally loved how she seems to be falling for Clark. It's so obvious how she's going out of her way to make sure he sticks around and becomes a good reporter.

    And yay! Another episode with a proactive Clark. The writers are finally giving us what we want.