Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on The CW

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  • Another great episode!

    This episode had superman written all over it, it was fantastic to see clark workin at the daily planet, and working with lois that was awesome and really funny, i'm looking forward to seein more of that cuz i love seein clark and lois together. It was ace seein clark goin to be the hero and helpin save people off the bus, and ditchin lois to do so. And plastique was a good character and i look forward to seein what tess has planned for her and other special ppl with abilities, cuz there might be an episode with them takin on the justice league which would be sweet. But back to this awesome episode, we finally get to see davis bloom (domsday) which i loved cuz i think he will be an awesome character this season and i cant wait to see him slowly turn evil this season! Davis and chloe hit it off straight away and he likes her, but i think chloe only thinks he's sweet cuz she loves jimmy to much to look at another man, but goin back to doomsday, it was a brilliant endin to the episode with him on the floor and something under his skin movin was pretty creepy and then him opening his eyes and screamin was a good little cliffhangr. Oh and it was also sweet when clark and chloe was talkin about her and jimmy bein engaged and chloe not wantin things to change between her and clark yet cuz they would when she gets married, but clark just wants her to be happy. Great episode smallville, i love where this season is goin, it just gets beter all yhe time. Next weeks episode looks awesome too, with the green arrow origin, so cant wait for that. So till then smallville rules