Season 8 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2008 on The CW

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  • Chloe's meteor-mutant support group harbors a ghostly killer. Clark and the disempowered Martian Manhunter work to find the killer, while Jimmy vows to identify the Metropolis superhero.

    This episode demonstrated how important Erica Durance has become in the Smallville universe - she's off at "a tractor pull in Lubbock," according to Clark, so the script is limited to Clark, Chloe, Jimmy and Davis. Sometimes stories work better with a limited number of players, particularly if the plot is complex and exciting. Chloe is finally working her way into a meaningful counseling session with young people with special abilities, but a series of murders in Metropolis leads to suspicion that one of them is behind it.

    Paramedic Davis is featured again, suspecting himself as the possible assailant after he is found unconscious at a mass murder scene covered in blood - not his own. While he and Chloe continue to have inadvisable private meetings, she finally realizes that he has more than a friendly interest and decides they should not see each other for awhile. This makes good sense in the Jimmy-Chloe story - she would have a tough time explaining to him why she was alone with Davis so much.

    Clark gets close to damaging his relationship with Chloe by tracking her private list of clients and subjecting them to investigation by John Jones in his new temporary role as a police detective, but it's all resolved before the end, thanks mostly to Chloe's maturity.

    Little time is spent on the young killer, but Clark manages to discover him and get him confined, but (no surprise here) a Luthorcorp staffer approaches the youth with an offer to join the new "Injustice League" being formed by Tess. While the little ego-maniac claims credit for all the recent murders, the staffer points out that he could not have been responsible for all of them, and a telling clue is left for the last scene, casting suspicion back on Davis.

    Clark does better with Lois around. Mr. Welling's performance in this episode is a little wooden, and lacking any humor or flash. The absence of a sinister force, like Lex, is also apparent, and Cassidy Freeman and Justin Hartley are also out of the script. Almost looks like it was time for cast vacations - no significant developments, no big ongoing stories, with the slight exception of Davis, and nothing compelling to get me to see this one again. It's a slow week. Re-run rating C.
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