Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2003 on The CW

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  • this was a good ep of smallville

    in this ep of smallville lex discovers that he knows were the location of his long lost brother lucas and he goes there to find out that lucas was introuble with a poker game and rescues him and brings him back and lex shows him to linoal lutehr his father and lional and lucas had a plan all of long to get lex out of the mansion the whole time and so lex would be out of the pictuer and lex was suppsoed to find him even though his dad knew were he was the whole time and he was going to pay lucas 10 million dollars to walk away it turns out that lucas is have second thoughts and lex goes to live with the kents and he starts to do farm choirs for them and he does not complain lex goes back to the manison and get tied up and lionel goes there he wants linonel to shoot him and clark goes there and is in the vent and shoots alit bit of fire on the gun to make it drop of his hand linel trys to shot but the whole time the gun was never loaded and lex and him were in on it. but lionel sees part of the vent melted and its falls melted sluged comes down but he looks up and no one is there. this was a good ep i thought.
  • Lex finds his long-missing brother Lucas, but Lionel has plans to manipulate them both for more control by his company. Clark saves the day twice, but the second rescue isn't needed - it's only a staged murder.

    This interesting and spartan episode revolves around the premise that Lex has a long-lost brother named Lucas, whom we first see trying to cheat at a high-stakes poker game. We could easily find fault with the depiction of Asians in the opener poker den scene, all sinister gangsters, but at least it's short. It's just a vehicle to show us that Lucas is a sleazy character, but as he attempts to escape down a darkened alley on a racing cycle, his big bro Lex comes to his aid.

    For once, the Smallville writers and producers avoid an overloaded plot, keeping this story on a few main characters, and minimizing the side plots. Even the Clark-Lana dialog is generally confined to the impact of Lucas on everyone in the cast. Double-dealing and double-crossing is featured as Lionel tries to manipulate Lucas to his side in a struggle for control of Lexcorp with Lex. For a few scenes, this even goes as far as Lionel dismissing Lex entirely; he winds up asking for lodging at the Kent farm. Even the hardheaded Jonathan allows him to stay, and Lex earns some respect by working hard for his few day's keep.

    There's a side story about Clark applying to work at the Talon, and Lana's reluctant decision to hire him, but that ends as we expect when Clark has to keep running out to save someone.

    Lex continues to warn Lucas that Lionel is not to be trusted, but it seems that Lucas eventually turns to the Lionel side, warming up to his father and his millions. But first, Lucas is observant enough to throw a billiard ball at Lionel, which he ducks. He can see! His recent blindness has been a ruse.

    In the climax, Lucas takes Lex in constraints to Lionel's office, threatening to kill Lex - after all, who needs Lex now that the "Prodigal" son has returned? But then he turns the gun on Lionel to force him to kill Lex. When Lionel tells Lucas to put down the gun, Lex suddenly realizes that Lionel can see. Ruse is ended. Lionel hesitates - he refuses to shoot Lex, and just as Lucas appears ready to pull the trigger on Lionel, Clark uses heat-vision from the ductwork above to burn the gun hand of Lucas, who drops his weapon. Lionel acts! He aims his gun at Lucas...and fires! A shocker - they both were loaded with blanks! It was all a scheme by Lex to prove to Lucas just how untrustworthy Lionel is. This is one of the best-staged scenes I can remember in Smallville - just the right dialog, manipulation, surprises, secret plots - good fun.

    Clark and Lex are still friends, and discuss their respective fathers and how they have been influenced by them. It's a calm and reflective scene in an story that's admirable in it's simplicity, yet still entertaining and impressive in the complexity of the business and financial manipulations of the Lionel-Lex-Lucas triad. "Prodigal" is just good quality Smallville, and I could see it a number of times. Re-run rating B.
  • The Prodigal Son Returns...

    Prodigal-Lex recovers his long-lost brother Lucas and uses him in a ploy to buy out his father's share of the company. But it soon becomes clear that Lucas isn't to be trusted, and Lex soon finds himself ousted from his own company.

    In "Lineage", we learned that Lex had a little brother yet Lionel said he died at 12. Being the Magnificent Bastard he is, Lionel lied and Lex's brother in fact is alive. "Prodigal" sees Lucas Luthor reuniting with his family and quickly following in Daddy Luther's footsteps. Paul Wesley gives a youthful and fine performance as the newest son Luthor. I loved the way Lionel used Lucas as a weapon against Lex. The dynamic between those 2 has always been amazing and the addition for Lucas really brings more tension to that dynamic. I also liked how Clark was jealous and the basketball confrontation was pretty hilarious.

    The episodes end with a tense confrontation between the Luthors and the twist that Lucas was with Lex all along was well executed. The downside is that Lucas is never brought up again after this episode, almost like he never existed which is sad since the writers could have done a lot more with the character. All and All, a great episode that brings a great dynamic to the Luthors.
  • Great Episode

    Lex discovers that his brother, Lucas, is still alive. Lionel has been looking after Lucas, and uses him to steal away Lex's inheritance, so he cannot buy-out LuthorCorp. Penniless, Lex moves in with the Kents. Lucas, dissatisfied with Lionel's plans for him, discovers that Lionel has been faking blindness for a while. An elaborate scheme with Lex reveals Lionel's lie, and Lex secures his inheritance back into place. "Prodigal" is one of the best episodes of "Smallville". The story has many revelations, twists and surprises, and unfortunately I can not comment without spoilers. Therefore, do not miss this great episode to check my opinion.
  • Very very good

    Lex recovers his long-lost brother Lucas (mentioned in "Lineage") from a situation with Asian criminals and brings him to Smallville as a ploy to buy out his father. Lucas switches sides with Lionel (who set the whole thing up), kicking out Lex who moves in with the Kents. But Lucas has plans of his own and figures out Lionel can see (as does Lex later). Lex figures things out while some of Lucas' gambling "partners" show up to make things rough for him. Lionel taunts Lucas into going after Lex, and Lucas decides to go with homicide and force Lionel to shoot him. It turns out Lionel set up everything to play the two against each other but when Lucas threatens to kill Lex, Lionel gets the gun (with some secret help from Clark) and shoots Lucas . . . but the gun has blanks – Lex and Lucas teamed up to play Lionel. Lionel gives back Lex control of the company in return for his silence in the matter and Lex keeps Lucas under his protection.

    Meanwhile, Clark applies for a job at the Talon but the situation becomes hazy when Lucas butts in as Lana's new partner. He ends up losing the job to go rescue Lionel and Lex, who don't need it anyway - leaving the Clark/Lana relationship up in the air once more.
  • Lex's brother Lucas makes an appearance.

    I quite liked this episode because it was unpredictable, after Lucas appears to be on his fathers side and Lex is ousted from the company, i did not expect him to double cross his father. Luthor family business at its best! Plus i liked a lot of the dialogue again, Lex: (to Clark) Just remember, my father may try to rule the world, but yours will inherit the Earth. Clark: Long as I live, I'm never going to understand your family.
    Lex: Neither will I. - Also loved Lionels scorpion and the frog reference. Definately worth watching for an insight into the Luthor family!
  • lucas, supposedly lex's brother is introduced in thiw episode and him and lex plot against lionel, and their plan goes wrong.

    this was an ok episode however in my opinion this episode was not my faverite. this episode was also really confusing to me. so yea i think the writers could have done better. although i am glad that we, the audience, finally figured out lionel was fakeing it about being blind. but i kinda predicted it. in the begining of the episode, lana had a weird mood swing, and it always confuses me about howmany days or weeks have passed between each episode. so all in all this episode was average in my opinion but it defiatly wasnt the best.
  • Lucas Luthor, Lex's "long lost" brother finally makes his appearance in Smallville.

    After getting picked up by Lex, and saving his life, Lucas Luthor, the supposedly dead brother, is found. Although at first he appears to have tricked Lex, you find out that he was working with him the entire time. Lex is awesome because he always gets revenge on others, like erasing them from the world, or making them buy an utterly worthless place, and that's what makes him liked. Seeing Lucas just made you like the Luthors anymore, because he is more clever than Lex, and just as devious as well. Although there were a few mistakes in the episode, it's worth watching. Two thumbs up.
  • Great episode.

    Lex finds a long lost brother named Lucas and he uses him to expel Lional from LuthorCorp. But Lionel have plans of his own and he purchases Lucas' loyalty for millions. Lex plan doesn't work as well as he thought when Lucas shady past comes to the spotlight. Clark Kent must deal with the Luthors' dysfunctional relationship and at the same time prevent any harm to come to any of them. This episode is so awesome, it's the Luthor family values meets superman. It's a great episode, it's got some action in it, and a ample amount of adventure to keep you satisfied.
  • Lex finds his brother Lucas but soon the Luther's find that Lucas isn't to be trusted.

    The scene in which Clark meets Lucas for the 1st time and the boys play basketball is good. You could feel the tension just building. Another good scene came when Clark saves Lucas from the motorcycle gunman. He's running in slow motion and pushing the bullets away.
    Wow I knew that the Luthor's had money, but Lionel was only planning to buy out his son for $10 million and his sone is worth 5x that; that's a lot of pocket change.

    Good quotes:
    Lionel: "You wouldn't be a Luthor if someone didn't try to kill you."
    Clark: "As long as I live I don't think I'll understand your family."
    Lex: "Neither will I. Just remember my father might try to rule the world. But your's will inharite the earth."
  • The prodigal brother!

    Really cool episode, Lucas finally is find by Lex who tells him that he is his brother, but as time goes on, Lex discovers that it was a mistake as he tries to use Lucas to get out ploy from another company, but Lucas gets instead into Lex's post instead, which forces Lex to go on live with the Kents. While at this, Clark discovers that Lucas is being chased by some men, and fears that they my implied Lex so he goes out to the Luthor Corp. Plaza to find out, where he finds out it was a part of a plot. Really cool!
  • Oh brother where art thou?

    Earlier this season on the episode Lineage we found out Lionel had another son. One he kept hidden from Lex. At the end of that episode he even told Lex that his brother had died when he was only a year old.

    This episode begins with Lucas Luthor the lost brother, running for his life from a gambling dispute with some very tough thugs. Luckily, Lex Luthor pops at of nowhere in a back alley to offer his brother a quick getaway.

    After confronting Lionel Luthor, Lionel's only reaction is that Lex must be organizing a plot to to take over Lex Corp, as Lucas has just turned 18 and is eligible to receive ten percent of Lex Corp shares.

    Unfortunately for Lex, Lucas and Lionel join forces and kick Lex out of the mansion. Lex is forced to move in with the Kents. While Lex is there he earns some respect from Jonathan Kent by doing some hard farm chores.

    At the mansion Lucas gives Lionel a hard time about signing over his shares. When asked to sign the paperwork he writes "Bite Me" where his name should be. The look on Lionel's face reveals to Lucas that Lionel's been faking his blindness, apparently for weeks.

    Shortly thereafter, a mysterious shooter tries to take out Lucas outside the Talon, but Clark deflects the bullets saving Lucas from certain death. Lucas believing Lex sent the shooter goes to the Kent farm to shoot Lex, but Lex ends up convincing Lucas to play a trick on Lionel.

    Lucas demands Lionel shoot Lex at gunpoint, but after Clark does the heat vision thing on Lucas' hand, Lionel shoots Lucas. Fortunately for Lucas, he had given Lionel a gun full of blanks. The event helps Lex Luthor blackmail his way back into the mansion and back on top of the family business.

    All's well in Smallville once again, and the episode ends with Lex reflecting on the events of the day with Clark.