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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2008 on The CW

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  • Mehhh

    I've never been a fan of Davis Bloom - for many reasons. First of all, we all know that he is Doomsday. Doomsday doesn't turn into a human, he is this demonic creature that eventually kills Superman. secondly, I know that they like to introduce famous comic characters in the show, but Clark technically hasn't turned into Superman yet, so Doomsday should be a lot further down the line, and let's not even talk about the end of this season. Overall, because I am not a fan of his character, I just don't care about the Davis-Centric episode.
  • Chloe's meteor-mutant support group harbors a ghostly killer. Clark and the disempowered Martian Manhunter work to find the killer, while Jimmy vows to identify the Metropolis superhero.

    This episode demonstrated how important Erica Durance has become in the Smallville universe - she's off at "a tractor pull in Lubbock," according to Clark, so the script is limited to Clark, Chloe, Jimmy and Davis. Sometimes stories work better with a limited number of players, particularly if the plot is complex and exciting. Chloe is finally working her way into a meaningful counseling session with young people with special abilities, but a series of murders in Metropolis leads to suspicion that one of them is behind it.

    Paramedic Davis is featured again, suspecting himself as the possible assailant after he is found unconscious at a mass murder scene covered in blood - not his own. While he and Chloe continue to have inadvisable private meetings, she finally realizes that he has more than a friendly interest and decides they should not see each other for awhile. This makes good sense in the Jimmy-Chloe story - she would have a tough time explaining to him why she was alone with Davis so much.

    Clark gets close to damaging his relationship with Chloe by tracking her private list of clients and subjecting them to investigation by John Jones in his new temporary role as a police detective, but it's all resolved before the end, thanks mostly to Chloe's maturity.

    Little time is spent on the young killer, but Clark manages to discover him and get him confined, but (no surprise here) a Luthorcorp staffer approaches the youth with an offer to join the new "Injustice League" being formed by Tess. While the little ego-maniac claims credit for all the recent murders, the staffer points out that he could not have been responsible for all of them, and a telling clue is left for the last scene, casting suspicion back on Davis.

    Clark does better with Lois around. Mr. Welling's performance in this episode is a little wooden, and lacking any humor or flash. The absence of a sinister force, like Lex, is also apparent, and Cassidy Freeman and Justin Hartley are also out of the script. Almost looks like it was time for cast vacations - no significant developments, no big ongoing stories, with the slight exception of Davis, and nothing compelling to get me to see this one again. It's a slow week. Re-run rating C.
  • Gives insight into Clark's character

    I love this show, and I love the characters, but this is one of this episodes that shows the somewhat darker side of Clark Kent; the man who is quick to judge and a bit of a hypocrite. He is beginning to lose faith in the people who aren't his friends - or at least in the people he doesn't know - which is not helping his innate hero complex. See how he instantly doesn't believe that the people in Chloe's "group" could be innocent despite Chloe vouching for them. A younger Clark would have taken Chloe for her word and continued to search for the truth without biases. Clark getting is certainly losing his naiveté but he is also growing more cynical each episode.
  • I'm starting to adore Chlavis in this one.

    In Plastique, Davis and Chloe have just met and they've hit it off pretty well. The chemistry between them is practically off the hook.

    I loved Prey because it looked like for the first time Davis was able to really connect with someone in his entire life. "so you've closed yourself off to everyone." Sam Witwer has become my favourite actor and Davis Bloome my favourite male tv character ever. I must admit that I am writing this review late, so I do know what happened already but it never stopped me from supporting this character. I love how he's so blunt without being malicious. Chloe is absolutely amazing in standing up for him against Clark. Even though Clark was right about Davis (well not Davis, but the beast who wants control really) I hated the fact that he just decided to act as though he knows everything. Clark is getting a bit too arrogant for my liking. Don't get me wrong, I adore Clark of seasons 1 to 7 and now 8 and 9, well we'll see how that goes. Then there is Jimmy and Chloe's relationship which I don't believe really has anything in it that screams to me "Omg this is awesome." Jimmy is great but sometimes he is portrayed as too soft or too mean. I know there are supporters of Chimmy and I mean absolutely no offense but I just don't see a solid relationship here. I may have been open to the relationship more if I understood what drew Chloe to Jimmy in the first place. Everything with Davis is so easy and Chloe had felt this way once before, not Jimmy (may I assume, Clark?). But so far Chloe looks like she is committed to her relationship with Jimmy so time will tell how these two work out.
  • "Descent" Davis Bloom style.

    The only thing this episode needed to be perfect was Lois, but it's still a 10/10! It was a great episode alltogehter. As I have already mentioned, I just love Sam Witwer's acting. He's doing a fantastic job! And it's obvious that Doomsday isn't going to be one of those appeared-out-of-nowhere-died-in-a-single-episode villains. The fight between Chloe and Clark was a very smart thing. I loved what Chloe said about not saving the meteor infected and the whole Meteor Infected Anonymus thing. Clark really needs to find some balance. He goes from being completely passive in the previous seasons, to completely over active this season. He still has a lot to learn. Jimmy is a lot more interesting when he isn't just Chloe's boyfriend. They should separate them a lot more often. The only thing I didn't like was the Chloe-Davis liking each other scene at the end, because it makes all the Chloe-Jimmy drama in "Commited" pointless.
  • Smallville meets X-Men

    This is a great episode in that we finally begin to see Clark taking on the Superman mantle. There are no tights, no flights, nor yet a balanced attitude, but these are all to come. He still has to learn that the most important part of his destiny is as a beacon of hope to awaken people's hearts in a dying world, not a hidden crusader who has to carry the whole world on his shoulders. (Jonathan Kent told him this during his near death experience in season 5, but he clearly hasn't understood it yet) It will thus be fascinating to see how he discovers the best way in which to serve the world around him as he matures into his destiny.

    But back to the current episode; once again it was a delight to witness the fine acting in the character of Davis Bloom. He can come across as such a nice guy but then suddenly in his interaction with Clark you felt a real menace and perverted evil in him. This character both excites and unnerves me. It's a real shame that many reviewers on this site have given away his alter ego, so I hope that the writers have some surprises in store that go far beyond whatever was written in the comics.

    I really appreciated Jimmy's role in this episode - he really comes into his own when his reason for being in the show has nothing to do with Chloe. I felt that his character was most interesting when he was seperated from Chloe in season 7 and was pairing up with Kara. The rest of the time his character is restricted solely to the emotional boyfriend and he feels like only half a person.

    I agree with one of the other reviewers that the Martian manhunter should have a greater role because of the warmth he brings to the show. With Johnathan and Martha both gone, and even Lionel to an extent, the show has lost the good old American warmth of character that reminds us all what Clark is actually destined to save. We now rarely see the bright colours of the Kent farm, the rosy tint in Lex's castle has gone, everything has become dark and sombre. Remind us what Clark is fighting for!

    All that said, this episode in particular was meant to be dark and it worked a treat. Good tension, good conflict, interesting and complex storyline. But let's have a more cheerful and uplifting one with Identity!
  • Countdown to doomsday

    So far, this season of "Smallville" has been a marked improvement over the seventh season, and that has much to do with the consistency of the episodes. With the key relationships now settled, attention turns to the season arc, and the result is another strong and compelling episode.

    Something is clearly wrong with Davis Bloome, and as we see by the end of the episode, something is driving him to kill people. Is he going after people who already have abilities, or are his victims more scattered in nature? This episode doesn't quite provide the full answer, and that's a good thing. The audience is trying to figure out the truth of the situation, how badly it could go for Clark, and how this will drive him towards his iconic Superman identity.

    Davis' interest in Chloe is another sign that her healing ability might come into play on Jimmy's behalf. Davis is not the most stable individual in Metropolis, and if he sees Chloe as some kind of touchstone to his own humanity, he could try to get Jimmy out of the picture during a requisitely dramatic moment. Both Tess Mercer (and her growing band of super-villains) and David are relatively close to Clark's world, so they represent a logical bridge from his small-town insular thinking to the world-class hero.

    And that development process is coming along quite nicely. The writers were intentionally "exposing" Clark and his heroic activities in Metropolis as a means of forcing the character to evaluate his choices and options. Having John Jones as a mentor is also a brilliant move, and very much in keeping with the character's role in previous seasons. Clark is learning on his own what examples like Oliver Queen should have taught him much earlier: secret identities are a way to keep focus.

    Clark is also struggling with the other side to that coin as he lives out the vigilante style of life. Being a hero with a secret identity means taking matters into your own hands, even when that means bending the rules is the very process of enforcing morality. One of my main complaints in in previous seasons was Clark's lack of questionable choices. That was resolved somewhat in his treatment of the Lana/Lex relationship, where his hypocrisy was often notable, but this is a better demonstration of character development.

    We also see Jimmy taking notice of the new "hero" in town, and trying to uncover his identity. This places more pressure on Clark to resolve how he wants to present himself to the world. I think the writers are going to have to be intelligent about how the whole Clark Kent vs. Superman identity question is handled, since the glasses motif is simply not going to work on its own anymore. But I also think this season has made the case, so far, that the new regime could find a way.
  • As with the season so far, "Prey" succeeds due to strong character development and a decent storyline.

    Well, this is a jam-packed episode, isn't it? I can't quite remember Smallville being this energetic - the pace is similar to S3, but thankfully, there's none of that teen-angst that riddled the show for six years: we're in the big boys club now.

    A lot of things are covered this week.

    Clark has really outdone himself, as have the writers, and to say it was a shock to the senses watching the former boy-scout do what we've always wanted him to do - save the city - was a pure treat. Sure, the special effects haven't been exactly, ahem, super this season, but the stories are more than making up for that, and the subtle touches are just adding to this season's entertainment value.

    This episode is as much about Clark as it is about his future murderer, and while I was a wee disappointed that we didn't catch a glimpse of Doomsday, the suspense and clever misleads made it worthwhile. Sam Witer gives a laudable performance here, as he really does go through the motions in this one. It's a credit to the writers that they are building this character from scratch, and not having him be some random nobody who suddenly turns up for no reason declaring war on Clark.

    Again, the success of this season has been largely due to the strong character developments with each of the main cast, baddies included. Everyone seems to be on top form, and it's a joy to see so many fans rejoice in such a strong season - to think what this show could have been like if it paid this much attention to detail, to story and to the characters from the off-set.

    Chloe taking Clark down a peg or two was magnificent, and it's about time someone addressed him on his double-standard attitude. It's a pity that the dialogue is sometimes a little too stagy for it to fully work, but Allison Mack always nails it, regardless of the script's faults.

    Again, in an episode where it could have easily tossed every other character aside, we have Jimmy unknowingly allied with the villain; several mentions of Chloe's brainiac; Tess still assembling some sort of Legion of Doom; J'onn lecturing Clark on possible secret identities; and Clark not only embracing his inner-hero, but beating himself up when he cannot save everyone, and ignoring his friends and mentor when they feel he's going too far. Again, I must say, this was one chocker block episode.

    More like this please!
  • My favorite episode this season!!

    This episode was great! It was Lois free, it was Tess free and Clark was smart and aggressive, it was surreal! Clark keeps a police radio at his desk so he can hear what's going on in the city so he can help. He lept a tall building in a single bound! I loved the various scenes where he's helping different people. It was very Superman of him! He's coming along quite nicely. Also, The Martian Manhunter answered my outstanding question as to how is Clark able to pull these stunts in broad daylight without getting spotted or pulled in for questioning. We saw Clark in full out action mode without Lois at his side holding him back or talking too much and just being her annoying self. If this is the work of the new writers then good riddance to the old ones!!!
  • Where have the writers been all this time. THis is one of the best episodes in years.

    In Prey, we have one of the finest episodes of Smallville in a very long time. The action was back as was some genuine tension. THe acting was well done by all, but Sam Witwer as Davis Bloom deserves a special prize for creating such a likeable character even though we know where he's headed. And so begins the Doomsday storyline.I must admit that I wasn't keen on bringing Doomsday to Smallville, but if this episode is a sign of things to come, I can accept it.

    In this episode there is a serial killer on the loose, and Clark must stop the killer before he kills more. Even with his powers, he is unable to save a group of people early on, and his frustration shows. In a clever plot that creates a mystery about who the killer may be, Smallville brings great mystery to the show, which creates some splendid suspense. THere are many suspects thrown into the mix, and some of those suspects may be part of a meteor infected group that CHloe is counseling at the Isis foundation. Included in this mix is Davis, and for the first time in a long while both Clark and CHloe don't meet eye to eye on who the killer might be. We also have Phil Morris returning as the Martain Manhunter but without his powers. He is now a detective with the Metropolis Police Department. Even though he doesn't have powers anymore, he is still doing what he can to help people. He is also a mentor for Clark, and explains to him that he is taking way too many chances and must create an identity so people never suspect him.

    As usual the killer is caught at the end, or is he. That is the clever plot twist that ends on the final scene, and gives us all some interesting tidbits on what to expect in the coming weeks. It was also an interesting episode because it put Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) into a better role for the first time, and gives us insight into what efforts he's going to put forth to discover who the good samaritan is that is saving people.

    THe show is looking up without Lex or Lana, and that is a good thing. I thought for sure the show would fall apart once Michael Rosenbaum left, but it hasn't missed a beat. Cassidy Freeman has filled in well for Lex as Tess, and even though nobody really replaced Lana, the new character to the show, Sam Witwer, has been a pleasant surprise.

    A serial killer is on the loose in Metropolis, but Clark and Chloe find themselves on opposing sides when Clark believes that Davis Bloome is responsible, while Chloe defends her new friend. A serial killer is on the loose in Metropolis, but Clark and Chloe find themselves on opposing sides when Clark believes that Davis Bloome is responsible, while Chloe defends her new friend. A serial killer is on the loose in Metropolis, but Clark and Chloe find themselves on opposing sides when Clark believes that Davis Bloome is responsible, while Chloe defends her new friend. A serial killer is on the loose in Metropolis, but Clark and Chloe find themselves on opposing sides when Clark believes that Davis Bloome is responsible, while Chloe defends her new friend.
  • Another great one...

    Okay everyone I know that most of you don't like where this whole Doomsday thing is going but I think that it is going great. I mean if the writers want to take a character and put their own spin on him, then I say all the power to them. We really got a treat this week because there was a lot of great writing and acting in this episode. As an added bonus Martian Manhunter is back. I really think that he should be in the show some more instead of just popping up every now and then. With that said I loved the conversation he and Clark had about Masks. Seeing Clark and Chloe on opposing sides was neat for a change. I'm glad that Lois and Tess were nowhere to be seen in this episode just for the simple fact that they weren't really needed. But I do like those characters. What was even better was that we got some more hints at the Legion of Doom.
  • Clark has begun to be Metropolis' hero as he saves people in secret. There is a string of terrible killings that seem to be connected to someone in the meteor-freak group that Chloe started. Davis thinks that he is the murderer and Clark contronts him.

    I was very impressed with this episode. As a huge Superman fan, I have loved this season so, but this episode was by far its best. This episode really shows Clark beginning to become the hero/savior of Metroplis that we see in the comic books, even though we have no suit (yet). Along with furthering the transition between Smallville's hero to Metropolis' Favorite Son, this episode really begins to move this season along. The story line to Doomsday is is finally taking off (even though in the trailer for this episode, we hear Chloe mentioning to Clakr that there is something out there that is dangerous and it can kill him, it is not mentioned in this episode), and his transformation has begun. I am interested to see how they explain him being doomsday, since he is an alien creation. I also liked that they continued with the plot line of the Suicide Squad or Legion of Doom idea. It is going to be exciting to see the two teams fight each other. Overall, this episode was great and I cannot wait for next Thursday to see if Clark really does put on a disquise.
  • Better writing = better season = better episodes = me loving more smallville

    Another fine example of how different (as in, better) this season is compared to the last couple of seasons of smallville.
    The plot revolving around Doomsday has progressed, at a normal pace, the writers definitely left me wanting more from Davis. A little love interest between Chloe and Davis, witch for me is completely unnecessary. First Clark, then Jimmy and now Davis? All she does is love!
    Finally the point the doing super-stuff in Metropolis can be dangerous and that Clark needs a secret identity has been pulled out of the sac. But the little "meteor-freak" reunion was a little bit corny, and the display of their powers reminded me of heroes. Yet, important to the episode, so, acceptable.
    Oh, and at the end of the series, give Tom the cape and suit. He's earned it.
  • after a few bad episodes this one was delightfull,just waiting for clark to wear a mask..saw the trailer for the next episode,it will be great!

    In October 1989, a huge meteor shower destroyed most of the town of Smallville, Kansas. This event brought Jonathan and Martha Kent what they have always wanted, a son they named Clark. In 2001, their son is becoming a man, who has two best friends, Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan, and a crush on the hottest girl in school, Lana Lang, not to mention a budding friendship with future nemesis Lex Luthor. But his parents have been hiding a secret from him: they found him inside a spaceship when the meteor shower came. As he begins to develop his powers and discover more abilities that will soon transform him into Superman, Clark begins to take on his mantle as the Man of Steel.
  • An episode that showcases this new season fantastically.

    All the episodes thus far this season have been heads and shoulders above those of the last few seasons. The show's got a faster fresher fiercer drive that if anything, only increased in this episode. Clark finally 'accepts his responsibility' and do so so enthusiastically, it makes you wonder if this was the writer's way of apologising for his laziness and downright stupidity these past few seasons. Very welcome. Furthermore, it showed that Smallville isn't just relying on numbers - in the first few episodes you had Clark, Chloe, Lois, Jimmy, Oliver, Canary, Martian, Aquaman, Mercer, Maxima, Doomsday... but this episdoe was priamrily just Clark, Davis and Chloe (though i'd even leave Chloe out)- and they still pull off the best episode so far this season - also proving that they don't just have numbers - they have talent.

    A genuinely good twist, very believable character decisions, great tension between Chloe and Clark, fantastic acting from the guy who plays Davis and a nice opening scene of Heroes Anonymus - not to mention another shower scene - so in summary, best of the bunch so far! Keep them coming.
  • Is Doomsday coming?

    Ow,after two romance-heavy episodes no one can say Prey wasn't action packed.With this episode,this season picked up speed for the Doomsday storyline.Once again it was very well written.My only complaint is that i did not figure out how involved the copycat killer was involved with the murders but maybe that's just me.But once again the writers made sure that it made sense.And for one more time they saved the best for the last couple of minutes.I can say that this is a nice change to the normal pattern of a Smallville episode from the last couple of seasons.In those cases,the story would be told in the first 30 minuted and they would use the last 10 minutes for dialogues that would just recap what had happened.This season most of the episodes reach their peak in the final minutes.In Prey for instance,they kept us guessing during the whole episode and they solved the Davis mystery in the final scene.That for me is good,compelling writing. We only had 4 season regulars in this episode so each one got a lot of screen time.Clark was his usual season 8 Superman-ly self.There was another instance,just like in Toxic with Oliver,where Chloe tried to question his intentions but this time he held his ground and rightfully so.Nothing on this show is more important than Clark's march towards his destiny.I didn't like Chloe much in this episode.She gives Clark a hard time but others get off very easily.Maybe it's the Brainiac influence.Jimmy was a pleasant surprise here.For the first time in this show he was written the way he should be.No romance,no over the top antics,just a sympathetic photographer eager to believe in an hero.And as it always happens with Jimmy,the hero is right in front of him!His final scene with John Jones and Clark was pretty funny.He is even starting to gel with Clark at the planet.I hope they keep writing him like that.Davis was the wild card here and Sam Witwer's performance was the key in the success of the episode.It was very important to portray how startled he was at the prospect of him being a killer.He did that very well.I am not crazy over the whole romance thing with Chloe but in the end his story here was told convincingly.Finally,i will never grow tired of pleading with the Powers That Be to bring the Martian Manhunter to the show full time.It's not that Clark needs a father figure anymore.It's just that he brings a warmth to the show that is much needed in dark episodes such as this.And it always helps when he is portrayed by such a talented actor. One last thing that i would like to address,is the budget situation.I get the feeling that some regulars have been signed on part time and this can't help with the momentum of the show.For example,why couldn't we get the fallout from the Tess-Oliver story from Committed?Why can't Phil Morris appear more often?Why are all the scenes from Metropolis from the same road?It's not totaly the showrunners' fault.The network should invest more on one of it's more popular and credible shows.After 8 years,it deserves it.Overall,it was another solid effort that is nicely building up to the mid-season finale.Roll on Identity.
  • Clark takes on his role as Metropolis' new superheroe and hunts down a meteor infected serial killer, Chloe starts a support group at The Isis foundation and Jimmy is determined to discover who this new misterious super heroe is...

    This one is the kind of episode that makes you fall back in love with the show after a really mediocre episode. It is well acted and every little detail is taken care of, so nothing is left unexplained. I'm guessing it's because of the developing subplot for this season, which took a little late to arrive, but hey, it's finally here. Clark has finally accepted his destiny and it's slowly becoming that Super heroe we all love. (Still doubt we'll see him flying or in a superman suit) Chloe lost her cunning reporter place to Lois, but the show has given her as the powered up super intelligent ally and has too found her place helping other meteor infected. The new love interest, yeah, I guess we all saw that coming, even though Chloe is not exactly responsive to his advances. I really do hope the writers do not screw this interesting story line, since I see it having a lot of potential. Good episode!!
  • Serial killer is on the loose. Davis is at the scene of the attack every time and tells Chloe he thinks he is the murderer. Chloe thinks their is no way he can be the killer. Something also happens between Chloe and Clark and they have an argument.

    This episode showed a rift between friends. I liked when Clark and Chloe got into an argument because each person was protecting something they believe in. I also liked when Chloe backed davis up no matter what was said, to me it showed that Chloe has some feelings for Davis. It is obvious that Davis likes Chloe. I'm glad Clark finally got more screen time, then he has in past episodes. It is special because it feels like Chloe and Clark have pulled away from each other a little, they each keep some of their own secrets. But this episode was awesome and I look forward to next weeks.
  • A serial killer is on the loose in Metropolis, but Clark and Chloe find themselves on opposing sides when Clark believes that Davis Bloome is responsible

    This episode was great. I loved the bit where Clark is watching over the city at night. He has really turned a 180 this season. From Zero to Hero. Gotta love it.

    I was a bit disappointed to not see any Lois this episode. Specially since she made that declaration last episode. But I suppose she'd have been in the way this time around.

    Loved the tension between Chloe and Clark. I guess they were both right in their own ways... and they both messed up. But i'm glad Clark apologized in the end.

    I am getting a bit wary about the Chloe-Bloomsday thing though... even if I have to admit it's interesting. Btw.. whats with Chloe calling the freaks kids? They aren't that much younger than her.

    Okay... Davis was great this episode. So many layers.. wonderful stuff. Great acting by Witver. I also appreciated how dark this episode was. It was very well shot.

    It was a blast to see John Jones again. I missed him. I hope we get to see a whole lot more of him.

    Jimmy... he's gonna be a problem for Clark.. isn't he? The guy reminds me of HP's Creevey at times.

    I thought this episode was definately one of the best this season. So far they have really given us great episodes.
  • Great Episode!

    Loved loved love this episode.

    1. Chloiac is making more sense to me. Brainiac inches into more control when Chloe gets angry or uses computers. Brainiac tries to use little subtle pushes to keep Chloe and Clark from working together. He doesn't interfere with heart to hearts, he's more concerned with destroying the working partnership. Very interesting.

    2. Loved seeing Clark go off the rails. I like how this has been building. The guy has lost his rock. Love that he feels driven to try to save the world, especially since he can't seem to solve the Chloe problem. Very reminicent of Sneeze.

    3. Loved Davis. Very well played. Very creepy. Very much a dark mirror to Clark.

    4. The suspense, the action, the pacing was all great. 5. Even while I saw Brainiac much more clearly, I still saw the glimpses of Chloe. I loved how she's so so therapy wise, but she jumped right into asking questions about investigating the murder. It was interesting how she called Clark on his crap, but you could still see the Brainiac mockery amping that up a notch.
  • Lois first brought up in "Toxic" that there has been a serial killer on the loose in Metropolis. Clark is obsessed in trying to find the killer of his most recent victims.

    I wasn't sure what to think about this episode after the build up of the Clark-Lois relationship during the past two episodes. The tone is much darker as the audience knows more than the main characters about what will happen in the future. While Davis's anguish is admirably portrayed, I was more taken back by his creepiness especially with Clark and Jimmy. While it doesn't look promising for Jimmy and Chloe's relationship since Chloe is still trying to convince herself that Jimmy is her soul mate, the working relationship between Clark and Jimmy is believable. Season 8 continues to be a great season!
  • Smallville hits another home run.

    They are really making it hard to review episodes. Most reviews tend to point out the flaws in an episode, but when episodes are this good, I find myself just going "I liked this part… I like the part where… blah blah." Of course, the thing that impressed me most was Clark. I will take "obsessively driven Clark" over "confused and unsure Clark" any day of the week. In some characters, that level of devotion could become tiresome, but with guys like Superman and Batman, it works, since they are the Gold Standard. I really just can't get over how "Superman-like" Clark has been this season. His new hobby of saving lives every chance he gets is just so unexpected, given everything that came before. And the new edition of John Jones to the Police Force was great. Phil Morris gives another spectacular performance. Of all Clark's mentors, he's my favorite. His urging Clark to protect his identity was just icing on the cake. As is Jimmy's determination to find Metropolis's new resident superhero. Like I said, this was just another "I liked it" review. The only problem I had with the episode was that Lois and Tess weren't in it. Especially Tess, since that random girl had to fill her spot at the end. What was that about? I guess all my reviews will be suffering as long as Smallville stays this good.
  • This season just keeps it coming with sub plots.

    This season just keeps it coming with sub plots. So far the show is handling all of them very well. This episode adds another one when Clark promises John they'll find a way to restore his powers. I'm confident that the show won't leave one of the plots behind or let them spiral out of control. Unlike some other shows *glares*... I'm talking to you, Heroes.

    Sam Witwer(Davis Bloome) gets to step in to the spotlight more in this episode as his character arc starts to really take off. His performance was excellent, he did a great job of evoking pity for his character. His scenes with Tom Welling were top notch. They act well together.

    I really love how unpredictable this episode was. Very nice twist at the end with the copycat killer. Plus we got some further development on what Tess Mercer is doing as she tries to recruit some of these meteor infected individuals.

    As far as continuing the story lines on several fronts go, this episode did a great job. The season keeps getting more and more interesting with every episode.
  • A Killer in Question

    Prey-A serial killer is on the loose in Metropolis, but Clark and Chloe find themselves on opposing sides when Clark believes that Davis Bloome is responsible, while Chloe defends her new friend.

    After only 5 episodes, the writers begins the "Doomsday" arc of the season and with "Prey", it's already starting to look very promising. "Prey" stands out from the other episodes of Smallville because it's not as predictable and has some genuinely tense moments. Then there's the fact that you actually feel sorry for the killer in question: Davis. Sam Witwer is quickly becoming the rising star of the series and his performance in this episode was surprisingly very strong.

    Throughout the episode, Sam plays Davis growing discovery of his dark side very convincingly, to the point where you really feel sorry for the guy and what he ultimately will become. His scenes, especially with Chloe as he confesses that he might be the murder were excellent, not to mention the chemistry between Chloe and Davis seems so genuine and more natural than anything with her and Jimmy (Sorry Aaron, Jimmy!) I loved the continuity with Isis and Chloe's meteor freak intervention were well written scenes. Then there were the mysterious attacks which were well directed..well maybe the exception of the "Quaratine" rip-off in the teaser trailer.

    Clark also stood out in this episode, the character is getting stronger and more likeable than he has been in years. Clark going around saving mutiple lives in Smallville was exciting and about time he started being pro-active. I liked that Clark went too far in this episode and became obsessed with finding the killer. It helps Clark to learn more about his path and how he needs to find other alternatives to save the day. Chloe and Clark's discussions in this episode where handled so well with Chloe trying to calm Clark down, even showing him that his going to far. The continuity with their long friendship and Chloe revealing that Clark needs to save other people besides meteor freaks was developed well. Martin Manhunter returns and his new role as a detective in Metropolis is a great for the character. Even without his powers, it was great to see Jonn again and his scenes with Clark were also very well developed. Jonn's whole idenity speech was well written and the perfect lead-in into "Idenity". Even the twist in the episode was good with the meteor freak taking the blame for the murders as a copycat killer. I also loved how the army of meteor freaks storyline is being developed more and I can't wait to see "pre-Legion of Doom" in action! "Prey" is easily the best episode since "Descent" for me as the stunning performance from Sam, the convincing development of Davis, the evolution of Clark, some intense scenes and moral developments in this episode were all well written. I was worried about Doomsday being brought to Smallville, but it looks like the writers really thought this storyline out and won't mess things up like Al and Milers did with the "Veritas" storyline.
  • This episode kept me guessing though I thought knew who the killer was, it left me questioning my own assumptions. Which is something that not many shows are able to pull off!

    From the arguements between Chloe and Clark, to the heart felt conversation between Chloe and Davis in the morgue, I was left in a sense f awe. Very few shows have made me second guess my first assumptions or guesses when it comes to who a killer or criminal is but tonights episode made me do just that. Also it made me sympathize with Davis, whom we are beginning to see as the more then likely killer to these brutal murders. I hardly ever sympathize with the 'bad' guy but the actor of davis pulls off his role so well that I can believe him to be a cold blooded murder but also this human who has no control over what's happening to him or even knowing what's happening. It was great to see Martian Manhunter back as a detective. Nice to see he's trying to still help people despite his loss of powers. a startling difference to Clark from previous seasons that when he lost his powers he lived selfishly for himself and no longer thought about helping others. Glad to see that has changed and that now he's become almost obbsessive with saving people and catching criminals. Though I did miss not seeing Lois in this episode seeing as she's in my top three of favorite characters but for this Episode she didn't need to be in it. Overall this episode scors a ten!
  • All I can say is wow!!!

    I thought Davis Bloom wasn't the killer and I was blown away when I found out that one of Chloe's meteor infected people did the killing. But at the end, we saw Davis did kill the first girl. Tess is still gathering meteor infected people for her legion of doom. Smallville keeps getting better and better. I'm glad I saw Clark embracing his destiny and not only trying to save the damsel in distress. Next week's episode looks even better. If the producers keeps making episodes like this then Season 8 will become the best season so ever for Smallville.
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