Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on The CW

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  • Explode This!

    Plastique-Chloe invites an injured 15-year-old to move in with her. Meanwhile, Clark experiences his first day of work with Lois.

    After viewing the trailer for this episode, you pretty much knew this would be filler material. Not only is it is but it reuses the same plots, same characterizations and same situations from so many freak of the week episodes. Now, this is Season 8 writers, I think we need move past those "astranged teenager with powers who goes psycho and Clark tryies to turn them good in the end" crap. "Plastique" could have been fresh re-invention of the minor DC villain but instead the character is turned into Carrie Jr. Not to mention, Jessica Parker Kenndey as Bette was laughably bad in the role!

    Yet at the same time, there were some genuine good moments surprisingly. Clark's first day at the Daily Planet was very entertaining at times, especially with Lois and Clark side by side investigating their latest story. I just love the direction the writers are taking with Clark as he seems the most focused and matured in years! Not to mention, finally we see Clark in some REAL clothes, not those tired and severly overused red jacket and blue shirt! Lois was also great, with her usual witty banter and confident plans. Tess Mercer was also good this week and it seems that she might be creating a group of superpowered villains...maybe to find Lex? forshadowing of Legion of Doom? Who knows! But it is an interesting enough development. This episode also marks the introduction of Davis Bloome aka Doomsday. While I'm still quite upset about the writers bringing the killer of Superman onto the series, I have to admit that Sam Witwer is pretty good as Davis and his scenes with Chloe were surprisely good. Only I don't understand why the writers creating yet another love triangle. It only promises more melodrama and I just can't stand scenes were Jimmy is all jealous, ehw!

    With a combination of good moments, boring moments, and beyond cheesy moments (Clark's speech to Bette at the end...vomit!) "Plastique" is far for a Smallville's worst hour, but it's a forgettable episode that just adds some more plot lines for the season. I was surprised by Doomsday teaser at the end, but I still don't think the writers can pull the character off...I really don't.
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