Season 2 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2003 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Inconsistently, the limousine that Lex picks Lucas up in doesn't have a customised Lex plate, like all of Lex's other vehicles. It just has a generic plate.

    • When Lucas is taking the tape from around Lex's wrists he forgets to take them off his ankles, which we saw from a previous shot. But, Lex gets up and walks away normally, without his legs bound in any way

    • When Clark tells his parents about his date with Lana, the line "... with Lana" is added later. Clark doesn't say anything and it sounds different as well, like a voice over. Plus, isn't it odd Martha and Jonathan don't ever mention a name about who he is dating, especilly after his history with Lana?

    • In the scene where Lucas throws the eight-ball after Lionel it is interesting that he just picks it up without stretching himself, as the ball is on the other side af the pool table.

    • In the opening scene, Lana seems quite happy to see Clark and greets him warmly. Except, of course, that she was so mad she could barely look at him at the end of the previous episode. Judging from the clearly still-fresh rose in her garbage can, not much time could have passed. So what's up with Lana's extreme mood swing?

    • If Lex and Lucas are really working together as is revealed at the end of the episode, why was it necessary for Lucas to pistolwhip Jonathan? For that matter, why is it necessary for Lucas to be pretending to abduct Lex? Why can't they just go together peaceably? (editor's note: maybe they cut the deal after Lucas knocked out Jonathan? Some also thought that there was no deal and Lex just adapted quickly to the revelation Lucas had blanks in the gun.)

    • Not really a goof but poor use of sound. In the scene where Lana lets Clark go from the Talon, the lyrics start with a few seconds left in the scene. Then the cut to the next scene happens not only in the middle of a word, let alone in the middle of a line.

    • Thanks to the cruddy sense of seasonal timing on this show, it's difficult to tell if Lionel witnessed Clark's superpowers in "Insurgence" a few episodes (and real-life weeks) ago. "Insurgence" and "Suspect" seem to have occurred within a day of each other, and "Prodigal" takes place the day after the preceeding "Rush". It's hard to tell if "a few weeks" passed between "Suspect" and "Prodigal."

    • Lionel says that Lucas just turned eighteen. So why did Rachel think that Clark was Lucas in "Lineage"? Isn't Clark supposed to be sixteen or so? (editor's note: there were some discrepancies in "Legacy" with the age thing as well as the hair color, too, but Rachel didn't seem to be the sanest person in the world either...)

    • It seems difficult to believe that Lex doesn't have a single bank account not affiliated with LexCorp, or that he doesn't have enough cash on him to get a hotel room considering the car he arrived in.

    • Apparently Lucas doesn't believe in castle security either - Lex strolls right in despite the fact Lucas and Lionel pretty definitely made him persona non grata there. Later Clark comes in, surprising Lionel.

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • Deleted Scene: Lex brings Lucas to the mansion for the first time and informs him on the whereabouts of his birth mother (from "Lineage").

    • Music: "Burn Baby Burn" by Ash, "Home Sweet Alabama" by Lizzie, "Like A Dream" by Morphic Field ,"China" by Mystica, "Gentle Healing" by Sounds From the Ground, "Don't Tempt Me" by The Contes, and "Fight Test" by The Flaming Lips.

    • The WB in Dallas spotlight the series again after this episode was aired. It featured clips from the previous two epiosdes and more on Clark & Lana's relationship.

    • After much speculation, it is finally revealed that Lionel has been faking blindness.

    • Edge City (mentioned in "Stray") gets another reference here.

  • Allusions

    • Lex: Come on, Dad. This is exactly what you wanted. You pitted us against each other and we played into your Cain and Abel fantasy just like you knew we would.
      in the Bible in Genesis 4:1 through Genesis 4:16, Cain and Abel were the first two sons of Adam and Eve. Cain and Abel both made offerings to God, and where Abel gave the best of what he had, Cain only offered up a meager portion. When God rejected Cain's offering, he killed his younger brother out of jealousy.

    • Lionel: Where do you think you are - Walton Mountain?
      Alluding to the popular TV series about a Depression-era Virginia family that ran nine years on CBS, spawned six TV movies/sequels, and is a part of the American TV viewers' consciousness, representing good clean wholesome values and family caring and loyalty. The latter (and the lack thereof) is what Lionel is alluding to in his own household.

    • Title
      The title of this episode refers, presumably, to the biblical story of the Prodigal Son. This parable relates the tale of a young man who leaves his father's home and then squanders his inheritance. Destitute and alone, he eventually returns home to beg for forgiveness, and his father rejoices and welcomes him back with a great feast. The story represents redemption and God's forgiveness. Contrary to popular usage (and that implied here), the word "prodigal" means overly extravagant or wasteful, particularly with regards to money. Outside of the story of the Prodigal Son, "prodigal" has absolutely nothing to do with leaving, returning, or forgiveness.