Season 8 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on The CW

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  • On Clark's first day at the Daily Planet, a bus explodes outside the office. One of the people he rescues is Bette, a teen girl with meteor abilities who bonds with Chloe. Meanwhile, paramedic Davis Bloome arrives and is drawn to Chloe.

    Recap: On Clark's first day at the Daily Planet, he shows up at work in plaid. Lois forces him to change, before a bus explodes outside the office. Clark rushes to the scene and gets everyone to safety, including his new boss, Tess Mercer, and a teenager named Bette Sans Souci. Chloe arrives on the scene shortly afterward and notices Bette having trouble breathing. Rushing over to the teen, Chloe gets the attention of a paramedic named Davis Bloome, and the attraction between the two is instant. Back inside the Daily Planet, Clark talks to Lois long enough to tell her that police suspect that the bomb on the bus misfired, and to get lectured on Lois Lane's Rules of Reporting, before being summoned to Tess's office. At the hospital, Chloe learns Bette is a "street kid", and invites the fifteen-year-old to stay with her for the night. Bette accepts Chloe's offer, while Clark, having been paired with Lois to investigate the bus explosion, overhears a cop confirming to another cop that there was no bomb on the bus. When Clark questions Bette, she tells him her boyfriend Tommy caused the explosion with a meteor power. However, when Clark and Bette confront Tommy, Bette secretly blows Tommy up with her own ability. Later, Bette accidentally reveals her ability to Chloe, while Lois and Clark realize that Bette not only blew up Tommy, but caused the bus explosion as well. Rushing over to the Talon, Clark stops Bette from killing Chloe, before convincing her to get help at Belle Reve. While on her way, however, Bette's approached by Tess, who wants Bette to join a team she's assembling. Meanwhile, Chloe announces her engagement, and Davis awakens from a nightmare to find himself naked in an alley.

    My Review: Surprisingly enough, there was very little I didn't like about this episode. Much like ODYSSEY, it was a very refreshing change of pace from last season, which, really, isn't that hard to accomplish. It was nice to see Clark saving people and going to work at the Daily Planet, and I loved watching him working with Lois, no matter how reluctant he was. In fact, the more resistant he was, the more I smiled. Doesn't hurt that Clark was particularly easy on the eyes, especially once Lois made him change. ;D Speaking of which, what was with the outfit he showed up to work in? He's 22; he should know by now how to dress for work, especially given that he's seen on several occasions how people dress at the Daily Planet. By the way, it was a nice nod to the Superman mythos to have Lois force Clark to change in a phone booth. And speaking of Superman canon, it was cool of the Powers That Be to introduce a character from the comics as the Freak of the Week. I liked Bette, a.k.a. Plastique, especially her hair and clothes, though when it comes to how accurate the character was portrayed, I have no basis for comparison since I don't regularly read comic books. Yes, I do read them, just not regularly. Anyway, the special effects crew didn't disappoint, and I liked Tess recruiting Bette for her own anti-Justice League. Supposedly, the team she's assembling is SMALLVILLE's own version of the Injustice Gang, and will factor in later in the season. As for what I didn't like, I didn't much care for Chloe and Davis's scene at the Isis Foundation. Don't get me wrong, the sparks were *flying* during their first meeting, but at the Isis Foundation, the chemistry between them somehow felt forced. Also, the episode, for all the Clois moments fans were given, was lacking a little of the infamous Clois banter. Other than that, though, I give PLASTIQUE nine out of ten bus explosions.

    Highlights: Lois helping Clark with his "wardrobe malfunction," as well as falling into his arms during the explosion; Clark saving people from the wrecked bus; Chloe and Davis helping Bette; Clark and Chloe discussing journalism and Lois; Clark meeting Tess for the first time; Lois and Clark investigating the bus explosion; Bette, without Clark's knowledge, using her ability to kill her boyfriend Tommy; Clark reluctantly helping Lois sneak around the hospital, and Clark getting mistaken for Chloe's fiance; Bette revealing her ability to Chloe; Clark and Lois investigating Tommy's death and figuring out Bette's ability; Clark and Chloe discussing her engagement and Bette; and the final scene with Lois and Clark.